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Review #1, by adluvshp 

24th April 2017:
Ooh now this is a very interesting story! We have a classmate of Tom Riddle (Voldemort) - now that is something! And I believe something is going to happen between them - that was implied in the summary too. I wonder what will happen to poor Hero by the end but anyway before I start thinking about that, let's talk about the beginning of the story! So you already have me very intrigued - this is the perfect first chapter giving enough information yet keeping back enough too! Hero is a Gryffindor, she had something with Theo, and she got into some sort of accident "making out with a muggle and then killing him". Hmm, very very interesting. And somehow Tom riddle is also involved in the incident? I wonder if he is the one who killed the muggle. Very excited to know about all this!

Hero also seems like a very genuine and likeable character. I like the little details like how her family disapproves of her and how much she is not looking forward to Hogwarts, and how she is kinda in that mindset that her grades have to be absolutely perfect. Her pain, subtly enough, comes through and I am curious to see how her relationships develop further.

Oh and random point, but i like how we have familiar last names like diggory. And also, Finn the brother appears really awful - there are annoying siblings and then there are plain horrible ones and he fits the latter category ugh!

Good start to the story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! ♥

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Review #2, by Yoshi_Kitten 

23rd April 2017:
Hello, RoxiMalfoy of Slytherin House, here for CTF!!! I must confess, this story has been on my reading list for quite some time now!! So I am extremely glad that this competition has finally given me an opportunity/excuse/chance (call it whatever you will) to get on over here and read it!!

I love the aura of mystery that this is story is putting off already. You really drew me in with this first chapter, and already I am left with so many questions! I love the way that you introduced Hero and her family. Everything was so smooth, and very well written. Your attention to detail was fantastic!! You have already managed to provide the reader with so much of her family information that I already feel as is I know her a bit. And yet, with all of these secrets she is hiding, I also feel like I barley know who she is at all, lol! I really, really want to know what happened over the summer now. Did someone drown or something? That's kind of my guess, but I really don't have enough information to speculate anymore than that right now. I shall have to read more to see if I am on the right track with that assumption or not. ;)

I've never read a story that was based in the time-frame when Tom Riddle was at Hogwarts before, so this was a rather nice and welcomed change for me. I'll admit that it was rather strange to see him there amongst the other students. I mean, Tom Riddle was just chilling on the train with her brother like it was no big deal. Just your typical ride on the Hogwarts Express, I guess!! For real though, I cannot compliment you enough on how well written this was. You made writing Tom Riddle like a normal student seem effortless, and I completely applaud you for that!! I also liked the bit of foreshadowing you slipped in there when her brother said: “We had more important, super-secret things to do.” Like planning to take over the world, maybe? IDK?!? I am really looking forwards to seeing how that particular relationship develops as this story progresses. I hope nothing too bad happens to her brother though…

I must say, I really do love all the names that you have chosen for your characters here. Hero, Finlay, Theo, Emory; they're not the typical common names that you hear, and I like that a lot. You've introduced a lot of new people in this first chapter, and given just enough information to grab my attention and get me hooked!! I am seriously hoping that the flag will be in here so that I can continue this one tonight!! But if now, I will definitely be back to read more as soon as I can. This is way too interesting not to keep reading. This was a VERY great start!!! 100/10 =)


Author's Response: Aw so sweet to know it's been on your reading list! I hope it lives up to your expectations! :P Thank you SO much for the review! ♥

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Review #3, by quill2parchment 

15th March 2017:

I just discovered this story, and I have ways to go before I really catch up but I thought I'd drop in to let you know what a fanatastic first chapter this was!

There's something so eerie about Tom Riddle just being there like any other student... And none of them aware of just who he will one day become. Kind of gave me goosebumps.

I have so many questions! (Did she really kill someone? Why?) I'm sure we'll eventually have answers.

Anyways. I'll come back to read the rest! Fantastic job, my dear

Author's Response: Hello my dear! It's honestly so wonderful to see you here! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by AND review, I really appreciate it ♥

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Review #4, by Beeezie 

23rd December 2016:
Hey, I'm here for our ff.net gift swap! ♥

I loved this so far. There's just the right level of intrigue, and I have no idea where this is going! My heart goes out to Hero to such a ridiculous extent - she's really in a such a tough place, and her brother is clearly kind of a jerk. Tom Riddle's presence makes me super anxious for her, though I'm not sure why (other than that he destroys everything he touches because he's the worst).

Amazing, amazing job. I'm already hooked!

Author's Response: Thank you! ♥

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Review #5, by Aphoride 

7th September 2016:
Hey there, Bianca! :) Dropping by for review tag! So we've chatted about Tom a lot and things - and I should probably admit that I read the first few chapters of this ages back because I was curious but didn't review :/ - so I thought it was really about time I stopped by here :)

I gotta admit as well that I remember being a little nervous reading this the first time because I'd read a bunch of Tom-era OC-led stories before and they were all super cliche and I wanted yours to be so different - and, you know, I think it pretty much only took this chapter to make it really clear that it's nothing like that. Hero is such a great character and the way you introduce her to us is amazing! I love the way you drop the bits of information about what happened that summer to Noah throughout the chapter, and how it's affected her so badly - worse than she thinks, at this point, I think. It just gives her this depth which I don't think that many OCs really have.

Also, I love the mystery element to this and how dark it is. It's really appropriate considering both the time period (WWII) and that it includes Tom and the purebloods. Plus, you just write both so well - the mystery especially. You just seem to drop pieces of information here and there and make it work, or have little pieces of conversation which have clues as to what happened with Theo and why it would upset Emory dotted through the chapter so the whole thing is so good. I don't know how you do it, but I love it :)

Also, I gotta say that I love how you included the train journey and the platform so well - a lot of people try to do that and it doesn't always work, but as with everything, you make it look so easy, almost obvious.

Your writing is lovely, but I think I've said that before - anyway, it deserves restating ;) It really is - and the voice you've got for Hero is so strong and so lovely, and all of your characters are so well rounded. I love the way they're all so different. Hero and Finn are so normal, especially compared to the glimpses of Tom we get, and so real in the way they approach things and deal with them, and I love Finn's disaffectedness about whatever's bothering Hero. It's so cruel and callous, but it's very teenage sibling :P

Anyway, I love this, I should have been here sooner, and I'll definitely back :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much Loz! ♥

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Review #6, by CambAngst 

5th September 2016:
Hi, there! Kaitlin recommended your story as good reading material for my flight, so I decided to check it out. I'll have to thank her. This was a very interesting beginning.

I'll admit right up front, this review is going to be short and general. I'm terrible at doing this on my phone.

You almost never read stories about Tom Riddle as a student, unless they're weird romantic pairings with Minerva McGonagall. I really like where things seem to be heading in this. Your characters seem genuine and believable so far. I like the pace at which you're delivering the story. I learned a fair bit about the characters, but there's plenty of mystery to bring me back for chapter 2.

Nice job!

Author's Response: So nice of you to stop by, thank you!

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Review #7, by pointless_proclamations 

28th August 2016:
Never have I fallen more quickly in love with an internal monologue, but Hero is so precious: 'One Gryffindor… Two Gryffindor…" Being 'no better than a Muggle' isn't a bad thing to be, although this is an appropriate insult given the time and all, non-magical humans are fabulous too, but--I mean--time period and everything. Brilliant detail.

I have a question: why does everyone run through the brick barrier? Why running? What's wrong with just walking? It's curious, isn't it? UNLESS. Running gives your individual atoms more momentum to carry through the wall--although that would apply if the wall were not some illusion of the mind, but, rather, more of a physical thing. Is it a physical thing or a magical illusion? I need to get back into the story.

Emory's seemingly obsessed with Shakespeare and that makes her all the more memorable and adorable. It's fantastic.

Wow. Hero is a smooth liar or she practiced really well at it. AND WHAT IS THIS ABOUT THEO?!

Does Hero's parents not approve of Hero and Theo's relationship--what is their relationship? what is the exact nature of their relationship? I have so many questions that can only be answered upon more reading. I must keep reading.

THIS: 'The last time I had seen Tom Riddle, my eyes had been swollen from crying, and my family had been acting like I didn’t exist. Would he know who I was?' makes me all the more inquisitive about what in the world is going on and what will happen in this story--it's tremendously exciting. Was Tom crying because of the pain he was suffering from after cutting his own ear off and everything? I'm probably right, am I?

NOAH? Who is this Noah? I must know of this Noah! This story makes me feel like a positively curious meerkat. Did Noah die? Is that why Hero was telling her brother to, in less polite terms, go away when he sarcastically asked who had died? And what does Tom have to do with all of this?

'That you made out with a Muggle or that you killed him?' ?!?!?!





Author's Response: Hahaha I love your reviews Em! Thank you so much!

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Review #8, by SilverMoonFairy 

21st August 2016:
Hey! Liz here with a tag! *salute*

So, I'm actually really excited to catch you in the tag. Jill has been telling me to read this story since I discovered her gem of a gift to you and it was so good. So, I had to come see what inspired it!

You've done a great job setting the tone here with her nervousness, her father's hardness. It's obvious that there's a lot going on in her family and it doesn't at all seem to be good! I can already assume that they're purebloods of a strong Slytherin family, otherwise they wouldn't be so upset at her being in Gryffindor. There are some definite issues going on with her brother. At least she has a friend!

I like Emory and I like that she recites Shakespeare. ^_^ It's an adorable little quirk I hope keeps up through the story! What is going on with this Theo character? She's so nervous about him!

Oh... I see... And that's Emory's boyfriend? Well then... Awkward at the get-go, huh?

(Hero is an interesting name, by the way- how did you come up with it?)

I AM SO INTRIGUED! Who is Noah? Why was she crying? What does Tom have to do with this?

WHOA, FINN! WHOA! That is some HEAVY INFORMATION to be flinging around so carelessly!

Well then, what a great first chapter! I can see why Jill wanted me to read it- it's SO GOOD! I will definitely be back, perhaps not even with the prompting of Tag if I get caught up with my own writing! Very nice- I'm very interested to see where this goes!


Author's Response: Liz! It's so nice to finally meet you!

How amazing is Jill's story?! I'm so in love with it, and I'm flattered that it encouraged you to read this one!

Hero comes from an old story between two lovers, Hero and Leander. I adore the name.

Yes, I packed a lot of intrigue into this chapter. sorrynotsorry ;)

Thanks for stopping by Liz! ♥

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Review #9, by MadiMalfoy 

15th May 2016:
Hello, I'm here with your review from a few months ago!

What a phenomenal opening chapter! I could immediately sense that Hero was someone at odds with her family just from the initial scene at the platform. She is clearly "other" to her family, and she recognizes this but knows there is very little she can do to fix the problems it has caused, considering that it got worse due to her becoming Prefect for Gryffindor. You've made it clear that there were some big events that happened over the summer that greatly affect Hero's relationship with her parents and siblings that will be influencing her decisions this year, and her friendships. You've got a very strong characterization of Hero already, if a bit ambiguous--but that's what makes it so intriguing! Her main traits are shone here, and some of her supporting characteristics are hinted at for later on, which is excellent storytelling--you're not revealing everything right away.

With general flow of the chapter, it's perfect tempo. Each scene leads into the next with perfect and almost unnecessary transitions. I'm very curious to learn what happened over the summer and also what will happen during the school year, not only with Hero but also with her friends and Tom Riddle, of course. You've opened up this story with an exquisitely complex chapter and I believe that you will continue to produce equally fantastic chapters for the rest of this story! Great job with this :)
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: Hey Madi!

Well this was a review certainly worth waiting for ;) Thank you so much for your amazing words! ♥

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Review #10, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

3rd May 2016:
Hiii! I finally made it! And I'm so glad I did.

First of all, I think that counting by "Gryffindors" is so clever. I know it's a tiny thing, but it makes so much sense, and it's those tiny details that I love about a story. Also, I loved how much information you got across just in the first interaction Hero had with her dad. I could immediately digest her family dynamic, her value in her academics, and the fact that something went down this past summer...

You introduced Emory and Theo so smoothly. At first I was thinking, "Oh no, too many names!" but Hero's conversation with Emory immediately settled everything for, as I learned about Emory and Theo's relationship and the fact that something had happened to make Hero very nervous about seeing Theo.

The way you introduced Tom Riddle was SO great. The line, "the same smirk that played on his lips like he knew something you didn’t," is a pretty simple one, and yet it felt so fitting to me. Like I didn't need any more description other than that. Plus, with Tom, the plot thickened even more! It's so neat that he came home with Finn as a friend. It's hard to picture Tom Riddle visiting friends in the summer! And yet he must have!

I'm dying to know what happened with this Noah (he drowned??!) and also what happened between Hero and Theo... Gah, I'm just dying to know everything! Also, the line from Finn, “That you made out with a Muggle or that you killed him?” was so... chilling. And yet also kind of darkly humorous, you know? Like how casually Finn flips it out.

The only thing I can think of to suggest for this chapter is maybe fleshing it out in some way, whatever that way may be. Most of your paragraphs are relatively short, which of course is totally fine and likely part of your writing style, but if you were interested you could perhaps go through and see what other small details you could slip in to bring things more alive. Especially given that we're in a different time period, any context clues to remind us of that could be helpful and super interesting. For instance, more attention to what people are wearing, or perhaps snippets of conversation Hero over hears from other students about what's going on in their lives at the moment...

Then again, I loved how quickly the chapter moved, and how much suspense it created so effortlessly, so there's no need to bog it down too much! I guess I'm a little torn in terms of the question of adding more or not. But regardless, I thought it was SUCH an intriguing chapter, and I will definitely be reading on! (Even though I'm a terribly, terribly slow reader. Very sorry about that!) I can't wait to see more of these characters– Hero, Theo, Finn, Emory, Tom... I've only caught glimpses of them here, but they all seem to hint at more depth to come. Great, great job Bianca!!

Author's Response: Hi Sarah!

I'm going to be honest, it took me a long time to respond to this because I just didn't even know where to begin responding to such an amazing review! But I'm going to try!

I'm so glad you like the characters, I always find original ones can be tricky sometimes,espeically in a first chapter, and I'm glad you didn't think I dumped them on you :D

Thank you so much for your suggestion - especially since it is actually something I'm planning to do! I know of plenty I'd love to come back and add, so thank you for giving me some points to get me started and to focus on.

Don't worry about being a slow reader! It's nice to see you here at all!

Thanks a ton, Sarah ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #11, by velajune 

12th April 2016:
Dear Bianca,

*flails hands* So many details, so many questions, and even with answers I'm left wanting more. I'm hooked! I think I was hooked from the beginning.

Hero counting before going through Platform 9 3/4 was intriguing. I didn't know why she was doing that and was curious to find out why. What was it that was making her feel antsy? Does the number 20 mean anything? I like how easy it was to become familiar with her.

I feel bad for her, for being in a family like that. Finn seems to be a loving-enough brother, but the last bit with "We had more important, super-secret things to do" made me worry. Still, I look forward to more Hero and Tom interaction. I'm almost sad to think about what will happen with her current friendships.

Awesome first chapter!

Author's Response: Hi June! So nice to see you here, and yay I'm glad I hooked you! Muahaha. Yes, a lot of questions posed in this chapter, sorry to do that to you (but not really). Thank you for your review! ♥

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Review #12, by Mia 

12th April 2016:
Sorcerer's stone was my favorite HP book, but I think that is starting to change. The only thing is I DO NOT LIKE CUSS WORDS!

Author's Response: Whoops, lucky I put warnings on it! Thank you for your review!

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Review #13, by TreacleTart 

12th April 2016:
Hello my dear!

Here for our review swap! I'm not sure how I haven't gotten to this story yet, particularly when I've heard so many great things about it, but here I am now and I plan to make up for lost time. :)

Hero Blishwick immediately struck me as interesting. There's something about her tone as she observes the different people rushing through the station that pulled me right in. I think you've really got her voice dialed in.

The whole situation with her parents really made me intrigued about what this mysterious event over the summer was. When her father told her that if she kept her grades up he might forgive her transgressions, I sort of had the feeling that it might've had something to do with a muggleborn.

Her brother seems a little bit like a jerk. Here their family is treating her badly and then he goes and makes a death joke. He just obviously doesn't care much about her feelings. I find him even creepier because he hangs out with Tom Riddle. *shudders*

I am really curious to see how Theo fits into all of this. At this point, I'm wondering if he was somehow involved in her summer's problems. It sounds almost like he was the one she was making out with.

I have to admit that you've really drawn me into this story with this start. Usually, this era isn't exactly my favorite, so I'm extra surprised by how much I enjoyed this. I'll be over to chapter 2 just as soon as I get back from dinner!


Author's Response: Hey Kaitlin!

Woohoo I'm glad I sucked you in! Thank you for your review ♥

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Review #14, by ImaRavenclaw 

11th April 2016:

I loved this first chapter of your story. It was really well written and very interesting. I had to infer with somethings, and was a little confused about others, but other then that it was really good.

I really liked the character of Hero, and how you set her up in the story. I would like a bit more backstory though (some things were a little bit confusing). Who was the muggle(born) she made out with? Was it Theo? If not why was she trying to avoid him? Also you wrote that her father said "Stay away from that blood traitor boy" and then that Finn said "That you made out with a muggle or that you killed him?" Which was also really confusing.

I also really liked how you said the family was Pureblood, without really even coming out and saying it. Like how, Hero is the only Gryffindor in her family and her parents don't exactly approve of it.

Last but not least I really liked how you introduce Tom. He can be a really hard character to work with. I loved how you wrote him.

So once again, this chapter was really awesome (except for some confusing plot-points) and I will definitely continue reading.

Yours sincerely, ImaRavenclaw

Author's Response: Hello!

Sorry if this chapter was confusing, I have a habit of jumping straight into the action, leaving all of you to catch up! *cough* read on *cough*

Thank you so much for your review, it's wonderful to hear from you :) xx

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Review #15, by mymischiefmanaged 

8th April 2016:
Hey B! You left me such lovely reviews for 'Flight' I couldn't resist coming to have a look at your writing in return :)

Confession: I've never read a Tom Riddle story before, so this is new for me. But I'm excited about it!

Oh my gosh Bianca I loved this chapter so much I nearly didn't finish writing this review because I wanted to just click next. There are so many things I like, but for now:

-I love that you've got her counting Gryffindors. I might have to borrow that at some point. And it also does a relaly good job of breaking up her thoughts and showing how agitated she is. So you're being deliciously creative at the same time as using a super writing technique. I love it.

-I'm intrigued by Theo. I badly want to know more about what's happened between him and Hero.

-The contrast between Finn and Hero is fantastic. I always love sibling relationships in stories, and I think this looks like it'll be a great one.

You're amazing. Thanks for the read! Emma xx

Author's Response: Heya Emma! That's so nice of you! It was honestly such a joy to read Flight, it truly is amazing.

Ooh your first Tom Riddle! This is exciting for me! And you love sibling relationships? Yes, this is going to be the story for you!

Thank you ♥

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Review #16, by Unwritten Curse 

3rd April 2016:
Hi hun. Thanks for review swapping with me. :)

This is quite an interesting premise. I've not read many stories where Tom Riddle is a student and I have to admit my curiosity to see what you will do with him and how this will all pan out, especially with a protagonist who does not fit for the mold for a pureblood.

You build suspense well, too. I'm dying to know who Noah is--did she really kill him?--and how Tom is involved. She seems like a good girl so I can't fathom it was on purpose if she did kill him.

There's so much I want to know about her! She's from a pureblood family, I gather, since her parents were upset about her being in Gryffindor. But how does her brother feel about all this? Has she thought about moving away from home? Does she fight the stereotypes?

I think questions are good in a first chapter because they make you want to read on. (And if I manage to find the time, I certainly will.)

Great job!


Author's Response: Hi Gina! Thank you so much, I'm glad you have so many questions (in an evil kind of way)! Thanks again for reviewing ♥

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Review #17, by PaulaTheProkaryote 

3rd April 2016:
Hi there! I'm so glad I am finally getting a chance to read this because it's been on my reading list for about a week now! The summary just sounded too good to pass up!

“You’re a prefect now, and your mother and I are pleased with that accomplishment. Even if it is for… Gryffindor.”
Talk about hard to please parents. Yeesh. A prefect is a prefect, no matter the house. It's a big deal.

Her parents are very dimensional to me, which I like. Yeah, they are blood fanatics and obnoxiously prejudice, but it seems like they still care enough for her brother to try to make him presentable to their warped form of society and give him some form of affection. Even if they couldn't be bothered to say a proper goodbye to her at least they care a bit about him.

Irrelevant side note: My puppy is named Finn and I keep picturing him saying the dialogue instead of a human boy.

Oh poor, awkward Hero. Having to spend time with someone she's desperately trying to avoid. Young love is so exhausting sometimes!

I'm in love with this line:
“Shakespeare’s growing on me like a skin disease." That should be tattoo or something.

Of course her darling pureblood brother would be hanging out with the ever charming Tom Riddle of all people. I bet her parents absolutely loved him!

Finn is an evil mastermind with remarkable skills in distraction. He'd be a great asset to Riddle's future. Chocolate! So simple! So genius!

I really like your characterization of Tom because he's so relaxed, like you know he had to have been. Calm and in control. I hate people like that because I always think they are ten seconds from a homicidal breakdown.

I'm very intrigued with the Noah bit and I can't wait to find out what exactly happened to him. Obviously it involves water, I'm assuming drowning maybe? But I'd like to know the details and I'm very suspicious of our favorite villain boy and his role in it. Maybe he's innocent, but I highly doubt it.

Author's Response: Aw it was on your reading list? That's so kind! Thank you so much for your review :)

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Review #18, by esmeraude 

31st March 2016:
Hi Bianca! I'm here for our review swap (typed that as riddle swap for some reason??) and I have to say that I absolutely love your story so far!

I have to be honest and say that I was initially unsure of Hero's name, simply because it had the potential to be Mary Sue. In this first chapter, however, you've written a completely different meaning -- the story starts with her fractured relationship with her parents, and it's clear from their behaviour that they expected her to be their little heroine, yet she's in Gryffindor; a complete disappointment! And she killed a Muggle! Now, knowing a little about her and those secrets she's concealing, her name seems great. And a little cruel to the character. I like it. XD

I love all the little glimpses into Hero's personality that you're showing. The something happened with her best friend's boyfriend, the Muggle she kissed and killed, all those references to water haunting her (did he drown?), her friendship with a blood traitor -- she's incredibly relatable, even though her circumstances are nothing like most people's, and that's a difficult thing to pull off. You've done brilliantly, Bianca. ♥

You've started your story with so many questions and this is a very captivating first chapter. Well done!


Author's Response: Hey Isobel! I mean, we could do a Hobbit and riddle swap if you wanted to... I'm so glad I was able to surprise you! Thank you for your amazing review! ♥

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Review #19, by alicia and anne 

28th March 2016:
I am so excited about reading this story, not only is the summary eye catching, but it's written by you! So I know it's going to be awwwesssoome!

I think I prefer her way of counting instead of my own, it's more fun! Aww her parents say she's no better than a muggle? :( I don't want her to feel down, I want to hug her tightly.

Oh no, her parents aren't happy that she's in Gryffindor, this makes me sad. I want to hug her even more and to hurt her parents because they're mean. I will be her parents and I will fight anyone who tries to stop me!

What happened in her summer? It's something bad isn't it? I can tell! I'm scared.

Did she kill someone? Was Theo involved? And I jumping to conclusions? Gah! I gots ta know!

Did they sleep together?! Okay, okay, I'll calm down and wait before jumping to conclusions...

Ooooh Tom Riddle! Ooh! I'm so excited! Yes I am! Ahh! A friend that her brother brought home, something happened with him didn't it? Ahhh and here are the questions again :P


GAH! I love this so much! I need more! And I can't wait to read more of this. It is definitely one of my new favourite stories!

Author's Response: Omg Tammi! This is amazing, thank you so much! Shall I tally your question marks? Ha ha but seriously, thank you so much for this you are incredible! ♥

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Review #20, by Felpata Lupin 

11th March 2016:
So, I thought I'd stop by, because it's the least I could do after the way you spoiled me with your awesome reviews!!! (Actually, I'm feeling very guilty I didn't stop by here sooner...)

Wow! This was so intriguing! So many questions running through my mind right now! The main one being, who's Noah and what happened to him?

I loved your writing style! The descriptions were great, the pace just perfect! Brilliant job, dear!

And characterization was great, too! We have already learned a lot about Hero, her family, her friends... I love that Emory has a passion for Shakespeare (shake-what? Sorry, I needed to say that! :P)

By the way... naughty Hero... doesn't she know best friends' boyfriends are off limits?
But apparently there's so much worse going on... Did she really kill Noah? If she did, it surely was by accident. But the fact that Tom Riddle was there makes me wonder if something more sinister didn't happen...

Will she open up with her Gryffindor friends? I doubt she will... Not sure how Emory and Theo would react, either...

And Finn... a bit of a cinic, isn't he? He surely doesn't seem too perturbed about whatever happened during the summer. But I have to say, I liked how you wrote the two siblings' relationship! The way he acted with her seemed like the classical older brother mocking. Even if he seems a bit unsensitive you can tell hheloves his sister. More than their parents do, anyway...

I really want to find out more, so you can expect another review from me soon!!! ;)

All my love, dearest!

Author's Response: Oh how nice to hear from you my lovely!! Yep I packed a lot into one chapter ha ha.


Thank you so much for stopping by, it was such a nice surprise! Xxx

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Review #21, by Gabriella Hunter 

8th March 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap and thanks so much for your great review on A Wedding! That story is pretty new so I'm happy to see people reading it. :D

Oooh, this is going to be quite the ride! I haven't really read a story from this time period in a long time. I typically stray away from writing them myself because I am pretty lazy and doing research takes too much time but I applaud you for this! You probably had to do a lot of back tracking and that must take a lot of work. :D

So, Hero! I really liked the way you introduced her character, you don't give away too much for this first chapter but you give enough information for me to be curious. I can tell quite a bit about her but there's still a lot of things that are left floating around, which is great. She's not that close to her family and you can just SMELL the animosity and discomfort in the air. I think you wrote the opening scene beautifully, I love a little angst in a story and this has me super curious.

What is this dark secret and what are all the juicy details?

So, there are more than just one dark mystery going on here. Hero and her friend had a moment of...say, passion? The pervert in me demands all the details but I'm wondering why she's reluctant to talk about it? Is he Muggle born, perhaps? Half blood? Hm.

Ah, Tom Riddle. I have never written him before because I think it would take way more skill than I possess so this is fantastic. He doesn't have a big role here just yet but you just get this vibe from him anyway. We all know what he becomes but seeing him through Hero's eyes is interesting, you never describe him as being a little "off", which I also like but that little smirk he has will stay with me for a while. "Like he knows something we don't" That sums him up perfectly.

And that ending! What?! Girl, what? Finn is a jerk and this person must have meant a lot to Hero and he's obviously uncaring about how she feels about the situation. What on earth happened? Murder? Accidental death? Too many sweets? Eh? I have to know!

This was a really unique start to a story and I'm SUPER curious about where you'll go. I haven't started my review thread up yet but when it's back, please stop by!

Thanks for the read!


Author's Response: Questions, questions! Ha ha thanks for the review! X

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Review #22, by navyfail 

6th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

I've actually never read a Tom Riddle story so this should be new and interesting for me! First off, can I say I love your main character's name? It's actually what drew me to this story, the fact that her name is Hero! It's so powerful and original!

You have gotten so much dread filled into one chapter! I mean first there is what happened between Theo and Hero, then there is the fact that Hero may have killed a Muggle over the summer, and then there is Tom Riddle. I have to say I think you capture Tom's character very well. You can feel the danger and spookiness coming off him with his smirk, pale skin, and all knowing expression. And her brother is friends with him? And I'm guessing that Riddle knows about what Hero did over the summer?

I hope we get to see more of Emory in future chapters! She seems like a friendly person and I like how you made her someone who quotes Shakespeare!

And lastly: "His face didn’t exactly screw up like he had eaten a lemon, but I could see the strain he was under by resisting the urge to do so." I don't know why but I found this funny, maybe because I've made the same face after eating a lemon?

Anyway, lovely start to the story!


Author's Response: Thank you, I'm happy you like her name! Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by Jo Raskoph 

6th March 2016:
— for the HPFF review-A-thon —

Hi :) I thought I had to reply here since it is for a good cause.

This chapter has developed so much since I read it. I'm absolutely stunned, I love it!
The way you tell us about the little things and sohw so much without revealing all of it makes one want to know more immediately. I can see this becoming really addictive.

(Before I forget there was a word missing in the second to last paragraph: "Fifth year was going to easy …")
Your writing feels really balanced and not constructed at all.

I'll try and break this down, but it'll mainly just be a list of spots I loved – because it is just so good.

– I loved the sibling-dynamic that was captured so well and shown in just a few bits of information (stole the trolley, who died, oh calm down – it's all there and works well to illustrate their relationship)

– I loved loved loved that we get to find out what happened with Noah, but that I still want to find out more, because actually you didn't really give much away.

– The way Tom Riddle is introduced gave me goosebumbs and that in a way that still made me think he could be attractive. (I think it's the reaction Hero has to him - it works really well.)

– I loved how the brief conversation with her father explained the whole relationship/expectations thing in a mere paragraph.

– Basically I enjoyed most of this chapter because you did extremely well sowing what is going on without spelling it out.

– The tension with Emory was intriguing. I wonder what happend between the three…

I'll end on that note and be off reading chapter two.

PS: You are more than wellcome, it was a pleasure reading your chapter and it's now a pleasure again :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the amazing review, Jo! :)

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Review #24, by maraudertimes 

5th March 2016:
Hello! Here for the HPFF Review-a-Thon and for our review swap!

Wow, this is really good. You hooked me early and hooked me fast! I'm curious as to how Hero got her name, not so much because of anything that you did wrong in her characterization, it's just that it isn't a typical name you normally hear, so it would be cool to find out why. That's kinda just a personal thing, so feel free to ignore it :P

I really like Hero, and it seems that although she's a Gryffindor, she's most likely from a pureblood family. Goodness, aren't those always the characters I love? (*cough cough* Sirius) And judging from how her family treats her, I'm guessing they aren't too proud. OH WELL FAMILY I LOVE HER!!!

Okay, so something's up with Hero and Theo - did they date? Or did they do something akin to dating but not actually date? This intrigues me and I love it! Sordid love affairs are my favourite kind! Especially if Theo and Emory are siblings and Emory is Hero's best friend. (but isn't it always the best friend's brother?) If I'm completing wrong on this - oh well *shrugs* I just think your characters have chemistry. ;)

Okay, so what happened with this muggle?? You have intrigued me so! It seems as if Hero didn't have just one sordid love affair! It really speaks to the era and her family's position that - to me at least - her father is more disappointed that she kissed a muggle instead of the other thing she did (I'm not gonna leave any spoilers in the review :P). I think it's a really subtle thing you did that greatly adds to the pureblood/muggle tension that was obviously present at the time. And now I really want to know what happened with this muggle! Darn you, making me wonder all of these things and not telling me outright! Why must you be so good at this writing suspense and stuff?

Ooh Tom Riddle! This'll make it interesting. You've really captured his creepy nature of just watching and not really having any emotions to speak of - I applaud you for that, because he isn't insanely unpopular but he's still aloof. Tom Riddle was very popular, but I feel like you've written him in the perfect way - he has a lot of friends, but probably because no one really knows him and he's just so mysterious and therefore interesting.

Okay well end of the review and I must say - this was amazing! Thank you so much for the swap, I really appreciate it and I really love this story. Your writing is amazing and so are your characters - I'm hooked!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hiya Lo!

Honestly, I'm just a sucker for unusual names and Hero Blishwick fit the bill! Theo and Emory are actually dating, sorry that's not clear at first!

Oh, I guess you'll just have to read and find out! ;)

Thank you so much for your review Lo! X

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Review #25, by AdinaPuff 

5th March 2016:



okay sorry. *ahem* hi, I'm Leigh, I'm a Puff like you :) I was just scrolling through the recently updated stories and found this and I just had to read it. I've never read a Tom Riddle ship and like wow it's amazing. Like oh my gosh you write so well. This story is going to be LOVED. I already love it!

Hero seems so interesting. Honestly you've developed her character so well. All her demons are just behind the surface and you've only showed glimpses of them. I really want to know more about Noah; seems like Hero had a difficult summer.

Finn gives me the shivers, which is naturally what I would expect from the best friend of Tom Riddle. Honestly I cannot wait to read this all. Like please write this so fast because I can't wait. I'm going to finish the next two chapters as soon as I'm done leaving this review and then I won't know what to do with myself.

Tom is so interesting. I have always wanted to write a story about him but he intimidates me. JK left so much open to the imagination about his teenage years. Obviously he opened the chamber and such (WHICH OMG THATS THIS SCHOOL YEAR SHES IN RN RIGHT?! 1942?!) and he used Slughorn to learn about Horcruxes. But we know nothing about his social life, back when he was human.

I just cannot wait to read this. It's going to be amazing.

- Leigh xx

Author's Response: Aw Leigh! Biggest goofball smile on my face reading your review! Yes, I do believe that was around about the year ;)
Thank you so much for your review, see you in the Common Room! X

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