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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

9th December 2015:
In some ways, Matt/Selena are the healthiest couple of Stygianverse. I mean, except for Methuselena obviously, although to be fair Methuselah was rather lacking in social cues. But it's so refreshing that a couple has an issue, talks it over and works it out. Hopefully it stays that way.

And I hadn't realised before now just how messed up poor old Scorpius has become. Poor kid.

Yay Cassian backstory, MORE MORE MORE.

Author's Response: Methuselena didn't have a chance to find out if they were healthy; my God, they'd have been adorable as a couple in Starfall, wouldn't they? But then Starfall wouldn't have happened. And the tone would have been so different. Every time I think of an AU Stygian Trilogy where Methuselah lived, I have to wonder if the gang would have survived Starfall. His death just hardened them so much.

But I digress (why am I doing this when I have short reviews to plough through responding to??). But yeah, Matt and Selena sometimes actually just sit down and bloody well TALK, and let's be real, Matt's maiming is a serious issue which has not received quite the attention it should have in the whole big picture of things.

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Review #2, by scorprose 

11th August 2015:
It's been a thrilling, intriguing and a lovely ride with Oblivion. Cant wait any longer. Pl update soon. That said, I also feel that I need more time to savour the plot, the history, the characters, their emotions and everything.Never do I feel content until I read each chapter for more than three times. It feels so sad thinking that this series is coming to an end. Wish to hear more from you.

Author's Response: Updates are coming all the time, I'm just glad you're enjoying the story. You've got about 20 chapters still to go, so don't worry, the end's a little way off yet.

And then I'm going to write more things. ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by RelentlessFire 

10th August 2015:
How much I enjoy reading you story is crazy. Thank you so much!

Author's Response: So glad you're enjoying the story! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #4, by Guest 

9th August 2015:
Cant wait for next chapter 😀
Love the complexity of the plot

Author's Response: Good, 'cos apparently needlessly complex is something I'm good at. ;-) I kid (I mean, a little), I'm just super glad you're enjoying the story. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Manila_traveler 

8th August 2015:
Just a couple of quick comments on my end:

First, I think you did a good job on mixing the exposition with the lead-up to the discovery of Cassian's body. Though when you mentioned the powder, I'm like, "Wait, what powder again?" And then, "Wait, the guy used makeup -- his makeup, it seems like! -- to encrypt a magical treasure map?" I'm not sure if that's the train of thought you want me to go off-tangent on, but if is, it does give a unique flavor to Cassian's character.

Second, I wanted to ask if you've considered the implications of tweaking your previous Raskoph "canon" in order to fit in this Ultima Thule backstory? Which is cool btw, I love that it's really about what's there and not where it is.

Anyway, I reread the scene where the Badenheim ghost rants about Raskoph, and it didn't really seem as though he (Raskoph) was any different from the treasure hunters that Cassian disdained, apart from having succeeded in escaping justice. And so I wondered, if Raskoph really did have a grand ambition of finding Ultima Thule, was it a lone wolf chase for him as well? That he kept secret even from his colleagues? Because I'd imagine the Thule Society to be very, very interested in a magical armory as powerful as you describe Ultima Thule to be.

Author's Response: It was not intended that makeup powder revealed the secrets of Cassian's diary! No, it's just the stuff Scorpius and Rose found in his crate of belongings in Malfoy Manor that Draco had dug out of storage.

Next chapter has a little more explanation of what went down between Cassian and Raskoph, so I won't get too much into it here (if next chapter isn't so illuminating, though, let me know and I can explain and edit!). However, the Kerner ghost back in Badenheim didn't dislike Raskoph for his work, he hated that he abandoned Grindelwald's cause when the war was lost. Kerner died and was bound to protect Thule Society secrets. Raskoph went into hiding when the war was lost; it's a similar disdain Voldemort had for the Death Eaters who didn't try to find him after the First War. While it's very true I didn't have the Cassian & Raskoph at Ultima Thule thing planned when I wrote Badenheim, I don't THINK this contradicts things, especially as there's no implication Kerner really knew Raskoph in life (knew of, but that's it).

But yes, more specifics on Raskoph and the Thule Society soon. If the Thule Society knew/BELIEVED what Raskoph had found about Ultima Thule, then yes, they would be all over that.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by whykay 

6th August 2015:
Go on, go on, go on... Scorpius and Rose got there! So, if Lethe isn't the ultimate game, there is no point in destroying the Chalice - am I right (Whee- Scorpius lives)? And the ultimate game was destroyed with that keystone - can Raskoph or anybody still get in? What does he have now to get in?

So many many questions. I admit I gloss over the history - we have had enough of history since the beginning of civilization in India to study all through and so, am afraid I really don't know European history pre-renaissance era in great detail or catch on to the references to myth and fact that you cleverly weave into the story and highlight in the author's note - they all seem equally different to me. :D Haha. I agree with the other reader who had mentioned this - it sort of all gets too technical and overwhelming at the same time especially if you are unfamiliar with the subject matter - but I agree - it's a good tool otherwise to succinctly summarize the findings :D

Author's Response: Much more on the implications of what they discover at Ultima Thule next chapter, HOWEVER, Lethe was still created with the use of the Chalice. The Chalice is still fuelling Lethe. If, I suppose, the Council of Thorns got their grubby mitts on something worse, and then stopped using Lethe, then there would be far less need to destroy the Chalice, that's very true!

I'm sorry the history stuff isn't working out so well! TBH there's not actually a huge amount of genuine subject matter I'm drawing on in this Ultima Thule plotline, other than 'Mythical Cities of Real World legends existed and were the homes of wizards X-Thousand years ago,' and 'Nazi occultism was really a thing.' Other than my ever-so-clever gag about Ultima Thule being the 'end of the world' because of what it contains, not its location, most of the rest is made up. Or, like the gag, merely window dressing.

I would streamline it going forwards but honestly there's not much LEFT of the history nerding in the Raskoph plotline. The Chalice plotline - well, I may edit how I present some of Matt's research findings going forwards, even if a lot of it from here is hugely invented by me. And genuinely there are only a few more chapters of magical history nerdery before the story hits a new phase, so to speak.

All the answers on if anyone can get in without a keystone next chapter. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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