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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny 

26th April 2017:
Oh my god. "Such an emotional chapter" honestly feels like an understatement. This was devastating. I could picture it all so clearly in mind and honestly I really thought I was going to lose it and start crying. Albus especially got to me because his reaction was just so viscerally upsetting.

What really heightened the whole chapter was the tension. Rose needing to stay hidden and being prevented from immediately going to Selenia, and just the overall pandemonium going on around her, made the very beginning of the chapter so impactful.

Rose was so strong. That she was able to continue doing her job and go around to treat all those other patients was astounding. Not in a way that it was unbelievable though. You conveyed so clearly her state of total shock and grief. It just made me very impressed with her as a person.

There were definitely parts of this that hit particularly hard, such as Rose thinking about how Selenia had always had such bright eyes and now they were lifeless. It was just so horrible to come to that realization along with Rose that there actually was no hope, there was nothing to be done, and Selenia was gone.

This was so horrible but I'm very very impressed with how you handled the subject matter and made emotions come through in this chapter.

Great work!


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Review #2, by ginny4ever 

17th December 2015:
Wow. I never expected THIS to happen... But why Selenia??? *tears streaming*

I have a feeling the death had something to do with the case Selenia was trying to solve, with the exactly same curse having been used. Maybe Selenia was close to figuring out something, and Stannous found out? Okay I really have no idea what's going to happen next...

All I know is I always get this kind of bubbly, happy, excited feeling when I see that a new chapter has been posted!! ^^ I can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Hi there Emily,

I'm so sorry that I've taken so long to reply to this review.

Gah - I know I'm terrible with what happened to Selenia, but it had to be done. I cried myself when I was writing it. I like how you're thinking with the mystery and everything. All will be revealed. I really hope to have the next chapter up soon!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by BellaLestrange87 

11th November 2015:
This is for the Blue vs Bronze review battle!

Beth. How could you? *sobs* Not Selenia! *grabs box of Kleenex*

I really liked your writing here; you could really tell just how shocked and upset everyone was. A lot of Rose's narration in this chapter seemed really impersonal (at least to me) and I felt that it really showed the shock and grief that she was going through, and how she was trying to cope by focusing on her job, mechanically, and on tending after all the other patients.

I feel like this is the beginning of the end of the novel; Selenia's been murdered *sits in puddle of tears* and Rose's pregnancy is further along. If I might make a prediction, I think you'll end it with a cliffhanger, with Rose's/baby's fate unknown, and then make us wait for Book 2/sequel, with the prophecy to deal with.

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter - hopefully nobody else dies (well, nobody we like, anyways; Stannous could die and I'd be really happy) - and this was a wonderful chapter, as always!


Author's Response: Olivia,

I'm so sorry. I really am.

But at the same time, I'm so pleased that the chapter read like someone in shock. I really wanted to convey how Rose was feeling at the time - her words weren't coming too easily to her and she was trying so hard to focus on her job.

Wow. I actually like your idea better than the way I've planned out the novel. Hmmm... you've got me thinking now.

Thanks so much for this awesome review!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by 9081985 

3rd November 2015:
I completed the whole thing in 1 night!! Pls pls update soon..Pretty please. How much of the story do you think is left?

Author's Response: Oh. Wow.

That's amazing - in ONE night!?

I can't tell you how giddy I am that you like my story! I'm working on the next part right now. I've got the rest of it roughly sketched out - and I can't say exactly how much longer, but there are a few surprises thrown in there!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by 9081985 

1st November 2015:
Such a captivating story. Pls update soon!!

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thanks for leaving a review - I'm working on the next part of the story right now!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by lhod23 

30th October 2015:
I just read this whole thing in two days and I absolutely love it. I can tell so much thought and planning went into everything! I'm crying after this last chapter but looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Author's Response: Eeep!

Thank you so much - I'm so glad to hear this (not glad that you're crying :( ). Thanks for stopping by to leave a review.

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by cocopops 

13th October 2015:
I don't even know what to say.
This story has completely captivated me, the emotions of each character you've written about, the new prophecy, the sudden death of a character you never thought would get killed. It's amazing and so real. This story is golden!
This chapter broke my heart though. I can't see Albus being able to cope without her. :(

On a different note! I hope Rose remembers that unfinished case she was working on soon... I have a feeling that it will somehow have something to do with the death of Scorpious parents. Oh, and I love the name suggestions! Phoenix for a girl and Lynx for a boy!

Author's Response: Hi there cocopops!

I'm *so* sorry! I thought I'd already responded to this. And you left me such a lovely review, too.

Eeep! I'm at t loss to reply to such kind words. I'm so, so happy that you found this to be a good read. And you have such a keen eye for detail - don't worry, the unfinished case will come up again soon.

Glad you like the name choices - but I have more up my sleeve ;)

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by CambAngst 

9th October 2015:
Hi, Beth!

OK, so I guess my theory on Selenia being part of Stannous's conspiracy didn't really pan out, did it? I'm sad to see her gone now. Poor Albus is... well, I guess we see exactly how he is. I feel like there's going to be a lot of emotional reckoning and the events of this chapter have only scratched the surface.

You did a really good job of capturing the shock that Rose is suffering at the start of the chapter. Gradually -- with more than a couple of setbacks -- she regains control of herself and manages to get some semblance of professional detachment back. The whole section is very stark and bumpy, which felt right to me. I liked how you picked out small, random details and kept the bigger picture hazy.

Then there was this:

As we approached, I recognized the two Aurors standing around the broken couple. Dom and Teddy. She was holding onto him as if sheíd seen death.

She had.
-- This is the sort of writing that keeps me coming back. :)

One of the things I liked most about this was the job you did with Rose's dialog. Everyone's dialog, actually, but Rose's in particular. With little pauses and half-broken words, bits of punctuation here and there, you loaded a lot of emotion into the words.

Ugh, so Selenia was killed by the same curse Stannous used on Rose. Two possibilities occur to me. Either Stannous saw the blue cloak and assumed that it was Rose or he's trying to send Rose a message. I'd say that they're equally morbid possibilities. Either way, it would seem that Stannous is trying to reinforce the truth of the prophecy. I doubt he's much fun at parties, either.

We held each other and Al as if we were holding on to our last bit of sanity, to express our own grief and to just grasp onto anything solid. -- It's a gut-wrenching yet beautiful sentiment.

I've been really impressed by the way you've built up your catalog of nasty curses that Stannous's followers use in your story. In my mind, they're starting to make an impact similar to what I feel when I read the words Crucio or Avadra Kedavra. That sort of creeping, cold, empty feeling.

"She's gone Rosie. It'll never feel better." -- Sigh. I guess you had to go there. Poor guy.

I saw a couple of small typos as I was reading:

I peered around his head, still confused by the scene and . Uncle Harry hadnít moved from kneeling next to Albus -- There's an extra period in the middle of this sentence.

The cloak? Iíd given the periwinkle cloak Selenia. -- to Selenia?

Excellent job and congratulations on your well-deserved Dobby for this awesome story!

Author's Response: Hey there Dan,

I'm sorry your theory didn't pan out, but I really like that you keep making guesses as to how the story is going to go ;)

I'm so happy the initial scene played out for how Rose was experiencing the emotions and processing everything all at once. It was a bit tricky to write - and I never know if what's in my head actually came out in the words until I get some feedback, so thanks so much for that!

Gah! I'm smiling so much at your kind words (even though this chapter doesn't warrant smiles) - I always worry if I go *too* far with the dramatics of a particular part of the story - but I kept that part about Dom seeing death in there and I think it was a good time to be dramatic...

Aw, thanks so much about the dialogue comment. I was trying to be *in Rose's head* for this entire chapter and her words weren't coming to her so easily. I didn't want to say that outright, but I'm thrilled it still came across.

So, I like it when authors discuss different scenarios of their story, but I sometimes feel weird doing it - but here goes: My original plan for this part of the story was to have Albus be the victim. (way, WAY back in the outline stage of things) But (and I KNOW this sounds like I'm off my rocker), I just *couldn't* do that to Harry. Family was everything to him and I don't know if he would be able to come out on the other side of things from losing his son. Plus, then I'd be down an Auror who needed to help solve this case and a whole bunch of other issues that would arise from that plot point. Once I'd decided on Selenia, it just seemed to make so much more sense for this particular story.

Okay - we can now exit the warped recesses of my mind that thinks about this stuff *far* too much ;)

Gah! I can't get over your kind words. It make me feel so happy to hear that things I've put into this story bring about certain emotions in the readers. And I had that last line written for ages. Albus is going to be tortured by this for a long, long time.

And I fixed up all the typos - thanks for catching them!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by merlins beard 

7th October 2015:
Hey Beth!
I always get so excited when you post a new chapter! I don't have much time right now, but I just had to read this when I saw the new chapter!

Poor Albus!! I feel so sorry for him!
Poor Rosie, she deals with everything so well. She's so strong!

So stannous was there himself? I assume as much since Selenia was killed by Crucio Flagrare...
I just want all that to be over and Rose and Scorpius to be happy together.

I recognize the "fingerprint" idea with the curses. Was it you I talked to about exactly that a while ago?

I can't wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi there Anja!

I was so excited to see this review. I was also really worried that people would be so mad at me for this chapter. I didn't want to kill off Selenia - but sometimes the story takes over and I don't have control over what the characters are doing - haha!

Stannous was there. And he had is posse with him. I don't know if we talked about the fingerprint idea or not - I think that it just made sense to me that everyone would have a slightly different "flick" to their wands when doing the magic (and that's why some wizards are better than others).

I'm working on the whole next section right now (the story is outlined until the end and the next few chapters are written, but I need to play around with some things so that everything is revealed in the right place :) )

Thanks again - I love reading your reactions!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by Tonks1247 

6th October 2015:
BethÖ.I donít what youíve just done to me but I am a total and complete mess. Like, need a Kleenex, crying so hard Iím curled up and the couch and likely to get a weird look from my father when he walks in the house. Iím so heartbroken about what just happened in this chapter and that Rose just had to do that, in this situation, and that Albus knows that nothing is going to get better, that it canít be better, and that a lot of his family is there and is trying to comfort him when comfort is not even a part of his vocabulary anymore. Like, heartbroken is not even a good enough word for it anymore. Especially when thereís five other victims who died from the same curse and thereís at least three different people using it and Iím just so tornÖ

Okay, moving on to other things so I can stop feeling like thisÖ.things I feel you did well in this chapter (besides put me into a state of broken hearted denial of course) is showing Rose trying her hardest to compartmentalize herself. Itís one of the hardest things to accomplish in any position in which youíre caring for people, to be able to go on and keep doing your job despite feeling so torn apart about what youíre doing and seeing. Itís not an easy thing to do and I feel you described that feeling quite well, actually. I get the feel of Rose on the edge of losing it, but trying to keep herself together simply because she has to. Itís really good to see, though I worry about how things will go from here because she is going to be really upset, but so is Al and Scorp has to figure out how to handle this, as well as Rose, and Rose is going to blame herself and AlÖwell, I donít know what heís going to be thinking coming out on the other side of this. Like, itís a complicated mess, where this is headed, and Iím actually particularly excited to see what you do with itÖ

I also need to just say that Ron, taking Rose back and trying to protect her as I assume the all clear was given long before it was supposed to be (And I almost feel like it was maybe Al when he realized it was Selenia who was injured, but itís super hard to tell) was a something that really stuck with me. Iím not sure why, but the fact that heís the one to notice her and to take her back and tell her itís not safe and for Scorp them to step forwardÖlike, for as much emotional distress as everyoneís in, they are still thinking over the situation and keeping guard and doing their jobs. Itís a bit of a mess, but at the same time, itís super realistic as to how things are broken down and handled.

Anddd I do like this spacing. With the extra space. It made it a bit easier to read and I honestly hadnít even realized you did it until I saw the comment in your authorís note, but I do really like it.

AlsoÖCONGRATULATIONS ON THE DOBBY! Itís super exciting that youíve won the dobby for Most Addicting Story and I cannot even express how much this story deserves it and how excited I was when I saw that! Iím really happy about it, Beth! Youíve put a lot of hard work into this story and it is really, really lovely and you really deserve the recognition!

Great job Beth! Iím crushed, but looking forward to how you take this moving forwards!


Author's Response: Mikaela,

Gah! This review - it had *everything* and just... thanks so much!!!

Prepare for onslaught of gushing...

I know it's kinda mean of me, but I was *hoping* for that sort of reaction to this chapter. I don't want to make it seem like I'm getting a lot of pleasure from causing you pain, but I'm excited that the story and characters that I feel so strongly about are conveyed well enough for you to feel the same way. I also teared up when I was writing and editing this.

And I'm SO relieved that you found the scene believable. I know you work in the medical field (and I don't) so I was holding my breath, waiting for your reaction. I really, really wanted to properly portray Rose's emotions mixed with her obligations. And the fact that you characterized her as "strong" has me doing backflips! She doesn't see it as much as everyone else does, but she is incredibly brave and solid. She's gotten so much better since the beginning of the story.

Yay - thanks for the comment about the line spacing. At some point, I'll go back tot he other chapters and fix it, because I think you're right about how much easier it is to read.

Eeep! Thanks! I was so, SO excited for the Dobby award. I'm still smiling from it. Gah! You've just hit me in the feels - AGAIN!

Thanks again - for all your amazing reviews and wonderful feedback!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by kaeliebear 

5th October 2015:
Ugh! Beth... Really? This chapter made me cry. Poor babies. I just want to cuddle them all. Next chapter soon?

Author's Response: Hi there kaelibear!

Thanks for coming back and leaving a review... and I'm so sorry for the sad chapter. I kinda want to cuddle them, too! It might be a little bit before the next chapter, but I'm working on it!

♥ Beth

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Review #12, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

4th October 2015:
FIRST TO REVIEW, I HOPE! I saw this was updated and was like "CLICK!"

Aww, thank you for the mention in the Author's note! It was really nothing, this story is incredible! ♥

BUT NOW MY HEART IS BROKEN. No, not Selenia! She was so sweet, so kind, she was always helping everyone... no! *Sobs* And Poor Al! He loved her so much, I don't know if he'll ever recover!! :(

This chapter, more than any of the others before it, has made me SO ANGRY with Stannous and his companions! I'm just like "THAT'S IT!", and I think all of the characters will probably feel the same way, once they've had a little time to process things.

I'm a little worried for Rose and the baby, also - it's really not good for her to get upset right now, and I hope this doesn't cause any complications.

Also, ANOTHER attack, so soon? I think now that they know Rose is pregnant, Stannous and his crew are getting desperate - Are they trying to get her before the baby's born, or does Stannous still think he can somehow make the prophecy baby his? Either way, I hope they get caught or otherwise stopped very soon!

I am still SO addicted to this story - I hope to see an update soon! (And I also selfishly hope that Selenia somehow makes a miraculous comeback..) :(

Author's Response: Haha - yay! I was checking and checking to see what people thought of this chapter.

I'm grinning my head off as I write this response because I'm so thrilled that you felt so much emotion!

And I gotta admit - my heart's broken a little bit as well. I teared up when I wrote this and edited it. I honestly don't know if Al will recover, either (actually, I do know, but I'm not gonna say...)

Stannous is getting a bit desperate at the point - it's obvious in the way that he's not being to discriminate in his victims.

I'm working on the next section and there are a few things I need to sort out before I can update - but I'll have it up as soon as I can.

As always - thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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