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Review #1, by marauderfan 

16th November 2015:
OK MEG I AM SO HERE FOR THIS! :D I'm here with some NaNo encouragement in the form of a review!

Operation Stalk Severus - ahahahaha XD But on a more serious note, I think this really fits with Hermione's character, that she'd just want to study him as much as she can - following him, watching him, etc because it fits with how she needs to know everything about whatever it is that she's trying to figure out, be it a complicated spell or the workings of Snape's mind haha.

Once she separated herself from her friends, she would use the cloak and follow Severus -- Did she steal the cloak from Harry before she left? I wonder if he knows. Or did she steal it from James? (I'm sure you've mentioned this, but I have the actual worst memory ever.)

OoooOOoOoo... she finds him 'not ugly' HAHAHA I don't know why that was so amusing to me. Maybe because I'm reading this at night. FYI ishould warn you that when I read things after 10pm my reviews turn into gibberish and for that I am truly sorry. But at least it will give you something to laugh at.

AH! I love that you included little flashbacks in there that indicate that she was remembered all those years later. That is indeed something I have been wondering while reading this story!

I really liked Hermione's analysis of the Mudblood Incident as well. I'd not really thought about it from Lily's POV before - I'd thought about what jerks James and Sirius were, and how much of a jerk Snape was, but Hermione raises such a valid point in that a real friend would try to find room in their heart for forgiveness. Maybe it was the combination of that and all the previous Death Eater-y stuff Snape had been getting into that had deteriorated their friendship, or maybe Lily just didn't have room for forgiveness. I honestly kind of like that, if it's the latter: too often Lily is portrayed as this perfect, nice person with no faults, and as you've written her here, her ability to hold grudges really humanizes her.

Anyway. Splendid chapter my dear. Keep on truckin with NaNo, you've got this!

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Review #2, by Felpata Lupin 

14th November 2015:
Hi, Meg, love!
Here with the first review I promised you (I'll get to your other chapter later today)

I loved this one! She's making progresses, and that's just great! :D
Of course the way to get closer to Severus would be mantaining a low profile and show talent in Potions! :P

I also loved the memories of Remus and Sirius from OotP time. I can imagine how scared she must've been when she realized that they did remember her... Time-travel paradoxes always ggive a bit of a hesdache... :P

The conversation with Amelia in the end was great too. Personally, I believe the "Mudblood incident" was what draw them apart, but not the actual reason for it. I think Lily had been doubtful of him and their friendship for a long time before that, because of his interest in the Dark Arts and his friendship with future Death Eaters, and that was just the straw that broke the camel. I think she would've forgiven him, if it had been just the word itself... Anyway, I can understand Hermione's reasoning. And just like her, I can understand why the incident happened in the first place.

Great job with this, hon! Just like always!!! I adore your writing and your characters (but you already know it, cause I tell you all the time...)

Thank you so much for accepting to do this swap with me!!! :)

All my love, hugs and kisses!

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Review #3, by Emu 

9th November 2015:
I always love reading this ! So glad I checked tonight, I
check the url every week to see if there is anything new and I
love it when you've written some more. Please can I have
another chapter for Christmas !!! It would make the best
Christmas present ever. ! Love your other stories too, but
this is my favourite!!

Author's Response: Aww you are the sweetest! Thank you so much!! *hug* It means so much that you've been enjoying it and we're excited to see a new update. XD And you totally didn't have to wait for Christmas, because a new chapter has been posted! :p There should probably be at least one or two more updates before Christmas too though! So keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you again for the kind words and incredibly sweet review! *hugs*

xoxo Meg

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Review #4, by AIP Alexander 

8th November 2015:
Read the whole story in a bit over an hour! I truly found it quite interesting. I normally don't even come close to these types of stories, but i have to admit i am quite interested in how this plays out. When's the next chapter in?

Author's Response: Oh wow thank you! I'm really happy to hear that you've enjoyed it so far! :)

Well I'm writing 50,000k words of this for NaNo this month. Chapter 11 is finished, but in going to go back and edit what I've written in December. So next month there should be a lot of updates. I'd say the next chapter will be up in about 3 weeks. Possibly sooner if I get a chance to edit it before then.

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to review!!

xoxo Meg

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