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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

19th December 2015:

I was so happy when Eva and Scorp took down Thane, but even at the time I couldn't help think "I'd be binding him up if I were you..." Sure enough, he got away. Darn it. Eva's parting words to Selena were so ... well, so Eva. It certainly feels like she's not sure if she'll live. Personally I don't think you WILL kill her, just because death is the easy way to avoid retribution for crimes, and I think the arc you've got going on with Eva is so powerful and full of moral depth that it would be almost a disappointing way to end her story. Especially given Nat has already died - which, in her case, was just the sympathetic thing to do, to be honest. Girl been through too much.

Ugh, Lillian, her purposes and reasons for doing what she did sort of make sense, but you can't just sign up with a madcap bunch of murderers and mercenaries and become king of the world so you can achieve what you want to achieve. It doesn't WORK like that. And how she can view all that death and destruction from Phlegathon, Eridanos and Lethe as a NECESSARY SIDE-EFFECT ... I just can't.

It's not looking good for Selena and Scorp at the moment. And where is Al to the rescue?!

Author's Response: Yeah, they should have learnt by now to tie up Thane and also that he keeps a spare wand. My excuse is that they were then freaking out about Lillian vs Selena, and that's what I'm sticking to.

Eva doesn't know if she'll live or die, but she does know she has to be the one to finish it with Thane. Because she's the one who can physically beat him, and it's HER business, her responsibility.

Killing her, of course, would be too easy.

The only regret I have with her story is that her bond with Thane, her dynamic with Thane, is HUGE, and it trumps Scorpius'. So I wish that I could have given Thane vs Scorpius a better send-off, as while Eva's is more intense, Thane vs Scorpius has been a running issue THROUGHOUT the story. Scorpius is his opposite, and in a very Voldemort vs Harry way, the one Thane CHOSE. Thane saw so much of himself in Scorpius, which is why he singled him out of the Five, which is why he sometimes failed to be the cold-hearted, efficient monster he usually was. He kind of wanted to turn Scorpius into him, to justify himself and his life, and yet a part of him wanted Scorpius to win, so that if he was beaten, he'd be beaten by 'himself.'

There was a lot of meaty stuff there which never got the explanation or development I wish it had had, and then Eva was here and frankly 'you literally raised me to be a weapon' is a way more important issue to resolve than 'you projected your issues all over me'.

Lillian, I think, suffered massively from the slippery slope. She probably once tried to stop the Council and failed, and then the people they hurt welcomed her with open arms once it was too late, once they needed help and had a hissable villain to blame. And I think then maybe she turned a blind eye to future incidents, because she knew it would be a waste of time - and then because it benefitted her - and then she began to help them, and always, ALWAYS thought it was so she could make a better world. And then she was breaking the world to remake it, and she was in too deep, and could never back off.

So at that point, how could she accept it was horrible without completely BREAKING? I have way more sympathy for Lillian than I should, I think she's a very pitiable villain.

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Review #2, by Hannah 

29th November 2015:
Ahh was so confused as I hadn't realised this story wasn't completed yet and so I thought it was the last chapter!! I'm glad it's not. How often do you tend to post updates?

Author's Response: Now that the queue's pretty short, I'm aiming for an update every 5 days. So expect the next chapter to come along on the 5th or so (don't sue me if it doesn't, but generally 'this weekend' is a good goal).

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Review #3, by missdagane 

28th November 2015:
What a chapter. All were amazing. I like how you manage Lilian explanations. She has done evikish thing but this scne dont make things appear black or White. I hate the cliffie and wonder who will die. We are so used to it now, I suppose the surprise will be letting them live. .. I really like the development of your characters, particularly Rose and Saida. It would be sad for her to die. Anyway can't wait the next one.

Author's Response: I'm glad you find Lillian ambiguous! She did do heinous things, or more accurately allowed heinous things to happen and exploited them.

Everyone REALLY expects me to kill somebody. I'd be surprised, but then I did kill someone at the end of the previous two stories...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Gi9 

28th November 2015:
Wow! I really don't know what to expect next!

Finally Eva and Thane one on one! A small part of me thinks Eva will die. It would be sad, but it also would be a good closure to her journey in Oblivion. It would be like it happened with Snape. I don't think he would be considered a hero if he hadn't died. BUT if she dies, what about Thane? He would win and be free to run away...so maybe she won't die, but kill him instead. I don't know, I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Also very curious to know what happens to Selena, Scorpius and Lilian with Geiger.
Lilian is very confusing and very disappointing. Not just because of what she did. When she suggests that they just let her go and don't say anything about her involvement with the council. Does she really think that low of her daughter? I believe that she loves Selena (just like Draco loves Scorpius) but I think she was watching her own intrests first, even when she wanted to jump.

Is next chapter the last one? Is there an epilogue too? I think I'm ready now XD after complaining for so long, I'm ready to know how this all ends XD


Author's Response: Oblivion has 57 chapters and an epilogue, so you have 5 updates left from here.

Redemption Equals Death is one of those tricky tropes; I don't like it as a means of a character getting out of the consequences of their actions, or as if one act erases previous acts. But then some characters on a redemption arc, or in need of one, can just DIE - see Nat Lockett. Also, while if Eva dies Thane MIGHT escape, there's always the option she might find some way of killing them both in one go. But would I say that if I was gonna do it? WHO KNOWS.

Lillian thinks Selena is her daughter by more than blood; once, she was right. Selena's changed over the last three years in ways Lillian doesn't quite grasp or comprehend. Once, Selena would have compromised for a quiet and peaceful life. Lillian thinks Selena's trauma would make her more happy to compromise for peace rather than suffer loss again; she also over-estimates how much Selena relies on her. Which is kind of sad, in its own way.

We'll see, though! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #5, by whykay 

26th November 2015:
Major major issues with this split.

I presume Albus will swan into the fight but with who? With Scorpius and Selena against Geiger or with Eva against Thane?

If Eva, then, Geiger taking Malfoy and Rourkes as prisoners is an absolute certainty.

Rose trusted Scorpius to take care of himself and I have an odd feeling that Albus will be doing the same with Eva / Scorpius - honestly, I dunno which way that boy will swing, in these matters. I do hope Eva will be safe.

Lillian trying to fall off the ledge was a bit too dramatic for me and didn't ring true at all. She just wanted Selena to flip. But I do think she will rise up to do one heroic deed instead of running away - she is just too greedy and twisted and cold hearted, but she isn't all evil.

I want to read the entire story at one go once it is done. I am sure it will be staggering. :)

Author's Response: I think if I'd split this between this action and where Rose, Matt & Harley are now/next chapter, people would have lynched me for DOUBLE cliffhangers. I promise the Niemandhorn siege ends next chapter. Albus is absolutely going to swan into SOMEONE'S scene.

Lillian is HIGHLY manipulative. The problem is that she, like Eva, keeps her lies awfully close to the truth; she's not WRONG when she warns them all about the price they'll pay for bringing her down, and she's not wrong when she expresses she wants to keep Selena from it. I think trying to fall off the ledge was almost a win/win condition for her - either she fell and spared her daughter the worst of the consequences, or she was stopped, lived, and knew her daughter had saved her. But you're right: she is greedy, twisted, cold, and not all evil.

I do think Oblivion will stand up better than any of my other work as a complete story; it'd probably be very weird to read the whole Trilogy in one go. But you'll be able to do it soon!

Thanks for reviewing.

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