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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

18th December 2015:
I love all of Albus' references to his casual Dark wizard slaying days. I really would be there for an Albus spin-off fic detailing all his antics, but I expect that would be pretty depressing cos pretty much his entire thought process would be "Scorpius is dead it's my fault how could I have trusted her". Still, it would be interesting to know exactly what he's been up to.

Ha, yes, magical ground makes nicer tea. OF COURSE IT DOES.

I love every word that Albus said to Rose. She needs to understand that she didn't have a choice until she made a solution of her own choosing, and she needs to not convince herself that what she did was okay. But at the same time, is it fair for her to beat herself up over this for the rest of her life? It does feel like the line between right and wrong has become incredibly blurred for a lot of them.

Whoa. WHOA. Peace-time IMC, Lillian whut? She really is beginning to seem very powerhungry now ... I can't see how this is going to end well.

Oh. OH. Should have remembered, no Lethe doesn't automatically mean no Raskoph. OH SNAP. The ending that isn't the ending after all! ONWARDS.

Author's Response: An Albus spin-off would be super depressing. World-trotting Dark Wizard Hunting can wait for a different character!

The hotel they're heading for is actually based on a real place I've been to in Sri Lanka, which was a converted tea factory. So I had to come up with an excuse as ot why this is a magical bloody hub. MAGIC TEA.

The Al/Rose conversation is the last bit of the Stygian Trilogy ever written. I cannot lie; it was added in after I'd posted the Matt confrontation chapter, because I really felt I needed another go at tackling Rose's guilt and delivering her appropriate condemnation. Also, otherwise Al just WILFULLY IGNORED how Scorpius managed to get back (way to go, supposed moral hero of the Five), and also in its place was a Scorose scene which did... nothing, actually, they just fussed a bit about their future and it didn't say anything that couldn't already be inferred or became immediately irrelevant based on upcoming events.

Lillian! Raskoph! IT'S A TWIIIST!

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Review #2, by RelentlessFire 

10th November 2015:
Oh wow!! If someone doesn't kill Raskoph, he will keep on killing everyone else. Update soon

Author's Response: Yup. Raksoph won't win; he's run into a corner, and eventually the IMC will get him. But he might do a LOT of damage in the meantime. So it's not going to go well!

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #3, by Solana14 

6th November 2015:
I'll admit I've never been a big Matt fan and I'm still not. I fully understand his value to the story, the necessity of his character being included, the invaluable contributions he's made and hopefully will continue to make. All readers have faves among characters and in this story mine don't include Matt.

But... he's right to condemn Rose. As happy as I was ... am ... that Scorpius is alive, she has murdered an innocent man in order to keep him alive. And the continued emphasis on her ability to live with it, to live with having been a murderer, bothers me.

I find I'm not quite as gleefully eager to see the happy ending I still feel the gang deserves, if there are no consequences for Rose, to say nothing of everyone else tacitly agreeing to keep it quiet.

Nevertheless... I EAGERLY await the rest of Oblivion. Tells you something about what a quality story does to its fans.

Author's Response: Rose does deserve condemnation for what she's done. At the least. I don't know if she deserves further punishment (girl's suffered a lot already), but it's certainly not okay for everyone to just go, 'Oh, well, she loves Scorpius, so it's okay.' And Matt doesn't want to ruin her life by involving the authorities, which he probably could do, so condemning her is all he can manage. Which makes him even harsher, because he knows it's all he can do, and he's kind of angry at himself for not doing more.

There will, however, be consequences for Rose - in the arc, for herself. Rose's story in Oblivion, more than anyone's, runs right through from Chapter 1 to the Epilogue.

Thanks for reviewing! And the thoughts.

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Review #4, by electronegative 

6th November 2015:
Ha! Your response to a review a few weeks ago where you said that dramatically, the ritual could be compared to the Trials in Starfall or the prisoner exchange in Ignite, made me realize that something big was going to happen after everyone had finished celebrating. Itís not over yet! Are you planning to bring more suffering to Albus? Because I really donít want Harry to die.

Lillian Rourkeís announcement didnít really come as a surprise to ME, either. I canít tell if my apprehension is resulting from empathy for Selena or if I have a feeling that Lillian IS being exploitative, or worse.

Yeah, I should have realized that Albus had figured out what Rose did and that it was deliberate, too. Anyone who knows Rose and knows that de Sable died instead of the intended Scorpius would be able to at least put forth a guess as to what happened. Iím glad that Albus pointed out how Rose knew exactly what she was doing, that she consciously planned out and committed a murder, while admitting that he wouldíve done the same. It affects her even more deeply than Mattís scorn because she had already accepted, when formulating her plan, how he would react.

Hold on - so Raskoph, his remaining Thornweavers, and the golems he collected are attacking Niemandhorn right now. Wasnít Thane about to be transferred there, the last time we saw him, discussing how best to approach destroying the Chalice? I assume heís been moved by now. Oh god, I hope Raskoph doesn't kill him with the golems. He and Eva should team up one last time, this time for a good Council butt-kicking.

Author's Response: YEP, that's *exactly* what I meant about the ritual's dramatic place. ;-) I was wondering if I'd overplayed my hand, but then, there are still loads of issues unresolved (Thane, the face in the fire, Raskoph, Draco, Lockett) and lots of chapters, so I figured it wasn't too much to let on that The Best is Yet to Come. Or at least action is to come.

That scene with Rose and Albus is actually the last thing ever written in Oblivion (as-yet, I do still edit the unposted chapters). Originally there was a kind of needless Scorose scene, and then I realised I hadn't addressed Al's stance on de Sable, and the Al/Rose relationship has some major leaps and bounds left in it, so that needed to go in. And it hurts Rose a lot, because despite feeling let down by Al, in her heart he's still the moral compass.

Thane was indeed transferred to Niemandhorn, that went ahead. We may well see him soon. ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by whykay 

5th November 2015:
I love Albus. There, I said it. He is totally back, with his entire history and he is right up there.

How will Rose get over this? Granted this is her choice and something she has to live with, but how is she going to get past the elephant in the room, so as to speak.

I don't like Scorpius wandering around alone. It makes me nervous.

Golems - I shouldn't have been surprised. Please don't break Albus' heart - I mean, I am scared for Harry Potter (if he was in that train) as much for Eva Saida.


And OH!! I do hope you have a satisfying account of Nathalie Lockett by the end (a part of me is screaming NO) of this story. Else, atleast a side story? She is here and there, everywhere, seemingly doing good or doing nothing. And if not for that one DAMNING scene at the end of Starfall, we, at least I wouldn't be worrying about Nat Lockett or Lillian or the voice in the fire.

I wish these chapters never end. Please update SOOON. As I said, 'HEART IN MOUTH' - cantstaymuchlonger. :D

Author's Response: Albus is doing a lot better now. We still have some significant acts and choices from him - from everyone, actually - before the end. Including Rose, and how she chooses to live with her own choices.

Scorpius is just tense about the upcoming confrontation with his father. He's not seen him since Lisbon.

Harry's okay; as will become apparent, the train was hijacked before it picked up the passengers. I'm being kind in this one because you have plenty to worry about with the Five (and Eva) without worrying about Harry. And Ron, actually, was supposed to be there, too.

Lockett will be explained and resolved before the end; only you can really decide on if it's *satisfying*. She has dropped off as a presence in this story more than I'd have liked; I didn't have different specific plans, but in my head, Oblivion didn't have her quite so disconnected. Which is a shame.

Updates coming all the time! Cheers!

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Review #6, by pottering 

5th November 2015:
Oh my god- and I thought it was (almost) all over!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't kill him! I (and Al, and Rose, and probably all of the wizarding world [side note: no- Maj is just awful] will be crushed.

Author's Response: It is almost over! :-D This is the Beginning of the End!

I'll avoid people panicking right now: Harry was supposed to get that train, for reasons which will become apparent, Harry has NOT got on that train. Namely, the Thornweavers hijacked it before it picked anyone up. I'd feel that the detached nature of the Trio in the Stygian Trilogy means their deaths would be too easy to be 'cheap shocks' unless it served a specific purpose.

I had no idea what you were going on about with 'no-maj' when I first read this, then I went to the REST OF THE INTERNET and Oh God, JK, what you do.


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