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Review #1, by Glisten  

9th August 2017:
Okay, I'm all about good concepts when it comes to fan fictions and you defiately HAVE IT! It's an interesting, original story idea and I'm excited to see what the story turns out to be like. You've got a nice, descriptive writing style.

It makes sense though, doesn't it? During the war the "dark side" with their pureblood supremacist mindsets infiltrated the government system. It's only reasonable that following the war's end, the Ministry would want to make sure the magical youth understand that blood status is no longer important.

Goodness that's a harsh punishment, isn't it! There's no getting out of that one...that's the same as 246,500 or $367,500. Not even a Malfoy would be willing to pay that much I think! And whatever the harshest punishment u see wizarding law may be probably isn't all that pleasant either, haha.

Of course they had to pair the Draco and Hermione, who were on opposite ends of the war and a perfect representation of their blood statuses. Yes. this should be interesting. Very interesting indeed.

This was a short but strong start. Really quickly wanted to help out by pointing out that you spelled Hermione's mother's name differently at the end (with a "k"). Now, let's see the brilliance that's been bubbling in your mind for twelve years, shall we?

Author's Response: I wanted to write a story that no one has attempted yet. There are a lot of marriage fics, but nothing that had these two put in a position of understanding the other side before the inevitable happens ;)

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Review #2, by DaFossil 

6th March 2016:
Ver interesting premise and very good start. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by A fan 

6th March 2016:
You have a story here good luck

Author's Response: I sure hope so! LOL! Thank You!

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