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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

19th December 2015:
I am so close to the end now! Go me. :)

I have many feels about Draco. I can't forget what he did to Scorpius in Ignite, that letter especially. EVEN IF he had ulterior motives, I don't care, he was wrong. But this, THIS ... Oh bless him. Yes, turning himself in is the morally correct thing to do, and no, it doesn't make up for all the wrong he's done ... but all the same, it's still a big gesture, and it would be nice to see him genuinely trying to make amends and be a better parent for Scorp. Although I'm not sure how much he can do if he's sitting behind bars. BUT STILL.

Ugh, I should have known Eva was talking about parting words to Albus because she wasn't going to come back even if she lived. Of course she wasn't; she was probably well aware that her pardon was far from guaranteed what with the IMC gone, and she doesn't want to put Albus through that. But instead he's now broken-hearted. All of the feels. :(

Poor Selena and her corrupted mother. They've all been left with such scars, the poor broken kids. Sniff sniff. :(

Author's Response: I AM SO CLOSE TO THE END, TOO.

Draco was a complete -CENSORED-. He was a terrible, abusive father who really DID care about the Family more than the individual figures in it. But he did care about them, too, so he's finally done this. I'm quite pleased I got him turning himself in for Scorpius but also for himself, to try to break the cycle, to be a better man than his own father.

Draco was an abusive father to Scorpius, never forget - remember the letter in Ignite, remember Baz's story in Athens, remember Scorpius yelling at Rose on the boat about all that Draco did to him. 'But he loved Scorpius' is not a good enough reason to defend him.

Maybe they will find some sort of peace, though.

Eva couldn't possibly come back; Lillian was right and Eva knew it. The hows and whys were next chapter.

I have been SO MEAN to these kids.

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Review #2, by electronegative 

9th December 2015:
Damn, this chapter was heavy. But there's at least a glimmer of hope for moving on in the future. Once again, your skill at setting up the narrative is superb; I loved how Draco getting Scorpius off, well, totally RULES, but also it makes sense.

Also, forgot to mention in last chapter's review - holy SH!T at Rose hurling Raskoph out the window and off the cliff because at least he can't fly. Thanks Cassian for the tips!!

Eva, if you don't come back, I'll personally track you down and give you a beautiful life with the white picket fence, etc, etc.

Can definitely feel the story winding down now, it's been a rollercoaster for pretty much all of Oblivion but especially the last 12 chapters or so. This chapter, while not grip-the-edge-of-my-seat stressful like last one, was nevertheless very satisfying.

Author's Response: Yesss, Cassian probably didn't expect his advice to be so PRACTICALLY helpful. As well as philosophically helpful!

But hope abounds, though less so in the case of Eva and thus Al, at least for a while. Draco is finally managing to be a half decent human being, and continuing his efforts to be a better man than his father - though he was truly a terrible parent to Scorpius. It's right that they talk and try to build something, but only because Scorpius wants to; Council aside, he would have been right to cut Draco forever out of his life.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by guest 

7th December 2015:
i love this story a lot, i haven't really reviewed before so i'm sorry *pls forgive me* I love how this trilogy is so character driven yet has an amazing and intriguing plot as well. The only thing I might say is that some parts of the fic were a bit too slow in terms of pace, and sometimes you described the aftermath of an event in too much detail and conversations got a bit lengthy, perhaps you could have glossed over some bits to increase the pace but again that's just my opinion and it might only be who thinks that way! Other than that, i'm very impressed by the level of planning, the history of all the different places the main characters venture off to and just everything if i'm honest- you seldom get fanfic that reads like a professional author might have wrote it so well done!

Author's Response: No forgiveness needed, I'm just thrilled to hear from you now!

And you're right in terms of pacing. Oblivion will, I think, stand up better as a read all at once, rather than as a serialised piece. But that doesn't excuse all of its shortcomings. To put it simply, I didn't plan the story well enough going in; the points where it dawdles the worst are times when if I'd had tighter plotting, I would have weaved plot progression in with character emotional arcs. I didn't, so there are chapters dedicated to only the characters' FEELINGS and conversations between action points.

Honestly, I learnt a lot from Oblivion, and I hope to keep on learning more. I don't think you're wrong with your criticisms at all, and it's good to hear them so I know my gut was right and I SHOULD fix things.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Bluewolf80 

7th December 2015:
I didn't want to be reminded of the ending coming up! Nooo!
I hope Eva comes back. She has got to stop running. If she does, will Albus be able to trust her not to freak out or run off when/if there are ever problems in their relationship?

Author's Response: Well, to Eva's credit, she's never run away because of problems in the relationship. She's usually run away because of very real threats to life, limb, or liberty if she didn't, even if she might have sometimes deserved those threats.

We shall see what the fates have in store for Eva, and any possible future with Albus. Eventually.


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Review #5, by RelentlessFire 

6th December 2015:
Great! I'm really excited to read the end of this story even though I feel like I'd like to put it on pause to make it last more. Every good thing has to end.

Author's Response: All good things come to an end! And then so does this fanfic. ;-) I kid. Glad you're enjoying things still! Thanks for reviewing!

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