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Review #1, by Glisten  

30th July 2017:
The problem with writing long reviews is that sometimes HPFF will log you out because you take so long and then you'll have to retype everything. I actually made a full length review only for it to be lost. I'll try to remember everything I said though.

I can only imagine how difficult it must be for Severus to have everyone treat him like scum all his years and then have Hermione walk in and treat him like a decent person. All those walls he put up against everyone will have to slowly be taken down.

I'm hoping he and Lily will interact soon. This story is so great so far and the only thing missing is Severus and Lily's relationship being mentioned.

I feel like Hermione's attempts were kind of working but he seemed to be afraid of her getting to know him at all. Like he could see what a good person she was and didn't want her to be changed by him at all. It's hard for me to determine wether this is cowardice (being too afraid to open up to her) or whether it's courage (being too noble to let her be damaged by him).

Your writing is so addicting as you've probably been told. I fear the end of the published chapters. I hope you don't take too long with your updates. I know I had more written but I'm honestly just so glued to your story that I have to move onto the next one. By the way it's 5am where I'm at... you've stolen my sleep with your lovely story! How dare you!

Brilliant chapters! Onward!

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Review #2, by Chan the Marauder Fan 

25th September 2015:

Hey, I know you were asking about suggestions that we would either like or hope to happen, and I know I already made a bunch of suggestions on both this story and your other one, The Exchange Student, but I was thinking of something and I'm wondering if maybe you would like this idea!

Now we know that Hermione gets Crookshanks in her 3rd year and also that Crookshanks is part Kneazle, which are a very intelligent magical species of relation to the feline or something. I looked up on Google to see how long their lifespan usually is but it didn't say, but I'd think that a highly intelligent and magical creature such as the kneazle would have a long lifespan and as a half-kneazle, so would Crookshanks. Anyway, I was hoping that maybe you could have a scene with like Severus finding Crookshanks as a kitten in an old beat-down, neglectful shop or a gutter somewhere or something by accident, and Severus being reminded of Hermione by Crookshanks, not just by the bushy hair that they happen to share but like by something intelligent that Crookshanks maybe does that makes Severus think of her? And so he decides that he would make a good gift for her after they've already become friends. Idk, like for Christmas or her birthday or something?

I had been thinking about that scenario for a while and I was wondering what you would think. Anyway I hope you like this idea and maybe consider it for the story! I think it would be really cute cause I think Hermione would be super happy and surprised, and like freak out a lot in a really cute way, which maybe Severus would find endearing, but wouldn't admit that at all and would probably be smirking at her reaction. It could also maybe be an opening for her to kiss him on the cheek in gratitude without being fully aware of what she was doing! *gasp* asdfghjkl! I just thought of that just now. I think she'd be really grateful to have Crookshanks, a true companion that she was always really close with even in her own time. Idk where you would locate such a scene though. I was thinking of it in the Great Hall just because I'd want Sirius to see her reaction too and get super jealous lol. ^_^

Anyway, if you get the chance to respond to this review I'd like to know what you think of this idea :) Again, thank you for the story and I'm totally waiting in anticipation for the next chapter!

Chan the Marauder Fan

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin 

24th September 2015:
Back for our swap! :)
And this was another amazing chapter, just as always!

Oh, poor Hermione... She got hurt pretty badly (Sectumsempra is no fun...)
I loved that she was blaming James and Sirius just as much as Severus. And Remus' reaction, too (well, you know I have a thing for Remus...) I adored the fact that he agrees they are idiots at times, but still tries to justify them saying they are great if you know them well. And of course, since he is so grateful for all the furry little problem thing, he would always defend them, which is lovely!

Oh, Severus... why can't you just accept the fact that someone cares for you and that you can care for someone in return? That's called humanity, not weakness!!! Still, I think it's so sweet that he decided to go see her, even if his attitude is so behond infuriating!!!

I agree with Amelia, Hermione's detention is totally unfair! She did nothing wrong, just tried to stop the boys and got hurt, badly, in the process! And she also missed the party!!! Well... Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing! :P

Urgh! Damned Slughorn and his stupid club!!! But maybe his parties will be a good occasion for Hermione to get closer to Severus? Mmm... Very curious to know what happens next...

Great chapter, hon! I really hope to see an update soon!!!
Love, hugs, kisses, cookies etcetera!

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Review #4, by Chan the Marauder Fan 

23rd September 2015:

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE UPDATE! I've been looking forward to this for a while now! I really loved this chapter, even though it's kind of driving me nuts that Severus is practically shunning Hermione, I get it. That kind of reaction is very fitting to his personality, I think, and then too it helps move the story along so now I'm in so much suspense as to what will happen when Hermione finally gets through to Severus! I wonder what kind of stunt she will pull to get his attention XD I'm so excited for the next upcoming chapter, no kidding!

I think he snuck in to see her, not because he's already falling for her or anything, I think he just really needed to know that she was alright, partially for himself, but also cause even though she is kind of a nuisance, in the little time she's been at Hogwarts, she's already been much kinder and tolerant of him than almost anyone in that school has. I think he appreciates that, but he won't admit it to himself just yet or anything, you know? I also think he's just genuinely a kind person, just it's very exclusive. He picks the people he acquaints himself with carefully, especially now after what happened with Lily. I think Hermione has a huge barrier to break through since Severus got hurt over what happened with Lily. But I like that it's taking a while for him to start getting feelings for her, even along the lines of friendship, because I really think that's a very accurate portrayal of Severus. He's not just gonna throw his heart out there, not anymore. He's a very slow-burning character I think, and it takes him a long time to realize his feelings, and then longer to acknowledge them, just because I feel like he'd be in denial maybe until he just can't take it anymore. Perhaps. I'm not positive on that, lol XD

I think Hermione will manage to get through to him definitely for a couple reasons:
2. Hermione is intelligent and knows how to work her way around things and situations to get what she wants. And I can't wait to see what shenanigans she's gonna get up to to get a reaction from him, I think it'll be really funny lolz. I'd love to see him totally explode and Hermione kinda start giggling or something cause she thinks it's cute or funny and he's totally just thrown off cause normally people are really intimidated by his explosions XD XD XD
3. I REALLY REALLY need a new chapter ^_^ If you'd be so kind, dear author, as your story currently holds the position of "Favourite Harry Potter Daydream Material" for me. Just thought I'd let you know :)

Hmmm...what would I like to see happen? Well besides what I already mentioned, maybe her helping him out in some area of DADA, since in the chapter before he was impressed by her proficiency at the subject. And maybe some intellectual conversation between them so that they can find that they have something in common in their love of education. I'd also love to see more Hermione/Sirius interaction! And maybe Sirius starting to get jealous of the amount of time she begins to spend with Severus (but maybe later on in the fic, cause that might be too soon to write now). Are you planning to write about any like scenes where they have a Ball or a Dance or something? Probably for the Slug Club? Also maybe Lily noticing how close Hermione is getting with Severus and deciding to kindly inquire as to why she's spending so much time with him or maybe warn her about what Severus has been dabbling in? And are we gonna see anything about Voldemort and his movements, and its effects on the current students?
Wow. This is a long review. I hope you enjoy it rather than get annoyed by it. if you are annoyed, I'm so sorry! But I really love your story and when I get excited about a story I have a lot to say, lol XD Anyway, thank you again for the update and I'm really looking forward to the next one! Is there a specific time period within which you're gonna make updates? Like once or twice a week or something?
I'm on my way over to your next story to read that one as well. I'll make sure to write you a review there too! Although, I'll try not to make it so long ^_^ Yay!

Chan the Marauder Fan

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Review #5, by MrHappyDreaming 

23rd September 2015:
Awesome as always :D I'm a bi sad it's so short and no James or Sirius xd But Still I loved it and I'm looking forward to the next one :)

Author's Response: Gah! Thank you!! ♥

I'm thrilled to hear that you're enjoying the story! I adore James and Sirius too, but they might not make it into every chapter. Since she's in Ravenclaw and more focused on Severus, the Marauders (besides Remus) aren't going to be hugely main characters in the story. I hope that doesn't deter you from reading or enjoying the rest of it though! They'll still be in it, but just peppered in here and there.

Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to review!! I hope you like the rest of the story!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #6, by marauderfan 

22nd September 2015:
I'm back, as promised! And this is my 1200th review so I'm super excited to be writing it to you!

This was a great chapter and I was struck while reading it just how impressively you write Snape. I've never tried to write him apart from a few scenes here and there but he is SUCH a fascinating character given how much is going on inside his head versus how much he shows to the outside world - he's like two vastly different people, sometimes. He's such a complicated person which is why I love this chapter, because it really shows all his complexity and how he's so conflicted with the various sides of himself - he has the ability to be nice, but he's also so defensive, probably still very hurt about Lily not being his friend any more, he's generally angry (because not only is he Snape, who is often just an angry person, but even more so here as he's TEENAGE SNAPE!) Not to mention he's probably just recently joined the Death Eaters. Gah, he's just so confused about so many things and it's no wonder Hermione has no idea what to make of all these various messages she's getting from Snape.

On the whole, your characterisation is fantastic - and even though this isn't a pairing I read often (or like, ever?) I find myself really enjoying the story because the characters feel so real. For me, a story is all about its characters, and great characters with a lot of thought put into them make a great story.

Also, every time Rita Skeeter and Lockhart show up in this story I smile.

Still loving this story! Keep up the awesome work.

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Review #7, by Frankie05 

21st September 2015:

Oh my gosh. This is perfect. And a nice little surprise since I thought it was going to be another week before I saw this glorious chapter. Seriously the best way to start a Monday is a new chapter by you and I'm freaking out!

I loved what you did here, absolutely loved it. The hospital wing scenes were great! Hermione has somewhat of a temper but I guess that makes sense because she knows the potential of her now peers and they are not to that point yet. But I like how Remus is so defensive of his friends. Like he truly cares for the boys :) you write everyone so well! But Hermione is smart. Keeping knowledge of the cloak away from Amelia. I really like how you write her.

Then in comes Snape. The enigma. Gah I love this story. I love the way they interact even though it drives me crazy because I just want him to come to his senses and snog her but patience Frankie. Anyway. I think there is an underlying kindness to Snape. Husb pointed out that we probably remember Snape a bit more fondly than the books portray him but even though he is a turd in later years, you are writing to change that! And I think you've done a great job to show that he is the way he is because of his circumstances- it's a survival mode and he has no friends which makes me completely sad panda. But he kind to Hermione. And it's the first time we see the muffilato spell! He is there. Doesn't understand her ptsd but thinks he deserves whatever comes her way! And she remembers his kindness. The fact that he held her tightly and carried her :) I'm surprised he could fix things with her shoulder, knowing that George's ear could never be re grown because of the curse. But I guess he did fix Malfoy with that curse so he must not have written down how to save someone if they are hit with his curse.

Why do him and Hermione seem to get into shouting matches and why is there so much sexual tension. Oh that's probably just me seriously wishing! But he does care for her! I bet her touching him is what set him off. The fact that she can see past his facade and wants to know him more and is not afraid of him.

But here comes the pain because he is avoiding her. Even skipping potions. Come on Snape! No girl is worth that. I like the small interactions at Detention. The way they both smiled and looked at each other. But he's still avoiding her. That's got to be hard. And I just want to punch slughorn in the face- but it makes sense that not everything is going to work out how I want it to right now. But alas. The story will continue. Hermione is now in slug club. Probably with Snape? Fingers crossed ;)

Anyway. Meg I'm so proud of you for writing this! I think it was a wonderful chapter! I know it's been difficult with getting started and continuing writing but you did so well here! It made me excited for more chapter and I know you can do it! (No pressure). But great work! Lots of hugs and cookies to you because you deserve it!


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