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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

29th December 2015:
OH MY GOD. Sorry it's been a few chapters, but I assure you I read them and screamed as I always do.

LILIAN? She betrayed me. I liked Lilian. I like her relationship with Selena. What does that say about me? How messed up does that make me? Oh well... I'm going to ignore my own faults.

BUT LILIAN. It does make perfect sense though. Absolute perfect sense. You sly dog you. I really like that whole whodunnit style scene with Draco a few chapters back. Rose's killing of Raskoph was perfectly dramatic too. And now Thane.

Oh Eva. My poor Eva. It'll all be okay. It's such a vivid scene! Eva crying on the Alps over Thane's dead, bloody body because she just killed him. Oh god, her story is so tragic. A weapon from childhood... trained to kill right from the beginning. Wow.

A few more chapters to go! Ideally I will finish before 4 am...


Author's Response: YAY screaming.

I'm SO GLAD you actually really liked Lillian. Because while she was a slightly sketchy politician in appearance, she was always so GENUINE in her care for those closest to her. I think it absolutely wrenched her how Selena ended up in the middle of it; she would have given anything to keep Selena out of trouble. She must have been so horrified to discover Selena hadn't gone on holiday in Starfall, but chasing after everything she'd made.

She was willing to sacrifice people she didn't know, but she absolutely wanted to make the world a better place for her daughter. Maybe it's saying something about me, too, that while I think she's quite a wretched being, I think she's quite a sympathetic one. You either die a hero, or you live long enough to become the villain. So true of so many of them.

I never knew for sure how Eva's story would end, not with Thane. That was one where I had to go into the scene, let them have their private confrontation where Eva would be under no pressure to do anything based on whoever was witnessing her. And so she went for killing him!!

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

19th December 2015:
And so we go from the action of the last chapter to the sheer EMOTION of this one. Poor Rose, poor poor Rose. It feels like pretty much the whole of Oblivion has been about redemption, and how much can a good deed make up for a bad one, and is a life for a life ever enough? It's a question that's been asked about Eva all fic, and now it comes to apply to Rose just as much. Would her dying while taking out Raskoph make up for de Sable? Who knows. I'm not sure I know. But I have to say, on the one hand it's so incredibly noble of her to be willing to sacrifice herself to ensure Raskoph dies, and yet on the other hand she killed a man so she could be with Scorpius and then a few days later she's taking a suicide leap and potentially leaving him to be the one grieving! Silly Rose. Poor, poor Rose.

BUT SHE LIVED ALBUS TO THE RESCUE YAY, oh I can't even tell you how happy that made me when he came swooping in to catch her.

Also, cackling at how Rose was all like "yeah sure I'll push Raskoph off a building" to Cassian and THEN SHE DID IT. You evil you.

The Eva/Thane moment was just EVERYTHING. Their dynamic still remains so beautiful, and I think to try to elaborate on it would just be words that don't do that scene justice. So I will just say, GOOD CHAPTER BRO.

Author's Response: Oblivion ended up WAY more thematically meaty than I expected. I never expected Rose to finish off Raskoph, and I never expected it to be in an act of Atonement. Raskoph was a weird villain in that he never really belonged to anyone - Thane was the personal villain. Raskoph just became the embodiment of evil, which is why originally I toyed with him just being beaten by Harry (or giving Ron a Dark Lord under his belt!) almost off-screen while the Five wrestled with Thane, THEIR enemy.

But then Rose needed to really pull back out from the spiral of killing de Sable, which in many ways only happened because Scorpius' resurrection HAD to have a PERSONAL and DRAMATIC price, and I knew she had to be the one to defeat Raskoph. At great personal risk, abandoning a chance for the life she killed for, because it was the right thing to do.

In figuring out the Niemandhorn sequence, it was all about figuring out where people needed to end up thematically, and Albus hadn't ever actually fixed the problems that were there at the start of the story: he ran away.

So, now, he had to come back.

I can't lie, that conversation between Rose and Cassian was edited back into the story right before I wrote Rose vs Raskoph. To the point where if I'd been a bit slower in writing Niemandhorn, I'd have finished posting the Cassian meetings and I'd have had to do something else! (but it worked out better as it gave the Ultima Thule diversion a bit more Purpose - I warned you I didn't plan Oblivion very well)

Eva and Thane went exactly how I always hoped it would.

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Review #3, by scorprose 

4th December 2015:
Apologies for not reviewing so far.
Absolutely amazing and very justifying end to this war. Rose was excellent and daring. My heart shattered with that vial when she said she lied and somehow restarted back after Albus swoops in. How I love him just for that. Scorpius may have died and comeback but Albus too has been through hell and back till now. I thank you again for sharing your brilliant imagination with us and bringing more brightness in our lives. Ur stories touch our hearts and preaches relationships.
Thank you...Awaitng for more.

Author's Response: No apologies needed, I'm just glad you're reviewing now!

Rose has managed to be the Big Damn Hero for once, after spending years supporting all the MEN being Big Damn Heroes around her. In the end, she's the one who makes the most consciously heroic choice of the entire trilogy, instead of Not Thinking and stumbling through bravely, like most other heroics of the story. And Albus has been through hell and back, but it's given him a tremendous sense of timing!

Thank you very much for your kind words, and for your review!

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Review #4, by yellowpetals 

3rd December 2015:
OH, it's so, so good. I couldn't really catch my breath to speculate what might happen after the end in the previous chapters, hence no reviews. Let's face it - I hadn't even considered any of it panning out like this. Amazing how you completely threw every reader off with this resolution :D. The lack of any danger in the confrontation with Geiger, for example, when he had been a genuine threat so many times before. Or the manner of Raskoph's demise, I bet no one saw that coming.

Anyway, my theory on Eva killing Thane is maybe very wrong, but whatever. First I think it was guided by instinct, so not a very conscious dicision, which means a lot of factors were at play. One factor is that it is some sort of a punishment, a retribution for how he manipulated her. One factor is that she set herself free from him and his influence once and for all(although that in it self doesn't mean she had to kill him, she wasn't really thinking that much). But I am sure the biggest factor here was that she was terrified by his fear of getting the Kiss, she felt she could not let him die that horrible way, not really dying. She owed him this last, I'd say kindness (I am sure others might disagree), of giving him a better death, a better end. In her arms, a person who he must have loved, who has loved him and still does. I think he probably wanted to die at her hand too, instead of getting the Kiss. Eva couldn't really let him go, as he asked, but she could at least do this for him. So as a whole, both "you are a monster, you deserve this" and "you saved me, I can't just leave you to the dementors" motivated this. It will be totally painful for her, I think, in so many ways.

It is such a beautiful scene, and I can just imagine the red seeping in the white snow, as she just stands there and cries. Poor Eva. Brilliant you for managing to write this so poetically, so deeply, so ... I can't put it in words right now.

Everything is great in this chapter, everything! Even Albus's timing.

Thank you for writing this amazing thing and sharing it with us.

Author's Response: Geiger is not the threat he fancies he is. He comes a very, VERY distant FOURTH in the villainous stakes, like a poor man's Elijah Downing. But yes, it was a bit of a bait-and-switch to make him a cliffhanger villain who gets so easily dismissed, and kind of for the sake of the jokes (poor guy, confronting Selena only for her to be all, 'who the balls are you?!').

There are kind of lots of things going on in Eva's head when she kills Thane, but I'd say nothing you've said is wrong. It was punishment and it was to escape him and it was ALSO to spare him the Kiss. She couldn't bring herself to want to put him through that, but she couldn't bring herself to want him to be free. She hates and loves him at the same time, really. But while it's messy and complicated and I think she'll struggle with it, I think it's also going to be incredibly freeing for her to shrug him off like that.

It really was one of my favourite scenes to write in the entire series.

Albus' timing is perfection. ;-) Sometimes the kids have to get lucky.

You never have to thank me, I write because I must! But it's nice to hear it anyway, and there's still a wee bit more 'til the end.

Oh, and shameless plugging begins, prologue to my new story is up...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by fanofgredforge 

3rd December 2015:
I had to review back in the same chapter. You said 'there is only one character I could write more about and Thane would be important.'
Were you hinting at Eva? If yes then please please please. Write away like Hermione Granger on exam day!!

Author's Response: I kind of gave it away, didn't I? It feels a bit odd to write a spin-off about an OC, but I suppose if there was the interested audience out there...

Alas, I must be honest: it will probably never happen. Still, hang on for the rest of the story to imply gaps which might need/get filling!

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Review #6, by RelentlessFire 

2nd December 2015:
Read all the updates in an hour and a half hahahah. I had to!! I'm in love with every little thing, every twist this plot has taken till now, and even if I didn't understand them then I went with them. Are you going to update more? Or did it just end?

Author's Response: This is not the end! Absolutely not, we've got 3 more chapters and then an epilogue, so don't you worry. We will get into all the aftermath of the twists and turns!

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #7, by Gi9 

2nd December 2015:
This chapter was fantastic! I'm glad Albus went back for Rose and kept his promise.

I loved Prometheus since the very beginning and I've loved him till the end. This part with Eva was truly amazing, one of the best I've ever read, certainly one of my favourite.

Author's Response: I was honestly not sure how Eva's final confrontation with Thane would go until I wrote it. I always FIGURED Thane wouldn't survive the Stygian Trilogy, but his ultimate fate, and Lillian's for that matter, were kind of up in the air. A part of me wondered if he'd wriggle out of it. I once almost decided on him getting away with it; he was going to be the thematic counterweight to Rose getting away with de Sable's murder. The good guys dodged consequences - this bad guy dodged consequences.

But ultimately his end had to serve Eva's story - however important he's been to Scorpius, that bond has been kind of about shadows and lies. His bond with Eva was real (and here I go, shooting Al and Eva's 'you are the only thing that's real'), and needed concluding. So I left his fate in her hands, and she had to kill him in a messy, complicated, ambiguous way. It was very satisfying to write, so I'm glad it was satisfying to read!

Albus finally came full circle. He had to come back for her some time. Finally, he has conquered his ghosts.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by electronegative 

1st December 2015:
Holy sh-t, what a whammy of a chapter. I swear, I started laughing when Geiger showed up only to be disarmed and arrested immediately.

I love how everyone thinks Rose went on a suicide run. I see it as an echo of what she said about capturing Downing: that she didn't intend to die, but she fully accepted the risk of that happening. Unfortunately she dropped Raskoph's wand... fortunately, Albus has amazing timing! He definitely redeemed himself for abandoning her before. I love how you previously established that he was determined not to leave her hanging again, or else his timinng would've seemed TOO convenient. And I love how Rose claiming that the vial contained a sample from the Styx and was what had saved Scorpius basically clears her for de Sable's death - that is, if people believe that.

As for Lillian, what she said last chapter is right - if her involvement is exposed, the newly established peace will be disrupted. Our protagonists will have to decide if the truth is worth that, and if they cover it up, then they'll have to make peace with the fact that they're admitting her means justify these ends.

Oh, poor Eva. I even want to say poor Thane! Has he bewitched me too? I knew as soon as we switched to her POV that she was going to win, but I didn't expect her to kill him. If she captured him and brought him back alive, he could testify against Lillian Rourke, which makes me think her crimes might be covered up for the sake of peace. I want so badly for Eva to return and still be exonerated. She deserves it. I mean, she was technically kidnapped at 9 years old by Thane. She basically overcame Stockholm Syndrome. Even if Lillian is exposed, surely Harry Potter can abuse his power to get one reformed Thornweaver off??

Question: was Thane being genuine when he offered Eva the chance to run away and make a life together somewhere remote, or just trying to save his own skin again? Would he have manipulated and betrayed her the first chance he got, if she'd lowered her wand? His motivation still isn't totally clear. I want to believe that he was being sincere, but I think he's charmed even the readers...

Fantastic job, as always, looking forward to the remaining few chapters.

Author's Response: I almost feel sorry for Geiger. He rocked up to the North Tower, all smug and diabolical, only for Selena to not recognise him and really NOT CARE. Then he thought he'd done what no other Thornweaver had done and captured Lillian, only to walk RIGHT INTO the armed masses of the IMC. As a mid-level bad guy, he has just failed over and over.

Rose didn't go into the room with the specific plan of jumping out the window. She DID go into the room knowing that she might get killed trying to kill Raskoph (assassination: it's only difficult if you don't want to get caught), and accepting that risk. It was different in that she knew her odds of survival were REALLY, REALLY BAD, versus every other dangerous situation where she's sort of fancied her chances, so Matt wasn't wrong to flip out. So... no, it wasn't a suicide run. But she did put stopping Raskoph as an absolute priority over her own survival. She would have been far more cautious in the past, so it would be very wrong to say that killing de Sable didn't influence this choice.

Albus has swanky timing. It can be excused by thematic appropriateness. ;-)

I hadn't even thought how Rose bluffing about the Styx would make the HUGE CROWD of the best and brightest authority figures in the world believe that was how she'd saved Scorpius, not by murdering de Sable. Then again, she did say she'd lied. Then AGAIN, how many people heard/believed that? I don't know.

Lillian is absolutely right that the peace she built will be thrown into disarray if the truth comes out. But the gang's already signed up to revealing it; that choice was made on the North Tower, and Selena has no reason to change her mind now. Albus is facilitating it by getting Pretorius, someone he trusts, to at least keep her contained until Harry & co get there.

Eva's chances of getting the blanket pardon she was offered have been all but crippled by exposing Lillian. Her pardon was almost BLESSED by Lillian, and while South Africa was a factor, so was her providing Lillian with the necessary information to oust the British Minister. At BEST the world is going to take a long time going through everyone involved with Lillian, the Council, and Thane, and figuring out their complicity (this includes Scorpius). And Harry Potter is not as INTERNATIONALLY powerful as would be necessary to protect Eva.

I don't believe Thane lied at any point in this final chapter. He rarely does lie to people directly. He absolutely cared about Eva, even if he also used her. His plan, once Lillian was toast, was to take his wealth and run and hide. He still believed Eva was a little bit his creature, and he wasn't wholly wrong; a part of her really WANTED to just run off with him. I've always left the 'romantic' nature of their bond kind of ambiguous because I don't think it was ever overt even to Eva, and it's true that Thane was a LITTLE bit saying what he thought she wanted to hear... but only a little, you know?

I dunno, maybe he's charmed even me. He truly, genuinely, 100% cared about Scorpius and about Eva. They would both probably be dead by now if he didn't. He also cared about Lillian's cause; let's face it, he could have probably sold her out and got himself a pardon while in prison if he REALLY wanted to (risky as it would have been. But he also 100% cared about himself more, when push came to shove.

More chapters at the weekend, and my next story very, very soon, too! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #9, by Solana14 

1st December 2015:
Fantastic! The best fanfic ever and one of the best stories in its genre.

I do hope, after all they've been through, that the war part of the story is truly over now and the next 3 chapters deal with the aftermath and characterization. I can't wait!

Both scenes with Rose and Eva did to perfection what I'm sure they were meant to -- showcase the final wartime actions of each woman, and have us think hard about the reasons for each. In Rose's case, Raskoph had to be killed. This time it was not an innocent who was being killed in place of someone else. This time, this death, was meant to save countless other lives by ridding the world of a dangerous criminal who would never stop being dangerous. And I'm sure Cassian is celebrating somewhere in spirit.

In Eva's case it's a little more... ambiguous. This death may not have been necessary, but who knew? Who knows what Thane might have done if he'd been allowed to live? I haven't completed my thoughts yet on this one. I honestly don't know what to think or how to judge. And what will happen to Eva as a result of this?

Kudos to Albus!!! He did exactly as he should have with Rose at this point: be there when she needed him more than she ever had before. What a triumphant save!

Now let's see the rest of the chapters, pretty please!!!

Author's Response: There are some twists and turns to come, but for the most part the rest of the story is, yes, Aftermath. It might get a bit Return of the King with 'is it the ending yet?' but I hope that proves simply fun.

Yeah: Rose was the Big Damn Hero of Oblivion. I have said, on occasion, this was her story more than it was anyone else's. While Scorpius is the TRILOGY protagonist, I think he handed the baton - for this story - to Rose at around about the time she blew up Ultima Thule. And yeah, Rose never wrestled over if she SHOULD kill Raskoph; I thought it would just be disingenuous to get into that as a moral debate. The question had been how far Rose was willing to go in stopping him, when she'd just got her happily ever after stitched up.

But Cassian is laughing himself sick into the afterlife right now.

Eva could have stopped Thane non-lethally. Eva had a choice, and yet she acted without thinking. More of why she killed him may become apparent in future chapters, but still a lot of it was sheer instinct. The only thing that is certain is that she killed him for her.

And Albus' Oblivion story finishes properly; it comes full circle and yet this time he makes the 'right' choice. He is, now, in a place where he could stand before the test of Courage on Cat Island and truly pass it. He has risked his own life and the lives of his loved ones for what he knows is good, and now he ABSOLUTELY knows what he stood to lose. His story, really, was about becoming who he used to be - just now he knows who that man is. With really good timing.

Updates this weekend. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by fanofgredforge 

1st December 2015:
I am so glad you said that there are still a few more chapters left. Should make for a satisfying end. Heck I am already satisfied after every chapter you write.

I also echo other reviewers when they say that Prometheus thane as a character remains just as intriguing as when we began the journey. Maybe you could have a separate one shot series for just him. Of all you original characters in the trilogy, he remains the most unique and fascinating.

Also, always glad for the white picket fence wherever I can get it.

Author's Response: Again I almost edited out the white picket fence, but then I thought, NO! The reference shall stand.

I think Thane is best viewed through the eyes of other people; jumping in his head would destroy a lot of the mystique, though I suppose seeing how he views the world would be quite telling in and of itself. I've never had a villain who took on a life of their own quite as much as him, and I think it's because I let him be quite so personally and pettily flawed. Writing a bad guy who thought themselves really super honourable when they super WEREN'T, deep down, was enormously fun.

Alas, there's only one character I'd be tempted to write more about once the series is over - prequel or otherwise - and it's not Thane. Though he'd still be important...

Anyhoo, thanks a bunch for reviewing!

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Review #11, by whykay 

1st December 2015:
OMG. Albus went to ROSE! I should have seen it, being a keen reader, but that makes SO MUCH SENSE. And yes Albus, top marks for good timing and saving, though, well, it's too good to be true and I, for one, am thankful for that (HOW did he get a wind of her plan??!) - I am so glad about that. He came back, for her - and not because he would lose her.

I like Matt when he isn't thinking, to be honest. And I really want to commend him for recognizing his fallibility and staying behind. That is SOME growth for a guy who once complained he was never given enough credit for his heroics, nerdy or otherwise.

At the end of this trilogy, what's most striking is, they have truly learnt to let go and have let go of their Achilles heels and move past and beyond them, if I may say so, and act on what is required to be done. Love, Love, Love, Love, Bromance, Loyalties, Friendships aside.

I am waiting for everyone to come together and hopefully, there are no more surprises. eh, wink wink - you can't be trusted to do the cliche. But maybe you do and it'll still be a surprise. :D

I applaud you!! You truly have a great great talent. I must admit that I haven't been able to read your original fiction completely and that's mostly because I have a mind block towards inter galactic plots.

But you ARE top notch and I agree, you had a lot to base your story off, from the Potterworld, but you also have so much so much going on here, in the Anguisverse and the Stygian trilogy that's absolutely original and brilliant - the ability to sketch a great character, the ability to reduce the readers to a nerve wracking, weeping mess at times and loud cheerleaders at others (and not all of them, not in the same way), ability to raise IMPORTANT life questions and make them THINK long and hard and write excellent adventure, drama, love, whatever you categorise it as, to name A FEW.

"Res Ipsa Loquitor" - the thing speaks for itself. That's all I will say from now on, about your stories. :)

Author's Response: I was SO WORRIED when people were cheering Albus going after Scorpius and Eva 2 chapters ago. I'd worried people missed that THEMATIC thing I was doing, like, NO, don't cheer him, he's abandoning Rose again! :-) But yeah, you're right. He came back, because she asked him to, because he put where he was NEEDED over where he WANTED to be.

He didn't so much get wind of her plan, but he had a broom and a disguise and so was set to fly to the North Tower. When he changed his mind, flying down to find her was the best bet, and his timing happened to be impeccable. I will allow the gang sometimes some outrageous good fortune. ;-)

You're absolutely right on Matt. This is where his story ends, this is his great achievement: to do NOTHING in the great climax. Not by fault or error, and he has learnt to accept this, however grudgingly. It felt right that he not have a shining moment of heroism in the finale. All he has done here at Niemandhorn is support other people's deeds, support Selena's and Rose's. And he's okay with this, which makes for progress.

For a story with a thematic argument that you can't really choose right or wrong, only what you can live with, I HAVE tried to reject that kind of morally void Aesop. The gang have all, at different points, been subject to their flaws. Most of them have let go of those significant flaws in this finale. Oddly the one who's done that the least here is Scorpius, though he accepted Selena making the choice about her mother, and accepted how this could possibly doom him.

The plot isn't OVER, but most of the next 3 chapters & epilogue will be Aftermath. Most of. ;-)

Not to cheer on my original fic (okay, to cheer on my original fic), but scifi is more of a setting than a genre. It's not Star Wars-esque fate-of-the-galaxy.

I am incredibly grateful for the kind words. It really means a lot to me to know people have enjoyed the Stygian Trilogy this much over the years, and honestly, support from people like you is one of the reasons I just can't bring myself to quit fanfic. This kind of relationship with readers is too enjoyable to step away from, so I hope very much I can continue to deliver the same kind of satisfaction from future stories.

The first chapter of which should probably be out before the next chapter of Oblivion, if I get my act together... but I digress.

Thanks very much. You've always been a star. ;-)

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Review #12, by Court 

30th November 2015:
Wow, I don't even know what to say after that. But Rose and Eva in this chapter were incredible (not sure if that is the right word) in their own ways and it was powerful! I can't believe Eva killed him like that - slowly and painfully and at her own hands. I don't even know how to think about it,and I'm not sure how she's going to live with that action. She's going to be even more messed up than previously. And even in his last words, Thane is complex and confusing and hard to know what is sincerity and manipulation.
What is going to be really interesting is that basically everyone who knew the truth about Lillian from firsthand experience is dead, other than Draco if he can ever be found again.
I hope you get to update soon as I'm on the edge of my seat to know what happens next and how they are all going to cope with the choices they've made! Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: I don't think even Eva knows how she's going to live with killing Thane like that. The problem is that a bit of her is going to live with it very easily indeed. The rest of her will wrestle with this for the rest of her life.

I think the most important thing to remember about Prometheus Thane is that, in ALL things, he views himself as this sort of misunderstood hero. But while he could very truly feel affection for people (like Eva) and commit to ideals out of sheer principle (like Lillian's cause), he was also petty, spiteful, and egotistical. He cared greatly for Eva - but he would have happily killed Albus in Portugal or in Ager Sanguinis BECAUSE Albus threatened his control over her. He cared greatly for her, gave her a better life, and yet still used and manipulated her. His fixation with Scorpius was sometimes dangerous and yet saved Scorpius' life at least once, and was entirely about Prometheus projecting his own issues onto someone he saw as the same. It took me a while, even as Thane's writer, to realise how he was projecting onto Scorpius, and I almost felt like that was too much 'weakness' for an antagonist to have, too 'convenient'. But then, I think readers would enjoy that kind of flaw in a hero, and I think it's part of what makes Thane so complex.

I do not know of a time Thane lied about his feelings for or opinion of anyone. He lied about FACTS, though usually by omission. But any time he spoke about people, even if he was trying to manipulate them, he at least partly believed what he said. But I digress! I could probably write essays on Thane myself.

You're right, basically everyone who knew the full truth about Lillian is dead or Draco, barring lackeys of hers who aren't hugely important.

Updates this weekend! Thank you for reviewing!

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