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Review #1, by Sam 

12th February 2016:
Oh wow! You are such an amazing writer! I have read this and laughed and cried and felt so much from this story! When are you going to finish it!! I can't wait to read the rest!!!

(You get a 10/10 when it's finished😛)

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Review #2, by Lorna 

27th January 2016:
Your story really is amazing. You've brought the characters to life in such a way that you feel like you're right there with them. I love the relationship between Rose and Scorpious! And I hope Albus eventually finds someone else. I can't wait for the next chapter! This is definitely my favourite fanfic that I've ever read!!

Author's Response: Hi there Lorna,

Thanks so much! I'm so happy you like my Rose/Scorpius story. Yeah, I feel really terrible about Al too. Maybe he'll find someone SOME day, but he's got a lot to get through right now.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by Tonks1247 

21st January 2016:
Hiya Beth!

Imma start by assuring you this chapter did nothing but break my heart almost as much as the last one did. Not quite as much, but like…this chapter really pulled at my heart because Selenia is truly gone and poor Albus is not taking it well and I can’t blame his heartbreak and Rose finding that gift from Selenia in the desk, and how Scorp was given it by her (which I had to jump back a few chapters to refresh my memory)…I’m so heartbroken. It makes me so sad to just imagine how drastically their lives changed due to the shock of losing someone that no one ever expected to be attacked….

I did have to smile just a little bit at how Rose realized the baby was moving and how Albus was the first one to feel the movement. It’s honestly just what needed to happen to help pull Albus out of himself. I like his instant freak out and asking what he should do and how he can help before he even knows what’s going on. That was so Albus. And it only continued as Rose was able to reach out to him and get him to agree to do something other than lie in bed. It makes me happy that he’s up, and I can only laugh at the thought of Scorpius finding out that Albus felt the baby move first and how he isn’t the first Rose goes to…I can just imagine the look on his face…

The only other things I have about this chapter are the two things that were touched on but not really focused on. And that’s Samara with her weird behaviour and that final assignment case study thing. Those two things have been bothering me for quite a number of chapters and I feel like they’re significant, as they keep coming up, and just…I’m curious and anxious to see where they come in. That final assignment is just weird…there’s something about those pictures and how they tie in with other things mentioned in this story…honest to goodness pulls at my mind every time they’re brought up. And Samara? Well…I’m suspicious, but I don’t know why. Her character just has certain behaviours and attitudes and I can’t say I trust her all that much…

Overall though, as much as this chapter was sad, I quite enjoyed it. I’ve missed reading these characters and was quite happy to come home and finally get time to read and review another chapter. Can’t wait for more!


Author's Response: Mikaela,

Eeep! This review is so lovely and I can't get over how KIND and THOUGHTFUL you are to me. Thank you so much.

This chapter was difficult to write on one level because it was just so sad - but I couldn't just skip over their grief, so I'm glad you felt I did a good job with it. I'd always planned the part with Albus feeling the baby. In fact, I think I've had that down for nearly 3 years now! Kind of a "circle of life" thing - haha!

I don't want to comment too much about those two things you've noticed that keep popping up, except to say that you are very observant :)

Gah! I don't know if there's any higher praise for an author than "I missed reading these characters!" You have no idea how much that made my day!

Thanks again, Makaela - I'm so grateful for your support for this story.

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by ginny4ever 

18th January 2016:
I just hate to see everyone so upset... But I firmly believe that Al and everyone else will get through this. At least Rose's baby brings a ray of hope in everybody's lives.

I'm still shocked how Selenia died so suddenly... She was so kind and loving and such a good person. But for everyone grieving over her, I just want to remind of Albus Dumbledore's words: "To the well organised mind death is but the next great adventure."

Thanks for the chapter, loved reading it again (: Please keep posting, I just can't get enough of this story!!!


Author's Response: Hi there Emily,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. I really appreciate knowing how the readers feel about the story.

I'm so sad over Selenia's death too. I know, I know... I'm the AUTHOR and I KILLED her off, but it really is an important part of the story. I'm working on the next chapter now and these lovely reviews keep me going! And I love that quote from Dumbledore!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by HPfanfromLondon 

17th January 2016:
this story is absolutely amazing! Read all 39 chapters I 2 days (fell asleep reading).

The story, the characters, the tone of voice and the writing style. Just perfect. This story is the perfect extension to the Harry Potter books. When you think of the themes between the philosophers stone and the deadly hallows, you see that they grow darker and more mature. This story perfectly continues that development from where the deadly hallows left and introduces more mature themes.

What I like most about the story is that while it focuses more on the relationships between characters, it also has the same kind of problem solving, tension, intense feelings and complex plot developments as the original books.

It is perfect for someone like me who has grown with the series!

When will chapter 40 come?

Author's Response: Hello HPfanfromLondon,

Eeep! I don't even know what to do with this review! Thank you SOOO much. You read it ALL in 2 days?! That's amazing - considering I've been writing it for nearly THREE YEARS now and I'm still not done - haha!

I'm just so blown away that you feel this is an extension of the books - because that's really what I set out to write. I wanted the next gen characters to have their own voices and personalities and demons to overcome - but within the realm of their parents still being around. So thank you SO MUCH for that comment :)

And I feel like you really understand my story so well. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate this review.

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by lhod23 

10th January 2016:
Oh I'm so happy to see an update! I am very impressed with how you described the grief felt by the different characters.. it was very realistic. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Gah! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I really appreciate it. I'm glad you like this story!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by Slytherdor18 

5th January 2016:
Hi Beth!

I just wanted to say that this was yet another great chapter! Idk if you remember me, but I was here yesterday. I reviewed only once (chapter 25 or 26 I think) and I'm sorry...but the reason why is because I've just flown through this story in a matter of less than 48 hours and I didn't wanna take the time to review because you had a few cliffhangers and I couldn't stop reading!

First things first: I CANNOT believe you killed off Selenia, she was the best and kindest character...how could you?! SHE DIDNT DESERVE IT! But then again, that's what makes a good writer: getting the reader emotionally attached. But then again I did see it coming, right when Rose's wand went off about the auror call. I knew it had to do with Selenia because she borrowed Rose's traveling cloak. Although I wasn't expecting death, I knew some kind of something would happen. In a way, it was a right move to do something as kill her off since this story is supposed to be a somewhat realistic world with dark magic and bad wizards. As realistic as a world with magic can get anyway.
Also, making all these characters cry has made me cry as well. I get too attached to things and I empathize almost too much.

I think you portrayed everyone - especially Al's - grief very well and accurate. It seems very practical. The fact that Rose isn't like Al also makes sense because she feels the need to take care of him and her soon to be child. i like how you have everyone grieving in a certain way.

I also totally remember the green package and I was hoping Rose would open it! Very cute, and I love how she chose gender-neutral colors because no one knows the gender yet.

Since you said you have figured out an outline of the rest of this story, you've got to know what gender you want the baby to be right? Ugh I kinda hope it's a boy but something is telling me it might be a girl...was the pregnancy potion that Rose took a foreshadowing to the gender reveal? I remember the silvery potion turned pink, but it was never explained if the pink had to do with the gender or just of the confirmation that she's pregnant.

Ugh I got so many questions!!! I want to know when Rose's memory gets jogged from when she fell (or was pushed) down the stairs. I also really want to know about the baby name! I've thought about constellations and stars and kind of like your thoughts of pheonix. I also like Orion and Rigel...there are so many obviously, whatever you choose will be a great one!

So...yeah. Please keep writing and updating, I love this story so much! You're a great author and seem so nice and kind. Everything seems like it has been well-thought out and great quality, thanks to crestwood. Being a punctuation/grammar freak who likes to edit everything like myself, I have seen one a few flaws but nothing to the point of where I can't understand anything. The writing and plot and fluff is just amazing! I love the concept of a new prophecy. I'm glad Scorpious doesn't feel as if he's evil anymore. Hopefully he won't be too worked up when he finds out Al got to feel the baby kick first haha ;D

That's about it for me, I'll see you in the next chapter (which will hopefully be soon!!) :)

Have a happy start of 2016!

Author's Response: Hi there Morgan!

Thanks AGAIN for stopping by to leave a review. This one was SO SWEET! (And yes - I totally remembered you :) ).

Wow. The whole story in less that 48 hours - that is impressive.

I really struggled with the decision to kill off Selenia. Originally it was going to be another character (I'm not ready to say who just yet) - but Selenia dying fit much better into the rest of the plot line. I know it's REALLY weird, but I miss her. She was awesome.

Ha! I'm so happy you remembered the little package. It was SO many chapters ago and I was nervous that readers would be like, "What the heck is going on?!" -so thanks for the vote of confidence on that.

I don't like giving away too much in my review responses, so I'm not going to comment on the gender of the baby - other than to say that I already know what it is AND I've got the name all sorted out as well. ;)

I'm glad you have questions - and I truly hope you stick with the story. It's reviews like this one that keep me going. Aww, thanks for the compliments - crestwood has been a great help to me.

Happy 2016 to you too!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by Tildis 

3rd January 2016:
I love how this is not an ordinary love story were all problems come in form of bickering. This goes deeper than that. It's not Scorp vs Rose but Rose AND Scorp (And the rest of the potters/Weasleys) vs Stannous and Co.

Also while i thought Selinia was wonderful and actually brought something to the story I understand why you had to kill her of. Right in the feels on that one! Though I feel like a small moment from Albus point of view when he found her or how he feels right now whould probably bring even further emotions.(Maybe something for a chapter to come?). I am not complaining though, i looove this story and you are doing a great job writing it! Both the dialogs and way of writing feels natrual.

A great way to bring Albus bacck, btw!

I look forward to next chapter

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm so sorry that it's taken me this long to reply to this amazing review. And I feel like you REALLY understand these characters. I was reading this like, "YES! THAT IS WHAT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO DO!!" Most of the Rose/Scorpius stories I've read were exactly as you described - a fighting match between the two of them. Some of them are fabulous stories, but I really wanted to tell mine a little differently.

That's a really good idea to put in Albus's POV. I've tried really hard to stay with Rose and Scorp so far, and I'm not entirely sure I want to go into the sort of grief he must be feeling - it's just TOO sad :(

Thanks again for taking the time to leave a review - I really appreciate it!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

2nd January 2016:

Although maybe I shouldn't have been so eager to come back and have my heart broken...

I know I'm not even a character in this story, but even I can't believe she's gone, it's so sad, and you did an excellent job of conveying the absence and sense of loss they all feel - I mean you even made me feel it. Your portrayal of their grief was very, very real.

I'm glad to know that Sels' parents aren't holding a grudge against the wizarding world, that's very important and I'm glad you brought it up. And I'm also glad that, after taking their time to grieve, Harry and Scorpius and Dom are back on the case - I'm glad there's still someone out there working to find Stannous and I hope they find him soon! He definitely IS getting desperate and that doesn't bode well for Rose! And I'm glad she doesn't take issue with the 'no public places' thing anymore! It's for her own good, even moreso now than before!

Speaking of Rose, she's almost in her 3rd trimester!! EEK! I'm getting So excited for the baby... but also really, really nervous. I mean you just KNOW there's going to be one more big showdown with Stannous and I really, really hope it ends well for everyone involved... I don't think my poor heart could take losing another one of these characters you've made us fall in love with!

Seriously, I can't express to you how much I love this story, or how incredibly talented you are! I'll be eagerly waiting for the next chapter! Well done, as always!


Author's Response: Jayde,

I absolutely love your reviews.

I've gotta say it again. I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS! They are just so sweet and heartfelt and you make me FEEL every emotion that you went through when reading the chapter and it just... Gah! Thank you so much.

It really means a lot that you feel I did a good job with the grief. I try to balance getting deep enough into their feelings and going overboard to the absurd. But I can't imagine too many worse things than losing someone you loved so much at such an early age.

Haha - I'm pretty excited for the baby too. And you're spot on about a big showdown coming up - but I can't say anymore than that. I've got a bunch of things that need to happen before that. There's a ton more ups and downs ;)

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by AutumnRed 

2nd January 2016:
SO happy you're back!!! I've missed reading this story, so I'm ecstatic you've updated.


Author's Response: Hey there!

Oh - THANKS so much! I feel like we're really getting to the good part of the story and I'm so happy you took the time to leave a review.

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by merlins beard 

2nd January 2016:
BETH ♥ ♥
I love it! SO MUCH!
What a beautiful way to make Albus realize that life has to go on!

I love what you wrote about the funeral and I'm so glad that everyone got to say goodbye, even tho it was a muggle funeral. What Selenia's mum said to rose and scorpius was so great and so important for rose to hear. I'm so glad Selenia's parents aren't blaming magic for their daughter's death.

A house full of grieving people is probably the worst thing ever. I can't begin to imagine how Hermione or Ginny must feel when they enter and bring food and try to help... it must be absolutely terrifying for ginny to see her son suffer so much.

I have a folder of the few stories i love the most - i print them out and read them again after they are completed. (Out of all the stories I have read on the Archieves, so far six stories have made it into this folder). Well, seven if you count this one. I'll add it once it's completed.

Can't wait for the next chapter ♥


Author's Response: Anja!

OMG - this REVIEW! Thanks so much for this. I can't believe my story is going to make it into your special folder. You have no idea how motivating that is to hear. Truth be told, I'm kinda stuck with writing right now. I've got the entire story outlined to the end, but I'm having a hard time getting it down :(

However, this review was so uplifting, I'm inspired to keep going.

Thanks again! *hugs*

♥ Beth

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Review #12, by CambAngst 

31st December 2015:
Hi, Beth!

So today got away from me a bit. Often happens on the last work day before a long weekend. Nevertheless, here I am to put my thoughts into words.

I loved what you did with the story line in this chapter. After the horrible shock from the last chapter, you took some time to let the characters grapple with their emotions and try to come to terms with what happened. Pretty much the way people handle these situations in real life, so that felt very natural. Unless something huge was going to happen in the aftermath of Selenia's death -- another attack, a giant revelation -- this was the right way to pace things.

At least for me, your writing in Scorpius's half of the chapter felt a little stiff. They guy is obviously dealing with a lot of strong emotions and conflicting feelings of responsibility -- taking care of Rose, being excited about the baby, being worried about Al, wanting to catch the killer(s) -- as well as his own grief. What bugged me a little bit was the choice of words and phrases in some places. You normally write with such a natural-feeling flow and rhythm and not a lot of extraneous words. There were a few places where the phrasing of things felt a little too formal and the sentences got a bit long.

It was really sweet of Rose to try to help Selenia's muggle parents make sense of what had happened. I'm glad that her mother isn't going to end up embittered like Petunia Dursley. If I had any critique of this section, it was perhaps that Selenia's mother was dealing with things a little too well.

The high point of Scorpius's half of the chapter for me was James. I thought you did a great job with a character who hasn't been a major focus of the story up to this point. I loved the way you captured his small movements and mannerisms.

Moving on to Rose's section, I felt like you were right back into your normal writing style. It all flowed beautifully, especially the dialog. I had the sense that you were a lot more comfortable writing this section.

Samara... So now that I can't be suspicious of Selenia anymore, you've provided me a suitable replacement. ;) Is she a dark wizard collaborator or just an annoying fangirl?

He wouldn’t take the calming draught and only would drink the draught of dreamless sleep after much convincing on particularly bad nights. -- Some things obviously run in the family.

Wow. The letter from Selenia. That nearly undid me, as well. :-/ Once again, Rose almost starts to look through the case file from her training. Obviously you're saving that for a Big Moment in the story. I'm still highly suspicious that the dead couple are Draco and Astoria...

You came up with a brilliant way to snap Al out of his funk. I'm sure he's not completely out of it, but at least he seemed more like himself for a bit. You wrote the whole scene very well!

I noticed a few typos while I was reading:

“Nah,” I inhaled as I shook my head. He won’t come out. Still barely eating.” -- You missed your quote marks at the start of the second bit of dialog.

It was that image the completely undid me. -- that completely undid me

“She’d be really sod off if she knew... -- OK, I admit that I don't know whether this is wrong or not. It reads awkwardly and I'm not sure there's a proper past tense of "sod off". ;)

Awesome chapter! I'm looking forward to your big finale!

Happy New Year!

Author's Response: Hey there Dan!,

The good news: I've fixed all the typos you found in this chapter.

The bad news: I completely suck at responding to reviews. I'm so sorry.

Thanks so much for finding those typos. I fixed the first two quickly checked on the last one, and I can't find a definitive answer, so I'll have to dig a little deeper when I get the chance and see if I should replace that with another phrase or if it's correct.

Also, thanks for your feedback on Scorpius's POV in this one. I'm definitely going to give it another look - and I think you're right - I didn't quite capture his intense range of emotions this time around. He's got to be feeling everything and carrying a lot of burden on his shoulders.

Haha - yeah - Selenia can't be an inside operative now that she's out of the picture. I like your thinking on this, but I'm still smiling because you haven't figured out everything just yet. As far as Selenia's mum was concerned, I totally took the easy way out on this one (*hides behind couch*) because I wanted a clean break with her parents. I didn't want them demanding an investigation from the ministry and adding another story line and cast of characters with their own agendas. I probably could've found some middle ground in between the two...

The letter was actually an afterthought, but it seemed to fit really well. It kind of acted as a nice way for Rose to say goodbye to her best friend.

The scene where Al feels the baby move has been around for ages. From the moment I knew I was going to have to kill off Selenia, that was going to be Al's olive branch back to the land of the living.

And since I know you read all of my author responses, I feel this little tidbit won't go unnoticed: In my original version (the one that first swirled around in my head and wouldn't STOP, so I just HAD to start writing), Selenia wasn't going to be the one who got killed. It was another character entirely. Maybe one of these days, I'll get around to making a thread on the forums with all this stuff... gotta finish the story first - gotta finish the story first - gotta...

Thanks again - I appreciate all your support and critique!

♥ Beth

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