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Review #1, by MalfoysAngel 

2nd April 2017:
It's the bunny apocalypse! I'm loving the action in this lead up. I can tell the final showdown is going to be one of epic proportions and I'm loving the suspense you are adding to this. For not knowing much about what's going on, you are snagging my attention easily and I'm dying to know what happens next (And the lead up to this event) Why are the bunnies controlling Madame Prince and Madame Pomfrey and just what is in that punch? The idea that something so innocent and cute can be the spawn of Satan terrifies me more than clowns do and I hate clowns. I remember reading Bunnicula in school and it pales in comparison to what you have done with this story. Of course that rabbit only sucked the juice out of vegetables and not the juice out of humans so your's is a major step up and adds the perfect amount of terror. I feel like I'm watching a horror movie when I read this. And I love it! I really do need to go back and read the previous chapters to find out how they discovered that the bunnies are evil and out for blood.

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Review #2, by Marshal 

2nd April 2017:
Ooo! The tension really ante's up here at the end of the chapter! Dillon is coming in! Though I know very little that is terrifying.

The Thrall thing to control the people is interesting and I wonder what the issue with not using the concept of zombies. Why people don't want to think about it or speak it. The characters under the Thrall seem a bit zombie like.

Also I'm thinking it is normal tea rather than special tea that counter act the Thrall? I'll have to find out I suppose by reading earlier chapters.

As for the vampire bunnies... wow that is ingenious and different! They are totally not cute and sweet like Bunicula. Also the bunnies if faced with them would terrify me! They sound super creepy.

Also - the shoe phone - I love how no one thought much of it and honestly the visual being all serious talking to a shoe - though maybe just a little grody as that is what one walks on. Still I love how ALbus is managing the dire situation he's in and trying to do what needs to be done to save people it is very clear that he is a hero type. Over all the visuals from Albus to Wren were fantastic and the transitions between characters worked really well. I look forward to learning more!

Author's Response: Alrighty, well... now I'm all confused. Where are we in the story now?... Ah, there it is.

This skipping around thing is tough!

The thing about zombies is a Wren thing, and it's covered in a different chapter... not a big thing, but it's part of Wren so I'll leave it at that. Yeah, and the tea too.

Yep. Totally not cute. And not like Bunnicula either.

I LOVED the shoe phone bit. I have no idea what made me use it, but I thought it would make people smile, or at least make me smile, which is the whole point. Albus is TRYING to be a hero, he really is, but he has no idea what to do - really no one does.

Thanks for another review!


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Review #3, by CambAngst 

28th August 2015:
Hello, again, Pix. Not wanting to give you wrinkles, but alas I do need to maintain some sort of pace here.

GryCReMo (Review #37)

So Albus in the Prefect's meeting... um, remind me why he thought this was a good idea again? He's nearly as crazy as his father, always needing to run right into the middle of dangerous situations just so he knows what's going on. I'll tell you what's going on, Albus: people are getting sucked dry and enthralled. Wouldn't you be better off finding Wren and a nice, quiet, safe place to talk instead?

Oh, man! The shoe phone scene was a riot to imagine. Here he is, surrounded by vampire thrawls, talking to Scorpius on his shoe. I'm adding Maxwell Smart to that list with Elmer Fudd and Vito Corleone on it. I can picture poor Albus, trying to play it cool.

Now he felt incredibly stupid. Yeah, of course heíd thought he was going to get away with walking into a room full of people who could read each otherís minds. -- Well, when you put it like that...

The conversation between Albus and James felt like it was missing something. For me, at least, I expected it to be harder for Albus to convince James of what was happening. I think the scene would have played better if the Prefects on the map were doing something more sinister. Either that, or play up what was going on in the Hospital Wing more. Just something other than Albus's word to make James realize that something very bad was happening in the castle.

Wren and Callie are certainly brave. They march right into the belly of the beast to retrieve Rose. Your descriptions of the Hospital Wing were pretty gruesome and creepy. Not a place I'd want to be.

I really liked the scene where they had to fight their way out of the Hospital Wing. Maybe "fight" isn't quite the right word, but it was no mean feat getting out of there, either. Poor Wren couldn't save everyone, but she has a pretty good group to work with now.

Oh, my. Dillon's coming in, isn't he? That can't be good.

Need to keep going. Story is so good now...

Author's Response:

You managed quite a few more reviews than I did, but that's okay. I maintained my facial cream regimen. I should be alright. See? The things we learn from our characters. Serena would be so proud.

Ah, let's think that through. What would have happened if Wren and Albus just took off to "talk" right now? *shudders* On second thought, I'd rather not contemplate that. Bad timing. That's what it would be.

I loved the shoe phone back in chapter *early on* and I really wanted it not to be a one-off in this story. Hence the return. And it added an element of "meanwhile on the other side of the castle" without actually saying, "meanwhile on the other side of the castle". If you know what I mean. Which I'm sure you do.

James sees more on the map now. I think that fixed the issue you felt about it. You deserve cookies for your good eyes and excellent suggestions. This is why I love reviews. :)

No, I don't think "fight" is the right word, but Wren and Callie did have to use their brains to get out of there in one piece. Obviously, I couldn't have Wren save everyone or there'd not be much reason for more chapters after this. I agree. She's got a really tight bunch of people that will stand by her now. It's what she needs.


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