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Review #1, by Secret Cupid 

15th February 2016:
Hello! I'm here again! :D

When I clicked on the story, I honestly couldn't place who Ernie Macmillan was! Then I started reading and the pieces came together. He was going to be Head Boy alongside Hermione, so he was from Harry's year. Then he mentions Hannah, so he was probably a Hufflepuff. And that was the point it all clicked and I identified the character! I have such a poor memory, haha!

This was a nice, touching tale. I loved the small part where Ernie remembers the night when they spent the night in the Great Hall in their third year. That's a very sweet excerpt for the friendship of Ernie, Hannah and Justin. 'It would be nice to finally work with someone who was on my level.' - This line paints a more firm picture of Ernie in my mind, he is an able student and is sure of his capabilities.

Poor Ernie, he had just been enjoying his new accomplishment when he got the bad news about his grandmother. I could really feel his pain. It is never easy to lose someone you love so much.

'I left the room after twenty minutes. I couldn't be there when they pulled the cord.' - This one literally broke my heart! :'(

I am so happy I became your Secret Cupid and got a chance of reading all of these wonderful stories. I want to read so many of the others, and although this Valentine's Day event is near a close, I am going to read them soon! You're a gifted writer and I loved all the stories I read so far! Keep writing! I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!

Lots of love
Your Secret Cupid

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review!

You're such a sweet person.

Lea xx

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Review #2, by Secret Snowflake 

15th December 2015:
Your secret snowflake here to give you a bit more holiday cheer. I happened to notice how this story did not have any reviews on it. I felt that this was the perfect story to come leave a review on. Little did I know what this story was going to have in store for me.

I knew it was going to take a sad twist the moment I read the letter but when you described his gran that struck the emotional blow. I know the pain and sorrow Ernnie has felt and I think that is what makes it so additionally poignant for me.

Honestly a lovely job on this. It was perfectly sad in my opinion and very touching.

Author's Response: Thanks dear, it's nice to finally have a little feedback on this story.

Lea XX

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