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Review #1, by Roisin 

5th October 2015:
OK back! Got all excited and just read through this and the next chapter last night without stopping to review so now I am back!

First off, I really want to commend you on the whole first kiss sequence, because it was just SO realistic and resonant. While I've never been on either side of that /exact/ situation, just so much of what they both said and did struck so many familiar chords. Just really REALLY well done. And then the way Olivia got almost childish at the end being all like "well I won't change my mind" was really good, because it subtly showed the whole situation calming down and becoming nice again.

Also, I think there's a sort of weird movement in any sort of Teen narratives (be they OF, tv shows, fics, whatever) to show parents/families/adult authority figures as super duper "NO BOYS IN YOUR ROOM EVAR"--but that's never seemed all that realistic to me. Like, I think you produced a really realistic scenario, well hinted at with the flash of Katie in the doorway holding tea and seeming a bit awkward. Like maybe she thinks it might not be appropriate to let a boy be in Olivia's bed snuggling, and then Olivia isn't her daughter, but then Olivia's been through a lot and SO WHAT it's just snuggling. I think a lot of the time, teenagers will just sort of make choices (like "this person is sleeping here tonight") without really discussing it with adults, and then the adults are like "ERM" but don't really know what to do about it.

Especially in these three chapters, Al has been sort of the one person to say the right thing--like, he's the first to really acknowledge the scope of what happened to her mom and the issue of mental illness, and the first to think that hey, maybe she should visit her. I could sort of fault various adults for not stepping in to do that (her dad comes to mind), but mostly, I think that teenagers need their friends/peers a LOT, and stuff coming from friends/peers can be much more powerful. Lucky Olivia has a friend as good as Albus :)

I'm also curious, because I felt SURE that Al was talking about Laura, but then he sort of makes it seem like he wasn't. I suspect he WAS talking about Laura, and intentionally disguised that to sort of protect her privacy. Which I would respect. Like, yeah he cares about Liv and is close with her, but that doesn't mean that Liv necessarily has a right to know Laura's secrets.

In a way, Albus might seem almost TOO good, but I sort of think that might be ok. Like, he's Harry and Ginny's son after all, and the middle child, so I like to think he'd be especially well-adjusted. And then if the person he's talking about IS Laura, then that would be a case for him being human. Because then everything she did to him would get a little bit explained (not necessarily justified, but explained), and then his anger at her would be realistically human (rather than infinitely and unrealistically compassionate).

And some people ARE just REALLY nice!

And I know I say this, like, every other review, but OH MAN Cassie is gonna be SO SURPRISED when (if?) she reunites with Liv! Olivia has changed SO VERY MUCH from the person she was (/pretended to be) at the start of the story. And Cassie hasn't been around to see how and why that change occurred, so it's gonna be CRAY.

On to the next!

Author's Response: It is SUCH a relief to hear you found the kiss sequence convincing. I didn't want to make it seem too gentlemanly from Al, if that makes sense, because he's very much an ordinary teenager and obviously likes her. But then I think he's also grown up enough to try to be responsible. And Olivia's reaction is very childish and vulnerable and hopefully puts it back into perspective? Great to hear your thoughts on it.

More on Laura soon :)

Argh I'm trying to not make Al seem too perfect, but then I also want him to be quite perfect because Ollie needs somebody nice. I think you're right that Harry and Ginny would have made sure he's well adjusted. And hopefully he'll make more sense in the last third of the story.

THANK YOU for all the lovely words xx

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Review #2, by anonny 

29th September 2015:
I really love this story! I read it all the way through in one night. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Chapter 20 just went up :)

E x

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Review #3, by Margie 

29th September 2015:
Hi Emma,

Yeah it looks like there might actually be a quidditch match I can't wait! ^_^ When I saw that they needed another seeker my mind went straight to Scorpius... but that seems unlikely at this point... what with him hating most of them and not speaking to Ollie.

This chapter has given me a lot to think about. I'm really glad you're being so understanding about mental health. My sister has been mentally ill for a long time and I think actually it happens to a lot of people - either to them or to someone close to them.

I completely understood Liv's desire to pretend it hadn't happened which would have left her really unprepared for anything that followed after or for coping with what had happened so thank goodness for Al.

I was really relieved when Al broke away from their kiss because while it's the most natural thing in the world to want intimacy and comfort - after all that it would have been the worst idea. I cringed at it though because it is so humiliating to be rejected but hey it turned out ok in the end.

On the whole Al and Liv's interaction throughout the chapter made me feel odd. He's being just exactly what she needs and without him it would have been much worse for her but the contrast between their maturity is so striking - it felt like Al was much older than Liv. What's more it made it clear how much she only trusts Al. It did seem like she's warming up to her family though (I loved the breakfast scene especially Oliver, his flowery apron and his enthusiasm to play quidditch - what a dork haha).

Reading the chapter again lent a lot of perspective. My guess is the girl he was talking about was Laura Brogan. It wouldn't be that surprising if she went to his muggle primary school especially if her dad was a muggle and several characters have mentioned how Laura had been through a tough time. I imagine it's supposed to be a secret and not Al's to tell so I can see why Al would lie even to Liv to protect Laura in those circumstances. Still. I wonder how Liv would respond to that. Hypothetically.

Suspecting that Al had been through something very similar before made me wonder what he would have done differently the first time round. It could mean he would be more wary of saying the wrong thing. If it was Laura did she go to him for comfort and intimacy and it blew up in both their faces? Did she blow hot and cold on him and how did he take that rejection or the realisation that she hadn't kissed him or more just because she was in love with him?

If that's the case it would be tough to get close to someone again with that same fear in mind. I suppose what I'm getting at is that he was probably feeling a lot more fragile about it than he let on. It could also prove to be very difficult for him in the next few chapters.

Al has done a lot for Liv in this chapter and I hope that when Liv is feeling stronger and wiser that she can be there for him if he needs it. I suppose I'm worried that she'll take him for granted but that really doesn't seem like her, when I think about it. That line about her being aware of a change in her that meant that she felt more responsible for the happiness of those around her, especially Al, gave me a lot of hope in that direction.

This whole chapter felt like a turning point for Liv in some ways. I've said before, I think, that she potentially could do with more agency (not that there has been a lot that she can do and she's such a child still in many ways) and I hope that this gives her a chance to use some.

I think it's interesting that Liv is being introduced to the idea that someone can project a happy, strong image but be breaking down on the inside and I wonder if she would apply that thinking to Cassie if and when she next sees her.

I'm looking forward to this quidditch match (if we get to see it that is) and to Liv seeing her Mum and hopefully understanding why her mum did what she did.

Thanks for such a good chapter Emma! Margiexx

Author's Response: Margie you're reviews are always the best! Thank you so much!

I'm glad that you appreciated the mental health discussion. I really wanted to handle it tactfully and it's good to hear that it worked - I didn't want it to be upsetting or triggering for anyone.

You're exactly right about Al and Liv. In this chapter, she's in a really vulnerable place and he's very much the mature thoughtful one. It wouldn't be fair for something to happen between them here because they're just going through completely different things. You're right that Al's past experiences have let him be more thoughtful and think more carefully about what to do.

Yes! I just described this chapter as a turning point in another response. You're exactly right. Liv's finally starting to make a conscious decision to help herself, even though she still needs Al to support her in that.

And I like that thought about Cassie. I hadn't actually thought of that but yes, Liv's always seen Cassie as a very strong person and that's obviously not really the case, which is something she needs to learn.

Thanks so much for such a thoughtful review! E x

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Review #4, by AUBS 

23rd September 2015:
Please update quickly! I'm getting so bored with all the other stories!Thanks for being amazing!

Author's Response: Chapter 20 just went up :) Thanks for the review! Emma x

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Review #5, by CambAngst 

21st September 2015:
Hi, Emma!

I felt like there was a natural-feeling progression to this chapter as Olivia gradually went from being devastated and overwhelmed to being calmer and more in control. Hopeful, even. She's had a lot of ups and downs in this story, but I'm hoping that the end of the last chapter was pretty much rock bottom for her. It would be nice to see her be happier and stronger for a few chapters.

It seemed that Al saved her from ending up as a puddle on the floor at the start of the chapter. She's clinging to him for dear life and he's just trying to get her to a place where he can calm her down or at least let her cry herself out. It's not a bad strategy on his part. Seems to work out well.

I think I saw a small typo in the first part:

I could feel his breathe in the movement of his chest more than in the air against my neck -- his breathing?

Al is such a gentleman! If there's anything I could possibly critique you on, it's that sometimes Al seems a little too good to be true. But, he was human enough to acknowledge the struggle in this situation. He obviously wanted to keep the kiss going, but he didn't want to take advantage of her in a vulnerable situation. Like I said, such a gentleman!

Aww! James and Jason are adorable. Well, James is anyway.

Oliver burned his hand in his rush to turn around and swore before nodding eagerly. -- He'll not only play, he'll give a big pep talk before the game and insist that everyone needs to practice when it's over.

I have to say, you set up a pretty amazing visual with Al and Olivia baring their souls to one another in the rain. Especially Al. He's been a little mysterious throughout the story, at least in terms of how he got to be so sensitive and such a good listener. That's doubly true when you compare him to James, Louis and some of the other Potter/Weasley males. Now it makes more sense. After what happened with his muggle friend, he's probably scared to death that it will happen again. That another person he cares about will be in trouble and he'll miss the signs. Nicely written, Ms. Emma!

You closed out the chapter on a really high note. Things aren't going to be easy, but I still felt good for Al and Olivia.

Excellent job! Until next time...

Author's Response: Hi Dan, sorry for the slow slow response. This review was lovely, thank you so much.

I think this chapter marks a bit of a change for Olivia. She's really been propped up a lot by Al, Rose and Louis, but this is the first time she's really made a conscious decision to start changing things. You're right that it ends on a hopeful note.

Ahh I know, Al's potentially a bit too perfect at the moment. More on him later :)

I now desperately want to write Oliver's pep talk.

Thanks so much for such a kind and thoughtful review.

Emma x

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Review #6, by Fer 

17th September 2015:
Hey, So I started reading ir yesterday and I hoy yo the latest chapter yesterday, it is amazing. I actually thought that Olivia's dad was with Cassie (I don't like her very much).
I love the relationship between Liv and Al but I really miss Scorpius because he's Liv's best friend and living life without him mustn't be an easy task.
Well overall I love the story and how you write and I really hope you update soon.
-F xx

Author's Response: Hi Fer! I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying reading. Next chapter just went up and there's some Scorpius in there for you :)

Emma xx

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Review #7, by Romana 

14th September 2015:
I came across your story while looking for a Scorose fan fic. . I like how your dealing with hard hitting issues and toxic relationships. The problem with toxic people in your life is that you don't know their toxic until after they leave. As a Scorose fan I look forward to the progression of that story line. The mending of the relationship between Olivia and scorpius, the acceptance of the wotters in his life, moving on from Cassie and falling for rose. Sounds like a story all on its own :). Another story all on its own is the story of Cassie. With rejection from her mother , mixed with little parental guidance, it's no wonder she is a bitchy wild child. Why did she leave, where is she (the letters Olivia sends are going somewhere) will she return and if she does how will this effect the new and improved relations with the wotters and the moron. I stay tuned for the answers.

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying reading. The idea of toxic people is definitely something I'm trying to explore here. Ollie's had a lot of people in her life that have been really damaging, and this is kind of documenting how she manages to escape that. More on Cassie soon :)

Thank you for the review! Chapter 20 just went up. Emma xx

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Review #8, by Ali 

9th September 2015:
This is so amazing! 10/10

Author's Response: Really happy you're enjoying it. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #9, by rosiful 

9th September 2015:
So, last night I stayed up to 2am reading this story and was completely exhausted today at work, but it was totally worth it because this story is awesome and incredibly addicting (obviously). I'm quite surprised I haven't read it before actually, but once I started I just couldn't stop. I would've stopped and reviewed every chapter... but I just had to know what happened next!

I love all the characters you've created. They all have their own distinct personalities, even if they aren't always nice!

I am so curious as to what is going on with Cassie. I'm absolutely convinced she is pregnant... but then she disappeared.. and then there's the whole necklace thing...
I am dying to know what is going on with her!

I am so conflicted about poor Scorpius. I know he's been a massive jerk to Liv, but he has been through so much and I feel so bad for him. First Cassie disappeared, then he is accused of her kidnap, then Liv ran away when he needed her most and he has no one else to turn to. But, he really shouldn't take it all out on Olivia.

Al is just the cutest thing ever! He and Olivia are just adorable together!

I am really, really looking forward to the next chapter.
I have so many theories, but I have no idea where you will take this story!
Please update soon?


Author's Response: Aww thank you so so much for this lovely review! It really made me smile so much. This story's definitely been getting less reviews in more recent chapters so it's really lovely to hear from new readers and know that you're enjoying it :)

I'm glad you feel conflicted about Scorpius, that's kind of how I feel about him too. He's hurting a lot and it doesn't really excuse his behaviour but he's not a bad person at all.

Genuinely thank you so so much for such a lovely review. I'll try to update soon :)

Oo also I don't know if you're still writing Bertie Botts but definitely let me know if you update because I want to know what happens next!

Emma xx

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Review #10, by AUBS 

6th September 2015:
Yay! Ive been waiting so long for this chapter to come out! Excellent as always! Please update faster!!Thanks;)

Author's Response: Haha I'll try to get the next chapter out soon. Thanks for reviewing :) xx

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Review #11, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins 

6th September 2015:
I've been checking multiple times a day for an update (I know, I know, but at least I'm still on break), and you didn't disappoint (I'm not even sure that's possible). I LOVE how things are moving forward with Al and Liv, and how they trust each other so much that they share things like what Al just did...and poor Al, too. Thank you so much for shedding light on mental health, though. It's very important and very misunderstood, sadly.
And can I just say...I know that the James and Jason head-on-shoulders thing is a hey-we're-bros-look-at-the-bromance sort of jokey-thingy...but for a second, I thought that they were being serious...and I actually kind of liked it. Huh. Crazy, right? I mean, if they were for real, James wouldn't joke about spooning with Katie (because who talks about spending the night with the s.o.'s mother?!), but...I thought that it had the potential to be sweet. Okay, I probably got the wrong idea here, didn't I?
Anyway, Oliver in the flowery apron made my day. I had a big, goofy smile on my face when I read that, until things got serious again.
Love you, and can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hi! Haha, I'm glad you're enjoying it enough to check so often! I'm trying to keep updates a bit quicker at the moment :)

It's a relief that you thought the mental health discussion worked. It's very much a serious topic and I wanted to talk about it but was worried about not doing it justice.

James and Jason basically love each other loads, but yeah...just friends at the moment. They're super cute though. Thank you for liking them!

Thanks so much for the lovely review. I'm so so glad you're still enjoying reading :)

Emma xx

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