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16th November 2015:
tehhh. ♥ I was so glad to see that this had just been updated the other day! :D

I've been waiting for this moment in the story. :p Not because I'm a horrible person and love seeing things fall apart into chaos (okay, maybe that's part of it :p ) but it's just really interesting to see the point where everything turns around and the worlds Albus and Gellert have both created for themselves kind of crumble and they're forced to deal with it - and they deal in such different ways.

I do wonder what was in Ariana's most recent letter to Bathilda! I don't think her correspondence with Bathilda had been mentioned recently. I did find Bathilda's unknowing "You seem quite like a child sometimes" remark pretty amusing though. Poor Bathilda, if only you knew.

Wow, Ariana's story in this chapter is really intense, how she kind of ended up at the bottom of the river with stones in her pockets totally unawares. I think the most interesting part of this segment though is that Gellert can see the three women at first. Do they exist? Or are they just something you see if you're determinedly seeking the Hallows? I'm guessing it's the latter but wow, that really did a number on my brain :p

And then we get the beginning of the division between Gellert and Albus. This is where they differ as they are both equally determined to reach the Hallows, but Albus is more patient, and his concern for his siblings finally takes precedence now that something happened to Ariana. Whereas Gellert is tired of being all talk and no action and he can't just sit around and wait. And then - I really loved this - Ariana says in deadly clarity that she will drive a wedge between Albus and Gellert - she doesn't even have to actively do anything, as she's already done so without knowing. (Or does she know? She knows a lot more than it appears.)

Music will always be one of the most beautiful mysteries of life for me. -- this is such a small moment, but it makes me think of Dumbledore's speech in the first book (I think it was the first book) about music being a magic beyond what they do at Hogwarts - and I just love this nod to that aspect of his character here.

I'm worried about Aberforth - is something bad going to happen to him?! I know Gellert can't have gone into the barn to do anything good. And I know the big duel is coming up... ahhh.

Can't wait for the next chapter. This one, like as always, was amazing :)

also aw, thank you for the chapter dedication!! ♥ You are so sweet!

Author's Response: Hello again, Kristin! ♥

Responding to your last review here, and once again, sorry for taking so long...eep...you're far too lovely, by the way. ♥ ♥

Yes, this is where the world collapses and implodes on all the characters. :P And you've been waiting for it.

Ariana's last letter to Bathilda...I may reveal some more of it, or I may not... :P But there won't be much of it. There are a lot of gaps in this story, and I've chosen to leave some things unknown (even though I myself /do/ know what happened...I'm a terrible fic author sorry... *hides*). Ariana has actually been working steadily over the summer, ever since she saw signs of her possible demise in Chapter 4...well, she's a ticking timebomb, really. She did elude Death all those years ago, as a child, and this was no accident. Despite her psychological and magical condition, she is incredibly resilient and clever in her own way. As well as having her own strange, almost-mystical ways.

Did Gellert see the Three Women now? :P Some things can be seen...sometimes. This is just me being annoying, by the way. Gellert won't get a proper resolution, at least I don't think he will. By the end of summer, he'll have done far too much damage to the Dumbledore family for there to be any sort of reconciliation. Something like that. :P This isn't a spoiler. This is JKR's canon!! Sort of.

You'll just have to hang tight for the next chapter (will edit!! as soon as I can!!) to find out about That Defining Moment that set into motion events for the entire Harry Potter series.

And thank /you/ Kristin, for your amazingness, and shouting out this story several times on the boards; it really really does mean a lot to me. ♥ ♥

Not far to go until the end, now!


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