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Review #1, by Gi9 

23rd January 2016:
So the answer is out! She's jealous because Abi got the boy she's always liked and poor Ethan is still completely ingoring her. I always try to see both sides of the story but in this case Michelle's side of the story just makes her a bad friend to Abigail. And I get that she feels lonely and sort of betrayed but I still can't not blame her. And I can even sense a damn pride that won't allow her to apologize and accept the fact that her friend is happy. She's not just stupid, she is a very complicated idiot!!

I really can't wait for Abigail to meet Harry and Ginny! AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE more William and Isabella

Author's Response: Yes the answer is out and it's because she's jealous. She does feel lonely and betrayed but she needs to understand that it's not Abigail's fault and she shouldn't take it out on her.

You've got her spot on!

Oh she's meeting them soon, she actually meets Harry in the newest chapter up so I would love to see what you think of it :D

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Review #2, by alicethedownworlder 

22nd January 2016:
Give me more! Please I need this so bad!!

Author's Response: More is up! I hope that you enjoy it :D

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Review #3, by thehiddenface 

19th January 2016:
This chapter was great! Can't wait for more! ~Elle

Author's Response: Thank you Elle! :D More is coming soon!

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Review #4, by Ninja in Training 

18th January 2016:
eeep I love it when you update - Michelle is batshit...to put it kindly - she needs to go away! Abi and James are meant for each other! Snowball is fab! Love the friendship group interaction and the appearance of horrid leanne

Author's Response: Aw that's made my day! She's such a meanie isn't she? she definitely needs to go away!

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Review #5, by LB 

17th January 2016:
I hate michelle so much. and james and abilgial are literally the cutest! please update soon.

Author's Response: Me too! She's so mean! More James and Abigail is on its way!

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Review #6, by HarryGinnyLove88 

17th January 2016:
I hope what michelle was saying, its not true,
please don't let james and aby break up..

please write soon :)

Author's Response: We'll have to see if her mean words are true in the upcoming chapters :P

Thank you so much! I'm starting on the next chapter now, so hopefully it'll be up in the next few days.

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