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Review #1, by nott theodore 

8th April 2017:
CTF Review

Hi Marshal! I'm really glad that I keep getting chances to come back to this story, as I'm really enjoying the chance to read it. It definitely is so different to any story I've read so far, and I think that's saying something since I've read quite a lot of fanfiction by now :P

Remus's concern for James is really touching at the start of this chapter, and very in character for him, too. He's not the sort of person who wants to burden anyone else with his problems - he's reluctant to even get into a relationship with Tonks because of it, let alone enable his best friend to suffer what he's spent a lifetime suffering from.

I liked the little detail about the fact that Remus wasn't completely okay with Sirius, but he knew that he had to pretend he was as he's supposed to be James at the moment. That also told me that Sirius had no idea about the switch, too, which I thought was a really clever way of getting the information across.

I thought you wrote Moody really well - I can't imagine that he'd take very kindly to Sirius interrupting the Order meetings when they're trying to plan things like this. It'll be interesting to see if Remus gets to be a part of these missions as well, because he's obviously been doing something very different, and part of me worries that he'll be in danger because of that?

I'm glad we got to see Lily and Lily's reaction to this whole idea - I can't blame her for being angry with the two of them for agreeing to it! I know that James wanted to do it, and that's why Remus agreed to it, but they should never have agreed to any switch if Lily wasn't happy with it. She's the one who has to live with what's going to happen.

Ugh. Oh no. My heart sank at the end of this chapter. I knew this would have to happen but in a way this kind of means that Remus is going to be the one to agree to their deaths...

Sian :)

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Review #2, by Gail Welin 

30th November 2015:
Hi Marshal!

I'm finally back for more :)

This chapter was great for the plot progression and I'm glad we got to hear Lily's opinion on the whole thing.

Remus seems oddly comfortable being James (speaking as him, for example, or responding to being called 'Prongs' so naturally) even if that means lying to Sirius and I feel the fact that he's lying to Sirius may actually even wake some schadenfreude in him, since Remus still has unresolved issues with him.

I love how they'd still behave like teens around Moody - the echo of their rebellious shenanigans at Hogwarts :D
Also, I really like the small detail about Moody just having gotten his magical eye!
And I love that Remus almost knocked on the door; force of habits really do die hard :p

It is outrageous that Lily has been kept in the dark so much she doesn't even know if the James walking in is her husband or Remus - she didn't have a say in this at all. I'm totally on her side; she should kick James' butt for doing this to her and baby Harry.
I love that you mention right off the bat that Remus isn't romantically interested in Lily!

The way this chapter ended made me realise this is going to be sad. So sad. (I'm looking forward to it, haha :p ) A part of me is really hoping the body swap will have repercussions on the future and maybe even change it for the best (though a tiny voice inside my head keeps saying "yeah, fat chance" and laughs at me).


Author's Response: Gee,

Again I hate how long it is taking me to get back to you. Every review you have left for me has seriously made me smile.

I'll double check Remus' reactions to things when I get a chance I tried to play him assuming the role as he had to but still feeling uncomfortable and it seems like his discomfort did not translate as well as I would have liked.

As for Lily, she knew that what James was wanting to do but she had hoped that Remus would refuse. Maybe that concept wasn't clear. James being who he is, would act despite the wishes of his wife if it was to protect his family.

I am glad that you are enjoying the read though. I've had fun writing it though I cannot express how many times I've lamented to Alexis how annoying James is because he doesn't make writing this easy.

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