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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

18th December 2015:
Oh, OH, all of the action, all of the things. Poor Nat, I can't believe she died. :( But ... perhaps, for her, it's the merciful thing to happen. After all she's been through. And CAL. Oh god my heart breaks for him. You just keep taking chunks out of my favourite Anguis character!

I adored how you emphasised, yet again, that Harley's magic can do things that humans can't do. Of COURSE he can charge through golems. And of course he remains his sardonic self throughout.

And ... oh god poor Rose, poor Albus, what an AWFUL decision to have to make. I understand why Albus has gone after them, I truly do - despite what Rose says, I really can't see how Scorpius, Eva and Selena can take down Lillian AND Thane AND Geiger and crew. But they can't keep running after each other, and Raskoph HAS to be targeted. This definitely feels like Rose trying to make the RIGHT decision, not the decision she WANTS to make, and not going after Scorpius is definitely a concerted decision. And she has to watch Albus leaving her once again. Poor Rose. :(

Author's Response: I never planned on killing Nat. But letting her live only to get locked up just felt really mean (so killing her's better?). It didn't feel like the tragedy of her Poor Life Choices, it just felt MEAN. And letting her get away with it was too unbelievable; Scorpius and Rose have been huge karma houdinis, getting away with literal murder. Nat - even though she never did anything horrid PERSONALLY - couldn't have got away with it. It would have cheapened the story into 'people we like get away with bad things.'

House Elves are pretty boss, yo. And Harley really doesn't want to be here, but he's a good guy at the end of the day.

Rose does what's right, this time, not what she wants. Al's error, really, is that he should have either gone with Scorpius in the first place (though, really, if Al had gone then, Rose would have gone, and NOBODY would have stopped Raskoph), or stuck it out. Splitting up and running around - no. And Rose asked him to stay, and SCORPIUS asked him to stay with Rose.

While Rose has to trust the people she loves won't die on her again, so she can try to save more lives.

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Review #2, by Gi9 

22nd November 2015:
It took me two days to read this chapter. I was like 'Now I should read it. Mmmm, it's not the right moment. Maybe tomorrow.' I really don't want it to be over XD

Rose made the bravest choice at the end. I'm done talking about right and wrong, but she is trying to make amends for De Sable, which I appreciate. Albus was the selfish one but I don't feel like judging him either, after all he's been through. I wish you had shown us Matt's reaction to Rose choice. I had the feeling that a small part of her wanted to prove him that she can earn forgivness for what she did, besides of course the guilt that made her put innocent people's lives before the few ones she loves.

I can't help but thinking that if Nat hadn't been deadly wounded, Scorp would have confronted her differently. But it was nice to know that despite everything, he was thankful because she brought him back. And I think the same goes for Rose. He can not blame her, because she saved him and he is happy to be alive (besides the fact that he loves her of course).

Not gonna ask you to update soon, I can wait XD (although, I do want to know what happens next!)

Author's Response: Still got a way to go before it ends. ;)

I'm not sure there is a 'right' choice to be made for Rose and Al, though I think the REASONS would help define the morality of the choice. I agree Al is being pretty selfish, because he's mostly reacting to knee-jerk fear of losing his loved ones. Rose is able to take a step back, trust Scorpius and the others to take care of themselves, and believe the most good she can do is by staying. And, yes, guilt is driving her, absolutely, and a desire to make amends. Not JUST that, but it's a part of it.

Rose and Matt haven't parted ways yet; Albus has left them and Harley, but we'll see what happens after he leaves soon.

You're right; Scorpius would have handled things differently if Nat hadn't been dying. But while he was driven partly by fear, I think this was his most Honest reaction. Deep down, he would have been able to forgive her. Not be okay with what she did, but forgive her. And thus the same has to go for Rose, by that logic; though we'll see how they end up if they get the chance to confront those issues.

Updates soon, I promise! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #3, by whykay 

21st November 2015:
Nat Nat Nat Nat!! OMG. She really died. This is certainly not the worst news you have given us, but it does deliver a heavy punch and yeah, it was so unceremoniously portrayed. I am gutted. What a LIFE that was! I honestly feel sorry for Cal - I hope he is able to come to terms with her actions and life story.

Honestly, the only person I would not mind dying is Raskoph. But there is no way it's going to be realistic if that happens.

I remember an interview of JK Rowling where she was trying to decide if she should kill off Mr. Weasley (the snake bite?) and then decided against it because she needed a Ron with a whole family to contrast against a Harry with no family. I trust you enough to not kill off someone to make it realistic but actually meaningful.

Scorp is going to be so damaged at the end of it all. So will Selena. Albus. Rose, oh Rose! I would imagine, strategically, it is best to go after Lillian and Thane so that that gives them an edge over Raskoph but I can truly understand where this Gryffindor heroism is stemming from. From Scorpius' condemnation of everyone who killed for him and whether he wants it or not, that included Rose. I hope she is able to live by her judgment of her own actions (I rem Nat telling this to Scorp - you only have your judgment to answer for, make sure that's fair). I am hoping while everyone is off pursuing their own agenda, Rose taking a look at the other side will pay off. And that this helps her detach herself from Scorpius, and having a more healthy relationship. It is significant how they part, isn't it?

I am really hoping Matt is able to save the day - he is only one who has got a clue on how to stop the golem rampage, and YEAH, where the hell was Eva's room? Someone should go there and pop in to get the sword.

I think you are deliberately dropping out of Selena's point of view. So I am expecting a HUGE tide.

Albus, is showing his Slytherin side. It's a compliment, honestly. He is being realistic, trying to save the people he cares about and knows need his help while Rose was tottering about the mass murder.

I often think the entire sorting exercise is such a sham. Why bundle up people who think alike / on the same lines? Where is the growth in them - they will probably isolate the moderate ones from the herd and keep egging the others on (rem Cormac and Nick) in the same direction? It's much much better to put people with different CORE personalities together so that they can push the boundaries and rise above them. I think your combination of characters really proves it - Methuselah was a Ravenclaw, Selena, Scorpius and Albus are different kinds of Slytherins, Matt and Rose are Gryffindors, I suspect Eva would have been a Ravenclaw too (Thane was, I am basing on that) - No one can deny that Scor had a better effect on Rose than Matt and so on and so forth. Anyhoo, I digress. But, yeah, after the war, the logical thing to do would have been to stop this kind of sorting and work with random sorting.

Waiting for updates, as always. This is truly amazing and thoughtful writing. :)

Author's Response: Nat Lockett is the first character I've ever killed when I didn't originally intend to. I mean, sure, there were characters I didn't expect to die upon their creation (Annie & Nick spring to mind), but Nat was slated to live right up until I was planning the particulars of the Niemandhorn showdown (yeah, in my planning, this bit went 'and then there's a fight at Niemandhorn). But then I thought about it, and thought about what she'd done, and honestly I couldn't see it ending any other way. It's death or prison for a Good Long Time; I don't see her going on the run. She doomed herself by signing up with the Council. Hundreds of people have died because of her. Rose has already got away with something morally dubious mostly because people who love her are protecting her. NAT also getting away with something worse? That turns the themes into 'the good guys aren't accountable.'

So Nat needed consequences, and it was far more appropriate for her story for her cycle of self-destruction to end inevitably. She never managed to break that cycle, unlike so many other charaters. Sending her to prison when this all ended would have just felt like drawn-out misery. I felt this needed something Final, and her death, in this manner, fed her story as well as Scorpius'. It's just a very sad story.

I must admit, for this reason amongst others, I don't strictly consider the Stygian Trilogy to be the 'canonical' continuation of the Anguisverse. But then again, the Stygian Trilogy isn't how I'd headcanon events 6 years after DH's Epilogue, while Anguis is canon-compliant. But yeah. Stygian Cal is gonna be miserable.

I can't promise nobody else will die; there are some seriously huge chickens coming home to roost for lots of people on both the good and bad sides.

Rose is actually being fairly logical, knowing to go after Raskoph. Admittedly she doesn't have a plan, but if Lillian and Thane get away it's not the worst thing in the world. But it could be time-consuming and certainly RISKY (taking Thane down is not guaranteed), and Rose sums it up aptly: there's no guarantee Raskoph is going to wait before he starts butchering people. So Rose isn't being driven purely by guilt here, so much as she's actually putting the needs of the many over her personal feelings. Which Albus just isn't doing, which is... a considerable slide backwards for him.

Finding and getting to Eva's room is just considered a waste of time right now. Sure, the sword would be great, but they've got to GET there, and it only helps them deal with one golem at a time.

We'll see a lot of Selena's POV next time.

I don't really disagree with the harmfulness of Sorting. Putting everyone alongside the like-minded is a kind of dangerous move in and of itself, though difference for difference's sake can just lead to clashing. It hadn't been a specifically intentional choice to set up the Original Five as from a variety of Houses barring character diversity. Poor Hufflepuff goes under-appreciated in Slide fanfic (something to be fixed). But different people push one another in different ways. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I actually think Eva would be, astonishingly, a Hufflepuff. She's not nearly cerebrally-minded enough to be a Ravenclaw, or ambitious enough to be a Slytherin, or enough of a glory-hound to be a Gryffindor. While she DOES use her wits to survive, I think it's her sheer force of will which is her greatest asset. At her best and worst, her determination is solid iron, and she is utterly devoted to those she chooses to side with (Thane once, Al of course, but look how she's got Selena's back here, look how she had Matt's back on Brillig Island, how she had the Five's back on Cat Island). She was also very humble in her heroism, and while some of that is guilt, she's never been flashy. She has always been someone who Got the Job Done, which feels very Hufflepuff to me.

Thanks a bunch for reviewing! Updates Soon.

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