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Review #1, by isaac 

6th October 2016:
I always thought that due to growing up under very different situations issues would come up in Harry and Ginny's relationship. Not break up type issues, but issues like this one where Ginny is like you don't tell a 6 year old about his parents murder having grown up with a huge family and both parents living. Harry, having grown up thinking his parents died in a car accident would be especially sensitive to children not knowing how their parents were murdered and would think the right thing to do is to tell the 6 year old the truth causing an argument. Brilliantly done like this entire story. Thank you for writing this. It really does read like cannon though if I had one small criticism I'd add more detail to your action scenes. You build up the set up, but when the scene itself happens you don't show it to us. For example, You don't really show us how Harry and Ron and the rest of the aurors fought and captured death eaters. The action scenes are more like reading a box score than watching a game, while the rest of the story I feel like I'm watching the game. Anyways I don't think I could do what you did, so just my two cents.

Author's Response: I definitely agree with you about the difference in Harry and Ginny's upbringings. So glad you are enjoying the story! And thank you so much for telling me that about the action scenes- I always struggle the most with them and try to avoid writing them because I feel like it's what I do worst, haha, so that's really, really great to hear your advice on it. I appreciate it so much. Thank you so much for that, and for reading and reviewing the story! Xx

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Review #2, by Callie 

4th September 2016:
WAGH! Why is it that not a day goes by without remembering the deaths in this series. It just makes me want to cry...it may seem strange, but even though they're all just book characters, it seems like they're my family. I explained in my last review how I didn't get much love when I was a kid, and...well, this was my escape. I would read books. It was like the characters became my family. I shared their sorrows, their joys...they were a part of me. I suppose that's why I've always been attached to these books...I'm like Harry. I was lost and unloved, and then suddenly, I had a family. One that loved me. Even if his was real and mine was paper and ink, it still felt real to me.
I hope you never feel that way.
I hope nobody ever feels that way.

You truly are an amazing writer. I love you and your books, and they did the same thing that the original books did for me. They brought me away from my soppy life, and into a place where you knew everything was going to turn out all right.
Thank you for that.

Author's Response: You finding that love that you didn't get in the Harry Potter thing is the nicest thing I've heard in so long. But I am so, so sad that you didn't experience that when you were a child. I hope you feel the love from the characters in this book too now and I hope you feel LOTS of love coming from me because I'm sending it your away. Hearing that something I wrote can work as an escape for someone... that is incredible. You are so sweet and so kind and I don't doubt for a second that you will get tons of love in return in your life. You definitely seem like someone who would deserve it. Lots of hugs to you and thank you again! Xx

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Review #3, by mysuv1 

3rd September 2016:
sweet teddy did ask her to dance

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked that bit! Xx

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Review #4, by N 

31st May 2016:
love this chapter :)

Author's Response: I am so happy to hear that! Thank you for still reading and reviewing!! Xx

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Review #5, by Dinthemidwest 

8th March 2016:
I am really enjoying the direction of your story-the few spelling errors don't count!

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! I will look out for the spelling errors. Thank you so much for still reading and reviewing!! Xx

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Review #6, by Jordan 

3rd November 2015:
I love this story! when are you posting the next chapter?

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! Sorry to make you wait for the updates- hopefully you've seen them by now. Thank you for reading and reviewing!! Xx

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Review #7, by Ibleedjkr 

31st October 2015:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this fic!!! That way you write is so captivating I just can't get enough!!! Pretty please with sugar and cherrys on top update soon?? I know you must be very busy and excited on your trip (genuinely so happy for you I love going away!!) but please spare a thought for your poor, deprived fans? Love all your work!!!

Author's Response: That makes me SO SO SO SO happy! :) Thank you so, so much for your incredibly kind words! I promise I'm thinking of you and the story even when I'm taking long between updates. I swear I will try to be better now because my trip is coming to its end. thank you for your patient and for reading and reviewing, it means a lot! Xx

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Review #8, by Maya 

31st October 2015:
I'm in looovvve!! This is such an addicting story. Please update as soon as possible... I can't wait to read more♥️♥️

Author's Response: Aw, I am so happy you're enjoying this still! Thank you for your kind words, and for reading and reviewing!! Xx

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Review #9, by Steven gryfindor rules 

28th October 2015:
When will the next chapter be on i want to read the whole story just wish you could uploads 4/5 at a time with short breaks inbetween iv read the whole 61 chapters twice cause its so good please update soon its the best story on the website

Author's Response: Wow, I'm so happy that you liked the story that much! I wish I could update every day for you... But it should get better from now on. Thank you for being so patient, and for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it! Xx

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Review #10, by Percy Hall 

27th October 2015:
I started reading this story not long after this chapter was released. I completely became emmersed in the story. I read the first 30 chapters in one day!! I finished this chapter about 2 weeks ago, and I've been checking every day for a new chapter. I understand that you went on a big trip, but it's been nearly 2 months! When will we see a new update?

Author's Response: Wow, I can't believe you read it that fast! So sorry about making you wait for that long, hopefully you've seen the new updates by now. I had such a lovely time away but it left little time for writing. It should be better from now on though! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #11, by Wolfman3 

13th October 2015:
You've really caught your stride recently with these stories - you've cut back on repetitive discriptions (early on in the series your use of wide smiling and sobbing was a little much) and your writing is being propelled by more compelling action, quidditch and auror life rather than petty and over dramatized soap opera like drama (the fire whiskey scene where Harry drowns his Ginny sorrows being an example of less compelling action). Your writing of teddy and victoires characters is especially good. This is definitely your best chapter yet and I look forward to reading more of your story!

Author's Response: Thank you, I am so happy you think so! I definitely feel that the earlier chapters are a bit weaker so it's really nice to hear you say that I've improved. I'm so happy you enjoyed the chapter - thank you so much for sticking with the story even though you didn't particularly enjoy the beginning of it, and for taking the time to leave these comments! Xx

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Review #12, by tralala 

13th October 2015:
I ended up reading this story up to this point in a day, and felt it would be a crime not to leave a comment, so here we go!

I think this fic is incredible. One of the reasons I was so hooked and love it so much is how you treat death. One of the few complaints I have about the seventh book of the canon series is how Rowling approaches the death of characters. With characters (particularly Fred) dying right as the story ends, it makes their deaths feel so meaningless. They die and.. so what? Here though, I find that the way you've continued the story and made their deaths feel so impactful is really incredible. I think my favorite scenes are when Fred watches over his family, and mentions his father having a fit of rage in his garage by himself, and when he goes to Fred's grave and sits there by himself. The idea of Mr. Weasley, who always seems so calm and kind throughout the stories, losing it out of grief, is just crushing. To me, this made Fred's death feel so much more real and painful than what it was.

I also really love all the humor in your story. The quips and witticisms from many of the characters have genuinely made me laugh (McGonagall retiring because she doesn't watch three generations of Potters had me rolling), and they all FEEL like something those characters would say, exactly as Rowling has written them. How you manage to do that is amazing, and I have to remind myself sometimes that this isn't canon.

Most of all, I really appreciate your attention to details, using what little information we've been giving from Rowling about the 19 year space, to create this story. Just about everything fits with what we know, but fits in WELL. I think it speaks a lot to your imagination, in that you've been able to tell a story with a few framework details, and managed to make it a brilliant one.

Anyway, thank you so much for writing what I think is one of the best fics out there. This was an incredible read!

Author's Response: Wow, it's amazing that you read it all so fast!! And I am beyond thrilled to hear you enjoyed it that much too. Death is difficult so hearing your words on that front really means so much to me. I guess Fred's death seemed pointless at the very end of the war, but I think it may have eben intentional. It IS a little pointess, isn't it? WHy should all those people have had to die? Although, I am glad that perhaps it seems a bit more significant after reading this, because though it seems pointless, it did serve a purpose. Somehow, thinking of Mr Weasley's grief always made me the saddest, which is why I included those moments. He is such a calm and kind character and I think it would take something like his son dying for him to lose it.

I'm so happy as well to hear that you like the humour! I have a lot of fun thinking up little comments and jokes to add in (mostly said by George, haha) so it's reallty great to hear someone else enjoys them too! And it means the world to me that you think the characters are believable! I know it's something I value in a story so that reallt makes me so happy.

Honestly, I am not sure I deserve all your kind words, but thank you so much for them! Thank you as well for reading the story and making it all the way to here, and for taking the time to write this absolutely lovely review. You are amazing!! Thank you! Xxx

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Review #13, by Aaron 

5th October 2015:
So good. I just started reading and I'm already here. Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Wow, that's amazing that you read it that fast. Thank you so much for sticking through the whole piece and for taking the time to write these reviews. It means a lot to me! Xx

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Review #14, by Bobaline 

5th October 2015:

Author's Response: That would be Miss :) Hope you've seen the new chapters by now, sorry about the wait! Xx

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Review #15, by ohnobeans 

4th October 2015:
I loved this chapter :) Ron and Hermione buying a house was so lovely

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! I'm glad you enjoyed the kind of random house purchase, haha. Thank you again for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #16, by SeekerIce20571 

26th September 2015:
I always thought waiting for the next chapter would be awful because I mostly read things way after they were done and you were on like the 51st chapter, but now I can read your notes and know that they are for me too. Waiting is fine with me now and it is most certainly worth it. I knew this series was perfect when I read the first chapter and cried. This was the first one I clicked on this website and I have kept reading even when I didn't agree. The writing is just amazing. I never want this story to end. The story of Harry Potter is the best thing that ever happened to me and things like this remind me that this story will never end and that there are people out there who love this series as much as me. I will never stop reading your story until the very end for that reminder. Thank you so much for writing this. Always.

Author's Response: Thank you for saying that - I really do appreciate you being so patient and understanding about having to wait for chapters. So happy you think it's worth it! I am absolutely thrilled that you're enjoying the story so much. Thank you so, so much for all your kind words. It means a lot to me!! It's so nice to get reviews like this one because it reminds me too that people are as crazy about HP as I am, haha. Thank you so, so much for reading my story and for taking the time to review! Xx

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Review #17, by Davey Stu 

25th September 2015:
At last! I started reading your story about 3 weeks ago and this is me finally caught up with it. Of course my reward will be having to wait now for each chapter, but such is life...

Firstly I'd like to say I think you've done a really lovely job with this story. :) The characters feel very much like those from the books, you've stayed very true to them, and I've enjoyed a lot of your story lines. I know you don't particularly enjoy writing action scenes but I don't think you're bad at them, and if it's an area you feel you could improve in that's all the more reason to continue writing them! :)

I'm pleased for Hermione, finally getting to see her relationship moving forward. I think it makes sense for her and Ron to be a little behind Harry and Ginny, but if they were a little more open with their feelings, if she were to actually speak to him when she worries that they aren't moving forward, I do feel like it maybe wouldn't take them so long. But then, it took them 6 years at Hogwarts and a year in the wilderness before they actually admitted having feelings for each other, so I guess it's not surprising!

As for Harry, I think there was compromise to be found there with Teddy. He could simply have told him his parents died helping to fight against evil, that they were heroes, and in time Teddy would have come to understand what that meant, without fears of death eaters wanting to kill him, and still feeling close to them. But then it's natural after all Harry went through, after all the horrors he was forced to face at such a young age, for him not to feel protective like that. It would probably seem silly to him to sugarcoat things, but he has to remember they live in a more peaceful time now.

As a Scotsman it was quite surreal to be reading characters discussing Scottish football! The Scots language wasn't perfect, but it wasn't terrible. I doubt though that even the most biased Albion Rovers fan would claim Cliftonhill is the best stadium in the country, but I suppose we could put it down to the drink! ;)

Finally, I'm eager to find out who our killer is... I hope we don't have too long before we get some more revelations!

Author's Response: Can't believe you read the whole thing that fast!!! Sorry to make you wait for chapters - I'm always trying to be more frequent in updating!

I am so, so happy you've enjoyed the story so far! Thank you so much for all your kind words, they are greatly appreciated. Thank you especially for what you had to say about the action scenes. You're right- I just need to keep doing it to get better :)

You're also so right about Ron and Hermione! If only they weren't so scared of being honest with each other. I think they will get there eventually but I also think it's their personalities, especially Ron's. They'll get through it though!

Yes, Harry could have been a little more smooth with Teddy. But I agree with you that no one really sugarcoated things when he grew up, so he's not really used to it. Ginny will teach him all about it - her childhood was so very different from his.

That's so cool that you're Scottish! I feel a bit embarrassed about their language, I honestly just googled how to write Scotttish because I had no clue, so "not terrible" is more than I would have expected ;) I'll take any pointers you can give me though! My grandpa thinks our local football team is better than Barcelona so Audrey's uncle was loosely based on him. Maybe I should tone it down a bit though, haha.

Hope you've read the reveal of the murderer by now and that it didn't disappoint. Thank you so, so much for this lovely review. There's nothing I appreciate more than getting some insight to readers' thoughts after each chapter, so thank you for taking the time to share yours. And of course for all your incredibly kind words! It means so much to me that you're enjoying this story! Xx

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Review #18, by Cale 

17th September 2015:
This is great story I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you like it! Thank you for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #19, by Katie 

16th September 2015:
I am so impressed by this entire story so far! I have read quite a few of the post battle fanfics but yours is thebest by far. So much so that I joined this page to receive updates on your story. I can't wait to read more of what you write. I feel as though you have taken Rowlings style and added your own twist to the writing that makes this so enjoyable and believable. Great work!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so, so much for your kind words! I*m beyond thrilled that you're enjoying the story that much - fingers crossed you will continue to. Thank you for taking the time to read it and write a review - I appreciate it so much!! Xx

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Review #20, by hgstories 

15th September 2015:
I LOVE THIS STORY!!! This has definitely become one of my all time favorite stories. You are a wonderful writer! I love the way you write Harry and Ginny especially. It's amazing! I can't wait for another chapter!

Author's Response: Wow, one of your favourites? That makes me so happy! Thank you so, so much for your kind words. I'm absolutely thrilled that you enjoy Harry and Ginny in this, because they are one of my favourite couples. Thank you for reading the story and for your kind words, it means a lot! Xx

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Review #21, by SeekerIce20571 

15th September 2015:
That was the best way to start my day ever! I'm reading this at 6:15 and it just warmed my heart. Thank you so much!

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so happy to hear that. Thank YOU so much for reading and for taking the time to write this. I know it was a while ago but I hope the rest of the day was lovely!! Xx

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Review #22, by Rak 

14th September 2015:
You couldn't have written without making me cry about Remus and Tonks? It was too cute.. U r making everything too cute.. Ron and hermione,Harry and Ginny and of course our young lil Teddy and Vic.. I really can't thank u enough for this lovely story.. Have a good trip and please write asap.. Waiting...

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry for making you cry! So happy that you enjoyed this though. I really love writing about Teddy and Victoire, so I'm so happy you like reading it. Thank you so, so much for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #23, by sidrocks123  

14th September 2015:
I don't know if you still remember my reviews or not, but anyways -
I am still not able to give a rating above 10.
Even though it's been almost a year since reading this piece of art, your writing still hasn't deteriorated in any way. In fact, I don't even know what to say anymore about this story. It has remained in my heart as the first story ever to bind me in its entirety and its completeness, and it looks like it will not let me go anytime soon. Why? How can you write such a story that is so.. so.. magnificent, as well as emotional at the same time? I was bogged down by college, then the death of a close relative of mine, then a hairline fracture on my right hand, but I think I do not regret waiting for a year before reading all of Year 5, 6 and 7, as it just gave me another excuse to read the story all over again. And twice. And.. you get the general idea.
This is like the ultimate story - it has infinite replay value. Most of the stories I have read, the movies and TV shows that I have watched, are good in the first viewing, fell okayish by the second, and fizzle out almost completely by the third. 19 Years is a story which you can never get bored with - Ever. I don't even remember the number of times I have read this particular book cover to cover, but what I do remember that I was stunned after every time I had finished reading it.
This is a time where I feel so sad for the fact that fanfiction cannot be published due to legal grievances. If it was, the book would have remained a permanent fixture in my bookshelf, for a long, long time.
I don't even know why anybody, or even you, are surprised with the Dobby Awards nomination. I wanted to nominate the story for it ever since it was published. It was that good.
Sorry for the long review, but it is hard to explain why this story makes me feel I'm in heaven. The amount of feels it gives me... surreal.

Author's Response: How could I forget? You are always so lovely to me!!

it makes me so happy to hear you're still enjoying the story! I feel like I don't deserve all those kind words but just know how much it means to me that you feel that way about my writing. I guess when you write something you can only dream that someone won't think it's too bad. So hearing all this.. it's amazing. I am so, so sorry about everything you've had to go through lately. Sending you lots of hugs over the internet!

It's ao incredible to me that you would read this again, and still enjoy it as much - thank you so, so much. You never fail to make me smle and this review is no exception. It's a dream of mine to get a story published one day, so you wanting this on your bookshelf is just unreal! (if it DOES happen one day it's obviously going to be original fiction, but still). Thank you again!

Please don't apologize for writing long reviews- they are the best. And you are the best. Your reviews give me so many feels it's surreal. Thank you thank you thank you! XXx

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Review #24, by FriendofMolly 

14th September 2015:
The best part of the chapter was Ron and Hermione with Mrs. Perkins. Their approach to the troubled woman was just what she needed. Ron and Hermione needed it too. Harry did the right thing. Despite what Ginny thinks, when children ask it's time to tell the truth. It was horrible that Teddy lost both his parents, but when a child doesn't know their imagination runs wild. This was a good chapter.

Author's Response: I am so happy you liked Ron and Hermione's interaction with Mrs Perkins. I definitely think they all needed it, just like you say. And yes, I think Harry had to tell the truth-perhaps he could have been a little more smooth about it but Teddy needed to know. I'm so happy you enjoyed the chapter! Xx

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Review #25, by Pierrina Markezi 

12th September 2015:
It was a really nice story. It was sad sometimes and it made me cry but it was for the best , as your story show me what probably would happen that time!

Author's Response: I am so happy you've enjoyed the story so far! Sorry it made you cry but I will definitely take it as a compliment. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Xx

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