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Review #1, by Hazel Bludger 

18th October 2016:
Okay, real talk, the moment Rose told de Sable that she needed him in the ritual, I totally called her killing him instead of Scorpius. Which is v sad, because he was excited to go live his life, but like YAY SCORPIUS IS ALIVE PRAISE

Author's Response: It's pretty dang harsh of Rose - wait, that's too mild, yeah, Rose has straight up murdered a guy to keep Scorpius alive. But yes, also Scorpius being alive is pretty yay!

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Review #2, by cherry_pop94 

29th December 2015:

Oh god I have waited for so long for this moment. When everyone FINALLY gets to be happy. You know what, I'm even almost over Methuselah.

I have the sneaking suspicion that Rose knew de Sable was going to die. I feel like that's what their last conversation was about. His sacrifice so Scorpius could live. Because earlier de Sable said that he absolutely would give his life to save the world, but he wouldn't kill someone else to do it.

There's still ten chapters left of this! I'm wondering what else there is to find out, because we've got happy Scorpius and happy Rose and happy Albus, Eva, Matt, and Selena. But there's still Draco and Astoria. Where's Raskoph? And the last big one - where's Nat??


Isn't that what Sable did in the end? He gave his life and didn't ask Scorpius to do it in his place.

Author's Response: This chapter is the absolute fluffiest I've written. Except for the looming shadow of de Sable's death and his possible murder at the hands of Rose. But APART FROM THAT it's the fluffiest I've written, and it makes me sad I'm not even being sarcastic.

Astonishingly, it won't last.

De Sable did say he would give his life to save the world, but wouldn't kill someone else. But then again, Scorpius said much the same thing. He was prepared to die. He would never have asked someone else to take his place.


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Review #3, by water_lily43175 

11th December 2015:
Oh snap, de Sable DID die. Wow. I mean, I'm beyond happy that Scorpius is still living, obviously, because to kill him twice would be BEYOND cruel, but ... I liked de Sable. And I really don't think Rose did this accidentally. And oh my days, Rose what have you done. It kind of seems obvious that this was going to happen now, looking back - she seemed to have that thought in her head that there might have been something she could do to save Scorpius, and I guess this was it. And I can follow her thought process - de Sable was old, and without the Chalice what did he have to live for, and some job he did of guarding it anyway, and he did say he'd willingly sacrifice himself for it. But she lured him into that ritual with the intention of killing him, she didn't give him a choice. It's all about choice, isn't it? And Scorpius made that choice, he may have hated it but he still made it ... and de Sable didn't have a chance. And Rose killed him anyway. I just ... UGH this has given me all of the feels because I want to be happy about Scorpius but sheesh Rose not long ago you felt bad about killing people who wanted to kill you and yet now you've just gone and killed someone in cold blood to keep the man you love alive? I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I BELIEVE IN SCOROSE ANY MORE MY MIND IS EXPLODING WITH THIS.

(p.s. great Ron as per)

Author's Response: De Sable did say he'd willingly sacrifice himself, but he ALSO SAID he was looking forward to now getting to live his life free of duty to the Chalice. It should ABSOLUTELY be remembered that he was willing to make the sacrifice - like I'm sure Al, Rose, and Matt would have been prepared to (Selena would pass, thank you very much) in order to save lives. But de Sable never said, 'You know, I would die instead of that Scorpius boy if it were possible,' and he wanted to live.

He wanted to live, and Rose killed him. In part, indeed, because he was expendable. He was the only choice, so she had to kill him, but she coped with it a lot more because he was this guy who'd already had a long, long life, and nobody really would miss him, so surely that's... less... bad?

Or that's more monstrous.

I AM CRUEL (Ron is a hoot to write).

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Review #4, by Guest 

25th October 2015:
I love me some scorose.
Loved this chapter. Ron intimidating Scorpius was hilarious!

Author's Response: I like to think Ron is mocking Bad Cliche Ron here by threatening Scorpius. He MOSTLY doesn't mean it. Mostly. :D Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by H&GLover 

22nd October 2015:
Thank you!! You've made my day!!!

Author's Response: SEE! I can be nice! :D Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by RelentlessFire 

22nd October 2015:
I really had fun reading this chapter!! The descriptions are so poetical!
Love, Giulia

Author's Response: For once I get fancy with my prose. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by electronegative 

22nd October 2015:
This is my first review on this series because I literally can't resist typing up a review anymore. I wish I had reviewed earlier so that the validation of my gut feeling had been recorded and can't be claimed to be hindsight bias!

Anyway, I just knew that this is what happened. The scene where Rose asks de Sable to participate in the ritual even makes me think that she had planned it. Maybe that was when the idea to sacrifice de Sable in order to save Scorpius sparked. And maybe she decided to save Scorpius for her own sake, for his sake, and for the sake of everyone else who cares about him, and decided to take this secret to her grave. Perhaps she justified it with de Sable's age and the fact he'd probably have been honored to make such a sacrifice - like he said he was, when destroying the Chalice first came into question. But she never asked him. Your review response where you commented that Rose must live with the consequences of the ritual makes me wonder if that was foreshadowing, but it was such an ambiguous comment that it could support multiple theories. I'm really hoping that what happened was a result of Rose's heart longing to save Scorpius and her brain conducting the ritual got conflicted, or something, and that it was unintentional, or else her character has gone on something of a descent and I didn't really notice it. I mean, ffs, she was somewhat upset about having to kill Castagnary in self defense not too long ago!

I wish, when Scorpius was easing Al’s concerns, that he had mentioned how HE, Scorpius, someone Albus has supported unconditionally, has also killed people in this war. Sure, he thought he was ultimately doing good that nobody else had the capability to do, so it's not quite the same as the people Eva murdered and tortured, but Castagnary pointed out that what he was doing only sharpened the Council. The last thing that’s certain about all of this is that nothing’s black and white. Eva having lived a horrible youth made it way easier for her to justify the means, as well as a good reason to see her as rehabilitated. Of course, her work with Baz and saving dozens of people in South Africa contributed to that viewpoint as well. In fact, doesn’t her working for Baz, who, as established in your canon in Starfall, is working WITH the Russian government, according to his companion Dmitri (who I think is Dimitri Radimir from Anguis) mean she was technically government sanctioned as well? Then again she didn’t tell Baz the whole truth.

Albus should say the same thing Scorpius pointed out – that Eva is going to be pardoned partly because the deeds she committed were done when she was underage and brainwashed – to any family who disapproves of her. She never betrayed him to the Council in the first place, and I think lying to him about her identity, while in a normal relationship should never be excused, can be justified by her having been brought up to care about the job above all else and by how she acts and what she believes NOW. If Harry invokes the same argument he gave Ron in Deathly Hallows about why it wasn’t okay to brush off Dumbledore’s past anti-Muggle sentiments just because he was young at the time, I would think he’s being ignorant, because he’s failing to realize that, despite growing up with the Dursleys and being the subject of a worldchanging prophecy, he is far more privileged than her. And in practice, Eva didn’t even really have a choice – not seizing any opportunity to break out of bleak oppression in a third world country isn’t so much of an active choice as it seems to those of us who can judge from our cushy swivel chairs and double monitors. It's really more of a survival instinct.

I think those are all the thoughts I have for now, but I’ll definitely be reviewing again with some other commentary I’ve been collecting over the course of this series. And of course, fantastic work on this piece (and Anguis), it’s better than a lot of published fiction I’ve read. Can't wait to check out your next work, although of course I haven't grown tired of Stygian!

Author's Response: Ooh first review! Yay, thank you!

You're absolutely right; Rose actually CONCEIVED of the idea of killing de Sable earlier (I'd have to check when, I think it was even in the carriage with Scorpius when leaving Ultima Thule, she makes some comment about him which is when her brain went, 'lightbulb'), but it was only in the scene you've noted that she knew she could and new she WOULD.

She didn't ask him, she completely lied to even get him into the ritual, and she completely knew what she was doing. And you're right, it's a rapid and vicious descent. I don't think she necessarily became 'hardened' by killing Castagnary, but it made her think about her willingness to kill and the necessity of it. I think she also pitied Castagnary more, which is weird when Castagnary tried to kill her and de Sable helped her.

Scorpius didn't mention his killing of people in the war mostly for the resons you highlighted. He doesn't want to reflect on how he inadvertently helped make the Council nastier. And Albus also killed people in battle, or killed bad people. Eva absolutely murdered innocent people for money and convenience. She did, like you say, live a horrible youth, which is an explanation if not a defence and makes her redeemable. As for if she was 'sanctioned' by Baz (who yes worked a bit with Dimitri Radimir, totally a cameo) - technically she was covered by working for Baz, though she lied to him and lost his protection. Also she didn't actually kill anyone in her time working for Baz, and really HAS spent two years helping fight the Council through the criminal underground, which also works in her favour.

She wasn't underage for ALL of her crimes - she was 19 in Starfall when she murdered the real Lisa Delacroix - but you're right, Albus is onto a good thing with defending her to family. ESPECIALLY the Trio and those who fought in the war and know of more moral greys. However, the family is going to worry about him, and not all of them have his experience of the complexities of war or even the complexities of forgiveness - most of the Next Gen have been fairly untouched by anything but Phlegethon.

Still, your thoughts are bang-on, and I enjoyed reading them! Thank you so much for this review, it's great to hear from people who don't usually write. So glad to know you've enjoyed it and my other stories. Cheers!

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Review #8, by Solana14 

21st October 2015:
Ooohhh... I'm so, SO loving this! We so, SO needed this after fighting a war! :-)

I so hope they'll stay together and work it all out. This story may not be a romance, but neither was JKR's canon a romance, but romance was very much involved. You did... well. BRILLIANT!

Oh, I know we've a lot more working out, and tears, ahead. Can't wait!

Author's Response: I'm a sap deep down; I do need some romance in my stories. It helps me keep turning the pages, helps me explore characters at their deepest and most emotional. I never PLANNED to pair off Matt and Selena, that just happened; I sometimes wish all 6 of my major characters weren't romantically linked to one of the other 5, but eh.

Anyway, yes, this is the fluffy reprieve, the calm before the storm! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Guilty_pleasures 

21st October 2015:
Heart exploded with happiness ten times over.
I'm so glad she killed de Sable and let Scorp live. I've never been so grateful for a character dying in my life. He was super old.
It's ok. I'm ok. Scorp is ok. Rose is ok.
Al and Saida are going to be ok.

This story is the greatest fanfic I've ever read.
Thanks for another amazing update x

Author's Response: De Sable was super old, but he did have most of his life - even his natural life - devoted to the Chalice. That's ALL he did, for decades and centuries. The poor guy never had a CHANCE, even if he did choose to step up and be responsible for it. Arguably, the Five CHOSE to step up and be responsible for the Chalice when they started hunting, and Scorpius died for it.

But now he's dead, simply because Rose loved Scorpius and didn't love him - and could justify it in those ways.

Yet, everyone is, for the moment, okay and happy. Which is good, and nice, and fuzzy.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by yellowpetals 

21st October 2015:
I feel like a criminal posting two reviews in a row, but what to do when I am so forgetful. "Not Fade Away" sounds awesome; it already looks like it's going to be a story with all the feels. Like all the rest, but it seems to me the most challenging of the three. Not only because it's maybe more canon than the rest (we know more about what the characters are like at the very least, even if marginally), but also of course since their fate is "sealed". Although, unquestionably, there will be plenty of your take on the story on all these events.

You have definitely hooked me up already, even though I have a really hard time reading Marauders era stories, because of all the sadness coming from ... we know what. I love them, but it's just so difficult and so tragic. But I will do it this time, even if this makes me a Kleenex loyalty-card owner.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's pretty hard looking to plan a Marauders story, if only because it's Tragic Endings for Everyone. Admittedly I will have a whole host of OCs, because this is written by me, after all. And the fun with them will be you guys not knowing if I'm going to kill them off OR NOT.

It's going to be heavy, but still a coming of age story, and not utterly grim and humourless all the time. Certainly not at first, anyway.

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Review #11, by yellowpetals 

21st October 2015:
Such a totally nice chapter, indeed! So lovely, you had me tear up on:

"‘We’re both past needing the other in order to be someone. But we’re still made better by each other. Does that make sense?’

Scorpius slouched against the table, looked at the crowd, and thought this would be the perfect time to gaze wistfully at Rose - if he could find her in the sea of red hair. He sighed. ‘Perfect sense.’ "

...And then I was sobbing by the end of it. I feel like Scorpius does, I don't want to talk about any of how he is alive, just be happy that he is.

This chapter gave me the strange idea that Scorpius is the Ron in his/this "trio" :D. Loved Ron's "smart girls need somebody to make them laugh line", so cute. Maybe he is seeing it too.

I feel relieved to see Scorpius knows (what Rose has done), and is coping as well as can be imagined. It will be difficult, and it's complicated, as all human-defining STUFF are, and I am excited about all the seriously good writing that is to come regarding this. Heavy stuff, for sure.

Now onto the mysteries to be solved, and the answers to be got. I hope the surprises aren't too nasty. Well, I hope that Scorp and Rose and the rest of the gang aren't snatched away and forced to fight for life and death again.

What is Selena up to, anyway? I'm feeling a girl-talk is coming up soon on. Scratch Al bringing Eva to a Weasley gathering, imagine a Rose-Selena-Eva girl-talk instead, now that would crack me up.

Starting to count the seconds to the next chapter already...

Author's Response: Scorpius' living in denial is, for once, not that unhealthy. Not only has he earned the right to be happy, I think everyone needs a bit of a cooldown time before they start looking at the big issues. And so far as they know, they have the TIME to take it easy for a little bit.

I didn't CONSCIOUSLY model Albus, Scorp and Rose on Harry, Ron and Hermione, but the comparisons are absolutely there. At his worst and most damaged, Scorpius is like Harry - though in his insecurities, more like Ron, and at his BEST - fun-loving, good-humoured, loyal to a fault, utterly adoring of his brainy girlfriend - definitely more like Ron.

Rose-Selena-Eva girl-talk, alas, is not in the cards. I think Eva would just BAIL, Rose wouldn't want to push, and Selena would have to work hard to make it as hilarious as it could be.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by kaeliebear 

21st October 2015:
"Rock on, tipsy Albus!"

That is the best line ever! It's so nice to finally have a fluffy chapter! I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Tipsy Albus says what he's thinking. It was so nice to WRITE a fluffy chapter; I just like to think they're worth more because they're harder to earn. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by whykay 

21st October 2015:
"I’ll let you go.’ Ron nodded. ‘Just remember: blah blah, cliché threats, blah.’

‘Still suitably terrified by “blah”, Mister Weasley."

I rest my case. This showcases your brilliance in these characters, with so much cliche and trope. :)

I still think Rose is just living with her choice and feeling guilty than mourning 'the ritual gone wrong' theme. Scorpius knows it too - you know, from his observation that her horror was true but the surprise wasn't. Albus is just too happy, unjudging and frankly, unconcerned if it was deliberate or accidental.

I do think Scorpius and Rose need to talk about it, when they are on firm ground and I imagine this will bring them closer than tear them apart - in a way, that the last shred of innocence left in Rose is now out - she deliberately offed 'De Sable, knowing it's wrong and still chose to do it and chose to live with that choice forever - just like Scorpius chose to kill with Thane, Albus chose to run away and play 'Dark Wizard Hunter' (I love James!! :)) and Eva, well, chose to move away from killing when she had half a minute to think about it.

I am not sure if these equations fit with Matt and Selena though. Selena especially. Matt, one could argue, went from being a nerd to an action figure, reveling in the world of books and secrets. I wonder if he knew or guessed at Rose's plan / attempt. Selena, I am not sure - but yeah, I think she has overcome her fear of fear of being alone and has chosen to actually work for her happiness.

Moving onto, De Sable and the ritual - I wonder if he knew of this plan or again, guessed or even hinted to Rose about it - I read the conversation between De Sable and Rose and I suppose that's where the glimmer of an idea arose. I don't know / can't say if this went 'wrong' with De Sable's assent. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was - I have a sneaky feeling that when we dropped out of Rose's head, we missed all these conversations.

We still need a lot of answers - Mystery Voice, Draco and Astoria, Lockett and Thane, about why Selena was kidnapped, Lillian Rourke, and of course, Raskoph. I do hope Cassian comes up again.

Author's Response: I like to think this is Ron taking the mick out of Bad Stereotype Ron. He wouldn't do anything and he really likes Scorpius; he just can't resist winding him up.

Albus isn't entirely checked out of the situation, but he's behaving the way he is for a reason. Scorpius - yeah, there's a bit of wilful denial there. I can't lie, it won't come out between Rose and Scorpius right away. I wrote it initially happening very soon, but it made everything... too miserable, too soon. This is the happy era. But you're right to draw comparisons between Rose's choice and everyone else's - they're different, but they're symptomatic of the same issues.

Matt and Selena have had very different arcs in terms of moral compromise; arguably, they've not been pushed there at all. I think Selena knows that better than Matt. Their roles have been more about their places in heroism, struggling with either being or NOT being in a supportive position. Selena, the unlikely catalyst; Matt, the one with something to prove.

For clarity now, de Sable did not know about the true nature of the ritual. I don't think it gets explicitly addressed later, though in this case absence of evidence is evidence of absence. At the very, VERY least, Rose fully believed de Sable was ignorant, and counted on that ignorance. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission - but you can't beg forgiveness of the dead. All we really missed when dropping out of Rose's head was her process of figuring out HOW to kill de Sable to save Scorpius.

We will answer all the questions coming, I hope to your satisfaction. Cassian won't feature on-screen again, but he and the affect he's had on Scorpius *and Rose* will be hugely important. I think the character left with the furthest to go is Rose; most everyone's in the final swing of their arc, but in killing de Sable Rose has one last personal arc to go through.

Thanks for reviewing!

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