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Review #1, by LittleMissAutumn 

2nd February 2016:
I adore this story! I know I'm supposed to feel bad for Cassie being gone but I've never liked her and honestly her disappearance have made everyone's lives go really well. It's an awful thing to say but it's true. Albus and Olivia are really cute together and her/Scorpius have a great friendship. I like the character development that both of them have.

Update soon please! :)

Author's Response: Yay I'm so glad you like it! Next chapter's coming soon :) xx

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Review #2, by marauderfan 

30th January 2016:
Hello! Once again it's been ages since I properly reviewed and I'm sorry. But I have been following the story and loving every chapter. This chapter is really good and one of my favourites so far. I love how you show so well that the same events can be perceived in such different ways as to result in two wildly different versions of the story - two perspectives on the same thing equalling two entirely different stories. Because for Laura, she was suffering through a difficult time and Al cheated on her - but for Al, he was trying to help her, not able to, tried to break up with her and she rejected it, and then he had a one-night stand. Two entirely different stories.

I'm kind of irritated with Al for telling all of this - I mean yes it relates to him, but I think a lot of this is also really personal for Laura and she should have had a say in how much was told to Olivia. I did appreciate the new perspective it gave me as the reader, about Laura. She's still not nice, but i can understand her amd why she is the way she is.

One person I am annoyed with is Olivia. Why did she decide to have this important conversation while drunk? That is the opposite of a good idea. Thank goodness for Scorpius, being a sensible person and a good friend and not letting Olivia fly her broom. And talking of Scorpius, he's changed a lot since the beginning, a good change. I'm glad he's learned from his falling out wih Olivia earlier and I love how he is fitting in with the Gryffindors, and really figuring out what's important, like how he appreciates the friendliness of the Gryffindors after moving past the rivalry, and that he sees that Olivia is happy.

Okay, well this was a great chapter and you really have a wonderful story here. Nice work, and I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Hello! Noo don't apologise, it's always lovely to hear from you when you have the time to review :)

A few people have said that about Al, and I think it's true that he probably shouldn't be telling Laura's story, but then at the same time Laura kind of forced his hand a bit by half telling Liv what had happened. Hopefully it's understandable that Al would want to explain his actions.

Scor's development as a character is one of my favourites, and he's still got a little way to go before the end. I'm glad you liked him here.

Thanks for taking the time to review! Next chapter just went up :)

Emma xx

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Review #3, by @lilylover365 

24th January 2016:
I applaud your amazing story crafting skills! 24th fantastic chapter in a row!! But you already here that all the time don't you?;) anyway... I heard you had a blog and that you sometime put little hints about what's in chapters to come on it and I was just wondering what your blog was because I sort of want in!!:) thanks again

Author's Response: I just wrote a fairly self-indulgent post on my blog on the forums, so don't so much have an official blog with hints. But definitely have a look if you're interested :)

Thank you for reviewing! I'm really glad you're enjoying reading. Emma xx

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Review #4, by @aubs1307 

24th January 2016:
Okay. First of all I can't begin to express to you how overwhelmingly happy I am that you have updated not only once, but TWICE in an extremely short amount of time! You have made my week:) but now, what's happening with Cassie? Is Ollie going to have a talk with her dad? Is she going to talk to her mother? I can't wait for the chapters to come and know they will surpass normal standards;)

Author's Response: More on Cassie next chapter :)

Thanks for the review! Emma xx

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Review #5, by Unwritten Curse 

24th January 2016:
Okay, okay. I'm here.

And like I said, I'm angry at EVERYONE.

Here's why:

1. Liv was an idiot to get drunk before talking to Al. Because then she didn't really process anything he said. She so quickly forgave him. I do think he deserves forgiveness, but she wasn't even MAD after he told her he had a one night stand that he can't even REMEMBER. I'm mad about that. It was a jerk move, regardless of how confused he was.

2. Which leads me to why I'm angry at Albus. (See above) BUT ALSO because he admitted that the story he told about his "friend" was really about Laura. I had a feeling that was the case, but I'm kind of upset with him for spilling the beans. I feel like that was Laura's story to tell. But he told it for her.

Okay there's really no one else to be upset with in this circumstance so I was being overdramatic when I said "EVERYONE." Well, I'm also mad at Laura, but I've been mad at her for a while now and you already knew that. I am less mad at her after the last couple chapters, though. She's been humanized and I'm starting to understand where she's coming from, though I don't think grief is ever an excuse to act like a jerk to the people who love you. (This coming from a girl who also lost her father at a young age. Grief sucks, but it's not an excuse to abandon all decency, especially when people are trying to help.)

I do have to say that I'm loving Scorpius right now. He learned from his stupidity and now he's giving really sound advice about not jumping to conclusions and LISTENING to people. I loved that. I love how much he cares for Liv and that he's warming up to Al.

I think Liv is going to be a little confused when she wakes up in the morning. She needs time to process what happened and she needs to do so SOBER. Liv. Stop avoiding your problems. You need to have a real heart-to-heart with Albus. He deserves it and you deserve it.


I saw on your blog that we find out what happened to Cass next chapter. I am SO EXCITED because I want to know if my suspicions were correct. If they are, my review will just be "*mic drop*" except not really. ;)

You're awesome. Thanks for writing this and for sharing it and for putting up with all my rambling fangirl-ness.


Author's Response: Gina I'm actually in love with you and your reviews. They always make me so smiley. Thank you.

Liv was definitely a bit of an idiot here, and Scor was a bit of an enabler, but she did manage to go and talk to Al rather than completely run away from her problems so I think she's getting better in some ways.

And I completely agree about Al. It's not really his story to tell. His flaws are starting to come out.

And yayyy thank you for liking Scorpius. He's slowly coming back round to being lovely, and I'm liking writing him lots. I wanted to show how he's developed over the story.

Thank you thank you. Emma xx

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Review #6, by Ninja in Training 

24th January 2016:
Such fast updates!! This was a great chapter - love that Scorp and her friendship is well on track and that instead of doing the whole "insert plot twist that will break them up for several months" you actually had them have a rational conversation about Laura etc. and they got stronger :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I didn't think a huge fight would be very convincing from Al and Liv - they're both good for each other and don't really have big drama without reason. I'm really glad you liked it. Emma xx

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Review #7, by Crescent Moon  

23rd January 2016:
You're spoiling us with all your updates!
Amazing chapter. Though I am a little annoyed that she didn't completely flip out on Al, drunk Liv more than made up for that. She was brilliant, so funny!
Poor Laura, that story was so sad. Maybe one day her and Liv will be able to put it all behind them and deal with their parents being together in their own dysfunctional way, maybe... probably not. But I'm happy that although Al's reason wasn't quite excusable it was explainable and I'm glad she's forgiven him. And I really like that Al has his faults. He almost seemed too perfect and that didn't really fit with Ollie.
Emma, we need to have a talk about James. You are killing me. Literally, one day soon you are going to get blamed for my death if you don't stop teasing me like this! So many possibilities are running through my head (all of which I know are wrong) ranging from werewolves to Cassie to... I NEED TO KNOW! It's driving me mad. Please take pity on us and give us the answer soon!
Anyway, amazing writing and a gripping chapter as always and I can't wait to read what's going to happen next.

Author's Response: Haha I was so torn between this scene and them having a proper argument, but in the end drunk Liv won. I think Al's a very calming influence on her, and it would take more than this to make her really get cross with him.

And Al's flaws are slowly coming out now...more to come soon!

Thank you.

Emma xx

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Review #8, by Only one can survive 

23rd January 2016:
I LOVE YOUR STORY SO MUCH! Its so good and I really want to know whats happening. The way you write is so well and not at all far fetched where its like oh we have magic we could do everything. And your facts are accurate so Im super happy because there is nothing more that I hate than those things.
I have a theory. What if James is gay and in order to wrap his head around it he is doing drugs because he belives he won't be accepted (even though it's the 21st century) and no one will like him anymore
Love that you updated quick because I really wanted to know about Al and the cheating thing. I really hope Laura gets better because as much as I hated her before now I just feel sympathetic towards her. I have had friends who have lost their fathers or mothers or really any family members and I know what its like trying to help but not being able to because you dont understand how.
Im just curious did she do it because she wanted Al and Liv to stop being friendly with each other or was she just needing someone to talk to. If she needed someone ro talk to mabye therapy will be good just to get it out.
Thank you again for this story it is truly beautiful and wonderful to read (trust me I dont say that a lot) and hopefully update soon *fingers cross while knoking on wood as not to jinx it*

Author's Response: I'm so so glad you're enjoying it! I always love hearing people's theories. Not may chapters to go now so all will be revealed :)

Laura's actions aren't excusable but I wanted to explain them somewhat here. And I think therapy would definitely be god for her.

Thanks again for such a lovely review - working on the next chapter so will hopefully be up soon.

Emma xx

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Review #9, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins 

23rd January 2016:
OHHH. I understand now!
Also -- congrats on such a fast update! Holy cow, girl, you're great!

Author's Response: yayy thank you for the review. You're fab :)

Emma xx

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Review #10, by Gi9 

23rd January 2016:
So there is an explanation after all. I think I overreacted after the last chapter XD I guess Al is not perfect as I thought, but he's still a sweet caring guy and if he made a mistake it wasn't done with any bad intention. I feel sorry for Laura though. And Scorpius trying to defend Al and talk some sense into Liv was amazing. It seems like he didn't only accepted that the Gryffindor were Ollie's friends now, but he also feels part of them and it's amazing

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter.

Emma xx

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