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Review #1, by Secret Cupid 

14th February 2016:



But omg thank GOD she's not been murdered. But I'm extremely worried for her and you have to update as soon as possible so I can know what's been happening and everything! I read the end and was about to press 'Next Chapter' but it wasn't there so now I have to wait in anticipation!

(But also by the time you update this I'll be revealed and I won't have to worry about almost accidentally revealing myself like I've almost done ten thousand times already!)

But holy moly.

I really love the development of Scorpius and Rose so far, they seem to balance each other out and I just love that they talk nerdy to each other hehe

I'm still in so much shock that Cass is alive and pregnant (unless it's extreme malnourishment? I doubt that though haha) and she was literally right next to them the whole time! I am wondering how she's managed to stay under the radar all this time and how she's supporting herself but I'm assuming we shall see in the next few chapters? (PLEASE?)

Also, I really like how Olivia has finally recognised Al isn't all perfect sunshine and rainbows (I too would like to believe he is but he is a person after all) but she's able to realise that he made a mistake. A mistake he hopefully will NEVER do again but we'll see.

This is such a fantastic story! You're an extremely talented writer, and as I've said about twenty five million times, your characters are so real and so excellently well-written. Every single character is so vibrant and feels so true, even the tiny minor characters!

I absolutely adore this story and your writing. And you ♥

Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day xoxo ♥

- your secret admirer ;)

Author's Response: And again, thank you so so much you're fabulous x

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Review #2, by padfootandmoony 

11th February 2016:

I was not expecting that ending! Cass is pregnant?! That does make sense as to why she disappeared though, but I have no clue who the father is! Albus was definitely acting super suspicious at the end of this chapter, I have a feeling he knew where Cass was this whole time...

Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! More to come soon. E x

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Review #3, by Celeste 

11th February 2016:
Uh what!?! No! I can't believe it ended there. She's been that close this whole time. OMG did Albus know? He better not off. Is that a baby Malfoy? Oh what the hell is going on.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! More to come soon :) E x

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Review #4, by marauderfan 

11th February 2016:
I am back with a review from the airport, sorry in advance for typos as I'm writing this on my phone. So anyway ahh! This was a ggreat chapter, as honestly all of them have been so far. Right from the beginning of this one there's an evident change in Olivia - until this point I feel like she's held Al in such high esteem almost like he's without faults, just so good of a person that sometimes I think Olivia forgets he's a person too - a person who messes things up and makes mistakes and has regrets. And so I think by this point that story Al told has made Olivia see this and stop putting Al on a pedestal, and I've been waiting for that. It's good to see, and I think you hamdled it in a good way.

Scor and Rose. ♥ Haha, that scene where they were all sitting in the three broomsticks together and Al and Olivia didnt want to leave them alone together... Olivia says they don't know each other that well but I beg to differ. I have noticed they've been hanging around each other a lot, and because Olivia has umderstandably been caught up in her own life and drama lately, I think Scor and Rose are closer than she realises. :p Anyway, I like the way you're building up that relationship.

I'm going to now take the opportunity to, once again, mention how much I love Scorpius in this story. He's been through a lot, handled some things well and some not so well, but he has grown up a lot and I think his bluntness about Cass here said a lot. He's kind of seeing a bigger picture now I think, and while he still loves her, I think he's just seeing things more clearly. Haha, I don't even know if I'm making sense right now as I'm exhausted from a full day of flights but it makes sense in my head. So moving on... brings me to Cass. Omg.

I knew from the instant Olivia saw the picture of herself and Scor that the person living there had to be Cass. And it was, and... I feel like this chapter introduced more mysteries than solved them! How long has she been there? What excuse can she possibly have for being so selfish as to not answer her friends' letters, and leaving her best friend and boyfriend to wonder if she is dead, hurt, in trouble, just omg I am furious with her for being all right and just not answering. She better have a good reason, and even then I don't know if it will be good enough. She let Scor be a suspect in her disappearance! And also, I have a feeling that the baby isn't Scor's, or she probably wouldn't be hiding from him (or would she?) And last but not least, why does Al know, and how long has he known? Something makes me wonder if Cass is the secret James has been keeping, but, I don't know. All I know is that I am so ready for the next chapter because I have too many questions! haha Great work on this though. This really is such a well thought out story and I love how three dimensional your characters are.

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I've been a bit pathetic at responding recently and I'm so sorry for that but I want you to know how much I appreciate your taking the time to read and give me feedback. I'm trying to catch up with my responses which means they're all generic and rubbish and I'm sorry about that - I want to be able to reply properly to new ones as they come in which means making sure I get up to date!

THANK YOU THANK YOU. You inspire me. E xx

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Review #5, by Margie 

9th February 2016:
Hi Emma,

I finally caught up and holy wow. Two things stand out: first, I'm glad that Al has come off the pedestal Liv put him on - I like him more now and I'm a lot more comfortable with the character. Second, I am really angry at Cassie. I mean we haven't actually got an explanation so I suppose I should hold back but being pregnant isn't enough!

I am probably being unfair because I am an adult and a muggle brought up in a non-judgemental environment (with parents) - things look different when you're a teenager especially if you don't have someone to turn to for advice and hey maybe the wizarding world is super conservative and Cassie would be treated a lot worse there than she would be where I am from. Plus there's more to it no doubt just as there was more to Al's cheating.

I am curious about the cottage though...?? Is it rented? Who from? My guess is that the aurors, and especially Harry Potter, know exactly where Cassie is but they agreed to keep her whereabouts a secret because she's of age (seems slightly flimsy but legally sound). It would explain why they stopped looking for her.

I wonder how much James had to do with that? When did Al find out? I mean clearly he wasn't happy about Liv being kept in the dark - I can believe that he was looking out for her. Man poor Liv. And poor Scor wow.

So, Cass deliberately let Liv and Scor think she was hurt, kidnapped or dead and didn't respond to any of their letters or get in contact at all. Of course this all looks more complicated than that - the picture says she cares but clearly not enough? Or in any kind of supportive way? I'm so mad that I don't think I'll care even if Cass bitterly regrets everything.

I think one of the worst parts is that there's a possibility that Cass was right not to trust Scorpius and Liv with this because they weren't mature enough to handle it - hey Liv's gone through a lot and she's getting there but she's still got a long way to go. It's what I'd be wondering if I was Liv anyway. The idea that I somehow wasn't trustworthy would be haunting.

Eh it's this story so it's not going to be as easy as 'Cass is the bad guy!' but I want to hate her and I don't want Liv to have to go through what comes next... which is going to be messy, whatever it is. Man Liv has had a brutal crash course in seeing things from the messy, flawed adult perspective these last few months.

I do want to say that you deserve so much praise for this chapter and this moment in the fic because it is so nuanced. I feel so outraged on the main character's behalf but at the same time I'm left thinking about it from so many people's different points of view. It paints such a vivid picture of a large cast.

What's more you've been writing a story with themes that come up quite frequently in stories on this site - teenage pregnancy, slice of life drama, friendship and romance - but you've come at them from such a different angle that it takes you by complete surprise. You don't spell anything out. Well done! It continues to be such an amazing story.

Man I just can't write a short review - this was supposed to take me 10 minutes before bed but 30 minutes later...

Anyway! Emma you're amazing and I am looking forward to the next chapter. (sort of [I'm still so mad and I want to hold on to that for a bit])

Margie xx

P.S. See, already, I don't want Liv to hate Cass because it will only make her miserable and maybe Cass doesn't even deserve it but the desire to be petty and hold onto how badly Liv has been treated is so strong.

P.P.S. I am so glad that Oz and Joe are out and open about their relationship. They're so great. I got really emotional.

P.P.P.S. For the record, my guess is that the baby is Scor's. Why she would then run away is beyond me though.

P.P.P.P.S. I am so intrigued about James Potter now. Is he being a really, really good head boy?? (if he is I'll swoon a little)

Author's Response: Margie! I've missed you and your lovely lovely reviews. Let's catch up soon on the forums :)

I'm so glad that people are angry with Cassie. I so don't want her to be sympathetic right now, because the way she's behaved just isn't acceptable. Although hopefully she'll redeem herself a little bit.

And yayyy thank you for liking Joe and Oz. I love them.

Lots of love xx

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Review #6, by Shartae 

9th February 2016:
Omg is that who James is sneaking off to see Cass?

Author's Response: Hehe I love hearing people's theories. Thanks for reviewing! Emma x

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Review #7, by Romana 

8th February 2016:
My money's on James being the father, I've being say I had the feeling james was connected to cass. Al is loyal to his brother. Loving Scorose interaction. How will scor take this , not only did his long term girlfriend cheat on him, but stayed hidden while he was a murder suspect. Some relationship/friendships can't be fixed. How will liv handle it. Cass put her through a lot. I she'll wait and see.

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review! Emma xx

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Review #8, by Violet Potter 434 

7th February 2016:
anyways lovely writing, I've never got this far in the story before-you must of recently updated or something
but seriously, I need to find out if I was right about it being james'-tho after reading that al cheated on Laura it could be him
from me x

Author's Response: Well done! I'm on a push to keep updating at the moment because there aren't many chapters left now and I so badly want to see this story through to the end! Emma xx

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Review #9, by LittleMissAutumn 

7th February 2016:
Cassie's pregnant?! I'm guessing it's Scorpius' but is that why she left?? Woah! I wasn't expecting that one. Update soon please! :)

Author's Response: I'm working on the next chapter so hopefully will be able to update soon. Thanks for taking the time to review :)

Emma xx

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Review #10, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins 

6th February 2016:
Sorry. XD Love you!

Author's Response: Haha you did know it well done! Still a little bit more to go though :)

Thanks, as always, for another lovely review xxx

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Review #11, by Ohnoshedidnt 

6th February 2016:
OMG NO YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT! I actually think my heart stopped when I read Cass? Now, you have no choice to update again, very soon migh I add, and explain to us how this happens. You also need to put in whether or not Ollie gets mad or is just so happy that she's found Cass she forgets that her best friend nearly worried her to death and almost made her lose the people closest to her. Thanks again love!

Author's Response: Yayy I"m so glad you're still reading and enjoying. I"m working on the next chapter so hopefully will be able to update soon, and Ollie's reaction will definitely definitely be a big feature - she's not in any hurry to forget :)

Emma xx

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Review #12, by Crescent Moon  

6th February 2016:
You can't leave us on a cliffhanger like that! It's just so mean! (Though a really well written cliffhanger, full of suspense, that if I wasn't so desperate to know the story I would be very happy with.)
First off though this chapter was so cute! So many couples! And Scorpius/Rose relationship's coming along nicely even though I feel that the reappearance of Cassie is going to muck it up. Actually I feel her coming back is going to muck everything up.
Down to theories now. I think the child's James'. At first I thought it was Scorpius' but then she would have told him. Then I thought it might be Al, but you couldn't do that to Ollie. Not with it already being bad enough that he knew where she was and didn't tell her. Which brings me to how Al knew, meaning James must be the father. And that he's been sneaking off to visit Cass. It must be right? And that's why they found the necklace Scorpius gave her because she felt ashamed for what she'd done and torn it off or something? Please tell me, I've got to know!
I'm just feeling so sorry for Ollie right now! She's going to be so heartbroken! And she's going to have no one as she's going to be so mad at Al for not telling her and keeping his brother's secret. And Scorp! But he's got Rose now so I feel ever so slightly less bad for him. Just, I can't wait to see how Cass is going to explain this.
I need more and I need it soon! I'm so sad that this story is coming to it's end. I need it to go on forever it's just so good! Loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you as always for all your lovely lovely words. Lots of love xx

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Review #13, by Raylis 

6th February 2016:
omg...please tell me albus didn't knock her up or something, lol. that would be the worst twist. ahh, the horror of the cliffhanger! now I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Haha more details next chapter. Thanks for taking the time to review :)

Emma xx

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Review #14, by Jess 

6th February 2016:
Fantastic story. I cant believe we finally know where Cassie has been all this time. I'm going to guess that her baby is either Al's and thats why he was acting so nervous. Or James and thats why he has been sneaking out of the castle. Please update soon! I cant wait!

Author's Response: Yayy I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I'm working on the next chapter so hopefully it'll be up soon :)

Emma xx

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Review #15, by mss 

6th February 2016:
Wow!! Is this where James has been sneaking off to?

Author's Response: Oo I love hearing people's theories. More details next chapter :)

Thanks for reviewing! Emma xx

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Review #16, by Only one can survive 

6th February 2016:
ASDFGHJKL WHAT!? The owls weren't going at all far to drop the letters. They are pretty much dropping letters to the house on the next block. But there are so many questions now. Why didn't she tell Liv or Scorpious? Why didn't she tell anyone? How is she surving by herslf because if she was working the aurors would have her already. Who's child is it because if it was Scorpious' then she would of..OMG IT'S AL'S ISN'T. It makaes sence now. She was the one that Al cheated on with. She got pregnant and Al knew. Al told his father who in turn told the aurors not look their. Al gave Cass the money and means to survive. Al takes Liv to Hogsmeade. Liv goes to the path. Al knows that Cass is their and tries to stop Liv. It all makes sence. Thats why he gets nervous near the path. That's why Cass doesn't respond to any letters. She hates Gryffindors. Imagine the "shame" of bearing a child of not oly a Gryffindor but also the son of THE Harry Potter.
Besides that major reveal of Cass being alive it was such a good chapter. Im glad Scorpious is finally letting go and is getting comfortable with Liv's new friends. *Cough Cough Scorose Cough Cough* I'll be really sad to see this story go. I really hope you make a sequal or something...but then again I dont know how it's going to end. Mabye the story will be better off without a sequal. I really hope you update soon because I REALLY want to know whats hoing to happen. Again really good chapter and hope for a quick update

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! I feel like I've been waiting to write these chapters for a long time now so it's lovely to hear that people are enjoying them :)


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Review #17, by Yaya 

6th February 2016:
Woah. This makes so much sense. But I really didn't see it coming. Gah! Who is the father?!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! We find out about the father next chapter :)
Emma xx

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Review #18, by Gi9 

6th February 2016:
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! I'm shocked. I can't believe she was right there the whole time. I suspected she ran away but had no idea why. I thought it had something to do with her family, I don't know. And why was Al so nervous?? Please, please, PLEASE! Don't tell me she is the girl he hooked up with and he's the father of the baby. I want to cry right now...I hope I'm wrong, this would be a mess and would destroy Olivia. BUT it would explain why she hid it from Scorpius. This story is killing me XD

Author's Response: Ahhh I love hearing people's theories - not going to confirm or deny because spoilers but I promise next chapter it's all revealed :)

Thanks for reviewing! Emma x

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Review #19, by rosiful 

6th February 2016:
Oh my goodness!!! It's CASSIE!!!

I am so so SO glad we're going to finally figure out what is going on with her!
I did have a suspicion that she was pregnant, but I didn't expect her to be hiding out in Hogsmeade! I wonder who the father is... I sense a whole lot of drama coming and I can't wait!

Really looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Haha lots more drama to come...

Thanks for reviewing! Emma xx

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Review #20, by merlins beard 

6th February 2016:
I can't believe this is why she ran. Oh god why didn't I think of that? I mean I had my suspicions that she ran on her own, that she wasn't abducted... but THIS? NEVER DID I THINK OF THAT. WHY DID SHE RUN? WHY DIDN'T SHE TELL SCORPIUS? WHY IS SHE SO CLOSE TO HOGWARTS? HOW DID THE AURORS NOT FIND HER THERE? WHY WAS AL SO NERVOUS? DID HE KNOW SOMETHING? OH GOD, PLEASE, NO! HE CAN'T HAVE KNOWN. OLLIE WOULD NEVER FORGIVE HIM. NEVER.


sorry for the over-excited reveiw

♥ Anja

Author's Response: Anja! I was so excited to see your review. I'm so glad you're still enjoying reading it. Next chapter will hopefully be up soon :)

Thanks for the lovely review! Emma xx

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