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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy 

9th August 2016:
I was going to say a chapter or so back that this should be like Easy A- of course, she should publish the story in Witchy Business!

I am so torn! I love Pickett! I want HIM to be happy! And Al IS an arse! But-but-! *sigh* Clemence fought tooth and nail to get him back from Appy. Maybe it was just that she wanted to beat Appy, but I was pumping my fist and whooping the whole time. I've grown to like Al. I thought I wouldn't so much by the end of this. Or at least I thought, she'd be with Al and Pickett would have Dom... But now it's just all messed up. Broken pieces on the floor and I've only got two chapters left to wrench my heart out because no matter who she chooses, I'll cry over the loss of the other.

I think I should stop reading for tonight...

Author's Response: I've never actually seen Easy A, I should take note.

Bwahahaha, the last minute love triangle. I'd known that Dom was not interested in Pickett and abandoned that idea a long time ago (Dom can't attach herself to *anything*). I played with the idea of something between Pickett and Clemence in the beginning, actually, but I just never went through with it, and didn't think it'd become relevant. My secret backstories have a way of creeping up on me.

You're almost there!

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

20th May 2016:
Oh gracious! I didn't realize I was so far behind, but now I don't even know if I'm emotionally prepared to finish this story.

I don't even know what to think. I feel kind of like Dom in this situation
--like, yes Clemence is using Albus. And in some ways I don't like that? But it's also his spotlight that's put her in this situation, and if she broke up with him now she'd lose her voice and her reputation altogether. Besides which, he's still far from perfect. I mean, I think he means well in that "nice guy" way that's so irritating--he sees himself as the hero of the story, no ifs, ands, or buts. The funny thing is that you rarely get someone who truly considers themselves the villain, like Clemence. It's interesting to watch her feel torn between her own persona. It's like she's built up this larger than life character for herself, and the truth is she's started to outgrow it--she can be more than just the 2-dimensional heartless journalist that she pretends to be, probably in an effort to win the approval of her aunt. But at the same time, she doesn't want that identity *stripped* from her by being Albus' girlfriend. It's all very tangled with the feelings and the motivations, and I don't even know quite what to think, at this point.

I liked that Scorpius got hired on to the Witchy Business staff. It's nice to see him being competent at something, after all he's been through. Different sides, and all. I could actually see him being a good journalist, in that way that you show--he's very disarming. Maybe not *clever*, per say, but people will talk to him. I wonder what *will* happen to Witchy Business, in the end. The number one thing about this chapter seems to be that Clemence doesn't really know who she is or what she wants anymore, and is just kind of holding steady and trying to ride out the tide and pretend more confidence than she really has.

And now, for the lines that were my favorite gems of the chapter:

A dark aura radiates around her, hissing and snapping at anyone too close—some sort of privacy perfume.
--I love these magical quirks you come up with. You could earn Fred and George a fortune just coming up with magical inventions for them to create.

"I understand young love can be volatile," Slughorn continues, "but do refrain from forming—what's the term nowadays?" Parchment rustles. "Ah. Armies."

"I won't deny that I've considered mild poisons...I don't take pinky promises lightly."
--there's the Appy we know and fear. I loved the turnaround there. She may have rebranded, but girl is as crazy as ever.

- My head jerks toward him. It tumbles out: "You looked!"

- He's a beat slower:
"You looked!"
--that was a cute bit. These two. At least they're on the same wavelength

"You're doing it again, by the way—that thing where you shame people for caring about you..."
--A++ Pickett! Call her out! In as much as I ship anyone in this story--which seems a risky thing to do, considering how shipping has gone--I ship these two. I mean, I'd be just as happy if Clemence ended up single, I think, but the thing is that Pickett gets her in a way that Al clearly never will. He sees through her illusions and doesn't turn her into anything she's not. Albus wanted to turn her into someone "good" so badly that now, when he looks at her, that's what he sees. Clemence looks in the mirror and sees someone bad, and that's not entirely true, either. I think Dom's a little too self-focused to really know (or entirely care) *what* Clemence is. She's willing to just accept her as a friend and be done with it. But Pickett--Pickett does get her. And at the very least, I hope he remains in her life. She needs someone who can see her more clearly.

I'm very interested to see how you're going to wrap this. I can't really imagine how it's going to end, but I'm eager to find out.


Author's Response: Ahh you're back!! I can't wait to hear what you think of the ending c:

I love hearing your analysis of the characters. I think all of what you say has some basis; I don't have easy answers to any of that either and you could go around in an endless chain of "yes well, but..." to argue for any side. Resent is such a big part of Clemence's current feelings. She might be in a decent situation and Albus loves her but can she get over how she got here? She's taking advantage of Albus, but she warned him and he must be aware of it on some level considering their history, so what of that? And then toss in an identity crisis, because turns out she's not always right about herself...

Scorpius was supposed to be a minor character and I remember suddenly having to drum up things for his future because he surprised me with all of his secrets! And some of those do make him a pretty good journalist out the bat, especially for a school like this.

Confused old Slughorn never gets old.

The end to this chapter is probably the most emotional part of the story, barring the next chapter, and it surprised even me. I knew Pickett and Clemence care about each other in a way that never needed verbalizing, but when it came time to verbalize it, it became such a vulnerable moment, exactly because Pickett gets Clemence and doesn't play her games; he gives her the choice to live up to her own words and she takes it.

Thank you thank you for the review ♥!

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Review #3, by randomnickname 

20th March 2016:
"and my pulse hammers fast and strange like drums of a revolution calling for a coup."

I forgot about this amazing half-sentence - so dense in meaning, you could write an essay on it. (Where is the revolution going on? In her? Or is the revolution the things and people not behaving as she is used them to behave? And the coup, I still want that coup to come and Henry to rise.)

I was rereading your fic (AGAIN) cause it won't leave my head these days, although I'm supposed to work, and dat sentence simply struck. LUV

Author's Response: THAT LINE another line I saved for ages. It was originally intended for an entirely different scene that didn't make it in. I write weirdly a lot about revolutions without intending to.

That line actually started with her heartbeat. I'm very conscious of when I write of anything related to Clemence's heart, even if it's physical description. When she feels her heartbeat and it does not quiet, I imagine it being overwhelming and it's saved for moments like these, when everything is changing around her and in her.

♥ hee what a crazy reread it must be, the ERAS of this fic. I see so many years of myself looking back and you can sort of see my priorities change every few chapters. thank you again!! ♥

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Review #4, by Amy 

18th January 2016:
I just noticed you had updated and I dove back in to read the entire thing again. It was amazing revisiting this story and it really held up! I think I've changed quite a lot since I first started it, about four years ago, and it's amazing to see where the story's going now. I really wouldn't have expected it but the last scene with Pickett broke my heart more than anything that's happened between her and Albus. He's just always been so dependable. I think I understand Clemence a lot more now and her actions completely make sense to me. I just really hope there's a happy ending for her in this.

Author's Response: Ahh thank you! I'm so glad to hear that. It's crazy to think of people reading this over 4-5 years, especially people GROWING UP with this fic. Even for me, I'm in very different places writing this story when I was younger vs. writing this story now, and writing Clemence has taught me a lot along the way.

I think the last scene is the most heartbreaking it's been too! There's so many twisty games Clemence plays, but this is one of the few genuine vulnerable moments, and I can feel Clemence hurt like when she went behind Dom's back.

I hope you like the next chapter; hopefully I can get it up soon!

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Review #5, by Jessica 

23rd December 2015:
Oh. My. Goodness.
You updated!
And, as usual, excellence. Amazing. Does Clemence become Queen of the world after taking down the Potters? I'm hoping for that plot twist next chapter. No matter how it ends, I know I won't be disappointed. This is one hell of a story Gina. Love your writing.

Author's Response: The only thing I can guarantee you is that it won't be pretty.

Thank you! :D

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Review #6, by ViolaCesario 

30th November 2015:
Great chapter as always but I have to ask am I going to get a happy ending after years of reading this?

Author's Response: I think the ending will be satisfying! It's not a downer by any means, as much of a downer these other chapters are :)

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Review #7, by happyanon 

19th November 2015:
I just got around to reading this now. Busy busy these last few months. Ive said everything ive wanted to say regarding this fanfic. For all it's worth, i find clemence as remarkable. Such a character. So twisted, so cold, so complicated and yet it moments and chapters such as this, so painfully human. I don't know how I feel about this turn of events with so little chapters left. It's going to be too late to hope for a double plot twist. But still, a fan can dream eh? I should be shocked but its not entirely impossible, the chain of events i mean. I'm excited of how everything will go down and eventually wrap up. Clemence, i look forward to your last bow my dear. I freakin love this fanfic. One of the best ive ever read here. As always, much love xoxo

Author's Response: Thank you! I've always found the amount of emotions in this fic a little ironic considering its narrator. It's wonderful to tear Clemence apart 8D there's so much she's been holding in these past 20-something chapters, and it's all the *interesting* bits.

I hope you enjoy the ending to come!

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Review #8, by meredith 

15th November 2015:
I've been following this story for a while and I love it, but I'm getting very nervous about the ending. I understand that Clemence & Albus are problematic, but I don't think they're impossible--I LIKE that their foundation is rocky. It's not right, but it's real. It doesn't mean they can't find a way. Clem has always had doubts, but previously it felt like those doubts were part of a movement towards something, an internal conflict that she needed to overcome before she could give her heart away. There was a battle happening between her feelings for Albus and her selfishness, her pride, her steeliness. Now it's like she's apathetic about Al, and I don't see where it's coming from. Two chapters ago she was fighting for him, she almost believed in him, she wanted him desperately. Now it's as if she could take it or leave it. I just don't buy it. And I don't buy her and Pickett, either. I love them as friends, I truly do, and the hinting at something more is (for me, at least) taking away from that friendship.

All that aside: fantastic character development, sharp dialogue, engaging storytelling. That final scene is heartbreaking. (Have some humanity, Clem!) You're talented to be sure--you should consider writing original stuff. I think you could write a wonderful YA novel with some of these characters/themes.

Looking forward to the ending. Dreading the possibility of death to Clotter. Wishing you luck as you finish up.

Author's Response: This is the reaction I expected from this chapter, more or less, aha. It was actually the reaction I was hoping to get last chapter, because Clemence was already quite cold then. I'm on board with unhealthy relationships, as long as they aren't romanticized; that's not something derailing their train.

The question really is--why does she fight for Albus on Valentine's Day?

I think that answer is not so straightforward. And has yet to be fully addressed. Because she does fight desperately for Albus on Valentine's Day. But I would also say that for all the chapters before, she has never cared about losing him. So what changed? Is it because she finally lost him? Or something else?

She's also never stopped being bitter about their situation, at how Albus is jealous and cowardly and never suffers for it, and she does not trust him because of these things. If she is in love with him, is that love greater than her bitterness? Should she forgive him? Should she trust him? All these questions are in play in post-Valentine's behavior. Fighting for him, for whatever the reason, sounds grand and romantic, but when it all calms down, she still has these realities and she's probably as unhappy about them as you are! It's an interesting undercurrent as I wrote--I think Clemence wants to be in love, but never felt "in love" enough for it to be worth the trouble. And Albus has not proven himself worth the trouble yet.

Thank you so much for your comments! I'm glad you're still enjoying the story even with the potential death of Clotter. I do want to try writing a YA novel version of etc, with all that I've learned after writing fic!etc, thanks to so much encouragement everywhere *U* That version will hopefully entwine everything a bit better.

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Review #9, by l_arcenciel 

14th November 2015:
Amazing as always, I love how three dimensional all your characters are and how their lives keep me coming back for more!

Looking forward to the final chapters even if they will be massively spiral filled ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! c: It'll be one great flaming spiral slide down :D

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Review #10, by glw 

12th November 2015:
Thanks for updating :)
I am a little confused though... That last bit of this chapter.. Is Pickett in love with Clemence?? Like in-love in love?

Author's Response: I'd leave it up to you to decide! It's all Clemence's point of view and the kind of body language she's choosing to interpret. There are at least a few assumptions she makes and he's questionably over Dom, but there's something mutually awkward between them.

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Review #11, by Zelenia 

11th November 2015:
I just discovered this story and have read it all in two days. Suffice to say I love it! Could not stop laughing! You're writing is fabulous. Can't wait for the next chapter!! Xx

Author's Response: 8) Glad to hear! Thank you for reading!

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Review #12, by C 

5th November 2015:
Clickett I ship it! Another wonderful chapter, as usual -- I'm looking forward to the next :)

Author's Response: And here I thought people forgot that catchphrase!

♥ thanks for reading! c:

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Review #13, by HarrietHopkirk 

1st November 2015:




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Review #14, by MelonCoke 

1st November 2015:


Author's Response: Neither can I?? It has been exhausting to write x_x but so very worth it!

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Review #15, by QkStephen 

1st November 2015:
That scene with Picket...
...Truly heart-wrenching. This story has just been so rich and rewarding to all who have read it.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's gone over much better than I expected.

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Review #16, by randomnickname 

1st November 2015:
Oh gosh, dat feels! heart pumping faster after another intense newsroom scene - if those walls could talk they'd had a lot to tell.
I almost forgot how enjoyably loathable Clemence can be - rubbing it in on heartbroken Appy, planing to use the gossip and Albus's trust to propel her own fame, labeling poor Henry as "disposable"- how can she do that and remain so humane to the reader!
I loved the Skeeter-boggart - so many hints on her family and still we know nothing yet, can't wait!
Aand that Henry scene

Author's Response: If there were a portrait in that room, they would have a lot to tell! Can you imagine Snape cringing at all this debauchery?

It was fun writing Clemence going back to her loathsome self. It's been too long! And it's very fun/frustrating to have it mix with the new heroine!Clemence that she still refuses to acknowledge. What's really stopping her from going back to her old ways now that Hogwarts is calm again?

Thank you very much for reading! (Oops, I hope your review didn't get cut off!)

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Review #17, by Dish 

31st October 2015:
Damn, the suspense is killing me, what is happening in Clemence's mind? I love that girl, she's such an amazing character, no wonder you won the Dobby! Keep updating, I await your next chapter :D

Author's Response: You're back! Thank you ^__^ Ha, if she knew what was happening in her mind, I think this would all be easier on her.

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Review #18, by pinkpanther16 

31st October 2015:
So glad you updated! I'm kind of glad you're breaking this into two chapters to stretch the ending out a little longer. I've enjoyed this story from the beginning and I can't wait to see how it ends! Good chapter! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! The chapter does work out better at this length, anyway, and I think it'll give people time to breathe after that emotionally taxing ending x_x I wanted to end it quickly, but I guess I couldn't do it!

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Review #19, by Anon 

31st October 2015:
Ooh - I was NOT expecting that.

You're amazing at conveying feelings, and I want to add how all of your characters are complicated and personal - no one's really just filling a position.

Amazing chapter!

Author's Response: I always found it a little ironic that etc is the most emotionally taxing story to write, and it's by far the most emotionally charged, when Clemence is so anti-feelings! And I think that exposes her heart more than anything else. She cares so much when she does care; there are so few things in the world she believes in.

Thank you very much! c:

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Review #20, by naughtforreal 

30th October 2015:



(Today is a good day to start a cult.)

But as I was saying, just because Clemence doesn't feel it with Al, it doesn't mean she doesn't have a heart. DID YOU HEAR THAT RUN CLEMCLEM RUN

Oh Gina, drive them all off a cliff to end their suffering. (I don't know where all this sadistic tendencies are coming from) ANYHOW, I feel weird about that part with Appy. I mean, was Clemence really that dense around feelings or was it another ship because I'm actually totally fine with Clappy.

But then you have to make Clemence catch Henry looking and in that very realistic second, THE FIRE BURNED


Gah! I know it's not full of feels enough just like I said I would but if you could see how am I scrunching my face right now BAHAHA

I await the next chapter.


Author's Response: YOU'RE NOT A REAL SHIPPER UNTIL YOUR FIRST RITUAL SACRIFICE. In-story shipping is possibly the most entertaining thing to come out of my stories for me. And hey, it's nearly Halloween, probably the only socially appropriate time to dance around a boiling cauldron! Not that we're overly concerned about social norms.

I swear in every fic I write there's a scenario where it's appropriate to chant RUN [character] RUN! But sometimes they don't :( Clemence needs a mob after her.

Clappy is my Sherlock/Moriarty ship. I never understood that ship until I wrote Clemence and Appy. Ambiguously shippy, totally charged confrontations that only get ahem, more intimate later. Appy gets some fun scenes next chapter :D Everyone thinks she's down for the count. Well.

And a surprisingly charged confrontation with Pickett?? Thank Sam Claflin's green eyes. They are carrying the story right now. I almost feel bad for Albus this chapter. Almost.

THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY, DIANNE ♥ me and julia owe you a #1 fan foam finger

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