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Review #1, by TheGoldenKneazle 

29th January 2018:
Wo Weasley family funbags and everyone plotting hijinks! I love it!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Lots of Weasley fun in this story. :D

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Review #2, by justawillowtree 

3rd September 2017:
Rose is honestly the best character ever (I'm planning many many rereads of her stories), so I'm super curious to see what her revenge will be. Hugo, and Lily - I'm hoping this will be a story about their respective love lives hehehe. Beautiful writing and storytelling as always!

Author's Response: This will absolutely be a story about Hugo and Lily's love lives! I love a romance. I'd had Hugo in mind for a while now and Lily just would not be left behind once I started writing. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Blue 

9th April 2017:
Love this story so far!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #4, by Snuffles 

14th February 2017:
Did you abandoned this story and your writing? That's sad. I really enjoyed them. Anyway. Hope everything is fine and may you come back one day. X

Author's Response: I'm still here! I started writing the story again two months ago and my goal is to finish it by Christmas.

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Review #5, by luna1306 

29th January 2017:
I love this story
I have been searching for a Lily story because I really wanted a story out of perspective of one of the Weasley and this one is perfect!
Cant wait for next chapter

Author's Response: I always felt like the Potters had been so well-covered in fanfic that my contributions weren't necessary, but as is the way with most of my stories, Lily moved into my head and I could see who she needed to end up with. So I'm going to get her there in this story ;) And Hugo too! Thanks for reviewing, I'm really glad you like the story!

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Review #6, by Anonymous 

15th July 2016:
Your writing is always fantastic, I'm so excited to find out what happens next! I'm loving all of the sibling and cousin relationships and interactions so far!

Author's Response: Thanks! This story is going to be chock full of Weasleys. I hope you like the new chapter!

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Review #7, by Shinicha 

23rd June 2016:
ha, so both Lily and Hugo are getting a date to annoy Dominique, while Rose is planning a revenge - the wedding seems very promising! Can't wait for more :) I also feel really nostalgic and happy to have met Rose again!

Author's Response: Oh Dom will rue the day she sniped about Rose! She ought to know better, but she's under a lot of stress and isn't thinking clearly. Also she's mean haha. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by rover_bond007 

18th May 2016:
I was so excited to see another story from you! And I particularly loved seeing Molly and Fitz again in chapter 1 - they are my OTP :D Hope to see them lots more in this story! I'm also really looking forward to getting to know Lily and Hugo better. And Dominique is so brilliantly awful, she's always good for a laugh. Can't wait to read chapter 3!

Author's Response: Molly and Fitz are my OTP too haha. I think that story is my favorite one I've ever written. They will definitely be appearing more, along with virtually every other Weasley, since weddings bring families together. And nobody does togetherness quite like the Weasleys! Dominique is terrible, isn't she? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Historyrepeats 

1st May 2016:
I am loving the insight to Hugo, it's really enjoyable and looking forward to the next chapter

Author's Response: I finally posted chapter 3! I hope you like it :)

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Review #10, by Rita 

8th April 2016:
You're writing again! :') I'm already in love with this story!

Author's Response: I'm working on it! I'm glad you like it, thank you!

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Review #11, by Rachel 

2nd April 2016:
I can't tell you how glad I am that you are back! And writing in this universe again! **Internally squealing with delight** I loved the little bit of molly/fitz action and out loud in my apartment said BAD DOMINIQUE when she said those things about rose in the first chapter. And I totally related to Lily bemoaning about being the only single one in her family - that one hit a little close to home when I realized I have my aunt's wedding this summer :/ ANYWAYS THANKS FOR THE STORY CAN"T WAIT FOR MORE

Author's Response: I'm determined to finish this one, cause I've never left a story unfinished yet. It's taken me a while, I know. But I still really want to tell this one. I think a lot of people can relate to Lily feeling alone in her single-dom (though most of the boys are single!). It felt like that when I was in college, all my friends and roommates had somebody and I was just going to class :/ But it passes. Now I feel like the only married one haha. Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by coolgf 

3rd March 2016:
What's going to happen? Thanks for updating.

Author's Response: Many things! Hang in there!

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