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Review #1, by princesslily_36 

5th March 2016:

I was as surprised as James was when Lily was actually asking about Snape in an objective manner, like she was ready to hear James' side of it.

Why was she giving him those looks out of the corner of her eye? Was she still curious about Snape?

James set his own leg on fire because he was too distracted by Lily? OMG! That's the first I have read something like that, and it's such a cool idea!! For once, Lily's the one better at Transfiguration than James. What a twist :D Little does she know he can turn himself into an animal at will, and what does a wooden leg matter anyway :P :P

or if you are playing Exploding Snap in the back of my classroom. Right, Mr. Black? - Immature, playful Sirius is totally my scene! I was smiling so widely at this one!

and is classroom appropriate - I BET that McGonagall added this clause ONLY because the Marauders were in the class.

Loving the snippets - it not only shows how James has changed, but also how Lily has and how their dynamics shift because both of them finally grow up. I mean lets face it, Lily needed to grow up as well :D

Now, Lily tutoring James in Transfiguration? This ought to be good to see!!


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Review #2, by Secret Cupid! ♥ 

14th February 2016:
Hello, hello!! Back again on this loveliest of Holidays! I cannot believe that I get to be the lucky first reviewer of this awesome new chapter!! Yay!! =D

So, are they seventh years now? I am guessing that they are, since they are now learning such advanced transfiguration techniques, though I could be wrong. Perhaps you may wanna consider throwing that information in there somewhere? I did notice that their age/Hogwarts year was missing in the last chapter too. In the story summary, it says that this is a short-story containing snippets of James & Lilly's relationship, so I feel like each snippet should mention where in their relationship that this is all taking place. Sorry if I am being too critical hun, it's just something small here that I noticed.

Honestly, that's about all the CC I have for this, really. Everything is very well written, and the characterization of everyone is very well done! I like that you have alternated the POV's between Lilly from the last chapter, and now James in this chapter. I also loved the little mention of Snape at the beginning, and even though it is super sad, I liked how James was starting to notice how Lilly's feelings toward Severus had changed. This must be after he called her a Mudblood, I am guessing. Poor, poor Snilly. *sigh*

It's so great seeing them interact with one another in class here. I was laughing so much when James' leg caught on fire, lol!! You would think, him already being an Animagus and all, that this transfiguration stuff would come naturally to James. But clearly his nerves around Lilly get the best of him here. I like that you have portrayed him as this less-than-perfect little ball of nerves around her though. It's so sweet!!

This is such a lovely little story, and I am so happy that I came across it. What a perfect little tale to put me more in the mood for Valentine's Day, lol!! I will try to check out more of your stuff as soon as I can. Will be adding this to my favorites after the exchange too, that way I can keep up with the updates. Please update SOON, okay?!?

XOXO ~ Cupid ♥

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