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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

18th December 2015:
I loved this chapter. Finally, FINALLY, the truth and the explanations.

And UGH poor Scorpius, so sick of people using him as a tool and risking people's lives for him and now he has to cope with Rose having killed for him against his wishes as well. I hope they can work through this, but I have to say I'm glad you're focusing on this aspect of their relationship because of course Rose's choice isn't going to sit easy with him.

Oh, Selena.


Author's Response: This chapter was like 'assuming people don't remember clues from chapters I first posted three years ago, he's a THE STORY SO FAR explanation.' Which, honestly, *I* needed sometimes.

Scorpius is absolutely not going to think about Rose and killing de Sable right now, but there's no way in hell he's going to be able to keep on ignoring it once he's out of a life or death situation.

Poor, poor Selena.

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Review #2, by greenphantomme 

19th November 2015:
Big reveal – it was very satisfying! I like how everything is tying together and wrapping up. I have a character analysis of Rose coming up – some of Scorpius’ comments/thoughts made me think about the choices she’s made .. and she’s one of my favourite characters, and you’ve made her ‘real’ in the sense that she's multi-layered and hella not flat so I’m scrutinising a bit. Not sure if I’ll be able to convey this clearly but I’ll give it a shot.

This is the first time Scorpius has acknowledged, or where I’ve really noticed he’s acknowledged in his thoughts, the decision Rose made regarding his life. Even though he was ready to give up his life. He even mentions some variation of ‘No one asks what I what’ to his father, which is very true.

So, Rose made a selfish decision because she was not strong enough to let him go, for real this time, even though she got to actually say goodbye and have time to process and get ready for it. I know the whole of Oblivion it was always about trying to find a way to save him – but she never acknowledged a WHAT IF, it seemed to be WHATEVER NECESSARY throughout the story. I think it would have been really interesting if we saw Rose’s thoughts when she was making her decision about what to do, though I secretly believe as soon as she had thought of it she had made her decision. There was no back and forth because she can’t live without Scorpius (how off am I there?).

She never got over his death which is super unhealthy, especially after 2 ish years (!!) (and you’ve acknowledged this in some of your review responses) AND she has not accepted death (unlike her parents & uncle did in HP, which I find super interesting). Of course it’s war and she’s young. But just the fact that she’s so in love (and obsessed? (Is my cynicism coming through here? haha)) with Scorpius makes me wonder what Scorpius thinks about the whole thing. Comes back and discovers how messed up Rose still is after ALL that time. And then she killed DeSable because she couldn’t bare to lose him again. Looking back to Rose in the first ‘book’ of this series, she was very independent and she’s lost that over the trilogy (which is very real. Your characterisations are fantastic.) --- kind of a negative character arc for her, I guess?

Rose kind of trapped him now I feel, in a sense. Say in the future things didn’t work out between them. How would Scorpius ever be able to leave? How would Rose deal?

I definitely was rooting for Scorpius to live, but now I’m kind of rethinking that. It would have been major character growth for Rose to be able to let him go. It would have been a very compelling read if she had a moral dilemma and we saw her thoughts, especially with the loophole she found. But this is war and things happen and I get that. I think I should reread this series when Oblivion is finished – I might be missing and forgetting a lot, so I hope if I was way out in the ballpark at any point during this word vomit it isn’t offensive at all. Plus I’m a bit cynical in terms of ‘true love’ and all that.

Sorry this was so long. Your stories have made me ponder on more than one occasion and since I have no one to voice my thoughts with here I thought I’d send this to you and see what you say!

Anyway, we’ll see what happens next. Perhaps more will be revealed between R & S and this short essay will be void and even more so inaccurate.

Hope I didn’t bore you. :)

Author's Response: Hoo boy, great analysis! And I'm never, EVER gonna get bored of people sending me their thoughts like this, I'm always happy to hear and discuss them. Rose really has come a long way; I mean, they all have, but I think Rose is the one who snuck in her character development, because people like Selena and Albus had much more DRAMATIC arcs and changes. Perhaps because I had a little trouble with Rose originally as a character, but once I found her voice I think she came along leaps and bounds.

This is, I think you're right, the first time Scorpius has come close to consciously recognising Rose's choice. He's alluded to it before or veered away, but the correlation here is notable. And the 'no one asks what I want,' was pointed, whether he intended that or not. He's GLAD, of course, Rose kept him alive. But he would have never chosen to let de Sable die in his place.

This plot point - this part of the Scorose relationship - is absolutely a deconstruction of True Love. Rose spent over two years failing to get over a SIX MONTH relationship. Sure, it was a super INTENSE six month relationship, under extreme circumstances, but she and Scorpius had never built a life together. The truth of it is that she didn't WANT to get over him, because that meant letting go. 'Obsessed' is not a bad word; it's a slightly misleading word because that is not all their relationship is; there is the capacity for them to build something honest and healthy. But it's no more inaccurate than simply saying 'love' right now.

I would agree that it's not the most cynical thing in the world to read her story as an independent girl becoming an obsessive woman. I couldn't write from Rose's POV before the Chalice destruction because that would have spoilered things, but I don't think she wavered much. I think once the idea was in her head, she went for it hell-bent-for-leather, and that's not necessarily because she couldn't conceive of NOT doing it. I think she probably didn't let herself consider not doing it, because then she might waver. Rose's story isn't so much about her not being ABLE to let Scorpius go, so much as her not being WILLING to. She didn't want to try to get over him. She didn't want to doubt her choice to kill de Sable, because then she might stop.

Rose still has some more Choices left, more than most of the rest, really. The others are still subject to their momentum (while we don't know how Selena will deal with her mother, all of those pieces are in play on the board, for eg). So take anything I say now, anything you've read now, with the view that Rose's story is ABSOLUTELY not over.

It's a sad thought you raise, of what future their relationship could have under the circumstances. She killed for him. She seems unable to live without him. What if it just didn't work out? I'd like to think that with time, they could heal up and get a bloody grip, but who knows.

None of this is at ALL offensive or dull! I'll just reiterate that Rose's choices aren't over, and the impact killing de Sable has had on her has yet to be felt fully. Your thoughts won't be VOID, but... perhaps they are incomplete.

Thank you so much for this rocking review. ;)

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Review #3, by scorprose 

18th November 2015:
"‘For me.’ The warm air was almost choking now, and Scorpius’s hand fell by his side. ‘Yeah. Everyone wants to do things for me. But they’re not so good at asking what I would want, are they?’ He couldn’t look at Rose because he knew he’d break, knew that if he saw her right now he would forever taint her with the same disgust he felt for his father"

Arghhh. i can feel his heart breaking and aching for all their actions. How much can he handle more before he hits the breakpoint. He has been living alongside Rose choosing not to think too hard about the entire ritual fiasco. He knows. Lethe was brought back because of him, he believed and was so hard pressed about it shouldering death of every person attacked. To come to know that even his dad shipped the virus to save him. OMG. How badly it would hurt him. But, irrespective of him, Lillian and Raskoph would have found another way. To top it all off, Rose went ahead to become capable of murder (though I personally would never hold a grudge about it) to save him and De Sable of all to die for him. Its going to be a hell of a journey for Scorpius to normalcy even if he survives this idiotic adventure. It would be good to see JK's golden trio in some action rather than arriving at scene later on.
As for Eva, i just wish her the best to face that devil Thane. She needs her personal revenge on him so lets hope she does not get manipulated by his talk b'cos it is Thane and he will try to talk his way out.
Albus is freaking out because of Eva more than his parents. hi hi hi.:)
As for Matt i hope he makes it. I remembered something Rose said to him when he was unconscious with Lethe.
"You can’t die,’ she warbled. ‘Not now! Not like this! Not after coming to rescue me! You can’t die for me, Matty!You should at least die for someone better, die for someone who cares for you like you care for them".
Was this written with the end in mind. He does love Selena like she loves him. Then , is he going to die saving her.I would hope Selena comes to the rescue. She has again got that same fierceness now that she had when she went for the chalice at Cat island. Oh! thats a scary scary woman. I would better worry about Thane with these two women after him. Both viciously dangerous.
I always thought Draco would turn out to be one who cared for Scorp. only thing which doesnt set is his hate letter on christmas of phelgethon. That was too mean. Anyways he was an idiotic ferret from the start.

Author's Response: Yeah, Scorpius has a lot on his plate right now. The only way, it seems, is forward. Resolving issues like Rose, or even what he feels about his father or Nat, are Later Problems for him, and he's not too wrong to do that, I think. Now is not the time to get distracted by his sense of betrayal. And he DOES, he does want things to work out with Rose, so letting himself have a visceral reaction is perhaps not ideal. Or maybe it would be; maybe he's repressing too much right now?

Thane is, of course, going to try his best to manipulate EVERYONE. It's absolutely what he does in these circumstances.

It is not accidental that Matt chose to stay behind like he did. Matt has always wanted to be the hero, racing in to save the day, and often save the woman he loves. Sure, this is a sacrifice for a loved one, which is heroic in its way, but it's not the Deed of the Day. It's not going to beat the bad guys or save the damsel in distress. It's a sacrifice, but it's a supporting sacrifice. So not only is he doing something like this for Selena, a far more fitting person to risk his neck for than Rose, but he's doing it so SHE can go on and save the day, and do what she needs to do.

But yeah, this only fires Selena up more. Selena and Eva vs Thane is going to be a pretty bad day for him.

Draco DOES care for his son. He also cares for his family name and prestige, he also destroyed his marriage, and he also emotionally abused Scorpius. Everything he did, he thought was for the good of his family. Unfortunately, he is still a bit of a prick.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by inevitable_bliss 

18th November 2015:
I'd never really liked Lilian, but I have to say, I never saw this coming. Perhaps that is a byproduct of not reading all of the chapters in tandem, like in a book. The characterization you employ, and the sin vs redemption theme is insanely well played.
Now I really want to go back and find that chapter where Selena fought with her father and reread it. I'm sure there was a lot of context I missed there.
Loving this story! Your writing is superb and I hope you will publish your own works soon, I'll be sure to read them. Been following this for over a year now, and plan on continuing until the end. Thank you!

Author's Response: Yeah, there's a reason this chapter is quite so chunky and doesn't ADVANCE the plot a great deal, while going over a lot of background. If this were a novel someone was reading all at once, I might not have gone over the past plot points in such detail, but I appreciated that some of these happened YEARS ago for readers.

Oblivion's themes have really written themselves. My original plans were, like, 'Scorpius comes back from the dead, hilarity ensues.' Sin, redemption, what you deserve, what you can live with, justice, punishment, consequences - that just came with the territory!

The chapter between Selena and her father would be interesting to go back to; I reread it myself lately. I say this because I didn't really PLAN that chapter, I just knew her father had to do SOMETHING considering his daughter had been abducted. But, knowing the background of her and her mother, the dynamic developed quite naturally and it does offer some serious insights.

I'm very glad you've been enjoying the story so far! I mean, I'll go on to write MORE once I'm done with the Stygian Trilogy (tackling Marauder era next!), but for now, the ride's not over.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Martina Lynch-Finn 

17th November 2015:
Such a good plot twist!

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by whykay 

16th November 2015:
I often wonder this - Can a monster raise a perfectly sane person?? - Draco is a disturbed, horribly misguided man, but Scorpius is out to do the right thing. Gabriel rose above his family. Cal was raised right by his mothers' killer. Tanith saw a different mask of her father - she never knew what he actually did, yet she turned out quite right. Lillian is no doubt a monster - but Selena, Selena has turned out alright. Just Lillian's mask and talk was enough. It really speaks to the volume of all kinds of good, rhetoric can do.

The parallels which the commentators drew between Nathalie and Rose now extends just as well to Draco. All for love. And yet, poor Scorpius is left feeling battered. I suspect that he doesn't want to taint Rose with his disgust because probably among the three, she is the only one who has acknowledged (all in her own mind), that it was wrong, and taken the decision to live with the action and is making no bones about the fact that she has sinned. She was also the one who expended the least blood while saving him. And most importantly, she was the one who tried to preserve the status quo than upset the apple cart of Lethe to 'save him'. And she was only one who apologised to him beforehand (though cryptic), though I suppose an apology is due now as well. I am not validating Rose, but I am happy Scorpius is able to understand that it was less monstrous in her case.

I also find a pattern to Rose doing these things - legilimency of Eva, killing DeSable - she knew it was wrong to do it and she did it anyway but I would definitely say she handled it better this time. And I still remember what Scorpius told her then - that he would be by her side to help her deal with it and not judge her. It's quite ironic now, isn't it?!

And you are right, Matt's condemnation of Rose is more of a condemnation of her actions. And that is the very least she should face and live with for what she has done. Matt is the ONLY one who could have done that. Scorpius, Albus and Selena would never throw it back at her face.

I really really really hope nothing happens to Eva - that she is able to finally confront Promotheus and in some way, I want her to detach herself from the love / hate / reverence she feels / felt for him. I want to be able to show mercy and not kill him, but still do her job and capture him. I am sure, nothing will happen to Matt, given your comments. :D

My surmise on Lillian is quite right. But boy. if you give us a bit of a background as to why she is so power crazy, I'd probably understand better.

Scorpius' ultimatum to his father sounds about right. It also sounds remarkably like Rose's invitation to Eva at Saint Annard, to flee or run or do whatever she wants.

What say? Draco and surrendering? MEH.

Author's Response: Apparently I'm invoking upsetting philosophical questions. I've not even been aware of that being a recurring theme, but APPARENTLY I write a slew of messed up parents. I wonder what that says about me...

Scorpius knows, intellectually - in so far as he's consciously thinking about it - that what Rose did is different to what everyone else did. Horrid, but different. She MIGHT have done what Nat did - but she would then have used her knowledge from working inside the Council to try to take them down after, which Nat just DIDN'T do. BUT I digress. Anyway, Scorpius knows it's different, but while he's having a visceral reaction to what Nat and Draco have done, he's afraid there'll be overspill of disgust at her. We'll see how THAT works in the long run.

Eva is due her confrontation with Prometheus. Ha, I will say that not everything you want will come of that, will come of that. ;)

We will hear more from Lillian, so I'll elaborate at the time if needs be!

Draco might love Scorpius. I mean, he does love Scorpius. But like hell does he want to go to prison or face the consequences of his actions!

Thanks for reviewing!

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