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20th June 2016:
Laura! Yay, I'm finally caught up and this is so exciting :D I can't believe that these last few chapters haven't had any reviews yet, so I'm glad I get to show them some love, even if they're not quite as long as my usual reviews would be.

This chapter was perfect ♥ When I read the opening section, and the sadness that tinged all of Gellert's thoughts, I honestly didn't think that I would get to read about them later on ♥

The opening was beautiful, if sad - I loved the way that Gellert reflected on the seasons and birth and rebirth. Considering the way that he (and Albus) intended to master death, it's really intriguing to see the way that you use those motifs to explore their feelings about each other. And I loved the reference to Olympus and the Greek gods, too - I meant to mention this in some of the other reviews, actually, but I love all the references to mythology that you include. They fit so well with the characters of both Gellert and Albus, and the way that they see themselves in stories of people who have gone before, at the same time as trying to carve out their own paths.

I can't lie, I may have been fangirling more than a little at the ending of this chapter. I don't think that Albus and Gellert is an entirely healthy couple, for either of them and for everybody else, but they love each other and they got to be together again, and it was so adorable to see that ♥

Gellert was actually kind of funny in the way that he was trying to tease the information out of Elphias about Albus, because he didn't want to be so obvious as to ask. Then, at the same time, even though he was convinced that there was nothing to Elphias that made him a rival in Albus's affection, he was jealous of him, and of the time that they spent together. I think that - and the fact that he dropped everything to return to Albus - shows how much he really loves him.

I'm actually really glad that it was Gellert rather than Albus that sought the other out, though - I feel like Gellert has so much power that it's good for him not to be the one in control all the time, commanding people around him? And then Albus and Gellert got to be together again ♥ I don't know how long it's for but I am glad that they get another chance to be together, even if it's not going to end up in a proper relationship and any future together.

I love the way that you write the relationship between them. Those last lines, and the fact that Gellert is always Albus's, and vice versa - it's just so heartbreaking. Their relationship is so interesting, and there are so many facets to it which you explore, and it's fascinating to read about. I can't help wondering whether they would have actually been able to be happy together if Gellert hadn't been so determined to conquer and rule - but then, I don't think Albus would have been half as attracted to him. The dynamic is just so interesting and it's like they're lovers and enemies all at once - true equals.

I loved this chapter and now I'm all caught up with the story (finally! It took me long enough :P) I can't wait for the next chapter! ♥

Sian :)
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