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Review #1, by Clary 

12th July 2016:
OMG!!!, So Love this chapter!. I love the emotion and the reality mixed w/ proper english grammar and vocab into this entire fanfic. Please, please, please Update soon!! I mean it is summer break after all.

Author's Response: ah wow, thank you so so much! that is /exactly/ what i was going for- thank you, thank you endlessly! and you're right, it is the summer holidays, and the next chapter's up! hopefully it doesn't disappoint ;* xoxox

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Review #2, by Harrys 

15th June 2016:
This story is like forgotten summer nights and youth. It makes me so happy and really makes me wish I was there in effys world living with her. I stumbled upon this yesterday and will certainly recommend it to my friends. What a wonderful concept idea and creation of a mood that is so light yet moving. Hope you are well and you continue to write this lovely piece of writing, truly something to be proud of and cherish.

Author's Response: what a lovely, exciting way to describe FA- i love it, that is /exactly/ what i was going for, thank you so much ♥ i hope you're well too and thank you /so/ much for reading and leaving such a lovely review! xoxo

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Review #3, by radiator 

19th May 2016:
I just fall in love Jeffy more and more Every chapter
The way he acknowledges her quidditch really makes me happy I hope that they can resolve things in the next chapter
Once again you handle delicate issues like rape and body confidence and how girls should embrace any type of clothing so well
Can't wait for an update hope you're well

Author's Response: i'm so, so glad! jeffy is super problematic, they're both so intense- and just ridiculous, plainly speaking- but i have such a soft spot for them. my babies. i /love/ them, and i'm glad you do too!

and ahhh- thanks so much, i was so nervous about this chapter but you've made me feel much, much better about it. thanks endlessly !! xoxoxo

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Review #4, by J'amie 

19th May 2016:
Please write more soon. I'm too invested in this story now.

Author's Response: next chapters up with a capital u !! xoxo

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Review #5, by That_Chick 

4th April 2016:
Oh my God! This is literally the best fic that I have ever read - and I literally spend all my time reading fanfictions - so please update. Please, please, please! Or I might just die!!!

Author's Response: ahhh what?! no way?! i'm BLUSHING- and super sorry about the wait (both regarding response and chapter) but the next chapter is up! and i'd love to hear what you think. thanks again for such a lovely review, you rock !! xoxoxo

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Review #6, by Wolfie 

4th April 2016:
Oh the end was just perfect! I can't wait to see what you will do next please update soon!!

Author's Response: thanks so, so much !! & the next chapter is UP baby ! xx

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Review #7, by Dobbyisfree 

27th March 2016:
You are such a great writer. This is probably my favorite story of all time. Can't wait for you to update!

Author's Response: omg whaaat !! no way !! i am STOKED- thank you so, so much! made my day. all my love xoxoxo (+ next chapter's up!)

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Review #8, by nott theodore 

6th March 2016:

I was definitely not expecting the ending and that massive twist. I'll talk more about that later but I just wanted to say you did a really good job writing such an intense and difficult subject and it takes a lot to include something like this in the story.

It's really sweet to see Effy's friends gathering around her when she's struggling with the break-up - or break - with James. It's obvious to them that she's hurting, no matter how hard she tries to hide it, and it takes good friends to be there for her and want to let her talk about it if she needs it. The scene between her and Mikey was really sweet, too. I'm not sure that he doesn't like her as more than friends, but I think he was just really sweet and a good friend here when she needed him and I'm glad there was someone there for Effy.

I'm really glad that Ravenclaw won the Quidditch match, too! Go Effy! (As long as they don't bat Gryffindor, which I'm sure they will do, but... :P)

The party was so difficult to read, particularly with Jasmine. I can't say much more about it except that I really, really hope that she's okay and I'm so glad she has friends who care about her and went after her, and that they're going to be there for her when she wakes up and starts to realise what has happened. Well done again for writing the topic so sensitively - and I'm looking forward to the next update now I'm caught up!

Sian :)
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

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Review #9, by Ravenclawcandy 

5th March 2016:
Omg, so many emotions going on right now. omg omg omg too much emotion packed into these three chapters I read. Haha I would have revised the others but I just HAD to get to the recent one. James, Effy, Jasmine, one all of them. They got me crying right now. I LOVE your writing style and how you portray your characters, simply brilliant.

Author's Response: ahhh i know that feeling- and so, so excited you've got it with my own story! like genuinely, so thrilling- its made my day. YOU'VE made my day with this review. crying... i feel like crying with you, you're so lovely! thanks endlessly- you're too kind and far too generous, i'm undeserving! xoxoxo

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Review #10, by daylight 

23rd February 2016:
THIS CHAPTER HAS HAD ME FEELING ALL THE FEELS AND I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT and I still don't, but like, I can't not review because it's brilliant and you're brilliant so heeere we go ~

Seriously, you're such a daring author by always just being honest about the teenage experience and I know that I've said that about ten thousand times already, but it's the reason I was not surprised you tackled such a brutal, ugly truth and instead just felt it, you know? Just totally enthralled and with them in their fear and anger and poorly-disguised loneliness every step of the way. And I feel like what you've done is important, because a lot of HPFF's audience is young, and this is something that happens so often that my head and my heart just ache thinking about it. So it's important to talk about, and I'm glad you've done it.

Also James is everything, and Effy is everything + 10.

Nora xx

Author's Response: noorrraaa. you continue to be such a babe and i'm blushing. i'm speechless; i'm genuinely lost for words at you. thank you, thank you, thank you x a gazillion. all of my love, all of it !! ♥

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Review #11, by CharmAurorG 

16th February 2016:
Hello there :) Just stopping by to let you know how much I enjoy your story. :) You are truly amazing. :) I do have one question - could you tell me who do you use as Effy, Aspen, James and others? I really like all the pictures you post on tumpblr, but as far as I can tell Effy is Taylor Hill (am I right?) and shame on me that I don't know for the others but... Anyway, great story, keep up good writing.


Author's Response: hey there! super super sorry, first of all, for the delay in replying; thanks so, so much! i appreciate it so much!

yesss- effy is taylor hill, aspen is stella maxwell, james is francisco lachowski, mikey is dylan o'brien, jasmine is chanel iman and scorpius is alex pettyfer. i should probably work on the other face claims! xoxo

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Review #12, by Raji 

11th February 2016:
I really loved the poppy Louis ruddy effy banter I love all the friends she has it's so refreshing that it's not just her and aspen vs the world like in most fics lol
Your characters are actually so well portrayed
I'd love to see your take on Lily Potter and Dom weasley?
Looking forward to more updates!! Well done

Author's Response: THANK YOU!! like genuinely- people rarely comment on the poppy/louis/ruddy/effy banter but its one of my favourite parts of the story! i base it on my own banter with my science table haha, there's just something about being assigned random seating in class that is so essential, so fundamental to the secondary school experience, you know?

and yes... lily and dom coming up !! thanks so much for leaving such a kind review ♥

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Review #13, by Randomz 

10th February 2016:
Oh my god that small JEFFY scene where they run into each other in the corridor was so perfect
I keep reading it again and again!
Wow wow wow
I'm so obsessed with them to when he was like "that was a good catch" the way he still thinks about her all the time omg I need a good JEFFY scene in the next chapter!!

Author's Response: thanks so, so much !! i have that reading over and over again with certain scenes thing too, and i am PUMPED that you have it with a scene from fluorescent adolescent! sooo flattered- ahhh wow !!

thanks for such a lovely review, you're a doll xoxo

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Review #14, by Hallucinogen 

9th February 2016:
Greenbirds you genuinely make me believe in that teenage romance again, the one I used to dream and think about at 4am in year 9 half term breaks
What a talent to have to restore the faith of your readers in such significant emotions
You should be proud of yourself forever
Can't wait for another chapter

Author's Response: oh my god. oh my goooddd! i am THRILLED, thrilled beyond words- that is exactly what i was going for. like exactly- you put it beautifully. thank you so, so much. all my love ♥

ps- totally with you on the year 9 half term daydreaming front. my year 9 boyfriend is totally the inspiration behind mikey lancaster haha !

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Review #15, by Anonymous 

7th February 2016:
Just read the entirety of this fic in one sitting and I'm in love! You write so beautifully, can't wait to see an update :)

Author's Response: ahhh my gosh !! thrilled- thank you so, so, so much! what a lovely review xxx

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Review #16, by Anonymous 

2nd February 2016:
Just read the entirety of this fic in one sitting and I'm in love! You write so beautifully, can't wait to see an update :)

Author's Response: ahhh no way- even my crumby fifteen year old written first chapters? blown away. thank you so, so much !! xoxo

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Review #17, by CelinaRibena 

30th January 2016:
Wow... I've just read this story for the first time, and I absolutely love it! You are a really talented writer. I find it clever how you can convey a story whilst giving us your own personal views on matters such as politics, war, feminism, etc... Not a fan of Effy and James breaking up though- please tell me they get back together! They have such chemistry. Please keep it up! Once I start reading a story I freak out if I don't have more fast! Love it x

Author's Response: omg i'm so so so sorry for the delay in my reply! i love reviews, you've been so so lovely and you deserve better :( please accept my v humble apology !! again- thanks so much for your super kind, very undeserved words. you're the loveliest x x x

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Review #18, by pottered  

30th January 2016:
well omg this was such an intense chapter but GOOD. like, so good. im glad you touched the dark parts of the teenage life because unfortunately and sadly it does happen :c
i honestly am baffled at seth, how utterly ugly is he. i felt so, so bad for jasmine and so sad because people like seth actually exist and other people have to suffer through such disgusting people like seth. but ok!! aside from that, RAVENCLAW WON YESSS! Yes /yes/ im so happy and if it comes down between ravenclaw and gryffindor, im so rooting for ravenclaw!! i love them all so much. im so happy and proud of my girl effy catching the snitch, yes!! she's so cute and sweet and aw ): i felt so sad when she cried over the break up (?) but mikey was there yay mikey is so cute and i think i might be shipping them now :0 but still if james comes back to his senses and actually, properly apologises then hm i guess I'd be ok with jeffy aha although yeah, james does have his flaws, he did help this chapter and i did like the jeffy interaction in the end, it was cute. and ooo the feminist society thing: yeS YES /yes/ im so excited for it to be approved.
also: i really love the chapter title (i always have for your stories, they're always so creative and COOL)

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Review #19, by itssine 

30th January 2016:
I think you're actually soo brave to write about such mature topics but you handled it amazingly!! and honestly if Effy wasn't already like my favourite oc ever she definitely is now, I love how she goes from vulnerable near the start to being such a strong leader! Seriously well done xx

Author's Response: omg so firstly- my hugest, sincerest apologies for how late my reply is! you deserve better and i'm super, super sorry.

yeah! it was so important for me to write about the topics and themes featured in this chapter, even if just lightly- fa has been so entwined in my teenage years (still is) and i didn't want to forget or ignore anything! from the very beginning i decided it wasn't going to be another chase kiss kind of hpff chick flick, you know? so i'm sooo thrilled you liked it!

and even more thrilled you like effy. i put so much of myself and my experiences in her, i'm quite attached. thanks again for such a lovely review !! xx

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Review #20, by xoxo_jpotter 

29th January 2016:
This whole chapter was just... It gave me so many feels.

First, you write teenage dialogue and feelings so well. I feel like I've had the exact same conversation with my friends about breakups, so it just felt so real.

Also, Mikey is just amazing! I don't know what I'd do if you wrote him and Effy together. Love triangles always make me sad because someone has to lose, and it's always the nice one.

I think it's a good thing that you wrote about substance abuse and rape, and I think you went about it in an appropriate way. These things happen all of the time. Just a couple of months ago, I was at a party, and my friend and I had to stop nearly the exact situation! It was so scary, and I definitely didn't handle it as well as Effy did.

All in all, I think it's good that you don't write shiny pictures of what teen life is really like. It's very refreshing.

And you got another new banner! Your banners are always so trippy, I love them! And I never have trouble finding your story because I think you're the only author with Taylor Hill as a faceclaim (which I have no idea why. She's literally perfect!)

As always, I can not wait for you to update!


Author's Response: omfg omfg omfg i am the ABSOLUTE WORST. as a general rule i try to avoid capitalising but i don't see any other way of indicating how guilty i feel! a whole year has passed in which you've left this review- and i've only gotten around to replying now! especially as i put so much emphasis on leaving reviews in my author's notes... wow, do i feel bad. please please puh-lease accept my apology :(

and you've been so nice! /so/ lovely! honestly, any compliments you have about my dialogue must be credited to my friends- whole chunks of conversation have been converted from the brunch table to fluorescent adolescent. not that they'd ever know, of course... hashtag dirty little secret?

and omg! that sounds really scary- yeah, i was in a similar predicament and it's awful, and it's even worse that you just have to eventually accept it's a symptom of the teenage condition? which is, obviously, so awful. so yeah, i'm super thrilled you think this scene worked out alright, and that you think it's good i don't just portray the niceties of teenage life- all super important to me!

and ommggg. SO agreed on taylor hill! i could LAUNCH into a whole ESSAY on the victoria's secret angels. but another time.

you're the best. and i'm the worst for this ridiculously belated reply! sorry to infinity. all my love xx

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Review #21, by Celeste 

28th January 2016:
That was one intense chapter.
I'm at a loss of words. I have no idea what to say but my god that Seth guy what a piece of well you know.
At least they got to her.
He really really really should of been expelled who cares if exams were starting the next week.

Fantastic chapter. Your such a fantastic writer. I'm quite jealous.

Author's Response: thank you so, so much! you are too kind. i agree, a similar incident happened in my school last year and there was such an uproar the seth character wasn't expelled! but oh well. what can one do.

thanks so much for your super kind, undeserved words! xx

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Review #22, by JT4HP 

28th January 2016:

Seriously. Dealing with the rape and substance abuse was spot on. I can't wait to read about the aftermath of it and how Jasmine will be when she wakes up.

Also, just...you know so happy with James being all vulnerable (well, slightly vulnerable) with Eff asking her to "please" stay. UGH. Even though they're not together all the angst and feelings and love between them stil shows ah.

Uhm, also...loved the moment with Mikey. THEY ARE THE BEST EX COUPLE FRIENDS EVER.

Okay. I know you just put this one out but literally can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: you're just the best ever and i am so so so thankful for every word you grace the review section with. i'm speechless thank you endlessly! all (and i mean all) my love xx

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Review #23, by Ttunext 

28th January 2016:
You have no idea how many times I've reread this chapter even since it got put up. I've been waiting for it for so long and it's even better than I had expected it to be. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: super super sorry about the delay in replying to this. i /so/ appreciate your review; and i hope the next chapter does not disappoint! xxx

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Review #24, by angieart 

28th January 2016:
I love seriously love Effy so much. I reread the whole story before reading Ch 18 and you can seriously see how Effy has grown and in this chapter you really see a different side of Effy. An oh my gosh, James still clearly cares so much about Effy. I hope they work things out and get back together. The end absolutely gave me Jeffy feels. By the way James asked Effy to stay and he even said please. This couple is too much for me to handle. Can't wait for the next chapter! xx

Author's Response: firstly- couldn't be more apologetic, more sorry, couldn't feel guiltier over how late my response is. your words mean the worrrlllddd to me and i would hate for you to think that my late reply indicates anything contrary! i'm so so glad you feel this way about the chapter, it's exactly what i was going for, and i love that you reread the whole story all over again; so much of myself and my experiences go into effy's narrative and i love that you think she's grown up a lot throughout the year. year 12/ sixth year is a drastic year!
again, so so sorry, and i hope the next chapter doesn't disappoint ♥ and, of course, thank you for reviewing !! xoxo

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Review #25, by maximillion 

28th January 2016:
This chapter really wanted to make me cry. I love how well you incorporated the situation into the story and it only made it so much better and gave a deeper insight of the characters. UGH my poor Jeffy. I hope they work out and get back together. And then Mikey being all so supportive and loving just ugh. This chapter really made me see a different side of Effy. A less sarcastic side. It made me so sad when she finally talked about James and then when she was such a leader during the Jasmine/Seth situation. I was just so proud of her. I can't wait for the next chapter and what happens to all of them after the traumatic situation they went through.

Author's Response: ah ah ah ah omg !! this is the sweetest thing -- im so, so glad you reacted this way to this chapter. your reactions are exactly what i was going for and it means the WORLD that you feel this way! thanks so much for reviewing; no excuses for the delay in replying to your lovely, lovely review. thank you so so much ♥

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