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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

29th December 2015:
This was beautiful. Oh my.

Eva and Albus, FINALLY. Eva's rescue mission was INCREDIBLE. The way Albus relayed the story back to her is exactly how I'd describe it too. Eva single-handedly cleared the evac route, fought off Thornweavers and inferi, saved 30 people, and then rescued Albus. All on her own. She's INCREDIBLE.

But the Styx. Oh my god. I had so much hope for a minute there. So much hope. I thought for a second, I just really, really thought that Scorpius was going to be saved just then. But now Matt knows how to destroy the chalice and we can't fault him for doing it either, we just can't. But Scorpius... dead.

What about a horcrux? Corrupting the fountains? Some kind of super mission to save th Styx? Make a new chalice in the underwater temple Matt found? Anything please to save my baby Scorpius!


Author's Response: Right, let's finish these review responses. :-D

Eva is pretty awesome. I mean, I did demonstrate her competence on Brillig Island, but I'm kind of in love with the archetype of the redeemed baddie who uses their AWESOME POWERS (which they're allowed when they're evil) for good. Also for her to even begin to redeem herself, she was going to have to start sticking her neck out hugely - to prove her worth to the world, but also to prove her worth to herself. And Albus, of course, is necessary to remind her of that worth, to help her see it (important: he never gives her her worth. He just helps her see it).

I am cruel and toy with everyone with the presence of the Styx. From the characters themselves, to you readers!


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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

11th December 2015:
Aand I'm back for another dose, let's see how far I get this time before my brain melts.

Oh my days, I'd never realised that before about Dolohov - that if the Trio had done as Ron suggested and killed them both, he wouldn't have been alive to kill Remus. ALL THE FEELS. I love this theme every time you bring it up - is there a right and wrong, is it okay to take a life if it means you save lives, how do you make that choice. It's a grey area in the world of morality.

If it turns out that instead of Thane trying to disable the Council, he's instead just taken out Raskoph's rivals, then that's worrying. But the whole point was that he'd left Raskoph, so if he's not been working on Raskoph's behalf, then whose behalf HAS he been working on? Does this all tie in with the face in the fire? SO MANY QUESTIONS, and the answers lie in wait tantalisingly.

Hermione seems quite wary of Lillian holding so much power... and to be honest, if she's Chairman AND Minister, so am I. Surely someone else ought to be sitting in the Minister's chair? I realise the concern - if Halvard WAS in the Council's pocket, anyone else could be, and so you can only know for sure where the Minister's loyalties lie if you ARE the Minister. But ... she's a dang powerful woman now.

HA, you and your eternal threats of blowing up Swindon. Poor Swindon, it's not THAT bad. (It is that bad.)

I actually really like that de Sable, having learned more about the Chalice, now HATES it and thinks it should be destroyed. It makes him feel far more human, and not just some peculiar religious relic of the 13th Century who worships the Chalice unconditionally.

Aw, cute Albus/Eva moment to finish on. Bless them.

Author's Response: I didn't realise that about Dolohov until I stopped to check who was in that scene, because that was the only one I remembered of the Trio REALLY facing the 'do we kill?' question. And then I saw it was Dolohov and was like 'OH HELL SON' so that had to be tackled.

WELL questions what can I say to that? Nothing.

Matt wants to finish the work his father never could: destroying Swindon.

It was very important I made de Sable an actual personality and person! But yeah, he's had his eyes kind of opened by everything he's learnt about the Chalice and the world now, and isn't being a narrow-minded fool. He was a weird character; he got created for very much an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade kind of feel to the Chalice hunt, and then this CENTURIES OLD wizard was still hanging around and I had to figure out where the hell someone that important in the wider world fit into the narrative.

Finally some good times for Al/Eva.

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Review #3, by RelentlessFire 

20th September 2015:
Finally Eva and Al together!! Can't wait to read what's next

Author's Response: Yeah, at last those crazy kids are past all the lying and ignoring of each other's boundaries and betrayal and murder... crazy kids. :-D

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Review #4, by whykay 

18th September 2015:
CHOICE - the most over-rated, over-analysed, over-simplified concept in the world. I like how you brought out two very different, very persuasive discourses on 'choice' in this chapter.

Very thoughtful and insightful and deliberate.

I have a feeling that I will not be liking Matt much through the end of this series, much as I loved Gabe. He is simply not clicking for me - which says that you have done a damn good job creating an unlikeable, unbearable, insufferable, sensible, brave Gryffindor. UGH.

Author's Response: I like to philosophise. ;-) Really, it's why I prefer genres with elements of action, adventure, life and death. Those higher stakes allow us to better explore these complicated issues. It's harder to get truly to terms with issues of choice and judgement in a rom com. :-D

As I did not set out to make Matt hated, I am glad there are readers who like him. BUT that there are others who dislike him makes me even happier. If he were only disliked I
d worry I'm not portraying him right. But knowing some like him while others find him UTTERLY INSUFFERABLE pleases me no end, because it means at least he's getting legitimate reactions! I obviously have a soft spot for him, but his flaws are, as you identify, numerous!

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