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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

9th December 2015:
OH THANK GOD EVA SURVIVED I love her too much to see her DIE. And to be honest I think the story would be far less interesting if she died. Because aside from anything else it would kill off the whole moral question of "what does she deserve" that we've been asking all story so far. And which, incidentally, I really don't know the RIGHT answer to. I guess because there IS no right answer. The question has to be which is the BEST answer in the circumstances. BUT. YAY, she lives!

And hopefully she and Albus can work things out in a HEALTHY manner.

I'm struck by the stark contrast between Lillian, who didn't get involved in trying to save Selena when she was captured, and Hermione, who by the looks of it went straight to Helluby as soon as she could to try to find Rose. I know the situations are different, but all the same, I don't think Hermione would have reacted as Lillian did if the Council had captured Rose instead of Selena. Just a thought.

I absolutely adore scenes from Selena's head, the humour in them is just spectacular. A Knight Templar Wizard in galoshes. Looking like a marshmallow. Oh she is my absolute favourite. And SUNKEN CITY SUNKEN CITY this history lore is getting too exciting.

...And I need bed. *collapses*

Author's Response: Yeah, Eva has been the only person guaranteed to survive SIMPLY because death is too easy. Death gives an answer, and her life and redemption are the questions with absolutely no answers. My one big regret in her story in Oblivion is that she never had to face up directly to the things she did when working for Thane; they were all very detached, and while she never shied away from them, she could just walk away from the consequences of the people she killed, the lives she broke.

I think Hermione's lesser responsibility in the world is a bit on purpose - by Hermione, I mean. Lillian's hands were very much tied in how much she could to in order to chase after Selena. Publicly, the Chairman couldn't redirect resources to find one girl. While Hermione outright told Rose she'd be happy to recruit the whole bloody Order of the Phoenix-that-was and Dumbledore's Army if necessary. I think Hermione keeps herself as Deputy Head of the DMLE simply because she would lose a lot of flexibility.

It's like Lex Luthor in Justice League Unlimited saying, 'do you know how much power I'd have to give up if I became President?'

But of course, Lillian knows how to make the shackles of responsibility work for her.

Selena was the best dang person to write this sequence from the POV of simply because she doesn't mess around with technical terms in a frankly long and kind of IMPORTANT MOMENT in wizarding history.

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Review #2, by RelentlessFire 

13th September 2015:
Congratulations of finishing the first draft of your truly amazing story!! I'm sorry I haven't been able to review recently, but I'm glad to be back. These chapters so far have been really incredible and I expect the rest to be even better! Keep up the fantastic work.

Author's Response: Thank you! Editing goes on a pace and soon there'll be new stories - but this one is not done.

Updates coming all the time from here to the end. ;-)

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Review #3, by elizabeth 

11th September 2015:

Also, I love how you delve into magical history and archeology; it really rounds off the world of Harry Potter and establishes it as a distinct parallel from our own.

(also i used to be cauldroncloak, commenting, before deciding that ugh why bother using pottermore names let's just... not)


Author's Response: Hope, or the end of hope if the destruction of the Chalice is nearer. We shall see.

I'm astonishingly a huge history nerd, so the moment I delved a little into history to explain the Chalice in Starfall, I knew I'd wind up dabbling further. I mean, of course Starfall had history because that went with the genre, but Oblivion picked up a lot of its baggage, so to speak. So here we are with sunken Celtic cities.

Pottermore names are odd, I can't even remember mine but it's super Not Me...

Updates coming all the time from here to the end!

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Review #4, by Whimsical Diva 

8th September 2015:
You know, I pretty much hated Eva for all of Starfall. I'd always believed Scorpius and Matt were my favourite characters - but I think Eva pipped them to the post. Please don't kill her, or disable her. She's come so far that she deserves better than that.

Anyway, update soon?

Author's Response: I think Eva's arc is much more interesting in Oblivion, yes. I enjoyed writing her in Starfall, but I knew I was setting up for bigger and better things. It would be a pity if I cut the storyline short.

Then again it was a pity I cut Methuselah's story short. On the other hand the next chapter's been out a while at the time of penning this reply so I don't know why I'm being ambiguous...

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Review #5, by whykay 

8th September 2015:
I feel we are so close to the research climax - how and whether to destroy the Chalice. How and whether tethering Scorp to any other source (like this Veil perhaps?) will save him. How and whether Eva will be alive and fully functional.

And then the action climax. And then, the end of Raskoph. Muhahhaa.

Poor Selena. Just when she started to find happiness with another, (even if it is Matt :P) they had to visit this place. I hope the feeling of betrayal go away soon for her.

So it is the place - how are they going to study it?? Can it help Scorpius? I admit I don't care about Lethe that much. :D

Rose. Rose. Rose. Such Hypocrisy Indeed. You can't carry it off like Scorpius does, Rosie, though this was probably your best shot!!

What IS that stone? Why are they ignoring it? And hey, why wasn't Scorp and Rose more astonished with the revelation reg Astoria?? Is there something they know that we don't? :P Or was it meant to be a passing reference not to be picked up on and we, like hound dogs, did it anyway. :D

Albus - you don't like it easy. Eva. Eva. When you said death is not a redemption - does becoming paralyzed while saving Al help? Or will she lose her sense of magic? I think, though she has changed, it is fitting for her character to suffer so (or maybe live like a muggle). Either way, in whichever way she pays for her sins, Al is bound to suffer too. Poor baby.

Author's Response: This is indeed the end of the research plotline, and beginning to bring all three major arcs to a close for them to come together in our final furlongs. If everyone makes it with us.

Selena's feeling of betrayal was fleeting. It was the first time she felt so raw about Methuselah since getting with Matt, and having him offer such immediate comfort was easy to feel conflicted over.

The stone is as Rose has theorised - an old piece of Cassian's agent gear, not really worth worrying over. The revelation about Astoria is more bewildering still than shocking, and they also have to process it on top of 'is Scorpius doomed.'

Is Eva paralysed or cut off from magic - sometimes I am not entirely horrible to my characters. I'd be mysterious but you've totally read on from here. But no, never Redemption Equals Death trope for a major character, unless I have a REALLY cool idea.

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Review #6, by fanofgredforge 

7th September 2015:
"You know how I said it'd be shorter than Starfall? I LIED."

And we are ever so thankful for it :)

Author's Response: I tried, dear God, did I try, and if I'd taken my time with Oblivion it would ironically be shorter. I'd have planned it a bit tighter.

But it is what it is, so I hope you enjoy the rest of the ride. ;)

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