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Review #1, by Hazel Bludger 

18th October 2016:
EVERYTHING HURTS even though I want to believe he lives because he has to live, yes? I don't know if I'm full of hope or denial or I'm right, but it's not fair that he has to die and I hope everyone is wrong about him being tied to the chalice

Author's Response: *whistles innocently*

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

11th December 2015:
Oh Christ, this chapter brought out all of the tears. To do what Scorpius is doing here - walking to his own death, much in the same way Harry did - must take a kind of courage beyond anything I could even imagine. Too much, WAY TOO MUCH emotion. And you've written it so damn well. Amazing stuff, seriously well done.

HOWEVER, you've got me with Rose's little glance at the end, and I THINK I'VE JUST REALISED WHAT SHE'S DONE HOLY COW IF SHE HAS THEN THAT IS JUST...

Author's Response: Scorpius is brave, and trapped. It's an amazing thing to do, to give up your own life to save thousands, and yet how do you walk away from saving thousands?

It's brave and yet it's not even a choice. It's something anyone should do, and yet he still steps up to lay down his life. I really wanted to get that contradiction, because that's the basis of Rose's argument: how do you REFUSE to do what Scorpius was doing, it's not fair, its not a fair thing to ask him of him.

And yet Scorpius DID choose this anyway, so shouldn't that choice be respected?

Poor kid.

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Review #3, by RelentlessFire 

16th October 2015:
He can't die again!!! I thought Rose was going to kill De Sablé!!! No I HAVE to read the next chapter!
Update soon
Love, Giulia

Author's Response: If Rose were going to do that, would she really tell anyone?

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Martina Lynch-Finn 

15th October 2015:
I am in love with this trilogy! Please keep writing, I cannot wait to
finally read the ending :) The quality of your writing is brilliant, I've
been really drawn into the story, the characters are so interesting,
and the plot twists are so exciting. Looking forward to reading the
next few chapters xx

Author's Response: The ending is written; all I do now is polish it and send it out to be read. Oh, and work on future projects. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Martina Lynch-Finn 

14th October 2015:
I am in love with this trilogy! Please keep writing, I cannot wait to finally read the ending :) The quality of your writing is brilliant, I've been really drawn into the story, the characters are so interesting, and the plot twists are so exciting. Looking forward to reading the next few chapters xx

Author's Response: The ending is written; all I do now is polish it and send it out to be read. Oh, and work on future projects. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Romana 

13th October 2015:
At the end of chapter 42 I read it as thou rose had found a solution to save scorp but I also got a very bad feeling that you plan to kill off rose. But you said it will have a bittersweet ending. Saving scor and killing rose is not bittersweet it's tragic , so I stopped pacing the house. Then I started pacing again, if not rose then who. Chapters 43, 44 I spent in tears. So now I am crying and pacing the house. Now To distract myself I turn to the one thing I have been wondering about for sometime and ponder, what the hell was mirander travers going to say to scorpius before she throw up on him?

Author's Response: It's true, EVERYONE IS DEAD is not really bittersweet. I suppose I could even go so far as to say bits of the ending will be happy, it's just - the kids have to go through a lot and do a lot to get their happy ending. So it's not all sunshine and roses. No puns intended. But we'll see. I think my epilogue turned out fluffier than I expected.

'What was Miranda going to say to Scorpius' - that's an *excellent* question! I think she was actually going to try to smooth things over with him. She'd had the summer to think about what she'd done, and I honestly think she'd expected him to hit back at her with the exact same tactics she used (smearing her name, which is why she pre-emptively smeared his first, even if it was by lying). When he didn't, she was surprised. Taking summer to think about it, and not actually being that caught up with Hector (seeing as she went nowhere near him since he got with Rose), I think she knew she'd been a bit of a brat. I don't think she wanted to publicly confess her guilt, I don't think she was there yet, but maybe start to try to make things right.

Unfortunately, Phlegethon happened.

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Review #7, by kaeliebear 

10th October 2015:
So I sobbed through the last two chapters. I could barely read them through all the tears. My heart broke for Rose and Scorpius. I really hope we haven't come all this way and fought so hard for him to just die. Those two need a little bit of happy because they've been royally screwed over by the forces that be for awhile now. But knowing you, there's no telling.

Author's Response: There is more than the audience knows at play here. Whether it's something to save Scorpius or just to give more context- who can say!

It's true that people could do with a break. But the question is if the break comes now - or in the long term.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Pumpkin 

9th October 2015:
So the ritual is finally here. Very clever / fitting to have the first and last parts of the trilogy climax with a ritual (I assume this is the climaX of Oblivion?). Rose definitely has something up her sleeve. Whether it works (or works the way she intends) or not I suppose we will see soon enough.

What I really love about all the hints you've been dropping is that they don't just fill your readers with hope for Scorpius but also with apprehension for how his life might be saved and what that means for Rose. She's dropped out of narration the last few chapters, and that's really telling... I think that conversation Rose and Hermione had about having to live with your choices is going to be really relevant in the end.

We are going to be mourning something at the end of this- whether it's Scorpius,the last shred of Rose's innocence or the pure love they shared (if her solution wasn't one she could share with him pre ritual, I doubt it's something he will be able to forgive her for. "I'm sorry... you don't understand." Yikes!) Or maybe something else...

Whatever the case, the real emotional stakes for the reader are all indicative of a great writer. Congrats on the dobby! It's definitely well deserved.

Also, I loved the line that went something like 'it ended too soon because the oceans weren't dried up and the stars hadn't fallen yet'.

Author's Response: This is A climax of Oblivion, but dramatically this is much more in-line with the claiming of the Chalice in Starfall or the prisoner exchange of Ignite. I won't say the BEST is yet to come, but more is to come; Raskoph and Thane and the face in the fire and Draco are all still issues.

You're right, it is absolutely a deliberate choice to drop out of Rose's head for the last few chapters. You're also right that, 'what can you live with' is basically the theme for the final arc. We're kind of past 'what do you deserve', and somehow I guess Oblivion's answer has been, 'It doesn't matter what you deserve, there is only what you get.' Which is a kind of maudlin theme, and not one I deliberately set out to write!

Thank you for the congratulations! Absolutely thrilled with the Dobby. It's a pretty great capstone on the final furlong of the trilogy.

The line you quoted - originally that was written when they kissed in front of Ultima Thule, it just plonked out from my keyboard and I thought, 'No, this is too good to use right now.'

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Giù9 

9th October 2015:
It just occured to me that I started reading Ignite about a year ago. It was during the first week of October because it was supposed to be a reward for passing an exam XD and it's sad knowing that it's coming to an end. You have always done an excellent job at making me cry, and this chapter did not disappoint. I love/hate cliffhangers like that. I'm dying to know what happens but at the same time, I am not ready for next chapter yet.

Author's Response: There's still a way to go until the end! And I'll still be writing more, I absolutely promise. Though not with these guys; they will have earned their rest, free from my meddlesome influence.

I'm pretty cruel with cliffhangers, I know. And I'm not that sorry.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by EarthsTrueGreen 

9th October 2015:
If you don't some how try to save Scorpius again, then I think you will kill off Rose. I mean killing the one you love, even for the right reason, is something that a person just doesn't get over. I can't imagine her trying to have any semblance of a normal life after this. I mean relationships would be out and she would probably be really career driven, but this is way worse than her at the beginning. Yeah she may be more accepting, but I think her life is forever and permanently scarred. Anyways, you said in a review response that it would be a satisfying ending and that's why I think you're going to hack off Rose. If Scorpius doesn't live, then I can't image Rose just coming to terms with it as being all that satisfying as her dyig would be. But, as a loyal reader, I TRUST that you still have some tricks up your sleeve (I mean you did bring Scorpius back to life when you had almost everyone convinced that you weren't going to). Also, you keep saying that this is Scorpius' story and yet there is still a lot more chapters left, so... Anyways, thanks for the quick update. I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: It would be quite a lot to end this plotline with just, 'And Scorpius is dead.' I mean, obviously I might kill him, but there would need to be more to it for it to be satisfying; we certainly don't have all the answers yet.

Then again, if Rose died, wouldn't that just make everyone equally miserable?

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by missdagane 

9th October 2015:
I'm waiting for the next chapter. I'm just horrified at the idea of Scorpius Sying. I don't want him to go.Rose gave me some hope: she has something in her mind, on the left side was de Sable.. But with you, I'm never sure. If you have to kill a character, you do it. I hate the cliffie.

Author's Response: Poor de Sable, everyone's super keen for him to die to save Scorpius! Not that he wants that, he'd kind of like to have his life back, poor guy.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by scorprose 

9th October 2015:
There is a reason why Rose looked to his left. De Sable is on his left... She is doing some weird switching between them. Or I don't know . Aarrrggh update next chapter soon. I can't sleep...

Author's Response: Interesting theory. Do I seed clues like that? WHO CAN SAY? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Guilty_pleasures 

8th October 2015:
Oh my god. Rose. You're going to kill off Rose.

Like she had some atrocity to confess to
A different kind of truth
"I learnt a lot from Methuselah"


Author's Response: I shouldn't really admit how pleasing it is to watch everyone lose their minds over theorising and cliffhangers.

I swear I'll be kinder to you guys some day. I could write fluff, right? That's possible?

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Review #14, by Derek 

8th October 2015:
Damn so unfair with the cliff hanger. Yes my eyes watered while reading. Cant wait to read the next chapter!!1

Author's Response: I am, I fear, very cruel, and forever a cliffhanger user.

You know, I promise, some day I'll give you guys a nice cliffhanger.

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Review #15, by Hats For House Elves 

8th October 2015:
I can't tell if i'm excited or nervous for the next chapter. Part of me thinks you'll have a clever twist up your sleeve. Part thinks that you're just not afraid to kill off characters.

I will live in hope


Author's Response: It's so hard to reply to reviews to this chapter, 'cos it's not over yet! It's very nice that you hope, however. :-D


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Review #16, by Tina 

8th October 2015:
I've been reading this dtory for ages, and I can't believe that I haven't reviewed it yet. This is probably one of the greatest fanfics read ever. I'm consistently impressed with the way you keep me interested, the well developed plot, depth of the characters and the amazing way that hou are able to evoke emotions from your readers. Cant count the number of times I've cried reading this series. Amazing stuff- I'm excited to read the rest.

Author's Response: Eee, always glad when long-term readers pop in to review! Though I appreciate people just enjoying my work in the first place. And if I'm making you guys cry, so much the better (I can be cruel and capricious on occasion).

So much more to come, but thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by scorprose 

8th October 2015:
I don't want you to go, Scorp. Neither of us want you to.

Brilliant writing. I can feel myself as the seventh person standing in that chamber seeing him go and hearing him say he doesn't want to all the same. Gut wrenching. Bone chilling. Heartbreaking.
Just for celebrating your winning the Dobby make him live. He is the heart and soul of Ignite. Save him please.

Author's Response: Nobody wants him to go. :-( And despite his heroism, he really, really doesn't want to.

I'm glad this chapter came off well; it's obviously a major one, but it was very hard to visualise beforehand. When I did sit down to write it, SOMETHING flowed well and I trusted it, but it's always hard to tell if I'm vomiting gibberish on slightly off-beat scenes like this. Very happy to know it was impactful.

Scorpius would be super mad if I killed him right as his story won the Dobby, wouldn't he? Alas, saving him is beyond my power.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by whykay 

8th October 2015:
My heart is broken. I feel like weeping. Scorpius coming back was actually a goodbye to all of them, setting them straight, properly settling them in and yeah, being the Official Meddler. This is just too sad - Scorpius and Rose have been the most tenacious characters. But I do keep a fraction of the hope alive - you still have a long way to go and provide a host of answers. BTW, I do hope Lethe will stop getting powered now. I wouldn't want our hero to have died without any use.

PS: Congrats on the Dobby. You are brilliant and there is nobody more deserving.

Author's Response: Thanks; I'm absolutely stoked to win the Dobby, never thought it would happen.

Scorpius was always the Official Meddler. But people are back on paths in their lives; Albus knowing where he went wrong, Rose despite it all learning how to live again (though we'll see how that lasts).

Full consequences of the ritual will, of course, spill out over the next few chapters. I can tell you it won't all be for nothing, at least.

Thanks for reviewing!

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