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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

18th December 2015:
Guh, of COURSE it was Nat who was there when Scorpius was resurrected (which is definitely the word I forgot last week, silly me). She was in on the plan, we knew that from the end of Starfall. I just hadn't put two and two together. I'm glad Astoria is innocent in all this, because Scorp has enough to be angry at her for without needing Council involvement. But I do worry about the consequences for Nat, now that Scorp et al have found out she helped bring back Lethe. Even if it WAS to bring back Scorp. GUH.

And WHAT DID THANE JUST DO TO HER OH GOD she's going to die isn't she. Poor, poor Nat. A lifetime of bad choices and then this. :(

Lillian. LILLIAN. Oh my days it all makes sense now. Oh god poor Selena. I seriously hope Matt's okay, cos after all this the last thing Selena needs is for something to happen to him.


And ... Thane was working alongside Raskoph the whole time. Poor Scorp, all that time supposedly spent taking down the Council, and all he was doing was helping make Raskoph stronger. IT ALL MAKES SENSE. Poor Draco, having to keep all this quiet and seem like the bad guy for YET ANOTHER reason from Scorpius' point of view. I mean, this doesn't redeem him, far from it, but it does make his story just a little bit heartbreaking. His purposes were WRONG, but he thought he was doing the right thing for his son, and that surely has to count for SOMETHING?

LILLIAN THOUGH. Oh god was she involved by the time Methuselah died? OH GOD that would just be the WORST. I NEED TO READ MOAR.

Author's Response: Resurrection! That's the word. But yeah, it's almost like I was counting on people to forget things they did already know in order to up the tension. Which has been an interesting case of gauging how hints which seem obvious to me are not necessarily obvious to readers (which is GOOD, I want you guys to keep guessing).

Nat has a pretty bad life and then she dies because of her own bad decisions.

It's time for Matt to play hero! And sacrifice himself, because while he's a martyr, he is not the mission. Other people are. At last he sees this.

Draco did think he was doing the right thing, but everyone does, don't they? Thane thinks he's doing the right thing. But in Draco's defence, he never did do anything HUGELY bad - he didn't kill people, he wasn't like Lucius - and by the end, he was trying to save his son. Of course, he got involved with murderous supremacists in the first place, so, bad life choices there.

Lillian. She's a bad.

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Review #2, by kaeliebear 

12th November 2015:
Holy crap!!! Lillian Roarke Is a traitor!!! I have to admit i never, in a million years, saw that coming. I hope for Selena's sake that Matt is ok, because she's pretty much just lost everyone she ever loved and he's all she's got left. Now I really, really want the next chapter!! I don't even know what I'll do with my life when this story is over.

Author's Response: Yay, I surprised people with the twist! Yep, she's totes the traitor. And it'd super suck for poor Selena if she lost Matt the same day she learnt about her mother!

Don't worry. When I'm done with this story, I'll write more. ;) Marauders come next!


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Review #3, by Zelenia 

11th November 2015:
woah woah woah this just keeps getting better and better!! can't wait to find out the whole story :)

Author's Response: It will all come along soon! Worry not. Thanks for reviewing! :-D

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Review #4, by scorprose 

11th November 2015:
Absolutely brilliant writing. Though we had guessed at Draco's involvement, suspected Lillian and doubted Nathalie.Thane was the big surprise. All along Scorpius was fooled. By everyone of the above. I pity him and Selena. So now I think we will finally see the epic Eva-Thane fight both going for one-another. Let's hope Matt survives. Though we hate him can't see him die. He has to be there for Selena. Wonder why he always ends up with broken girls.

Author's Response: Yeah, I figured enough people would suspect Lillian by now, so I'd hoped Thane would be a little bit more of a twist! :-D

There is definitely going to be an Eva-Thane confrontation.

Matt sure does know how to pick 'em, huh?

Cheers for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Manila_traveler 

11th November 2015:
I called it! I called it long ago! And then I parked that thought to wait for your reveal. (Do I get minus points, though, for suspecting Hermione Granger of Council involvement at one point?) I'd like to ask, how long ago did you define Lillian Rourke's role as such? Did you already have this in mind at the end of Ignite, when you first introduced her character?

Lockett's role in resurrecting Scorpius has never been a secret to us readers, of course, but I am a little bit disappointed to find out it's still ongoing. Mostly I just feel terrible for Cal. They finally got together after all these years, but now that her double life's becoming exposed, they're likely to be broken up once more.

Speaking of Cal, I imagine he'd be crushed to find out he's losing another important person in his life because they became a "dark magic" agent. And while I've no idea how much did Nat reconnect with his Hogwarts friends, post their marriage -- to Toby, Tanith, and Gabe -- surely they'd find this news surprising, too.

I know you mentioned that you'd be pretty much done with NextGen after this trilogy concludes, but would you still consider writing about your Anguis-verse characters in the same timeline? You had that bonus chapter in Starfall from Toby's POV and I'd be really interested to read more about how they're doing.

Author's Response: I knew when I started Ignite that the Council would be a front for someone to use to seize power, that it wasn't just 'another rise of Dark Magic.' By the time I wrote the Ignite chapter where Selena mentions hearing news from her mother about the outside world (don't recall which chapter specifically but she talks about it with Methuselah), I knew her mother was involved, if not The Big Bad. By the time of her first appearance at the end of Ignite, I knew she was the Big Bad.

I can't lie; I did, actually, consider making it Hermione (in a slightly more detached but still exploitative fashion, though Lillian was originally meant to be a bit more detached too). But while Stygian is kind of ridiculous and over the top, I'd still like for it to be a 'believable' Next Gen story. I wouldn't feel comfortable turning one of the Trio into a villain, any more than I'd feel comfortable killing them. I don't like the idea of stealing their happy endings - unless that was the POINT of a story. Does that make sense?

Lockett never really did MUCH after bringing back Lethe. The work she's done for Lillian has consisted of acts which also cover up her own complicity, like the fake Veritaserum. So it's been more like one act, and the knock-on effects of it. Then AGAIN, Lockett could have brought back Scorpius and then handed herself in. She'd have probably seen a nasty punishment, but hell, it might have averted Lethe, brought down Lillian sooner. She didn't, to protect herself; maybe Scorpius before he was out of Thane's hands, but yeah. It's dodgy and flawed and kind of selfish, still. I'll talk more about Nat and Cal after future chapters.

I could write some Stygian chapters for Into the Sunrise. I did have an idea of a chapter from Katie Bell's POV during the Phlegethon crisis of everyone going NUTS around her with their infected children. Then again, I could ACTUALLY finish one of the SEVERAL half-written Into the Sunrise chapters first!!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by electronegative 

10th November 2015:
"In a slowly growing pool of her own blood" is the exact same wording you used to describe Rose when she got hit with Downing's slashing spell. Is this intentional? They're not particularly memorable words, but their repeated use definitely invoked the imagery of the scene in Ignite, and I really liked the parallel. If it's intentional, I hope it means Lockett will survive. But what Draco said about her selfishness wasn't without merit. Your reviewers have always been more generally invested in the main characters' actions, but I thought Lockett's decision to effectively sacrifice hundreds, if not thousands, of people to bring back Scorpius makes Rose's murder of de Sable look downright heroic.

It might have been obvious to readers, but the thought that Lockett was the mother figure who cradled him when he returned hadn't even occurred to Scorpius. Or, it seems, to anyone else, not even Eva, who did, if I recall correctly, assess Astoria with some suspicion. Nice red herring, there. So is Lockett dead? You've mentioned before that you're hesitant to kill off characters now that you've resurrected one, but I can see ways in which her death could still contribute to the protagonists' development, even this late in the story.

Well, answers are indeed starting to unravel here, and I'm amazed at how perfectly they fell into place, how well you set up hints and foreshadowing not only over the course of Oblivion, but also over the course of the entire series. That's brilliant. And yet, even though I thought I had some pretty good guesses to answer some of the Big Questions in the series, you still managed to surprise me. I hadn't really suspected that Thane's betrayal was a ploy - I should have, because I do remember what Castagnary said about the seemingly inadvertent effects of his vigilante rampage. This is what I'm talking about when I say things are falling into place perfectly - this reveal explains the deliberately botched Veritaserum and why Lillian was so upset at Gabriel's impromptu rescue: the Council losing Lethe screwed up her plans for world domination. Bit disappointed about no heartfelt good-guy reunion for Eva and Thane, but eh, that was always going to be a reach, huh?

New chapter in the queue ASAP please!! Your cliffhangers are as cruel as ever.
PS. are we going to get chapter images for Starfall/Oblivion at some point? You had these gorgeous ones for Ignite but I'd love to see what Eva, Lillian, de Sable, etc. look like! I picture Eva to look like Sofia Boutella, the Algerian actress who played a very deadly merc in the film Kingsman.

Author's Response: I'd like to say I had intentional parallels between Rose and Nat's injuries but NO I'M JUST AN UNORIGINAL HACK. Then AGAIN, there ARE interesting parallels between them, aren't there? Both transformed, in their way, by Scorpius, both destroyed by his death, both making murky promises to keep him. Not to mention their intellectual comparisons. Nat is probably more like a cautionary tale for Rose, not that Rose sees it like that.

And yes, Nat's choice to help bring back Scorpius at the cost of unleashing Lethe was dubious as hell. The only 'justification' is more of an excuse; these were 'hypothetical' people the Council would kill at some point in the vague future. She probably also told herself it was going to happen anyway, but like this she could help control the situation and make sure Scorpius was brought back with it. But it was insane and selfish and dangerous and you're right, Rose looks positively peachy in comparison.

I suspect readers wouldn't have figured on Lockett being the mother figure without Starfall's final scene. Which, as a scene, belongs more in Starfall as a serial than I think in the Stygian as a complete novel. It's a kind of cheap, 'LOOK IT'S NOT OVER,' scene, with added mystery of 'who's the face in the fire' and 'what're Nat and Thane doing working together.' So no, none of the gang had reason to suspect Nat.

Oh, I'm hesitant in how I HANDLE deaths, but if it's right, I'll still (and will) kill. Basically I don't expect anyone to be convinced by an ambiguous death, and while Nat's been stabbed here, I don't think many people are on tenterhooks worrying about her like they would be if it were, say, Rose. Let's just say that Nat's not really in a position to get a happy ending any more, even if she DOES survive.

Thank you for the kind words on my plotting! Yeah, most of this was pretty solidly in my head all along, or at least the 'Lillian is behind it and Thane works for her in particular more than the Council in general'. You're dead right on the botched Veritaserum and especially on Lillian's distress about the rescue from Ager Sanguinis; Thane would never have let Selena get seriously hurt, so she was more irked at her plans being diverted.

Aw, I wish I had the time/skill/inspiration for another 100-odd chapter pictures (already struggling enough to get stuff for Not Fade Away, and I'd love NFA to be a visual smorgasbord as much as possible). I did have a template kind of sorted but it never got very far. It will almost certainly never happen, I'm not a particularly imaginative graphic artist. BUT, that's an amazing fancast for Eva, I really struggled when I contemplated her.

Thank yooou for review!

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Review #7, by Gi9 

10th November 2015:
No, no, no, no. I feel heartbroken for Selena. I always feel heartbroken for somebody XD
I need answers from Lilian. NOW! Draco's explenation was long overdue, but now it's her turn. I can't imagine how Selena is going to feel, what she's going to do. She remains my absolute favourite.

Not sorry at all for Nathalie. The only thing I would have loved to see before she died was a confrontation with Scorpius.

Thane! He is the same bastard that I've always loved

Author's Response: Selena's life's pretty dang tough. We'll see Lillian's side of the story, not to mention Draco's extrapolation, soon - and it's not going to be easy for Selena.

Nat's pretty screwed, but she's not yet down and out. Still, she's not going to be a Karma Houdini.

I'm really, really glad we're finally getting to the explanation of Thane. Some of his actions have been murky since Ignite's Chapter 5, so I'm kind of stoked we'll be making these big reveals.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by GinnyPotterForever 

10th November 2015:
Even as I read Draco's words I realised that it could only be Lillian Rourke... Hell, Selena is going to be crushed. I always thought it was Lockett who sold them out in Venice, but then, she never had a reason to side with the Council before Scorpius died.

I love this chapter, by the way. Love the whole story, in fact. Keep writing awesome stuff!

Author's Response: Nope, Nat had no reason to help the Council before Scorpius died. Lillian, however - well, we'll get to her reasons in the next few chapters!

I will absolutely keep writing, don't worry! And thanks for reviewing!

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