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Review #1, by AlexFan 

30th July 2017:
I relate to Nova so much it hurts I know exactly what it's like to be the friend in the group that no one ever really develops a crush on. And then everyone makes a big deal out of the fact that you get a crush on someone. I feel for her I really do and I just want to say that I personally don't really see girls like Nova pop up in fanfiction. You know, the kind that acknowledge that maybe they're not the prettiest and that people would be more likely to go for their friend instead of them AND WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO FLIRT. And it's just so nice to see it in this fic and its so refreshing.

To be honest tho if my friends ever dated me to do what Nova's friends dared her to do it would not end well for my friends. I feel so bad for her and what she's goings to do but fingers crossed that it works out.

On a side note I also really relate to Dahlia like one minute I'll be like oh my gosh that guy is good and then for the next four days I'll be like ew don't touch me if a guy so much as even looks at me. Her personality and view on romance is also refreshing it's nice to see a character who is just not about that life (or perhaps in her case asexual or aromantic?)

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Review #2, by Wandless Magic 

29th May 2017:
...Oh well this is embarrassing...so as you may have noticed I didn't realize this story was actually completed so just ignore that part in my last review lol

'Nova rolled her eyes, propped her arm on her desk and leaned heavily against her palm,'- Okay so this sentence right here with the leaning against the palm, I never knew how to write that without it sounding awkward as Hell so I thank you for that lol I don't know why it was always so difficult for me to write!

' It was something to envy, really, being able to have a power nap during a boring lesson, wake up and still look sane. If Nova tried that, she'd walk around for the rest of the day looking like a demon out for the blood of helpless little children.

So like Dahlia, basically.' lol i laughed way to hard at that. Honestly this is so relatable, i can never power nap for this reason, it makes my heart sad. I love Nova's humor and how she/you describes everyone, it's never awkward or out of place, its always a smooth transition.

Nova waiting for a group to realize they are one short is how I survived those awful group projects in high school to be honest! Seriously as soon as Binns said it a part of me died a little inside and then was resurrected when she was in Albus's group.

ALBUS AND NOVA ARE SO CUTE OH MY LANTA 'and that smile was totally worth it' OH WAS IT NOVA? WAS MAKING ME SQUEAL LIKE A PIG ALSO WORTH IT?!?!?! these two are going to kill me! Nay Nova's thoughts are going to kill me!

I love Aria and their sisterly relationship so far!

"I do. Boys are pathetic." YAAAS QUEEN!!! Dahlia during this entire exchange is me oh my goodness!

I love that they all knew about her crush and again I am so happy with this friendship!! I feel like female friendships are not shown nearly as much in fanfic form and they are so important and so wonderful! Seriously thank you!!

I seriously love girl code XD

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Review #3, by marauderfan 

16th January 2017:
I'm back!

I like that Professor Binns actually calls Voldemort by his name (especially because probably not everyone did, even after the war - just look at Hagrid in the beginning of Philosophers Stone). It malkes sense too since Binns was already dead by the time Voldemort because important, so he probably just never really cared.

Also I forgot to mention this in the previous chapter's review but I kind of love that you've characterized James as looking like a lumberjack XD

Random aside: How did Binns ever take attendance for his class? He literally had no idea who anyone was. /tangent

Can I just say that you write the mindset of a sixteen year old girl SO perfectly. Everything Nova says about Albus is kind of ridiculous when she goes on and on about his raven hair and his gorgeous jade eyes and how she swoons when he smiles at her and she stares at him all the time when she thinks she's being subtle... BUT honestly it's not too far off from how I reacted around my own crush at that age and how I loved the colour of his eyes (so blue). XD Like, Nova's narration about Albus is kind of silly but also SO relatable! Basically, I was Nova at age 16. Except none of my friends found out about my crush.

Nova's friends are hilarious. And they're all such passionate people, about different things but it makes for such a funny group dynamic. They are the first person to sass any of the others in the group, but also the first person to stand up for their friends if someone else hurts them.

I love Nova's sister too. And I can't blame her for being upset at having to wait three additional days for brownies that made a detour through Nova's pocket. Seriously what is it with wizards putting baked goods in their pockets? Hagrid giving Harry a squashed birthday cake, and Nova giving Aria some probably very flat brownies. Muggles know better. I hope the brownies were at least delicious XD

I am really excited to see how Nova's attempt at flirting goes. Ehehehehe

Author's Response: Hello again!

Lol I feel like Binns only vaguely knew about Voldemort when he was at large and it wasn't until he got on the curriculum that he was like... so this guy existed. Probably doesn't even know he taught him :P

BUT HONESTLY, HOW DID HE TAKE ATTENDANCE?? HE KNEW NO ONE AND HE COULDN'T EVEN HOLD A QUILL. How did he mark essays??? Omg, I am having an existential crisis just trying to figure it out.

I remember when I started writing this that the lumberjack look was so in and everyone I knew was obsessed with it and I was just like... I bet James is that. He seems the type.

*laughs awkwardly* Um... I totally wasn't sixteen when I began writing this. I just have a very vivid imagination. But honestly, Nova and I are nothing alike when it comes to liking people so, like, who knows? :P But yeah, she is so not subtle when it comes to fancying Al. Like she could've held up a banner announcing that she fancied him and it wouldn't have been any worse than usual.

I would kill my sister if she waited three days before giving me brownies. Without hesitation.

Thank you for the review!

Plums xo

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Review #4, by IchigoPan 

25th October 2016:
Review 2 of 3! Oh the angst! (dramatically puts hand over forehead like a damsel)

You were particularly nice to Nova in the first half of the story, giving her little sweet bits of sleeping, snoring Albus action. And of course, being the sadistic writer that you are, needed a whip in the other hand with that candy xDD

And then came the dares. I personally hate dares. Especially with girls. Nova, I feel you. If they're gonna make you do it, make sure you drag 'em down with you. If they're not with the "ride or die" style, they have no business hangin'.

Dahlia's view on men reminds me of Mari from "Nijiro Days" and just her attitude to the opposite sex overall.

The general "girl talk" scene reminded me *way* too much of when my friends at the time practically forced out my confession in liking someone during junior high. But he knew not of my existence as I was a wallflower. And like Nova, I was fine with just liking him and not pursuing it. Then came the "encouraging" friends to look his phone number up in the Yellow Pages. Worst. Idea. Ever.

So I can basically assume everything's gonna go up in flames from this chapter on, right? lol

- ichigo

Author's Response: Hello!

It's been like 50 years since you left this review so you probably don't even remember leaving it but here I am anyway! Finally stepping up to my bloody responsibilities ;)

Omg CH2! Those were the days where Nova barely breathed in Al's presence and now look at them. I forgot about Al's lil snoring habit and how cute Nova thought it was. *the feels*

Omg haha I FEEL YOU about the dares! Like... it's so much unnecessary pain. Why is everyone so sadistic with them? WHY ALL THE HUMILIATION FAM?


Yeah, I'm so on board with Nova dragging them down with her. All for one and one for all, innit?

Aaaah, I can't believe that happened to you ichigo! I can totally feel your pain - being a wallflower and approaching the guy you fancy really doesn't mix half the time from personal experiences. Sometimes, it's alright to just admire someone from afar, you know? Fortunately for us, Nova's a much luckier girl.

Plums xo

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Review #5, by Fugacity 

25th April 2016:
Hmmm - it seems you challenged the readers to come up with a "ship name" for the primary couple...

May I suggest "Novus". It doesn't sound stupid to me at least. (BTW - "novus" is latin for "new" - which seems strangely appropriate)

Author's Response: Haha, that IS strangely appropriate. It reminds me of how Nova's parents named her so because she was a new chapter of their lives and they tried to be poetic. Maybe we should have an ultimate ship-name battle between Novus and Hotter? ;)

Plums xo

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Review #6, by Panda Weasley  

6th March 2016:
Hey there Plums!
I absolutely love this story so far. Your characters are fabulous and well developed. I love how there is a wide range in the girl's personalities but they still fit together perfectly as best friends. It's interesting to see how Nova's character changed just from chapter 1 to chapter 2 through the interactions with Albus. I'm curious to see what else happens between them.

One thing I love about this story is how you are taking all of the Hufflepuff stereotypes and breaking them. They each have specific Hufflepuff traits, but they don't fit in the box we've labeled Hufflepuff. I hate when I hear people bashing puffs because there is nothing wrong with being a Hufflepuff. They are not stupid or timid or any of the other things they are sometimes described as. Just look at Tonks!

Anyways, back to the story. I didn't notice any typos or anything like that. There was one place where it was a little hard to figure out who was talking. It's when Nova comes back from history of magic and she, Nala, and Dahlia are talking about Binns. I thought that it was Nova they were teasing, but then it turns out to be Dahlia. I'm not sure what exactly about that part is confusing, but I had to read it twice.

I've really enjoyed this story and I'm definitely going to keep reading! Excellent work.

-Panda Weasley
(For the HPFF Review-A-Thon)

Author's Response: Hey!

Aw, I'm glad you like the story. The girls are surprisingly really easy to write - I don't even have to think whenever I sit down to write them, they just seem to write themselves. It's like they just popped into my mind and said, "This is what we're like and this is what's going to happen."

Nova will continue to bloom on the Albus front, though hopefully in a slow and natural progression. Speaking to Albus forces her to interact with someone other than her sister and the girls, especially since he's kinda seeking her out now (hint, hint :P Also, did I just make a pun? Brilliant :D ) and she has to adjust to the new presence, plus a new host of feelings.

Breaking stereotypes is the plan. Puffs really are underrated and as a Ravenpuff - I was given the choice to choose between the two on Pottermore - I have a bit of pride for them. There has to be more to them than we think and I love writing that about them. If Helga said that she'd "take the rest", we're bound to get some interesting characters, right?

Hm, about that section: I'll have to look over it and see what could make it less confusing. From what I remember, I can see why you would be thrown off that they were teasing Dahlia since it's Nova that comes back from History of Magic.

Thank you for the review!

Plums xo

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Review #7, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage 

3rd March 2016:

I swear to god. It's 7 am now, you keep making me read and laugh while I should totally go to bed and i just love the banter between Scorose and Albus and how the same and yet so different he is from Harry and how you can see the Ginny in him too and it's just so good and he's just such a perfect mix between the two of them AND WHY ARE YOU MAKING IT SO HARD FOR ME TO FIND EVEN ONE NEGATIVE THING? BECAUSE I AM NOT SEEING ANY!

Also I am sorry for the lack of commas. Except I'm not. You're making me rant.

OKAY CONTINUING. I just love how you also just casually mention they all have siblings and are all in other Houses except for Aria (loving the ending on the A btw, did you do that on purpose?), as it does give some insight in it all. Also for a group that doesn't always seem so girly to me they really are girly, and am I right in guessing Dahlia is asexual? I may have the wrong term here, but... she just seems that way to me. Gives an interesting turn to her. Lovely done again!

Author's Response: Why, hello again *creepy smile*

Is it wrong that I'm happy that I kept you up? Because I am. I actually feel like I've won something by doing this, you know, because I know exactly what it's like to read a fic at dawn and not being able to put it down, and to think that I could sort of do the same with this makes me really happy. :D

I love writing Scorose! I mean, I've never put anything up on the archives, but I have attempted it many a time and they're always best mates with Al, something that's just not going to change.

Can you really see both Harry and Ginny in Albus? PHEW. I wondered how he was coming across, especially because Nova's not particularly close to him and doesn't know him very well, but oh my God, I'm glad it's all working out.

Commas are the bane of my existence because I probably don't use enough of them.
The A thing was definitely done on purpose. Thank you for noticing that. I actually spent a lot of time debating on their names, choosing ones that fit well together and sound nice. Aria and Lucia are both Italian names while Nova's a bit of an oddball since it's Latin, but that's alright because it's my fic and there's a whole reason for it that's not even important and I don't know why I'm going on about it. :P

I totally get what you mean about how they're not girly but they are. I feel like a lot of groups are like that - not all but a fair bit. Dahlia definitely identifies as asexual; I see her as demisexual, but it's really up to the reader how they interpret this since she definitely hasn't experienced anything so far and won't in the fic. (I hope that doesn't offend anyone. I know I'm not an expert on sexuality.)

Plums xo

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Review #8, by beka_wotter 

27th February 2016:
This story is fab!! I love it so much, I can just tell it's going to be great and I love the dynamic between the girls! Dahlia seems a tiny bit harsh but I really like all the rest and I loved the scorose interaction! Please update soon because I'm obsessed already! x

Author's Response: Hey,

Great to see you like it! It'll be updated in about a week or so, I just need to polish up CH3. And yeah, Dahlia is a bit harsh, but she does love the girls, really.

Plums xo

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Review #9, by Cory 

21st January 2016:
i absolutely adore the bantering, the whole dorm, James' man bun!!, your albus, and just everything!!! i can't wait for more because i wanna see more nova and albus. i love that you allowed them to be unusual in comparison to what is considered normal for hufflepuffs. i just love all this fic and am so hoping for more!

Author's Response: Hey,

Aaah, I'm glad you love it! Don't worry, there'll definitely be plenty more Nova and Albus to come as well as lots of banter and probably a bit of the man bun.

Plums xo

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Review #10, by princesslily_36 

21st January 2016:
Yay! Chapter 2 is up!

So I'm typing the review as I read the chapter *eee*

I liked how you described Nova staring at Albus, without making it seem cheesy or sappy - her thoughts flowed so naturally from Albus, to sleeping to Dalhia. It was just like so many of my high school moments! Ah! What wouldn't I give to go back and have a teenage crush again! WHY DO WE HAVE TO GROW UP?

"boy who unfortunately knew she had fancied him back in first year - so that was a path she was not willing to embark on. Ever" - Epic! This line had me rolling with laughter! Oh the embarassment of the totally indiscreet first few crushes. Your narrative is just so REAL! Even later when she assumes that the three of them were trying to dump the workload on her, I can't describe it with any other word than REAL!

Albus Potter is a complete dear in this chapter. Not that scrawny middle child we see in the epilogue anymore I see :D His careless attitude and grumpiness during sleep *sigh* (If you weren't more careful I'd find myself switching from James to Albus).

Ahhh - girl bonding! That was so much fun! "He just interests me" -> That's the perfect way to describe a crush. Nobody really knows why exactly they fancy someone who makes their stomach do the flips. I totally feel Nova right about here. Seriously, now I want to talk to my high school crush, and it's been ten years!

Love the story so far! Waiting for next chapter soon!

Loads of Love

Author's Response: Alright, so I'm a failure for taking so long to answer these reviews - and you've left three of them! Feel free to chuck eggs my way.

(I'm going to respond to your review as I read it too :P )

I'm glad the narrative seems natural! Nova is surprisingly easy to write and I absolutely love writing about her thoughts on Albus. The fact that she's always in a constant state of slight panic because she doesn't know how to react to it makes me laugh and it reminds me of when I used to have a huge crush on a guy. WHY DO WE HAVE TO GROW UP, INDEED.

Okay, confession time: that line you quoted is so me. The situation with Nova is completely different, but my first crushes eventually found out I had fancied them so I understand her completely in this situation. XD

I love Albus.

'Nuff said.

(but seriously, I love both reading him and writing him.)

It's great to see you like the story so far. I'm finishing up on CH3 right after this so it should be coming soon. I'd love to hear your next thoughts ;)


Plums xo

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Review #11, by Jen25 

20th January 2016:
This was just as awesome as the last! I like the" And you can't just break Girl Code" line. I'm thinking of adding you to my 'Favorite Author' list. You know what,consider it done! :)

Author's Response: Hey,

Oh my God, 'Favourite Author'? Really? I'm so honoured! That's made my day :D Glad you liked the chapter!

Plums xo

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