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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

29th December 2015:
Oh god. There's no question that you're out to destroy my soul.

I'm wondering... could it be that the woman who was at Scorpius's resurrection wasn't Astoria, but Nat? That the person who sold them out was Nat, not Draco. And so she spearheaded the resurrection because her little Scorpius died and she didn't expect that. And she wants him back and I can't possibly believe that the affection Nat feels for Scorpius isn't real.

And now Nat knows that Matt and Rose found the answer, so she'll swoop in last minute to save him and destroy Lethe and we'll have a beautiful scene with Scorpius at Teddy and Victoire's wedding.

Oh god, he better not die. My theories are just getting wilder.


Author's Response: Yeah, this chapter is, like, THE WORST. I cried so much writing it, I can't even lie. And I knew how it was going to end!

*gives the Nat Theory a gold star* But you already know that.

I LOVE wild theories. Trust me, I specialise in them when I'm the reader. Cheers!

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

11th December 2015:
JESUS CHRIST I swear you're trying to break me with this chapter. ALL of the emotions. And I need to read the next chapter. ONWARDS.

Author's Response: I'm horrid. This response is too short. Now it is not.

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Review #3, by Guilty_pleasures 

8th October 2015:
Your chapter updates make my heart hurt. Its so close to the end now, I can't even tell you all the things I'm feeling for these people.

Nat brought him back and he thought she was his mother and she's letting him think that and my heart. It hurts. Albus and Rose promising to live.
Matt promising to do the right thing
Selena cheering the smart guys on.
Scorpius giving teddy his fortune.
I want to cry!

I still can't help but hope for a happy ending where scorpius lives, but even if he does I'm not sure if that's the way rose's life needs to go or Albus'. . I'm nervous the ending is going to be more heartbreak and bittersweet goodbyes and I know whatever you decide to write will stay with me.

I'm the best at this
I'll come back every time

Few authors on HPFF have managed to make me feel so much for their characters and storylines, and you've managed it over and over and in two lots of epic trilogies. i hope you'll still continue to write on HPFF after this one, you make the place worth coming back to!

Author's Response: We still have a little way to go yet. Over 10 chapters, in fact. All I can say now is that I hope the ending doesn't disappoint, and I have reasons for everything I've done.

Then again, not everyone agrees with my reasons.

I'm immensely happy to know how much the story has meant - still means, again, not yet done! - to you. And I absolutely intend to stick around on HPFF. Hopefully my next project, just as epic in scope, will start to be posted before Oblivion is finished (a touch of overlap, as we had with Beyond This Place and Ignite).

Thank you so much for this review.

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Review #4, by scorprose 

7th October 2015:
On winning the Dobby award.
I am so happy for you and keep enlighting us as always. Keep rocking

Author's Response: I shall, indeed, rock on.

Thank you for the kind words. Super chuffed to win that Dobby. :-D

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Review #5, by Solana14 

6th October 2015:
I'm not sure what to say at this point. I spent most of this chapter with my eyes tearing. I can only beg "don't kill Scorpius" so many times along with most of the others. And yes, what was with leaving everything to Teddy? Strange. Leaving a bit, yes, but most... Al and Rose together would have been more appropriate.

Anyway, I'm so hoping ... so hoping... that the bequest isn't necessary for a long, long time.

I do believe he's going to die. You've all but told us flat-out that he'll be a "presence" and that the ending will be "bittersweet."

I'm very upset. I can't write anymore.

Author's Response: Leaving everything to Teddy is simply about family and money. That's all he has to give with that will; a lump of cash. The house goes to Harley, partly in rebellion, partly to try to make good on his promise all those years ago to redeem the family name with regards to House Elves. But Teddy's the only blood relative he has left if he can't contemplate his parents.

Al and Rose don't need the money. Albus blew chunks of cash hiding from his problems. Neither of them are struggling financially. And Scorpius doesn't know Teddy, but he's blood, and he's getting married, building a future. If he left it to Al and Rose it would be just with the proviso of 'put it to a good cause.' Instead, he's decided to choose the good cause himself.

We will see more of Teddy before the end, though, which might illuminate this further.

I called the ending 'bittersweet' before I actually wrote it, and while I won't say if it's better or worse, some things have changed in the writing. 'Presence' means many things. Hold on to your hat!

And thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Derek 

6th October 2015:
Awesome!!! Just an Awesome chapter!!! But, he will always come back or will find a way back. Any foreshadowing?

Author's Response: I think I have left as many clues as to what is to come as is possible without just spoilering everyone. So I've given as much foreshadowing as I'm prepared to. :-D

I guess we'll see if he comes back every time. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by fanofgredforge 

6th October 2015:
I dont exactly see a white picket fence and two point five children in your future,

I am just going to assume my repeated mentions of the picket fence in the comments are the reason for that sentence. That atleast will make it hurt less if it never happens.

Author's Response: I've always been a fan of the term 'white picket fence' as shorthand for that particular form of middle class life - but YES, I think you should take some credit for planting it front and centre in my mind for Al and Eva.

The only thing I can say about the future of those two is that it will not be Easy.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by scorprose 

6th October 2015:
As far as Nathalie Lockett is concerned her side of the story needs to be told. She is definitely hiding something and is she trying to frame Astoria or is she really not unaware of the latter's role. I, however, trust her to do nothing as to bring harm to Scorpius. B]Can she at the end make a difference. There are these two women, Lockett and Rose, who can do something magical. Come on, this is a magical world, spin up something to have Scorp survive. I also hope that Draco will emerge being a good person after all.
In this chapter, I would have given anything to see more between Scorp and Rose (a lingering kiss at the least).

Author's Response: I did originally write this chapter - this final arc, in fact - with some more rekindling of the Scorose romance. I cannot lie; it didn't work, it felt very trite and obligatory. I'm not sure what the 'right' behaviour WOULD be - snuggling before the end felt empty, fighting until the end felt empty, perhaps the whole situation IS empty for them.

But it's not over 'til the fat lady sings, anyhoo. And that's absolutely true for Nat Lockett's story, and it's absolutely true for Rose and her magical prowess.

Draco's involvement with the Council of Thorns and all their evil is certainly a mystery. But what is not a mystery is that he was a pretty abusive father. Their relationship is certainly complex but Draco will not emerge squeaky clean from this story.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by scorprose 

6th October 2015:
This is so much like you are making your readers to accept the inevitable and to say goodbye to Scorpius. Which I can't, I won't. I don't even want to acknowledge i read it. But, u know what, I am going to read it a hundred times more. It had all the reasons why we loved him in the first place. The scene is set and yet, our hearts are looking elsewhere. Please give a last minute revival for him. He, if anyone in this whole potter world, deserves it. Don't kill him, please.

Author's Response: The story is written, the die is cast - but it's not over yet.

Hang on to your hat!

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Review #10, by whykay 

6th October 2015:
You said that Scorpius will be there as a 'presence' at the every end, in a response to one of the comments. How can you do this?!!! I am so so upset and offended.

I really really hope Rose will save Scorpius.

(All the women in your fics are badass - they save the guys they love - through, brains, brawns and whatever it takes.)

Will she hitch him onto DeSable - ref to her comment - "Both of you were touched by the Chalice"? I, for the record, heartily support and am totally up for DeSable being double crossed. Swish and Scor is left standing alive.

I hope Nat has rushed off to do some last minute saving. Nat Lockett's involvement is really a mystery. Who the hell commissioned her work and what was the work? - Lillian / Astoria/ De Sable/ Gabriel?? - I know you had once replied saying the face in the fire is a known character. I am certain it is not Draco or Raskoph because it wouldn't be a surprise for them to have gotten 'that' far.

Nat really didn't know about Astoria? Was there a memory charm on her or something after her help in God knows which part of Project Osiris (or was it indeed a reference to Project Osiris?!!) Either way, the full resurrection story needs to be told before anything happens to Scorpius. Need to speak to Thane under a proper Veritaserum.

Scorpius leaving everything to Teddy seems odd to me. I dunno what's gotten into him - Al or Rose would have been perfect. Harley getting the Manor is a good move.

Well, then, Astoria and Draco deserve to rot. With what being on the run and hiding when their son is going through so much. They deserve to put in the same deep dark cell and made to suffer each other and relive their worst. pah.

PS: Please please please don't kill Scorpius. Please

Author's Response: 'Presence' is a very broad word, no? It's almost like I picked it to be deliberately vague.

Very glad you approve of the women of the Stygian Trilogy. They refuse to be damsels! Whatever it takes.

I couldn't comment on deSable's role in the ritual, of course, but certainly his nature is an important plot point in things to come.

All I can say about Nat is that, yes, the face in the fire is someone we've met before. And what's going on with Astoria - and Nat's ignorance - will come out before the end.

I've mentioned some of the Teddy inheritance on a later review reply (I'm working down, not up, for once); in summary, Al and Rose don't need his money. They're perfectly well off, and it's not like Al used it for anything meaningful before. Scorpius would want the wealth to go to a good cause, and instead of a big charity or the like, he's decided to put it towards the one blood relative he's got left he's sure isn't evil, and making sure his new life with his wife is at least financially taken care of. Facing mortality has made Scorpius recognise the importance of the little picture.

Astoria and Draco have definitely, absolutely, abandoned Scorpius at the worst possible moment. Admittedly, the question comes as to how much they do or don't know about his predicament.

Thanks for reviewing! Alas, I promise nothing.

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