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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

29th December 2015:
I've got to agree with Selena on this one. Did I like de Sable a lot? Yes. Am I sad he died? A little bit.

But Scorpius is alive and Rose is happy and Albus is happy. And no one's dying because of Lethe anymore. Honestly, de Sable would have wanted this too. Sorry Matt.

I'm so happy that Scorpius and Rose are being cute and affectionate and listening to Paul McCartney. And I'm almost even happier that Albus and Eva are drinking champagne out of mugs and being happy.

Oh god, so much happy and there are still so many chapters!


Author's Response: It's probably true that de Sable would have agreed to dying in Scorpius' place. Scorpius would have fought tooth and nail, though. That's the thing; people say 'de Sable would have done it if asked,' but they disregard that Scorpius WENT THROUGH WITH IT when asked. De Sable might have made that choice; Scorpius DID make that choice. We cannot disregard one's choice but use the other's as a justification.

Also, de Sable was never asked. Which is what it boils down to. He was never asked, he never had the chance to make that choice; ergo Rose murdered him.

I love Rose to bits and absolutely sympathise with her, but she straight up murdered a guy. And now everyone is going to live happily ever after, because she murdered a guy.

I think I considered using a different song for Scorpius to sing (I think it was San Francisco), but Paul McCartney was adorably more nauseating. And Al and Eva had to be happy, JUST FOR ONE DAY (wait, that's a different song).

So, this chapter is probably the series in a nutshell. BAD THINGS HAPPENED but aren't they cute.

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

17th December 2015:
Woo, here we go, back for more! I'd like to think this is the final straight, but I suspect I won't reach the end until tomorrow or Saturday. Still, hopefully I'm done in time for the grand finale!

"Scorpius Malfoy and his nine lives". HA. And apparently it's a running theme that none of your characters have wine glasses. How very uncivilised of them.

Oh ALBUS. That was such an adorable monologue that had me internally squealing and very excited. "I love you." FINALLY. GUH absolutely my favourite characters and couple. But I have a feeling it's not going to pan out as I'd hoped, because that would just be too good to be true - evil character is redeemed AND gets the man of her dreams? Hmm.

Do you know, I think I've realised WHY Eva is one of my favourite characters, and it's because she doesn't seem to have any ugly character traits. She's not selfish, she's not ignorant, she's not rude, or spiteful, she genuinely believes she doesn't deserve to be happy because she honestly feels like she has to repent for her past ... it really does feel like she's the sort of person who would have had the potential to go places if she'd had a different upbringing, and I think that's why it's so easy to empathise with her. Because behind all the evil she's done, there is a genuinely likeable person there. And that's not to say she's perfect; far from it. But it's hard to NOT like her.

I absolutely LOVE drunk-with-happiness Scorpius. I've missed him; it's been a while. IGNITE TIME SOON.

Oh Christ, poor Matt. It's absolutely heartbreaking to think of him working his bum off for 4 days trying to work out why de Sable died and trying to discover Rose's mistake for her, only to realise it wasn't a mistake and Rose has just spent a blissful night with Scorpius instead. And de Sable was his friend. (HE WAS HIS FRIEND!)

I see Rose's point, I really do. Especially given de Sable told her that he'd willingly die for the cause. But ... she's wrong and Matt's right. If Scorpius died, it wouldn't have been murder, because he'd AGREED. Of course he didn't WANT to do it, but he'd said he'd give his life to get rid of Lethe, he was willing to do it - as willing as you can be when walking to your own grave - but de Sable had NO CLUE what Rose was about to do. And the fact that she'd planned it, that she'd researched how to switch Scorpius out for de Sable ... it was premeditated and entirely done without de Sable's permission and it was WRONG. Yes, Scorpius living means Rose and Albus don't need to grieve him again, and it's easy to say that de Sable had nobody and no reason to stay alive, but even if that WAS true, that doesn't make what Rose did okay. Not in the slightest. And ... I don't want this to sound callous but I DO hope she lives with this decision, because it's also not okay for her to assume she did the right thing and just carry on with life as though she hasn't just killed someone in cold blood. And I'm glad Matt has called her out on this - because Scorpius isn't going to, and neither is Albus, and she needed to hear it from someone.


I really wish you'd made up contemporary music for the mid-2020s.

Author's Response: Oh God you're back to big chapters.

If I had to make up music for the late 2020s I'd make it something awful like Back to the Future's envisioning of decades ahead. WACKY AND INSANE. Nooo, one thing the Stygian Trilogy has NOT been interested in has been a believable comprehension of the Near Now Muggle/Wizarding world and how they intersect.

Clearly I write utter philistines who don't own good glassware. I'm sure, actually, Selena and Miranda did, though, in all their tea and gin-serving.

Al and Eva are freaking adorable here; they get such a hard time that I never feel guilty or silly giving them cute, fluffy moments. They deserve them, like ardent declarations of love and toasts to their future over champagne.

Eva is a Hufflepuff. I figured this out once and I stand by it. She might be a good manipulator, but those aren't the tools she prefers to use when she's confident in herself; even in Rotterdam she was up-front with the gang. She's courageous, but not showy like a Gryffindor - it took a Hufflepuff to stay behind on Cat Island, and a Hufflepuff's determination to save those people in Cape Town and press on to take down Geiger. And her loyalty to those she has chosen to be loyal to - even Thane, for a time - is unshakeable.

I imagine, in years ahead, Eva might mellow out. She's pretty sardonic, doesn't much suffer fools gladly, and once she's done with her guilt making her give everyone the benefit of the doubt (because she knows she has not one high horse to sit atop), we might see some of the harsher edges which marred her in her past life. She probably would yell at way more people for being stupid in Oblivion if she felt she had the right to.

But you're right; she's not just trying to make amends, she is a GOOD and decent person when it comes down to it.

I think Matt knew all along that Rose did it. He just spent 4 days trying to prove himself wrong and - why do you have to remind me of that movie moment??

Now I must DEFEND ROSE because apparently I am the contrary sod of a writer. I mean, it WOULD be murder, and Scorpius DID choose, but how on EARTH can one treat Scorpius' choice as a proper choice, and not one made under duress? But even THAT doesn't justify in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM murdering someone else.

GOD I am cruel to them, that was such an awful situation.

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Review #3, by GinnyPotterForever 

28th October 2015:
It's taken me a week, but I just finished reading this entire trilogy. In one week, Methuselah died, Matt joined the Five, they were all presumed dead, Matt came back to life, Scorpius died, and came back to life, was supposed to die again and didn't. Wow.

You are an amazing writer. I love your characters, especially Scorpius (he's the kind of guy I could fall for) and Selena (who's awesome).

I hope you keep writing this story forever! I'm really interested to know how Scorpius will react when he finds out Nat Lockett is a part of the Council. And I'd love to see another wedding (hint hint, could be any of the couples now, but Al and Eva would be hilarious!)

Author's Response: Yay, new readers! So glad you're enjoying, so glad you've stuck it out. It's probably been quite a whirlwind ride, considering this story started three and a half years ago! :D

Selena has absolutely been the runaway star of the entire story. I never expected her to turn out as awesome as she is.

Alas, the story will end. Only ten chapters left now, and then the trilogy will be finally concluded. And I couldn't POSSIBLY comment on if there'd be any marriages between now and the end of the epilogue...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Diana Hanson 

27th October 2015:
Oh, I am so angry with self-righteous Matt! He never got along with Scorpious so he would never feel the moral delemma that Rose experienced when choosing who would live. I am also in agreement with Rose...Scorpious did not choose to be the one responsible for righting all of the wrongs of the world. Why should he be forced into sacrificing his life to save the world? I think Rose showed true, steely courage and proved herself to be a true Griffendor! I love this story and cannot wait to see how all is resolved. Someone should stuff a sock down pious Matt's throat! Selena deserves someone so much better!

Author's Response: Rose has a point: Scorpius didn't have much of a real choice. Matt is being very judgey, though you could also argue that Rose didn't really know de Sable so she didn't feel the same moral dilemma against killing him.

Eh, it's complicated. Obviously I think what Rose did could be forgiven, but I don't think it was a GOOD kind of Gryffindor act. I'm not even convinced it was courageous. De Sable was given no choice; as Matt points out, Rose lied to and manipulated him until he was in a position where she could kill him. Even if it was for Scorpius' good.

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Review #5, by RelentlessFire 

27th October 2015:
Oh no... I'm really disappointed in Matt, his morals are really strict, and I get it but during a war people can't afford to think that way. Of course if who started the war initially had the morals, then the war in question wouldn't even exist. So on one side he is right, but as Selena said, they can't really decide what's right or wrong.

Author's Response: Maybe people can't afford to be so strict in a war, but Rose didn't make a choice to save MORE lives, or to bring them closer to victory. Arguably she risked the war effort, because she messed around with the ritual to destroy the Chalice.

This was a choice brought around by the cruelty of wars - nobody was going to get anything remotely fair; either Scorpius died or innocents suffered and died at the hands of the Chalice (arguably it was Matt, pushing for the ritual in the first place, who was making the decision born of war). But yeah, it's still from the same messy place, where Rose has decided that because everything is BAD, that makes everything EQUALLY bad and so justifies her bad act.

I mean, she feels terrible about it - but she does feel justified. She can live with it.

Selena's kind of copping out on judgement because she knows she'd have done the same if it would have meant saving or bringing back Methuselah. That's not a moral judgement, that's a personal avoidance of the issue. Still, Rose is right: everything is, really, pretty damn bad. Poor guys, all of them.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by whykay 

26th October 2015:
Oh I really hate Matt - how was his choice / acceptance of Scorpius dying not a bit influenced by his feelings for Scorpius??? Everything is coloured - the neutral is only a dream - we are coloured by our experience, feelings, surroundings etc. - he really needs to get off his high horse, and stop wallowing like a toddler. Come On! *rolls her eyes*.

As I said earlier, I was all up for double crossing De Sable - but yes, a part of me wished he knew (but it WAS too risky to ask) - but you know what, he lived long and slept for so many years to protect this Chalice from evil hands and he failed utterly miserably and did nothing actually - as good as a pretty boring book.. So, if Matt's looking for an excuse, there it is - I think more than his sense of fairness, it was the kind of fight that Rose fought, to save Scorpius, that he resents. THAT he did so much and she never fought for them. Matt - you need to also get over yourself and get real.

Rose did right - she had to either way live with the guilt of killing off Scorpius, but to live with the guilt of killing of De Sable, along with Scorpius by her side is infinitely better. And I love her dismissal of Matt - that she has to just live with his outrage all her life. Matt should know this - if Scorpius were still dead and she had to choose between Matt and De Sable, she would choose Matt - he should know this. Pretentious git. NEVER LIKED HIM. He needs another arc to become a slightly more bearable character.

Selena and Matt - I just don't see them working, they are rough, patchy - perhaps you should have kept them secodn guessing each other and living through that tension. Selena and Methuselah, yes - HE appreciated her for what she is far more than Matt ever can. I feel Matt still sees her superficially.

I am waiting for answers! :) :)

Author's Response: Matt's feelings about Scorpius only make it easier for him to be angry because he's not BLINDED by affection for Scorpius. Remember Matt wrestled and struggled with the fact that by pursuing the destruction of the Chalice, he was pursuing Scorpius' death. He hated that, but he chose to respect Scorpius' instruction to keep going, to do it anyway. I think readers are perhaps thinking Matt's dislike of Scorpius goes deeper than it does. While they're not friends, they are way past their historical rivalries.

Selena isn't judging Rose because she'd do the same. Albus isn't judging Rose because he'd do the same. I would say they're much more personally biased than Matt is. He's not bitter because Rose fought for Scorpius like she didn't fight for him; he is absolutely furious because Rose lied to and manipulated de Sable to his death. Remember, Matt probably knew de Sable better than any of them; they weren't close, but he knew and cared about de Sable as a person. Rose just didn't; she conveniently saw him as 'past his time'; that he'd had a life already that seventeen year-old Scorpius hadn't.

But it was a life spent ENTIRELY in duty and service. De Sable's choice to dedicate his life to the Chalice makes him no more deserving of suffering than Scorpius' choice to chase the Chalice - which he eventually died for. And while yes, the Chalice was EVENTUALLY found, it was successfully hidden for seven hundred years. De Sable slept for so long to stay hidden, so what he knew couldn't be used. I wouldn't call that failure.

So while Matt is losing his rag a bit, and while I think Rose is more forgivable than Matt does, I do think he's being judged a bit harshly here. Rose absolutely tricked de Sable so she could murder him. For a good reason? Perhaps. It wasn't fair Scorpius would die, either. But it's important to remember nobody was holding a gun to their heads and making her choose which - she went out of her way to kill de Sable instead.

Still! I am actually kind of relieved people don't think Rose is a monster who's gone a step too far and is now utterly unlikeable because she killed de Sable. I was kind of afraid of that, and really, better to hate Matt than to hate Rose (if you hate Rose for this, I don't think this story will end satisfyingly for you!).

Matt does kind of have a mini-arc left, and there is definitely more fodder for him and Selena. While I don't think he does view her superficially, there are still kinks for their relationship to work through - and how he deals with coming obstacles will, I hope, redeem him or at least their relationship a little. It IS still very early days for them both.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Solana14 

25th October 2015:
Ok, now we're seeing the first of the challenges they have to go through to get to their "happy ending." We had to know that Rose was not going to get away with just moving on. She knew it too. What she did was quite deliberate and everyone knows it. She made a choice to save Scorpius's life by taking someone else's.

What a horrible decision to make. What a horrible decision to feel you have to make.

Naturally, I'd have felt better if it had been an accident, or if we'd found out de Sable had agreed to it. But that wasn't the case.

Still... I can't judge her too harshly. Matt does and that seems such a ... Matt thing to do. Selena seems to want to stay out of the line of fire with them, but she still wants to be with Matt. I'm not so sure they'll last, though, especially if Selena continues the friendship with Rose, which she seems to want to do.

Hence the moral ambiguity this story will probably end with.

Still, brilliant job.

Author's Response: Rose knew she probably wouldn't survive losing Scorpius again - though frankly, she never WANTED to survive losing Scorpius. The scariest part of grief can be when you stop grieving. If your life is consumed by grief for someone you loved, at least they're still the most important thing to you. But stopping grieving and moving on? That's making yourself more important - it's complicated, and Rose had a lot of legitimacy to her grief. But she also let it rule her for OVER TWO YEARS. That's not healthy, it's just not, and she should have been able to deal with it better. So one could argue that she was still just running away from her pain when she decided to save Scorpius at any cost.

Of course, there's more to it than that. She did save him - save someone who was being condemned not by his own action and his own choice. Who WOULDN'T choose to sacrifice themselves to save the world? It's not fair to ask him that.

Then again, it's JUST as unfair to ask that of de Sable. And worse to not even ask him.

As for Matt and Selena - we'll see Selena and Rose next chapter, but you're right, she doesn't want to judge her. Matt is, however, level headed enough that he wouldn't try to drive a wedge in that friendship. Rose is not going to be something to draw Matt and Selena apart.

But he is furious; you're right, it's such a Matt thing to do, to judge her, but isn't he also right? Rose lied to de Sable, not just by omission - he was only IN the ritual so she could kill him. It's understandable, so understandable, but boy is it monstrous in its own way.

I personally think the crime is forgiveable, but I don't think Matt's wrong. And yes, this story loves its moral ambiguity. It'll end I think fluffier than people are expecting - but not easily.

Thanks for reviewing!

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