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Review #1, by RelentlessFire 

24th December 2015:
I am so crying shamefully now, I look like a four year old without her toys. Thank you for everything, really.
The best story ever.

Author's Response: Aww, well, I can try to write new toys, but they will be different toys. We must bid goodbye to these. I find it bloody tough, too!

Thank you so much for reviewing.

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

19th December 2015:
So much stuff happened in this chapter that I feel like I should comment on and all I can do is get excited and squee because ALBUS IS LEARNING TO KNIT. He actually IS the perfect guy. I WANT ONE PLEASE.

This is a much more uplifting chapter in some ways than the ones before. Yes, they're still struggling to come to terms with what's happened, and they'll all feel pain of some sort for a long time, and maybe that pain will never cease. But they're beginning to move on, and that makes me happy. I love that Albus wants to work in Quidditch, WITH JAMES. And yay for the Falcons! Scorpius running the charity is just fantastic. And finally someone who will follow Selena across the world. I think Matt's arc has been one of the ones which has pleased me the most. He's come a long way from the guy who needed to prove himself, even if he wasn't necessarily trying to prove himself for the wrong reasons. He makes me so proud.

AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE EPILOGUE. I timed that wrong. :( One wonderful flowing praise-filled review to come...

Author's Response: I am AT THE END OF YOUR REVIEWS I have done all of these in one day, FEAR ME.

Albus is freaking adorable, isn't he? Imagine him knitting little scarves for everyone for Christmas.

Yeah, the previous chapters were about Aftermath, and while all but the final scene are ALSO about recovering and dealing with the things which happened to them, they're also about coming to terms with it. Figuring that, maybe, they can learn how to live with the pain, work through it, and build happy lives.

I never knew what the gang would do for JOBS, for lives; it's partly why I've never said I would write them again, because I just can't SEE their futures. They disappear over the horizon into the sunset and good for them. Al may some day work in Quidditch, Scorpius will redeem the family name and do GOOD, and Matt will put someone else first. I know what you mean with Matt, though, saying how he grows makes it sound like he was selfish and arrogant before; he wasn't. But he has CHANGED, and he's going to put someone else's needs before his and it will make him actively happy TO do that (rather than just living with it). The boy's come far. And Selena finally has someone who will never abandon her, who will always put her first.

EPILOGUE IS NOW HERE. THANKS for all these reviews, jeez, now I sleep.

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Review #3, by Consciouslyignorant 

18th December 2015:
*releases breath*
I watched the premier of Star Wars VII on Monday and I was still ridiculously excited about finishing the next chapter, at 3am, that's the hold you've created.
I did have a great long review written a few chapters back about all three books but I lost it when I hit the back button by mistake and it was like 2am so sorry I didn't retype it. I'm not going to do it here either. Maybe on the epilogue, here I'm going to say two words. They say it all.

Thank you.

~ A long term fan, alas I'm not logged in.


UGH losing super long reviews or responses, I hear you on that. Nobody can expect you to go through all that again, it is the WORST.

So I'll just say this: You are so supremely, absolutely welcome.


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Review #4, by Derek 

16th December 2015:
"Not even done yet",Don't know if this is a spoiler or a prelude for you to continue the story in some sort of fashion. Loved the trilogy! can't wait for the epilogue. Spot on capturing the characters personalities throughout all stories.

Author's Response: Oh, I didn't mean to toy with you, I'm sorry! I just mean the epilogue is coming, and I will also continue to write other fanfic. The Stygian Trilogy will be definitively finished, and I have no plans to write more with these characters.

Still, thank you very much for your review and your kind words!

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Review #5, by Gi9 

16th December 2015:
I'm gonna leave a longer review after the epilogue, right now I don't have much to say, I'm just smiling. I'm quite happy with this ending.

Okay, I only have one thing to say that I've been keeping for myself. I rarely talked about couples or relationships, but I have to say this, just once. I've never liked Matt and Selena together. I know there have been opposing views on this. Many love them, others hate them...I've waited a long time to state my opinion because, "who knows? Maybe I'll change my mind..." I didn't. Sorry. I tried. And I still don't like them. But I'm quite happy with their characters developement, especially Selena. She is still my favourite and I believe this new adventure will help her a lot. I guess I'll have to wait for the epilogue to find out if they're still together ;)

Author's Response: Ah, that's okay. Matt's been a pretty controversial character and I honestly didn't expect everyone to like him, or him with Selena. They weren't a planned thing; I found their chemistry compulsive enough to want to write their romance, but I can see very much how they might not work. I had been tempted to write a story of an epic, life-or-death romance that just Didn't Work Out, but there was no space to put their relationship imploding in Oblivion, not by the time they got together! But I think they could make it work, if Selena keeps communicating and Matt keeps his head deflated.

But otherwise I am glad this ending satisfies! And yeah, much more to say after the epilogue. Cheers!

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Review #6, by katie 

16th December 2015:
I absolutely love your stories and your characters! The passion you write with even after all this time is wonderful! I've read a lot of series and unfortunately by this time most of the authors are just burnt out it seems and their stories just end blah. Not the case here I have loved every chapter since I met Tobias and moved on to these brilliant young adults:-) I can't wait to start the Lily saga!

Author's Response: It really is becoming 'the Lily saga,' the more I write it. But that's another story, literally!

I'm so glad you've enjoyed my work and especially the characters. I try to keep myself focused by, well, discipline and making sure I'm adding variety to what I'm writing. Thanks a whole bunch for reviewing!

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Review #7, by scorprose 

16th December 2015:
I cant write right now. I all laughing and crying at the same time. Its all so so beautiful... Sorry will review later let me just savour it now

Author's Response: I shan't stop you savouring it - besides, Epilogue's to come.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by whykay 

16th December 2015:
Albus is getting around to living his life like he promised, training quidditch players. Which is a good normal job and a perfect job for Al.

Scorpius Malfoy running a charity is brilliant. What's Rose gonna do now, for the living, as she says? Idly rich wife posing for the cameras?? Nah.

Matt and Selena moving away from all of it, with Matt being her cheerleader? - I totally approve. Full marks.

Eva is going to come back. Maybe after ten years or whenever your epilogue is set. She will appear round the corner, or at a bar, as someone else / identity changed I am guessing (else, she'll still be most wanted or moderately wanted)!

There. That's your christmas present.

Because I wouldn't blindly accept Albus getting together with someone without ME understanding HOW that happened. And there would be nothing but a successful career for Albus to show and well, we kind of guessed that he'd be insanely successful.

This is top notch. I dunno if I've used these words before, but I continue and strive to find worthy words to express my gratitude to your writing. :D

Author's Response: Al's future career might not take the Quidditch route, but his intentions - to use his skills for good, instead of remaining the fighter he's become - will keep him on the right track. Unlike his father, he does NOT want to keep battling.

Rose is bright and talented and will find her own way. But I think it's good for her to take some time figuring out what SHE wants from her life, other than peace, quiet, and Scorpius. A few months living off him would be for the best.

Matt, finally, is learning to prioritise what really matters in his life, and it's not his ambition. Selena, for the first time, has someone who's going to put HER first.

I couldn't possibly comment on Eva's future and an epilogue! But you're right, it'd be odd if I skipped ahead 19 years and Albus had kids and a completely different wife.

I will take 'top notch' with gratitude. :-D Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Diana Hanson 

15th December 2015:
What a wonderful ending to a truly wonderful trilogy of stories. I savored each chapter of each story and am very nostalgic about the stories coming to an end. It would be sad except they brought so much joy. Thank you and please continue taking us on other adventures. Cannot wait for our Christmas present!

I thought it was so necessary for Scorpius to hold Rose accountable for her actions. This was the only way they could have a chance at a future. I am sad that Albus still has not found his happily ever after...but maybe that will unfold in the epilogue. I would love another story about these characters! Without gushing too much...thanks, again!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review, and I absolutely will carry on with new Potterverse adventures!

Scorpius had to confront what Rose had done. Rose had to be confronted. They can work it out, but only if they communicate, only if they remain aware - and obviously, there will be a lot of trauma and recovery along the way.

Unfortunately, I have no plans to write more with these characters. Their stories are very much Done and Finished and I struggle to write minor fluff. And anything else would disrupt their hard-earned happy endings.

I'm so glad to hear how much you've enjoyed the story. Thanks!

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Review #10, by Solana14 

15th December 2015:

I can only say that, oh, about a thousand times before I too get all flustered and teary.

I love it! You have achieved an ending that I not only love but can thoroughly believe. I do wish Albus's ending was happier, but it's understandable that this is not a fairy tale and he ended up in an emotional condition where he finds himself constantly looking for someone... someone in particular, and not finding her. I so hope he's ok. He deserves it. Scorp is right: He is a lovable teddy bear.

And I'm glad you kept Matt and Selena together. Some have said it would be just too pat, but I now don't agree with that assessment. Sometimes it's just the "expected" togetherness that turns out to be appropriate in a story, and this is one of those times. And they're together in a way that fits them. Selena goes back to the work she loves, but by traveling the world doing it, she gets a real opportunity to find herself without being an appendage to someone else - but with Matt along for the ride. They'll be ok. How exciting! (It's the life I wish I could live myself...!)

And then there our Scorose. Of course you had to keep them together. They're so... right that way. And I'm happy Scorp's going to be going to work every day in something meaningful. I mean, of course he doesn't need to work but it wouldn't have been healthy to have him idle. It's a great way for him to really come full circle and as he says, to be himself and to honor Cassian.

I just can't wait till Sunday! And now I'm off to do my work but you know I can't get my mind off this! You did this to us, Slide, and I'm so grateful for the gift! :-)

Author's Response: I'm glad you find the ending believable! Albus does end rather dangling, because I couldn't really find a compelling way of resolving all of his issues without making everything so twee. The uncertainty is, unfortunately, The Point. But he will learn how to live with it all, and most important is surrounded by people who love him who will help him through this loss - instead of running and hiding from it.

I almost felt it a bit too pat to keep Matt and Selena together, too. But then breaking them up would have ALSO felt contrived, for the sake of it. So I worked hard to try to make sure their relationship ended on a note which was important for their INDIVIDUAL arcs, not just the romance. Selena has someone who is putting her first like nobody else has. Matt is learning what really matters and what he should really prioritise. And yeah, I'm pretty jealous of their lifestyle myself.

Breaking up Scorose by now would have been gratuitous. They've been through a lot, and they've grown together a lot, and I had to show that, ultimately, they're GOOD for each other. Rose might not 'deserve' a happily ever after (though God knows the girl's suffered enough, so maybe she does), but with Scorpius she will be able to heal and remember what she did - and kind of find a way to shoulder that burden without being destroyed by it. She has a responsibility akin to Eva, in that way. And Scorpius, at last, can try to redeem the family name in the long term, not just by being the 'exceptional' Malfoy.

Sunday comes The Very End, and I'll have no doubt more to say then, but thank you for reviewing!

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Review #11, by Guilty_ 

15th December 2015:
I can't believe it's over. I want to be as devastated as I was when Methulselah or Scorp died. But everything just feels bittersweet. Everything is as it should be.
Also love that Toby made mention in the last chapter before epilogue. Your worlds and timelines make everything so real!

Best Christmas present ever. Please don't ever stop writing.

You're talent is incredible. Hope JK floats around these sites. You deserve real credit for the stories you've thought up and written so brilliantly in her universe. A series on HBO or something. Could totally rival GOT

Author's Response: 'Bittersweet' was exactly what I was going for. I didn't really intend for a Toby namedrop to kind of tie everything together, but I'm actually not sorry that the Anguisverse gets a final nod as the Stygian Trilogy also begins to drift off into the sunset.

The epilogue will be the full Christmas present. ;-)

Harry Potter, the gritty, HBO adaptation. I could totally write that!!

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