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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

28th December 2015:
Woohoo! Rose and Scorpius are going to Canada! Eva and Albus are going to South Africa! Matt and Selena are going on a date!

I love the travel aspect of this story, so I cannot wait to see what you do with Canada and South Africa. And I'm going to mention de Sable again. He's so sweet, I love him.

Once again, I want to bring up all the history! Wow. I just cannot even comprehend the amount of research that must go into these chapters! Like Selena, much of the science and history just flies over my head, but I still love it.


Author's Response: Oblivion wasn't meant to have much of a travel element to it; that was supposed to be Starfall's role. I'd hoped for Oblivion to expand more in terms of characters than geography (I'd somehow anticipated Lily, Hugo and others being more important) but that never happened. But then I couldn't find ways to keep the global plot from becoming global, so I embraced it!

De Sable is a bit of a sweetheart. He's just figuring out how to actually live a life again, free from duty.

I'm enough of a history nerd that a lot of these elements were already in my head. But really, research for it is a pleasure more than a trial. Once I start reading, I find myself falling down a rabbit hole. Honestly, plot ideas tend to come up just from reading. As the notes - especially in Starfall - imply, so often is history weird enough that I don't have to make things up.


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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

9th December 2015:
Brain is dying. Speech is turning into Methuselah talk. I CAN GET TO CHAPTER THIRTY FIVE.

I love all the nerdy history lore.

Loved Scorpius' chat with Eva. Also loved that Matt gave Eva the sword. HA at Rose calling Scorpius humble and them him being incredibly not-humble.

I mean basically Scorpius just needs to make a horcrux doesn't he, because that's not a horrendous, awful idea.

Author's Response: I don't even remember what happened in this chapter. *checks* Oh, this one's a bit of a filler one, or rather, I never wrote FILLER chapters, I wrote chapters with annoying transition and set-up which were necessary to end plots and link plots together but weren't so exciting in themselves.

Poor Matt, can't really use the sword any more, but he remembers her on Baffin Island. I think that's why he trusted her in Moscow and Rotterdam and Saint Annard; they really did have a bond from running off into reckless danger together!

I don't know what would happen if Scorpius made a horcrux. The problem isn't explicitly that his soul is tethered to the Chalice, it's that his soul BELONGS in the Otherworld (because he died, properly died), and being tethered to the Chalice is what brought him BACK. It's like an elastic band being stretched; destroying the Chalice snaps the elastic band back, and it goes BACK to the Otherworld. So making a horcrux would potentially send those bits of his soul to theee Otherworld? I don't know! Thankfully it never came up.

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Review #3, by RelentlessFire 

3rd July 2015:
I can't wait for the next chapter!!! I was thinking. Wouldn't a Horcrux be an anchor to that realm?

Author's Response: ...a Horcrux might be! It would tether at least part of his soul to the mortal world. Of course, a Horcrux is crazy dark magic. We'd have to see if Rose or especially Scorpius would even contemplate it.

Next chapter is already in the queue! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #4, by whykay 

30th June 2015:
The parallels you draw are amazing! Eva and Scorpius; Scorpius and Thane himself - the thing about darkness and light. Albus and Scorpius and their meandering ways. Rose and Selena in their grief. Simply beautiful, they add layers and layers of depth.

I need to thank you for answering my anxious ramblings. :)

I get the point about Chalice preserving only the body and not the soul - so. if not the Chalice, drinking from those fountains could have also done the trick for De Sable and Matt??

I think Rose is on good ground here - tethering Scorpius to his own body; just like it is for all of us. How to sever the connection and anchor it so is the big question! I think his soul should be tethered to a physical thing that can then be surgically included in his body, preserving it for as long as the body lives. :D :P (Talk about a muggle remedy :P)

Or, maybe repentance - Harry did give Voldemort a chance to repent and make his soul whole again - I suppose something like that could hinge Scorpius back to his soul; though his soul isn't split and well, what can he repent for?? Sins of the Malfoy line and his 8 months of doom??? (especially so because Scorpius trying to find an ounce of decency in his family line is a huge part in this arc of Oblivion!)

I think you should let Rose and Matt talk about him moving along with Selena. It's pretty tough for you - I know, but it is a very important conversation (Plus I would like to see Matt put down - he is tottering around being insufferable and surprisingly refreshing! - am hoping this conversation keeps the freshness in his personality going!!)

I like the title - it's so apt - I have a feeling that the second arc of adventure will now start (first being rescue of Selena) - oh, BTW, we have long forgotten WHY Raskoph captured Selena and kept her there!!! Any leads? :P

Author's Response: Identity is ALSO a pretty major theme of Oblivion, and so people seeing themselves in one another, for better or worse, was inevitably going to come up.

On the Chalice/Fountain front, drinking from the Glanis Springs wouldn't have been able to save Matt. They are powerful healing springs, but he was clinically dead, and there was nothing they could do about it. Technically it stretched the Chalice's powers to bring him back, even if he'd been dead less than an hour. I honestly haven't given the Springs enough thought to know if drinking from them repeatedly, like de Sablé drank from the Chalice repeatedly, would prolong one's lifespan. I'm going to guess not, because in the Stygianverse, the Glanis Springs are quite well known and if they gave you immortality, that would be a THING.

The Springs are just a hyperactive healing drink. Which does fine for a plague on the living, but less on more esoteric ailments.

Severing the connection between Scorpius and the Chalice won't be necessary. The Chalice is anchoring him in the mortal world; once it's gone, Scorpius returns to 'default', ie, being dead. So the connection will be severed when the Chalice is destroyed, because there won't be anything for him to be connected TO. So Rose wants something new. It's possible she'll tether Scorpius to the Chalice AND something else at the same time; I don't think she's planned that far ahead. But yes, putting the anchor close to him physically sounds *sensible*. Repentance wouldn't really be a thing. Scorpius isn't doomed by actions, he just died the same as Sirius and is here through a 'loophole.'

Ha, alas there will be no Rose and Matt before Rose leaves. But maybe after she's back! I promise they're not done with their dynamic for this story, there are important things still to deal with.

And yes, this is really the next big WAVE of ACTION (it's taken longer than it should, really, to get around to it, but that's my bad on pacing). Oh, yes, the abduction of Selena. We'll hear more on that. ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Whimsical Diva 

30th June 2015:
Hmmm. Isn't Astoria in South Africa as we'll, doing something with her charity there? Did they investigate her charity and what it was really doing? Poor Scorpius, both his parents seem dodgy as hell, and both of them seem to be the least concerned about their son. Draco absconded, and if he really was the face in the fire (I doubt that), he seems to be really cavalier about the possibility of his son dying. Also, I'm not 100% certain I buy Thane's story on why he turned his back on the Council - and I feel there's more to Scorpius' resurrection that we've learnt so far.

Another thing - and it might just be me, so this isn't strictly a criticism. But personally, I feel that a lot of the history mentioned in the chapter, as well as a lot of the hypothesis regarding Scorpius/ the chalice etc would be easier to keep tabs on if it were woven more closely with the action, rather than just info-dumping it on the reader. I found myself having to read portions of this chapter twice, simply because I felt I was being fed a LOT of information via exposition. That said, again, this might just be me, so I really wouldn't worry to much about this.

Anyway, as always, update soon, before the queue closes for the summer.

Author's Response: Astoria is, indeed, in South Africa. The gang haven't heavily checked out her charity, though they do work alongside the IMC though they are probably at least SUPERFICIALLY legitimate. Like, even if they're up to something nefarious, they at least pretend to help folks. We still have things to find out about Scorp's parents, and Thane.

So noted on the info-dump! I'm not sure what made this different to past info-dumps, but I'll go through and try to make sure it doesn't happen in such a clunky way. Even if it is just you, it can't hurt for me to take a hatchet and make it smoother.

Thanks for reviewing! And yeah, chapters are in the queue, but alas and alack the House Cup slows things down.

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