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Review #1, by nott theodore 

6th March 2016:
Wow, this was an action-packed chapter, I'm not sure I even know where to start with this review to be honest!

I really loved the start with the way that Scorpius and Rose aren't actually that big gossip anymore because of Effy and James. Again, it just shows how quickly rumours can spread and change at schools and, even though it's been a few years now since I was at school, it was easy to relate to and made me laugh.

Again - and sorry if I'm boring you by saying this - I love your characters. They're just so vivid and realistic and I love reading about them because you create such a brilliant cast. Even if they don't all appear in one chapter, I'm pretty much guaranteed to like whoever is in the chapter, which is great.

Yay, Rose and Effy are talking again! I'm not sure Rose was really justified in being so mean to Effy last time but considering she is Aspen's best friend it was probably understandable that she was lashing out and upset over what happened.

Effy figured out her Patronus too! It's so great to see her progressing like that and improving, it's a great reminder that she's still at school and learning and growing and this story isn't just a romance or her having fun with her friends. You manage to keep all the different plots going really well.

Aw, poor Albus, following Poppy around only to get a drink dumped on him :P I feel like that's going to happen eventually, but it's going to be good for him not to get his own way easily the whole time!

And Effy and James were really sweet at the end of this chapter - I really liked seeing how caring he was and that he wanted to make sure she was making the right decision. Although now I'm worried that something really bad is going to happen...

Sian :)
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

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Review #2, by Dixiedox 

2nd November 2015:
Your characters are EPIC
Flashing neon Stars in a bleak grey sky is what they are
Every single one speaks to me and demands acknowledgement, I love it
I would expect it to be only effy, james, albus maybe aspen Oscar and jasmine to be that way
But no I feel it down to just the brief encounter with effy's brother, Romilda vane, ophelia, all these personalities that are just amazing and loud and effortlessly brilliant
Please continue to characterise people the way you do! I would love to see how you write maybe lily potter or Dom weasley? I think you would do such a good job
I'm in awe of your characters they have so much spunk and you should get the dobby for best dialogue
I'm very impressed! Love love love it!
I've reviewed before but I just wanted to enforce again how fun and entertaining and just lovely this fic is to read! Wishing you tons and tons of motivation and inspiration forever!

Author's Response: this is such a cool review haha thank you! i'm genuinely thrilled, like actually smiling- that's such a nice thing to say i think, to compliment someone's characters like that. like i'm very very flattered. thank you again!
and no way am i talented enough for a dobby but thank you!
and also- i'm so so sorry for how long its taken me to reply, but please don't think it correlates to how grateful i am for your review! thanks again for your kind words and reading fa ♥

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Review #3, by Lily 

2nd November 2015:
Hello I reviewed some chapters ago
I just wanted to say that I adore your tumblr page!! It's so cool!! The pictures you choose are so exactly what I imagined myself and the snippets of extra scenes makes me so happy!!
Agh please continue on with that!
And another thing I wanted to add was somewhere I read that you felt a bit disheartened by the amount of reviews you had on the last one or two chaoters and I just wanted to apologise because myself and probably many other anon reviewers are in sorry by nature selfish and lazy, we review once and then expect that to be enough! So for that I applogise I will try to review every chaoter now! And I will urge my two friends who actually told me to read this to do the same!
I really am excited for future chapters hecause I feel like in these primary 16 you've really laid down strong foundations for characters and relationships and now it's time for some drama and plots to kick in! I'm so ready to read this!
Also Id love to see dominique roxanne lily victoire and Hugo and what you make of them? I think you do characters so well I'd love to see your interpretation of them! Good luck for future xhapters and I will try my best review!
Die hard FA lover for life!!

Author's Response: hey dude!
i'm so pleased you like the tumblr page! especially the pictures- it's so much fun expressing the characters and the dynamics of FA outside writing and hpff graphics so i'm so glad you like it hahahah.
and omfg omfg omfg that is SO kind- and now i just feel even worse for being so late in my reply to your review! a month and a half is just too, too long and i'm so sorry for that. i appreciate it so much, thank you! but honestly this review is so kind and lovely like please don't underestimate how grateful i am at the same time!
and yesss- the next chapter is up now and i hope i've done a good job of conveying drama and plot for the last half of the story? let me know! because you're so right, this was the set up of the first half of the story and ch.17 is very much the second half. if that makes sense
thanks again for such a lovely review, i'm genuinely beaming!

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Review #4, by itssine 

31st October 2015:
Just wanted to tell you that yours is one of the James/OC stories (I'm slightly obsessed) that inspired me to finally have the courage to make an account and upload my own. So thank you so much for that!
I was so happy to see this chapter was up, I've been checking back all the time... this is so addictive!! I love the whole Albus chasing after Poppy thing, it reminds me so much of James and Lily the first. And I also loved the lake-party scene... I feel like it really epitomised the whole teenaged-almost-summer-nights thing- florescent adolescence I guess! I also really liked the little exchange between Effy and Rose, I feel like their combined snark and wit could make them a pretty cool duo. Also, YES! at your non-stereotypical-Hemione-clone portrayal of Rose.
And of course the Jeffy! Oh my God. That was soo fantastically written! For some reason I love how he checked she wasn't drunk, it shows a caring side to him, and that he's definitely not a total jerk ahaha. This was such a happy chapter so yes, I am definitely sensing a downhill slope... I can't wait to read! Okay, I'm definitely going to shut up now.


Author's Response: i cannot apologise enough for how late this response to your review is! i'm genuinely very sorry- your review genuinely made my day when i first read it and i wanted to reply in depth, i've just been so busy lately! you know how it is... but sorry again!
i'm so so glad you like FA and you know how excited i am that i helped you in the steps to writing your own story! you've got to update soon, you've got me hooked with a capital H. and yes omfg- the way you described the lake party scene is EXACTLY how i wanted it to come across! i wanted to present this whole story as the fluorescence of adolescence with the lake scene as a particular climax- so yeah, i'm just really glad you picked up on it!
and it was super important to me to portray a side of james that isn't all brawn and arrogance and ego- he is a son of harry, you know? 'son of harry'- sounds quite biblical- anyway yeah. thank you so so much for such an exciting review, and i'm just SO sorry its taken so long to reply!

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Review #5, by Peagreenfluff 

31st October 2015:
The mugging off of Penelope really made me laugh Oscar and effy are the best couple ever!! Love your characters, I really hope you give us a bit more info into what some of the other wotters are like!! Your take on louis and rose and Fred has been so fun id love to see how you portray lily and dominique etc.
Update soon!

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm so glad you like oscar and effy together, they're genuinely so so much fun to write! hopefully i can delve more into the characterisation of the other wotters in later chapters... stay tuned ;)
thanks again for reading and reviewing! xx

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Review #6, by Hotlineebling 

31st October 2015:
These sound like the best parties ever! What a good weekend effy had!
Oh I'm nervous for the downfall of jeffy but also excited to see some form of emotion from james towards her!
I can't wait to read how you do this because everything you write is refreshing and unique
Enthralled by your characters, in love with hogwarts all over again and loyal to this fanfic forever! I'm considering creating a real hpff account just to favourite this story adding it to my reading list on an iPhone just doesn't seem enough!
Hugs and kisses xo

Author's Response: firstly, please let me apologise for such a late reply to this really really lovely review! i genuinely do appreciate it so, so much, i've just been crazy busy recently!
and yes haha i'm actually envious of my own characters! i've been to parties like these, just not in the same weekend. but my friend who does go to boarding school says its just one big non stop party... so hopefully it's kind of accurate? hahaha.
you should so create a hpff account, not just to fave my story (although i'm CRAZY flattered thank you so so much) but so you can start writing your own stuff! i'd so read it!
honestly, your compliments and niceness is just making me absolutely beam. thank you so much- i really do continue on with FA for reviews like this. i'm so so sorry again for how delayed my response is, i hope it hasn't put you off FA! thank you endlessly for reading and reviewing i am so grateful ♥

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Review #7, by Dish 

30th October 2015:
This is absolutely fabulous! Adore the writing and I may be alone in this, but Mikey/Effy is appealing to me more ;) However let's see where things go! Love it, can't wait till the next chapter :)

Author's Response: oh my gosh, really! i'm kind of really excited that mikey/effy is appealing to you? like idk why haha- just be very excited for upcoming chapters ;) thanks so much for reviewing, i really appreciate it! xxx

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Review #8, by Nargles 

30th October 2015:
That party by the lake was so beautifully described!! I felt like I was there! The description was so intense that I actually felt those emotions and like EFFY said the happiest part is sometimes thinking about all the wonderful things to come! It's weird how we all think these things but only some of is (like you) have the talent to write them down in words!
Brilliant stuff! I'm excited to see where this goes next!
Btw I love aspen so much she is by far my favourite character!!
Uodate soon x

Author's Response: oh my gosh that is the nicest and loveliest thing to hear, i'm just ecstatic you felt that way about the lake scene! it was so much fun to write and i'm so lucky that it was actually based off a real life event which was what most likely gave it that vibe- ahhh yay i'm so, so happy you feel that way! and i'm so flattered you think i have that talent, it's such a compliment, thank you /so/ much!
and omg. aspen is my favourite too! people often overlook her for oscar, mikey and jasmine, but she's such a solid gal pal, i'm so glad you can recognise that. thank you so so much for such a kind review, you've made me indescribably happy, ahhh- thanks again! ♥

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Review #9, by Flowertots 

30th October 2015:
Rose wants to ruin her own cousins party as a protest against capitalism😂 I'm really laughing at that - you come up with the best stuff!

Author's Response: oh my gosh haha, thank you so much! i'm so glad you like it! xxx

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Review #10, by Gred 

30th October 2015:
Omg so I'm totally ready for poppy/albus! This is going to be awesome! and I love how my favourite character (effy) was behind them! Go girl she just knows it all! Love love loved this chapter and the others too, the amount of Jeffy has been perfect! Although I'm dreading the down hill of their future I'm also ready to see this angle, I want a frustrated, jealous james and a hurt effy who will grow from this!
So excited - keep writing!!

Author's Response: POPPY/ALBUS IS GOING TO HAPPEN AND IT IS GOING TO BE GREAT. it'll just take a really, really long time, and albus is going to mess up a lot, and poppy is going to throw a lot, but yeah... it'll happen! and yes haha, effy is always getting herself involved in these kind of things! she and james have a lot of growing up to do, and a lot of faults they need to sort out, but they'll pull through. i'm just as excited to write angry james/angsty effy as you seem to be to read it! hopefully it doesn't disappoint- thank you again for reviewing! ♥

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Review #11, by Reign 

30th October 2015:
Hello there
So I've been reading this story for a long time now but only have now bothered to review because I'm lazy like that (apologies)
I have many things to say
1) there is nothing more in my day that I dedicate time thinking about than JEffy
The dynamics between them are so real and raw and alive and everything that one can hope to feel in their life. I completely get the approach you're writing with them. The age difference and different power positions portrays them as quite ugly and vain and that is so REAL and therefore beautiful. They are flawed characters and have so much growing to do and learning about each other as people so that they can respect each other. They are the young lovers that end up getting married but have so much before that to get through so many ups and downs and I cannot wait to read about them because you write it so well
You have made me believe in romance, you make me smile and hope that one day I can feel what I've come close to feeling through just words
(I'm sorry if this makes no sense)
2) your characters and their personalities are so colourful and vibrant that I wish these people were my friends because they are so funny and the banter between them is downright comical. Comedy romance and real contemporary issues blend together in this fanfiction in perfect harmony and the fact that you have produced something so light yet powerful in only 16 chapters says so much about you as a writer
3) I love the character of james, he is so hot and ugly at the same time. I want to punch him and then kiss him better?! He's what every girls wants in their life secretly and Effy is truly lucky to have him
4) your addition of contemporary issues and topical banter is so funny and it makes me want to go to hogwarts and blend into this hierarchy of teenage bliss! It's truly heart warming to read!
5) things that you write about like when effy mentions how the school nurse once thought she had an eating disorder and james' insecurities about not being like his father and grandfather are so awesome because it really shows you give this fanfiction time and make sure it's a balance of the serious and light hearted. Just like life is
6) lastly I just want to say that this fanfiction is the type of story that stays with me, one that I think about in my spare time. The type that day dreaming about gets me through a tough day at school and is an escape to my problems. Truly thank you for having the consideration to put your thoughts to paper.
I wish you the best and hope this review was not too strange
Good luck for future writing and know that whatever you write is making someone smile and offering a solace to their problems! I'm not sure if I will review again but I'm glad I got the chance to communicate with you at least this once
Lots of love xx

Author's Response: ohh my god. this review totally made my day, i felt genuinely breathless after reading it. like where do i begin? i can't stop beaming, i couldn't be happier than you've decided to review! it genuinely means so much, and it's just so motivational for me to keep on writing fluorescent adolescent, i always say this but i really do just write this for those that want to read it, and i'm just so, so happy that you've decided to leave a comment, it actually means the world!! and woooww what a review! i think this review is the one of the nicest reviews i have EVER gotten, you've made me so so happy hahahaha ♥

so firstly- i can't even put down into words how happy i am that you like jeffy so much, and your description of them is just like. YES. OMG YES!! that is EXACTLY what i was going for, no teenage relationship is perfect (and if it is, chances are one of them isn't feeling the relationship you know?) and i really wanted to capture that with james & effy, neither of them are perfect, and they've both got a lot of growing up to do, i'm so so glad you can see that! you've really made me beam with excitement- that is such a great way to put them, yeesss!!

and i am THRILLED you like my characters so much! i'm always scared that there's too many involved, and you've just totally eliminated that fear! you've totally made me want to write and write and write fluorescent adolescent, all the way to the last chapter, just to give you more as a way of thanks for this unbelievable review. perhaps it helps that i'm the same age as these characters so i'm really quite living their experiences (except, you know, the magic and stuff) but yeah, as somebody who wants to be a writer when they're older, you've said things that have given me so much confidence- just made me so, so thrilled, you know? i can't thank you enough!

lastly, i couldn't be happier that this fanfiction helps you in real life, like as a means of escapism and stuff. i know so so well what bad days can be like- my form of escapism from daily antics are tv shows on netflix, and if this is be that for you i feel like i've really accomplished something! i'm so happy it helps you in some way or another!

you've totally made me go and polish up, re-draft the next chapter. hopefully it'll be up within the next week, and please do review again! you've motivated me so SO much and you've honestly made me indescribably happy. i want to communicate with you again! i want to hear what you think of upcoming chapters! but if not, that's fine, this review has honestly made my LIFE and i'm just so, so happy right now. thank you, thank you, thank you! THANK YOU! ♥ ♥

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Review #12, by Luna 

29th October 2015:
The Jeffy in this chapter killed me. It was simple beautiful and so powerful! I honestly love them as a couple so much and they are my favourite ship I have ever read. Honestly they deserve fanfiction to be written about them!! Xo

Author's Response: OMG YOU'RE TOO TOO KIND THANK YOU SO MUCCCHHH, thank you thank you! i'm /ecstatic/ that you like jeffy so much! ahhh ♥

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Review #13, by Lol x10000 

29th October 2015:
Hey there just wanted to say that I really enjoy your take on rose ive never read about her like this and I really hope you expand on her character more and we get to see more interaction between her and effy! Because effy is lovely and I just know she won't judge Rose! Amazing chapter btw, the scene with the lake had me remembering summer! Effy's life is literally my dream!!
Can't wait for more x

Author's Response: hey! i'm so excited that you like my take on rose, oh my gosh i have ALL these ideas and potential plots for her and rose in the near future, especially for the duo in their seventh year, hopefully you like them ahaha- ahhh thank you so much for this lovely lovely review! and i actually wrote the lake scene in summer, i do love autumn but nothing beats spontaneous summer nights- so i'm so glad i could capture that. thank you again for such an amazing review and you know, just for reading in general! means so much!! xxx

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Review #14, by Radiohead 

29th October 2015:
Woah !!! so I read on tumblr that apparently this is the new clash so obviously being the fanfic obsessed freak that I am I had to check this out and read all 16 chapters in one day
And hell to the freaking yeah this is so the new better and fresher dose of clash
I cannot even explain in words how cool funky and exciting these words you have written are
Effy is a crackling flame man! an independent, fierce fire cracker that no one can tame not even james and I love that!
The plot is easy light hearted and quick to follow and your characters I bet you don't even need to be told are the type of geezers every british girl should have in her life!
Chapter 13 was my absolute favourite but this once certainly came a close second!!
Cannot wait to read more and please can we have more of aspen and Oscar in the next few chapters I just love them!!

Author's Response: oh my god, i'm just scared you're pranking me here. somebody said that on my hpff tumblr page and i freaked the fack out, you know, because like clash was so unbelievably good- pretty much everyone's all time favourite next/gen, most likely- and yeah, no way can my story even COMPARE to clash! and so you saying that has made me get a bit of a lump in my throat, i can't stop beaming but also like, no WAY!! i think i'm blushing?

"geezers" hahaha, my ex-boyfriend used to call alan sugar that- thank you so much! and i LOVE your description of effy, that is exactly what i was going for, YESSS! thank you! i want to quote you and put it as the story bio! thank you so much!

you've made me indescribably ecstatic, thank you so much. i want to write an extra aspen/oscar scene for the next chapter to prove how happy you've made me, i think i'll go do that now, thank you again!! ahhh ♥

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Review #15, by Thursdaygirl 

29th October 2015:
No!!! I'm scared for JEFFY going down hill:( I love them too much
I'm very very impressed by this chapter and how you've maintained interest! Normally at this point light romance gets boring but you just make me want to read more and more and more!
This is my favourite fanficyoon at the moment and I've recommended it to all my nerdy Harry potter freak friends so I applogise in advance for more crazy fan girls begging you to update more because I just know they will be just as hooked as me!
What more can I say ERM basically this is just pure loveliness
You know when you take autumn walks and the sky is blue and the leaves are all sorts of shades and there's nice wind and good music and you think woah I love life this is that in a story
I really really love it and I cannot wait to read more!
(Fingers crossed for JEFFY and can I just say I love rose and effy! Rose is so interesting to me because you do her so differently and effy is honestly one of the best oc's I have ever encountered. I want to be her. Her personality and views are just woah, the fact that you weave important issues like feminism in just make her so much more special than your everyday vain MARY sue)
Love it update soon! And I hope you stay inspired for this story forever because it honestly makes me and I'm sure so many other people so happy. It puts a smile on my face everytime I read more! Truly well done you are so talented

Author's Response: hey hey hey!!

you know what, i'm kind of happy that you're scared for jeffy going down hill, because it just shows that you like them as a couple and like the next chapter isn't going to be pretty but ultimately their rollercoaster has to come back up again, right?? because honestly they're kind of based off chuck/blair (from gossip girl, do you watch?) and. that couple ended up getting married. sooo... ;)

i just can't thank you enough for like. EVERYTHING. !!! you are so, so, so kind and lovely and amazing and i'm beaming as i re-read your review, thank you to the moon and back, thank you!! you've totally made my day, i can't express just how grateful i am for your review- but i'm beyond words. thank you endlessly and infinitely, thank you!! (and i LOVED that paragraph, that was me today hahaha, i love autumn days like that!)

and i'm so glad you like this take on rose. i kind of wanted to challenge this neo-hermione take everyone's seemed to lump on the poor girl- my good friend, like rose, also has quite famous parents, and she's even crazier than this rose is, which kind of makes sense, you know, rebelling against your parents and the society that worships them. but my new story- it's called catastrophe- characterises rose just like her most typical form, all prefect-y and popular and kind and nerdy/ish. so yeah, really different from this rose! AND I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKE EFFY BECAUSE SHE IS JUST, you know, i just love effy so much, i've weaved so much of myself into her! thank you thank you thank you!

you've totally inspired me to finish up the next chapter; hopefully it'll be up in a week or two. thank you endlessly, i'm actually speechless! you are so kind- thanks INFINITELY. lots of love ♥

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Review #16, by hpffluvss 

21st October 2015:
Oh my goodness. I saw on tumblr that someone called this the new Clash and i completely agree with that person. This is such an incredible story and it has such great characters. You do it so well with how you let your readers get to know more about the characters. Like i totally feel like they are real. And the JEFFY feels is this chapter basically killed me. Seriously can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: OMG WHAT NO STOP!! I AM GRINNING LIKE MAD- that is the most FLATTERING thing anyone has ever said, thank you so so much, i couldn't disagree more but i appreciate the idea so, so SO so much omfg!! like whaaat!! thank you!!
and regarding my characters- i can't get over how many times i'm saying 'thank you' in this response but it's all i can really muster. i think i'm really quite overwhelmed; this is so exciting. i couldn't be more grateful, thank you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #17, by MagicInMe 

21st October 2015:
Literally this is my favourite fanfiction like ever, honestly love your characters and your writing style so much! you're breaking my heart saying it can only go downhill from here for Jeffy though...please update soon already looking forward to next chapter xx

Author's Response: thank you so, so much! i'm so glad you like fa- reviews like yours really do make my day. i want to push through another chapter by early november, so hopefully that'll make up for downhill jeffy! thanks again for such a lovely review xoxo

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Review #18, by Notjustarandomgirl2 

20th October 2015:
I love your story, it is written in a very professional way and kind of is addicting!
I couldn't get enough from it and had to read it till the last update and I really can't wait for you to post a new chapter. I adore Effys and James relationship, even though at the beginning of their relationship I was thinking that she let a lot of his mistakes slide easily and I detested the way James made her feel like she is actually in the wrong etc. and would never explain something without her having to ask him. Still, this one is my favourite couple out of all the fanfictions I've read yet
Keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: you're so so lovely! thank you so so much- you're making me beam with excitement hahah, thank you again!
i think with effy and james, you know, the age difference between the two is so much more important when in a school environment for power positions, and i wanted to highlight the kind of uglier side to school relationships like that rather than make it all yay teen love, you know? so i'm SO glad you took that observation! he's got a lot of growing up to do, as does she, and i'm so excited to write it all- and jeffy are one of your favourite couples? literally wHAT! that makes me so, so happy. thank you infinitely, endlessly, forever and ever ♥ i'm grinning!

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Review #19, by JT4HP 

20th October 2015:
(Oh my god no don't let it go downhill from here)

I liked this chapter a lo.t. I love how fiercely independent effy is but also how much she does like James. It's such a good medium between the two.

I feel like effy and James need more love. Please don't make them go downhill :( I I'll be so sad

Honestly great chapter though! Especially loved the ending but about his jersey ;)

Author's Response: oh my gosh, i couldn't be happier that you like this chapter- and most importantly, effy! 'fiercely independent' is exactly what i was going for, yes yes yes! thank you! and don't worry- jeffy have a looong road of ups and downs, they'll have plenty more love in the future, but i'm sorry (and kind of glad haha) that it'll make you sad- hopefully poppy/albus plot lines will kind of make up for it?
thanks again for reviewing! it means so much! xoxo

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Review #20, by hplover101 

18th October 2015:
omg no plz jeffy are the cutest thing ever I don't think I can handle them going downhill. Amazing chapter, still in love with this story-who isn't? Also loving scorpius and rose, and really like how you write Rose. Can't wait for the next update! xo

Author's Response: thank you so so /sooo/ much for reading and reviewing, especially for such lovely words! james and effy are stronger than i've portrayed them to be, they'll pull through. hopefully? is that a spoiler? idk. and i'm so glad you like this characterisation of rose! thank you again for reviewing! xxx

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Review #21, by ScarletRoses 

18th October 2015:
I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that when James is away for such a long time, there is something else going on rather than just "Homework". :/ I really, truly hope I am wrong.

I am wrong, right?

But I LOVED the Jeffy in this chapter. It made me wish I was young and in love again :( Damn marriage and children and crap.


Author's Response: i really don't want to ruin anything- hopefully i can push out another chapter for november, so you'll see then aha! thanks so so much for reviewing, i really appreciate it- and i couldn't be happier that james and effy got that reaction out of you, young and in love is exactly the type of chemistry im going for so thank you! thank you so much! xxx

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Review #22, by cocopops 

18th October 2015:
Aw, I like them together, but I'm sure something will happen. Yay for Rose not being an emo anymore

Author's Response: thanks so much for reading and reviewing! im so glad you like them together, thanks again for your review xxx

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Review #23, by WhiteFeather 

18th October 2015:
Ooooh thanks for the update! This chapter is fab. Now I'm thinking 'what could possibly go wrong...' because it's after this point that something always goes wrong. I love James and Effie's chemistry though!

Author's Response: i couldn't be happier you liked this chapter! thanks so much for reading and reviewing- so so pleased that you like their chemistry, especially as they're such an unconventional duo. thanks again for reviewing!! xxx

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Review #24, by xoxo_jpotter 

18th October 2015:
Omg I saw this the second you updated, but as soon as I clicked on it, my boss called me to come in early! But the fact that I was going to read this kept me motivated through work! And it definitely didn't disappoint! (Sorry, you probably don't care... I'll actually review now)

I love how naturally you put descriptions in! In some stories, people either put in way too many or not enough, but you've definitely maintained a balance without taking anything away from the story.

James and Effy make me so excited, and I love every moment they have together! Do you know how much longer this story is going to be (or you could just never stop. I would be fine with that)

Don't stop referencing Victoria's Secret! I love it! I also love that your face claims are VS models (Taylor Hill is perfection!) And in case you haven't heard this enough, your story is fabulous! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

I always start reviews with so much to say, but then I forget. I'm sure there's a lot more, and I'll remember it as soon as I press submit...

Stay fabulous!


Author's Response: ahhh what a compliment, thank you! i'm so pleased it didn't disappoint, i HATE looking forward to reading a chapter when it's all filler-y and stuff- so yeah!! double happy!!

your review has really really made my day, especially your compliments about my descriptions, because it's more personal to writing technique than, say, character love or plot you know? so i'm SUPER HAPPY about that but honestly i'm just so excited about this review in general, like i think i'm blushing, i cannot thank you enough! i've got such a smile on my face ahhh!! thank you x 10!!

and i'm so with you on victoria's secret. i like LIVE in my pink tracksuits and sports bras- and yeahh!! i love my face claims being vs models!! it's such a struggle being a feminist and also being /obsessed/ with the fashion show, but whatever. bigger problems n that.

thanks again for such a lovely lovely review, i appreciate it so muuchh ♥

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Review #25, by pottered  

17th October 2015:

alright so ohmygoddd, i loved loved /loved/ this chapter so much that i just can't stop grinning, it's starting to become sort of creepy. /any/ways, the jeffy in this chapter!!! sooo unbelievably cute, im SO in love with both of them.

and can i just say mikey is so adorable!!! as well as, albus! he's so determined to get poppy to agree to be his girlfriend; so cute! i absolutely love your representation of the potter brothers, the characterisation is /so/ great.

effy!!! effy, my FAVOURITE protagonist. im so happy she finally conjured a corporeal patronus and that also a swan!! it's very fitting, honestly. her happiness was sooo cute, i couldn't stop grinning at the part she goes and tells oscar and aspen. ohmygod, that bit was hilarious! oscar's ignorance and indignant at veronica, aspen's unicorn blood dialogue, and then: "you dungbomb ogre. hahaha." ohmygoddd, i laughed so hard at this. i LOVE your humour.

ok, ok, im trying to keep in a squeal, but eeeppp!!! JEFFY JEFFY JEFFY!!! i loved their scenes so much, especially the end!! so freaking cute. i just went heart eyes at that. and the fact james considered if effy was drunk or not made me love him even more (and i didn't think that was possible but here i am)

i loved loved loved this sooo much!!! my favourite chapter after the hogsmeade dance one, i think, yes. and, aw yeah /: reviews are so important! it's so nice that you're addressing this topic, people need to know that reviews do really matter and if they just take a minute to leave, even a small review, it will contribute so much to the story and encourage the author to keep writing.


Author's Response: oh my gossshhh! your reviews make me indescribably giddy- and i could not be more excited for your new james story!! like whaaatt!! cannot wait to read it ♥

i couldn't be happier that you liked this chapter! and your comment about the potter brothers is really flattering and reassuring, i feel such a responsibility to portray them in a way that is realistic to not only teenage boys but to the children of rowling's harry potter, like you know? so thanks a loottt!!! i really appreciate it!!

and i'm very happy you liked the dungbomb ogre comment hahaha. that scene was slotted in at last minute after i was on the phone to my old camp friend reminiscing about our cabin's own veronica clearwater-esque roommate, so it's exciting you liked it as it has such personal connotations you know?? ahaha thanks again!!

i'm just so SO pleased you liked this chapter, i'm actually beaming at my laptop! genuinely! i can't thank you enough, but you've motivated me immensely to get going on my next chapter, hopefully it'll be up by the beginning of november? half term n all that jaazzz (school? what school?)

thanks again you ROCK ♥ ♥ !!

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