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Review #1, by mykk47 

6th February 2016:
Thank you for updating again so soon! Love William and Isabella together, definitely want to see a lot more of them. Are you still planning on writing a story centered around them sometime in the future?

Author's Response: You're welcome :D More of them is happening in the sequel, and I do have a future spin off centered on them planned! :D

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Review #2, by thehiddenface 

6th February 2016:
This was a great chapter! Will and Isabella just need to own up to their feelings already, they are so cute. James is legit boyfriend goals. Honestly, he is sticking up for his girl and it's just like yes you go James, make Michelle feel like a total butt! Please update soon! I can't wait to read more! ~Elle

Author's Response: They really do, I totally agree with you! I don't know why they're fighting it. Haha he is, isn't he? :D Everyone needs a James in their life!
Thank you for the review and for reading! :D

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Review #3, by Dhruvi 

5th February 2016:
i truly, truly hate michelle

Author's Response: Me too! She's a horrible person.

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Review #4, by Gi9 

5th February 2016:
Wow things always get intense when Michelle is around!! James and William are hilarious and super adorable with the girls (I'll never say it enough!) I also loved Abi's conversation with Ethan, he is too cool for Michelle XD and for Rebecca as well. I did see the backbone finally XD and I am glad she is slowly becoming more confident! I love her!

I also wanted to thank your muse! I can't wait to know how this story ends and then read the sequel :D

Author's Response: They really do, I agree, trouble just seems to follow Michelle wherever she goes. I'm so glad that you like William and James, I really enjoy writing them.
She is very slowly becoming confident, and it's all thanks to her new friends! :D

Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #5, by Regan 

4th February 2016:
The idea of more chapters and seeing this fic completed excites me to no end! (...Almost as much as seeing more of the unspeakable..hehe nudge nudge) but back to Abigail and James!

I love love love Abigail!! The little geek is growing up before our eyes and it's wonderful. I'd love to see some more development on James' part but Abigail is the first titular character and he plays a more supporting role so it's not necessary.

I'm already bracing myself for the inevitable blowout/climax of the story. Hopefully we have a little ways to go before we hit it. (IF we hit it at all ;))

Hopeful for more of my favorite Harry Potter geeks,

Author's Response: Hello! There's only 2 left now, and it's making me emotional because this story is my baby. Gah! The Unspeakable, I really need to finish that you're right :P

I know, right? She's grown so much! I'm so proud! You'll see more of James' POV from the sequel, woo!!

Thank you so much!

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