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Review #1, by marauderfan 

17th January 2017:
Hhahahahaha, yeah I feel like Dahlia is kind of terrifying for young naive students. :P Poor second year.

I love that they still use "Your face" as a comeback. It's like one step below "Your mum" jokes. It's so bad that it's funny.

Somehow in the previous chapter I missed the fact that Dahlia had to be nice to everyone for 24 hours and o. m. g. this is going to be literally amazing. She might explode from the effort. like how do you even go from sailor to customer service representative (that's the extreme ends of the swear scale that I just invented) that fast? it's impossible. I know because I have been both in my life. *rubs hands together with glee and watches the chaos ensue*

Haha, Cassidy literally takes no care of her appearance and still gets compliments from a fit bloke. I'd say things aren't going too badly for her with the dare at least XD She totally still could have flirted with him.

REAGAN HAS TO SING EVERYTHING AHAHAHA have you seen that Monty Python sketch about reporting a burglary? it's super funny and the beginning of this chapter kind of reminds me of that, well at least Reagan's dare.

I sympathize with Nova. Flirting is hard XD

But it went rather well! I mean, aside from the bit where she ran into him, but it gave them something to talk about at least :P Ah, so proud of Nova. It all worked out! Even though her friends were CREEPING UNDER A TABLE to spy on them. that was hilarious. XD

great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi!

Do you remember how Ron and Harry thought they'd have to fight a troll for their Sorting? I feel like that's the feeling the younger years get when it comes to Dahlia.

I think my favourite thing about Dahlia's dare was that she was two seconds away from exploding at any second and she had to channel that into the most nicely-worded threat ever. Always looking for a loophole.

I wish I was like Cassidy and could have a fit bloke flirt with me when I put no effort into my appearance (read: 65% of the time).

Yay, Nova's flirting didn't end up in complete flames! Even if her friends were being the worst spies known to mankind and unbelievably embarrassing :P

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Plums xo

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Review #2, by IchigoPan 

25th October 2016:
Oh Cass, you can have your pick of guys. Just because Williams has the hottest pair of lips in Hogwarts doesn't mean he knows how to use 'em right. Zing! ... No? Meh T_T

So how *does* one make their voice sound throaty? Because when I think throaty, I think of a voice post death metal growls... Not very attractive, to be honest >_>;;

And oh man, that library scene almost got me cracking up at work (I really shouldn't be reading, but here come the lull of deadline). I'm almost tempted to draw this out in a comic panel xDD

... Screw it. I'm drawing it in a comic panel.

Author's Response: Hello again!

Zing indeed, my love, zing indeed.

I DON'T KNOW HOW SOMEONE CAN MAKE THEIR VOICE ATTRACTIVELY THROATY. I just tried it and I sound like I'm trying to lay an egg or something. To all the guys I've met who can sound attractively throaty: how do you do it?

Anyways, THAT COMIC PANEL WAS AMAZING. No seriously, every time I look at it, I am amazed by the brilliance of it all. I swear to God, Al was just plucked out of my mind - you even have his FRECKLES. And Nova was just adorable and the girls' expression just killed me ohmygosh -

I loved it and I love you. Such a sweetheart < 3

Plums xo

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Review #3, by sweaterweather21 

13th March 2016:
Awww, I really adore this story. I love the way you depict the friendship between the girls of Hufflepuff Dorm 2.6A - I feel like many authors skip directly to the romance and ignore friendships. I think you have an excellent balance of both :) Looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Hey,

First of all, thank you so much. I'm glad you're enjoying the story :) Second of all, thank you again. The relationship between the girls is very integral to the story - really, they're what the story is about. Yeah, Albus is important and the focus for Nova's narrative, but the friendship is very important and kinda why I began writing this. I'm really happy that comes across in the writing.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Plums xo

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Review #4, by Panda Weasley  

6th March 2016:
Hey Plums!
AAAWH! This chapter is so sweet! I just can't!

I love how bad Nova is at flirting. It made me feel better about myself as I'm almost worse than she is. I would rather die if I were in her position. I think she managed to do quite well in the end though. I can see a romance blossoming and I can't wait for what happens next. You have me hooked!

I loved the different dares you had for the girls. It shows more about who they are. The fact that Dahlia's dare was to be nice cracked me up. She had to be DARED in order to be nice to people! Just another way you've put the Hufflepuff stereotypes to shame.

I'm so happy that this story got nominated for the Quoth the Raven diadem. You really deserve it. I think that this story fits all of the descriptions of what the Quoth the Raven diadem is. Good luck!

Again, excellent work. I look forward to the next chapter.

For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

Author's Response: Hey Panda,


Especially because Albus hasn't scrammed, terrified for his life from the voice that sounds like a dying man?

But yeah, her dare was horrible. Especially because she's very much an introvert and he's, well, Albus Potter AND the guy she fancies rolled into one. It's a pretty daunting dare. Who said Hufflepuffs can't be brave too? That sort of thing takes guts!

Dahlia's dare was the second one I came up with (after Nova's). It was just inevitable that she'd be dared into using manners and I loved thinking of ways to turn her insults into kindly spoken words.

And oh my gosh, thank you so much! That genuinely means so much to me, especially since the nomination was so out of the blue. I'm so happy you think this little fic deserves it! That's genuinely made my day :D

Thank you for the wonderful review and for giving this fic a go.

Plums xo

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Review #5, by princesslily_36 

5th March 2016:
YAY Chapter 3! *fangirling*

So I saw this like minutes after you had posted it but I've had a crazy two days (I badly wanted to be your first reviewer) but I'm going to combine this with the review-a-thon :D

I'm going to review as I read because I don't want to miss even one little bit of this awesome story!

Dahlia's grimace, and her expression that screamed insults - priceless!!! She was in pain from having to be nice ROTFLOL! We all have that one friend, don't we?

I love the way the conversations flow. Dialogues are so natural, and each one adds to the fun of the scene. The dares are priceless, especially when Nala glares because she can't say a word!!

Aww, the way the scene shifted from the casual fun dialogues to that one paragraph that explained how Nova felt on seeing Albus gave me all the squirmy feels :D And her attempts at flirting was so funny!

Her throaty voice made her sound like a dying man. - This line had my sister look up from her desk wondering why I was randomly laughing staring at my phone!

So mean of Nova's friends to up the stakes a little. Of course, what else are friends for than to do just that and leave you feeling all super nervous around your crush? And then hiding behind bookshelves and underneath the tables not-so-conspicously to spy on you? Classic!

And of course, once the torture is over, they all turn into Nova's sweet supporting teenage best friends. You just give me the feels in this chapter.

Also, how absolutely wonderfully delicious is Albus Potter the way you write him *dreams*

OOhhh, I loved every bit of this chapter! This was such a fun chapter!

For HPFF Review-a-thon!


Author's Response: Oh my gosh, I am so late in replying and I genuinely don't know why. I'd see the reviews and I'd be like 'oh yes, going to reply today' and I would just completely fail. BUT I AM DETERMINED NOT TO PROCRASTINATE ANY LONGER.

Dahlia's so amusing to write. I quite like putting her through the pain of doing completely normal things like smiling or controlling her tongue. The resent is just so real.

It's truly a relief that the dialogue seems natural. I used to have dialogue-heavy fics and when I fixed that, I went through a period of not being able to write it properly without just staring at my screen and wondering why my characters were so boring. I think it's the opposite with the girls, though - I have to make sure that I'm not just filling it with witty remarks and endlessly sarcastic responses.

But for real, how difficult must it be to speak in a seductive tone and flirt with THE Albus Potter if all you do is not interact with people. Glad that line made you laugh, though! XD

The girls are basically the antonym of 'subtle', even though they so don't think it. I don't think it was specified, but it's Dahlia and Alice that hid underneath the table, mostly because Alice thinks she's a spy and Dahlia's just along for the ride, hoping to embarrass Nova in the meantime. They love her, but they're not going to just sit back and not interfere :D

I'm really glad you liked the chapter! Thank you for the review and sorry (again) for the late response.

Plums xo

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Review #6, by beka_wotter 

3rd March 2016:
Another awesome chapter! I loved the interaction between Nova and Al and am looking forward to more of it and the creepyness of her friends made me laugh as well, cant wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Hey,

Haha thank you so much!

Plums xo

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Review #7, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage 

3rd March 2016:

WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO GOOD. Im sorry I keep on rambling about and this is unfair and ugh and I am so so sorry for my reviews to be so incoherent and rambly and ugh but god. I LOVED THAT THEY SNEAKED IN ANYHOW. And that Albus noticed and then the panic and the notion of his discomfort that eased after she reassured him that it wasnt about him but her and then him making a joke out of it and the the Scorose rant (seriously they remind me of Romione, and they haven't been in the story all that much. AND OH GOD YOU MADE AL A SLYTH so you divided those two up as well and god all those little details you keep throwing in make this story feel so alive and you keep on learning about the characters and I always enjoy that so, so much. It's really well done and I just. God. I really like this. A lot. ALSO QUIDDITCH does he play or did they just talk about teams? (is it clear I want/need more little details?). Really. Great story and I am loving the dares and I cannot wait to see how this goes on.

Author's Response: Incoherent reviews are the best. They genuinely are.

Haha, I loved writing that bit. I was going to make her friends even more embarrassing/creepy with Nova noticing them making nonverbal commentary on everything that was happening, but I got swept up in her interactions with Albus.

I have a feeling that Al rants about Scorose so much, but in the end of the day, he loves them and approves. Sort of like a very vocal Harry in that sense. With a Romione that is much more upfront about their feelings.


*realises that I've written a Gryffindor Al in a one shot I'm editing*


Al plays Quidditch as the Seeker which we will see in the next chapter :)

Thanks for the three great reviews! Seriously. I woke up and I saw them and I couldn't stop grinning at my phone at, like, six in the morning.

Plums xo

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