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Review #1, by Hazel Bludger 

18th October 2016:
"Well, we did have a funeral, but Scorpius had the decency to get better." LITERALLY THE GREATEST LINE IN THE ENTIRETY OF THESE BOOKS

Author's Response: I had forgotten that one!

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

17th December 2015:
HA, Albus and Rose would totally have a time-share agreement over Scorp.

I love Selena. Absolutely bleeding love her. And I really am so glad that Rose genuinely does feel the weight of her actions, she needs to understand that what she did was wrong and rationalising it doesn't make it right. BUT I don't think she deserves to be haunted by that choice.

Oh god Eva's fear at the Weasley dinner is both hilarious and endearing at the same time. Good old Scorpius saving the day. Charts on the Weasley family. CRYING.

And oh the joys of that dinner. The Harry/Ron banter. Scorpius' interactions with Ron. In fact, Scorpius with EVERYONE, Molly especially. I wish James had been nicer, he always makes me sad when he's confrontational. :(

I like that you highlighted not just Eva's lack of experience of a normal life, but also the cultural differences from having an African heritage. And this - ĎIím not going to lie,í said Eva. ĎI thought trifle was a sort of problem.í - amazing.

It would be awesome if Albus and Eva could make this work. And more time spent with the Weasleys and in Al's world would create more for Eva to talk about with them anyway. But I can see how it's daunting as hell for her, it's an entirely different world. Poor girl.

STILL NINE CHAPTERS??! Something else is yet to happen here isn't it.

Author's Response: I think Rose would need a colour-coded timetable. I briefly considered them living together in the ending, if only for a time, but while I figured that could work for Tanith, Tobias and Cal, that would just be downright CREEPY for Al, Rose and Scorp.

Selena is all about people living honestly, but also getting on with their lives. Rose was wrong and she needs to face up to it. But so far as Selena's concerned, who benefits from Rose wandering around wailing and gnashing her teeth forever?

I was SO HAPPY writing 'Eva at the Burrow.' I was also pretty happy to get Eva's Algerian heritage pointed out; she was raised, for her first nine years, by a Muslim mother, and while that means nothing to her NOW, it's still the benchmark by which she gauges the rest of the world. Finally a bit of diversity in STYGIAN MAYONNAISE. :-D

Poor James, he's like my designated berk for the Potter family when I need someone to point out why the cousins are being awful.

Of COURSE Molly loves Scorpius. Because he would lap up her affection and also know how to respond to it, and adore making her laugh? Some people might go quiet and awkward or just roll with it, but Scorpius would absolutely play up to her fussing. It's adorable.

No, it's nine chapters of roast dinners at the Burrow.

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Review #3, by scorprose 

3rd November 2015:
I wont deny i hate Matt. But come to think of it all again in light of the fact that he was the one Rose turned to after losing scorp. He should be the first to understand why she had to do what she did. Its just his bitter ego hurt by her rejection which is cluding his judgement

Author's Response: He understands why. He just doesn't think that's a good enough reason to kill somebody. Even somebody 'expendable,' and Rose did kind of view de Sable as expendable, and that's monstrous, too.

I think Matt's ego is clouding his judgement less than Selena's projecting.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Echo95 

2nd November 2015:
I think it's interesting with Matt and Selena. They're probably the most normal, from an objective point of view, because none of this is normal to begin with. I think what I've found unlikeable about Matt is that he's the type of character who is ambitious, but also believes himself to be deserving of certain things he doesn't necessarily have a right to. For example, he was always right behind Methuselah and Rose in school, and it bothered him. It bothered him that he wasn't as heroic as the others, and that when it came down to it, Rose was still smarter than he was. It always seemed less like he wanted to be her partner than he wanted to possess her. He seems like the kind of guy who would date Rose, but then still be irritated when she scored higher on a test than he did.

The very fact that they were once in a relationship together makes it slightly more unsavory that he is choosing to judge her so harshly, although I agree that he's the only one who can really bring the judgement at this point. However, it almost seems like his rigidity come from a place of "She's always done better than me, I've tried hard my entire life, and now she's finally done something that is so much worse than what I've done and she's just going to get off scot free." Which is a little vindictive...

Author's Response: Matt and Selena are absolutely the most normal of this messed up little bunch. And I would agree Matt is pretty ambitious; I'm not sure he views himself as DESERVING so much as he's always been thirsty to prove himself. He was hungry to do it in Starfall, so gave the historical research his all (and, really, credit for finding the Chalice should go to him first, Selena second; the Trio didn't do half so much as them). It did bother him when he was behind in school, though bear in mind he was sixteen then, and he was actually less stressed at being beaten in school than ROSE was at being beaten by Methuselah (and, of course, Albus in Defence). Though yes, I believe in Starfall Rose does cite that he got cranky when she beat him in tests.

As for who he's become since then - eh, he knows things are more important. He had absolutely no trouble admitting Rose was better at figuring out the ritual to destroy the Chalice. But proving himself has always been a driving factor, and since losing his hand, he now wants to prove himself STILL as competent.

It's a double-edged sword of a trait.

I don't think his condemnation of Rose comes from jealousy of her abilities, though. Maybe naive horror at how much she's changed from who she was. Maybe disgust with himself that he's ultimately going to help cover it up. Maybe sadness that the bright young woman he once loved has now murdered for a man whose death she didn't get over in two years.

It is not a judgement devoid of emotions, nor a judgement devoid of his own damage or his own issues. But then, Selena's forgiveness, Scorpius' obliviousness, are also born of their own biases.

Rose murdered a man and everyone who knows it - in denial or otherwise - is now complicit by hiding it. This is how far they have ALL sunk.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by whykay 

2nd November 2015:
Anyway, I realized from one of the other readers that you could leave a second comment by logging in as a guest - so that's what I am doing.

I agree with you totally that Matt had to bear the burden of pointing it out like it is (usually it is Selena who does the straight talk) - per law - you see that 1) Intention to kill - Check, 2. Action taken - Check, therefore, Murder - Yes.

His condemnation is definitely shaping his character to be unlikeable, but it was necessary - I agree with you that no one else could have probably done it. But he could have done it better - he needn't have reacted as if it was the first morally ambiguous act he was exposed to or committed. There is acceptance, there is acknowledgement, there is calling out, there is condemnation, there is judgment and there is punishment. And there was a place among all of these for Matt to express disapproval and disappointment and yet not abandon Rose. He needs to acknowledge that it was a very hard choice for her to choose between killing Scorpius and De Sable, no matter why that choice arose. Frankly, the only hard choices he had to make was about leaving Rose alone (Starfall) and breaking up with Rose (Oblivion). I hope he does realize the complexities before the epilogue!

So, I am also very keen to know - has Selena ever been invited to the Sunday Lunch at the Burrow? Why not? How did she fare, if she did attend?

And I must must must absolutely say this before I forget and get lost in the moralities and intricacies of the story - I think there should a special award for a writer who manages to update regularly and actually complete the plot as planned - I have so many stories on the list right now and you have been the most regular, with the most interesting and exciting storyline and characters.

I say, take those Dobby's away from those stories which are incomplete - they are SUCH a disappointment!

Author's Response: Selena does usually do the straight talk, but she tends to do it about people being hypocrites or unhealthy. She doesn't tend to do it in matters of morality or judgement, and she also doesn't tend to act superior. Not that I think Matt is explicitly being superior here, but Selena basically doesn't care if she's a hypocrite.

It's true Matt very much went off on one at Rose, though I'm not sure the gang have come remotely close to anything THIS morally ambiguous before (they've rarely even KILLED people in the past; Scorpius was the only one to kill anyone in Starfall, and Rose is straight up the only one of them to kill people in Oblivion). Though it's interesting and accurate that you talk about condemnation and judgement - and then punishment. Yeah, I think a part of his motivation IS to punish. Because he's going to cover it up, he's not going to tell anyone, this makes him complicit in the murder, and that disgusts him just as much. For all his ranting, he could get Rose convicted of murder for what she did, but he's not. So ALL he can do is yell at her. And I think a part of him wants to avoid her not out of punishment or out of disgust with her, but out of disgust with HIMSELF for going along with it.

Selena's never been invited to Sunday lunch at the Burrow; she wouldn't have had an opportunity until after Starfall, at which point she was meeting Rose on her own terms, usually without Matt. More and more did Matt become the supportive friend who visited Rose with her family. She's Rose's friend only (well, Albus', but they've never been THAT close and he was gone for years), not a Weasley Clan friend.

Ha, thank you! I have worked bloody hard on this trilogy, I must say. I think in places it might have benefitted from more planning and a less break-neck speed (Oblivion might be a better story if I'd taken it a little bit more slowly), but overall I'm proud of it. And I'm proud of the output rate, it's been a joy to be able to keep providing you guys with fresh content.

It is a shame when beloved stories don't update, alas, but let them keep their Dobbys. Those guys work hard, too. ;)


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Review #6, by scorprose 

2nd November 2015:
I was a little busy these days to write a review. AAhhh. Heart felt thanks and gratitude for not killing Scorpius. I loved this chapter. Especially Eva's normalcy part. U know they all were meant to have only these worries for their age. But they saved the world and the world changed. If I could get away with a single murder I would still have a dilemma whether to go for Matt or James (Finally Matt). If you are going to do something to Albus now to make the end bitter sweet then I better stop reading this now and pretend all's well so it ends well. You are a devil with your writing and we love you. You had us literally begging at your feet for scorpius and it would be a blast of a twist if u now went ahead and killed Albus. Please please (begging again) do not kill any of the Hogwarts five. Rest anyone we are ready to digest for your sake. Please save Albus.

Author's Response: Ahh, poor James, I feel he should have the benefit of the doubt more than Matt. ;-) James really is just an irreverent youth with responsibility thrust on him he wasn't ready for, ie taking care of his dysfunctional family. He might grow up and get over it.

It was pretty fun writing poor Eva's struggles with normalcy. What makes you think I'm going to kill off one of the Hogwarts Five now? I'm honestly not sure any of you would BELIEVE me if I killed them. Unless it was really, really obvious, like while in their POV or definitely leaving a body.

Okay, I promise nothing.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by fanofgredforge 

1st November 2015:
'youíre going to be free and youíre going to be happy and youíre also going to be guilty. There is no cosmic justice. Just us.í

I am going to miss your writing when this is over :(

Author's Response: Justice = Just Us is one of those puns which floats around. Pratchett and the comedic use in ATLA spring to mind. But it felt ESPECIALLY apt in this time, for these reasons. And I'd like to think it has its own implications and meanings at this time, rather than just being a nifty turn of phrase. Selena's right; at the end of the day, it's just them and their actions and what they can live with.

This story will indeed be over with Oblivion; I have no intentions of writing more in the Stygian verse. But I assure you my writing as a whole will be going exactly nowhere. New project already in the works, and will probably start hitting the archives in December or the new year, likely alongside the latter chapters of Oblivion for a smooth transition.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by electronegative 

1st November 2015:
I can't leave more than one review per chapter? I forgot to say something! Had to log out to leave a guest review.

So Iíve just reread Oblivion starting from around chapter 20 to check out the pacing again. I agreed with reviewers commenting on poor sense of pacing when nearing the climax of the three sub-plots: it does not work well for a piece thatís being updated weekly because when only one chapter is released at a time, I would practically skim through the sections I was less emotionally invested in. The long exposition in Matt/Selenaís plot, for example, was especially hard to get through when I first read those chapters because I was dying to know what was happening to Scorpius/Rose or Albus/Eva. However, on my reread, these scenes flowed much more smoothly because I could go off right to the next chapter. This also had the added bonus of cliffhangers being less frustrating. Itís like watching an ongoing TV series vs. watching a movie. Since this is a novel, the pacing should be more like a movieís, so on my reread I didnít think there was a problem with it.

Author's Response: Thank you for this! Yeah, I figured Oblivion might do better as a full novel than a serial. It's possible I should have just split it down the line of dedicating a chapter to a subplot at a time, even if I'd then swap plotlines between chapters. I guess I didn't want people checking out on a Matt/Selena chapter, though? Which is silly, people love Selena. ;)

I should be kinder with cliffhangers 'cos I hate them too. But I love inflicting them on you. It's HARD. Though you say the pacing should be more like a movie's - arguably this IS a serialised fiction in the same way as a TV show, so I should better pace it in such a way. Considerations for future stories, anyway.

Thanks for this!

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Review #9, by electronegative 

1st November 2015:
Man, I feel like Matt is getting way too much crap from reviewers for being "self-righteous." I think we as reviewers might be biased in Scorpius/Rose's favor ourselves. Matt actually has emotional clarity in this situation because he's not, as Selena once said, creepily codependent on Scorpius. I mean, Rose literally committed MURDER, even if it was to save someone else. And the person murdered was Matt's friend, someone he liked and respected, although they did not by any means have the relationship of Rose and Scorpius (lol) or even Albus and Scorpius. I don't blame Matt at all for condemning Rose, even if I also see exactly why Rose did what she did.

I do find it a little odd that, when Selena said she wasn't going to judge Rose because she'd do the same thing herself, the same thought didn't strike Matt: what would he do if he were forced to choose between the love of his life and someone who... wasn't the love of his life? So while I donít think Matt is wrong to condemn Rose, I do see where people who donít like Matt are coming fromÖ heís not being very empathetic towards Rose.

Your comment about willingness to kill and necessity to kill made me suddenly see Rose and Hermione's conversation about choice in Helluby in a totally different light. Hermione probably thought she was helping alleviate her daughter's guilt, but Rose was actually realizing that she was ALREADY willing to kill to save Scorpius.

Question: who knows that Rose deliberately botched the ritual to sacrifice de Sable, saving Scorpius instead? Out of the main six, it seems everyone but Eva and possibly Albus knows? Scorpius knows because he "knew what she was admitting" when Rose said she wanted both of them to stop punishing themselves outside Teddy/Victoire's wedding, right? The reason for this question is because I'm wondering 1) if Rose will have to face anyone else's judgment for this and 2) if Rose will have to face the LAW - is she actually going to get away with this, legally?

Poor Eva, she's so awkward and adorable when she's trying to fit in with normalcy. I really don't like your version of James! I mean, he's a great minor character and fun to read, but I could never associate with someone like him in real life (for that matter, I probably couldnít date someone like Scorpius either, because heís too emotional, but I still like him). I realize his outburst was caused by concern for his brother but Christ, keep it to yourself until after the peace party. Seriously, attacking his own mother by putting her on blast when she was trying to diffuse the situation, throwing Albus' outburst when he first returned in his face as though it justifies his own... just, ugh. You can tell I'm very firmly in Eva's camp, haha. I have a bad feeling about Albus going to Sri Lanka on his own - they should hold off until after Evaís hearing, or at the very least he should bring someone else with him. He needs someone to have his back.

Great job as always - about 10 chapters left including the epilogue, right? Looking forward to long-awaited answers unraveling. Will there be another Thane appearance before the end? Ooh, I hope he finds out that Scorpius survived the Chaliceís destruction - if he also knows that de Sable died instead, Iím sure heíll be able to deduce what happenedÖ

Author's Response: I do think there's a little bias in Scorose's favour, yeah. ;-) I mean, it works to my advantage as I was a little afraid people would find Rose straight up murdering a guy in cold blood a bridge too far for her to be a likable protagonist, however mitigating the circumstances, but yeah. Straight up murder, and while Matt isn't devoid of bias (because nobody personally involved is devoid of bias), I'm not sure why it's bad for his personal bias to make him condemn Rose, while everyone ELSE'S personal bias makes them part of a condoning and cover-up of murder?

As for Selena being empathetic when Matt isn't, Matt can intellectually understand - as all us readers can. But Selena's BEEN THERE. She lost Methuselah and knows, knows in her BONES, that she would have done ANYTHING to get him back. Matt has never actually suffered loss like the others.

Also he is, I think, a little... disappointed? in Rose. He always wanted her to be free of her grief for Scorpius, and let's not spin this in a selfish way against him; she was obsessing over a dead man for over two years. It was NOT HEALTHY. It was not romantic, it was self-destructive and by that point downright SELFISH. The only reason Rose hasn't actually destroyed herself is that Scorpius came back, so Matt's watched her suffer, watched her recover by a SHEER MIRACLE, and now - now she's gone and murdered someone. Rose's need for Scorpius is basically an obsession by now, driving her to destruction of herself and others. Of COURSE he's horrified. The Rose we met at the beginning of Ignite - the one Matt really loved - was uptight and snobbish, but she would have also been utterly AGHAST at the idea of what her future self has done 'out of love,' to herself and others. You're totally right that Hermione accidentally triggered completely the 'wrong' revelation in her daughter.

Simple facts: Nobody else knows that Rose intentionally manipulated the ritual. Eva's not an idiot and has guessed (two men enter, one Scorpius leaves? She's cynical to connect the dots) but isn't going to do anything about it, we'll see with Albus. The only other people involved enough to begin to guess were Matt's assistants Nejem and Lowsley, and like HELL are they sticking their toes in that pool.

The sad truth is that Rose will get away with the murder of Reynald de Sable because nobody cared enough about him to punish her. Even Matt, his friend, will only punish Rose personally.

Okay I'm going to stop screeding here because I am, obviously, pretty keen for Scorpius and Rose to get a shot at happiness at the end of the day. It's just not EASY. :-D

James has had a tough time of things; he was the irresponsible brat who was suddenly landed with family strife, and Albus has become the outlet for his stress. He gets a little more screen-time before the end and I think in the long-run, he and Al will be okay. But he's had to put up with his family breaking in the worst times, and now everyone's pretending it's all okay. Despite being the eldest brother, he is basically far more immature than the gang, as Molly highlights by pointing out he's been outside of the war.

Al won't be going to Sri Lanka alone, at least! He's going to listen to Eva and go with Rose and Scorpius.

Indeed, 10 chapters left (or 9, the next one's up), and I assure you, all sorts of secrets and answers will be revealed. Though as for Thane, he's been in a prison cell all this time. There's no way he'd know of de Sable's involvement of the ritual to begin to guess how Scorpius survived.

Anyhoo, fantastic review, thanks a bunch!

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