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Review #1, by nava 

7th March 2018:
Frog choir? *shakes head* I see you're still treating bits of the movies as canon. Nothing wrong with that of course. It's not such a big deal anyway. The reunion itself was a brilliant idea. Ginny's frustration with pregnancy was very amusing. And the murders are as mysterious as ever. I'm guessing it's another grieving parent driven insane by his grief? Better read on to find out.

Author's Response: Well, since the books didn't specifically say there was no frog choir... ;) And I kind of liked the concept. I am happy you enjoyed a reunion, and reading about Ginny's struggle. She's one of my favourites. And you've got an interesting theory there... Xx

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Review #2, by Callie 

4th September 2016:
I CANT, I HAVE TO GO! I CAN NOT STOP READING THIS! Love you lots, keep up the good work! Gotta go!

Author's Response: Hope you got some sleep too :) I've said it before but you are just too sweet! Thank you! Xx

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Review #3, by Dinthemidwest 

26th July 2016:
I like the reunion at Hagwarts-including all the old friends & their current occupations! Pace, dialogue, and character development are 10/10!!

Author's Response: I am so glad you liked seeing all the old faces again! Thank you for your kind words, I'm so happy you are still enjoying this as much!! Xx

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Review #4, by Titanwiz 

28th March 2016:
WOW! Did you break the record of the book with the most chapters? I love this story!!

P. S. Just so you know, I'm a kid so that explains why I don't have any stories out yet. But I'm working on it.

Author's Response: Haha, I'm not sure actually! I've still got a long way to go though.. I am so happy you're enjoying this!!

I know it's scary publishing your first story on here. But it really feels great once you've done it. Best of luck with your writing! Xx

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Review #5, by One for the Ages 

22nd July 2015:
In your reviews you keep saying that JK Rowling said Draco was found innocent because Harry spoke for Narcissa. That's not true, what JK Rowling said was that "The Malfoys weaseled their way out of prison."

Not only does that not say he was found innocent but it implies that there was something nefarious about it. I think this is the basis for why your entire treatment of Draco, particularly in regards to Hermione, is so OOC.

Author's Response: I was sure I read that somewhere but you're probably right. Either way, Draco was never convicted and that's the reason he was hired by the Ministry. I'm not saying he's innocent and Hermione never thought that either. I'm saying he's a result of the environment he grew up in and that with his father in Azkaban and the war finished, I think he will finally get a chance to figure out who he is outside that world. That's the way I see it and the way I believe Hermione would see it.

You don't have to agree, of course! I think we all have very different opinions when it comes to the Malfoy and I really appreciate you sharing yours xx

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Review #6, by xray 

21st July 2015:
I like where you are going with this. To me it seems pretty obvious that a child or parent of someone that was killed at seeking out revenge. I look forward to the next chapter as always. Faithfully x-ray

Author's Response: I'm so happy to hear that. And that's a very interesting theory. Hope you will like the way it turns out.. Thank you for still reading this far down the line, and for taking the time to review xx

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Review #7, by Willyw0rm 

7th July 2015:
Okay so here it goes. Although I have not been a reader from the beginning. I feel like I have experienced your whole adventure in the past few days. (Since I binge read your story up to the latest chapter in a matter of a couple days.) This is because I absolutely love the work you have done with this story. You represent the characters so well. It feels as if this is more than just fan fiction. So thank you for that. I can't wait until your next chapter.

Author's Response: Wow, I can't believe you read it all that fast! Amazing!!

It makes me so, so happy that you've been enjoying the story that much, and especially that you like the portrayal of the characters, as that's something I really value when I read fan fiction. I'm the one who should be thanking you for your kind words, they mean so much to me xxx

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Review #8, by SeekerIce20571 

7th July 2015:
I love it so so so so so much! I hope the next one comes out soon. You got me on the edge of my seat! I really want to know what happens next! Keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Aw, that makes me so happy! Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm so glad you're enjoying the story that much xx

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Review #9, by littleun91 

6th July 2015:
So excited to read the rest of this! It's the second time I've read it from start to finish and both times absolutely LOVED it!! Please keep writing

Author's Response: Wow, I can't believe you read the whole thing TWICE! That's amazing. I'm so flattered and so happy that you're enjoying this story that much. Thank you so much for your kind words - and I'm definitely planning on continuing to write xx

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Review #10, by SG 

6th July 2015:
And the mystery continues ... Well, guess we'll have to wait and see!
The reunion was great, perhaps short, but great! Specially loved Seamus' anecdote - hilarious!
That being said, waiting for the next chapter is killing me - and perhaps Ginny too! But no pressure...

Author's Response: Hm, it sure does...

I'm very happy that you liked the reunion, and especially the telling of Seamus' date. I guess he was bound to blow something up at a date at some point, huh? ;)

hah, yes, it's probably killing Ginny too! At least it's finally up now - sorry for the wait and thank you for your patience. And as always, thank you for always writing such lovely reviews and for sticking with thie story xx

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Review #11, by Siriuslover177 

5th July 2015:
My goodness. What is going on?? Why is there all these murders now? Why can't there just be peace. My goodness. I really hope they find out who is doing this soon.

I am excited for when Ginny has James! I can't imagine what she's going through being pregnant though. That really sucks.


Author's Response: Lots of strange things going on, huh? That's all I'll say for now.

I'm so happy that you're excited! I can't imagine what she's going through either- I*m sure I'll want to be a mother some day, but I'm not looking forward to those last weeks of pregnacy... Haha.

I just want to thank you again for all these lovely reviews. You are amazing xxx

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Review #12, by Roxanne 

3rd July 2015:
Great, as usual! Although more regular updates would be nice.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I understand that the wait is a little annoying but I promise that I update as often as I can xx

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Review #13, by Emily 

3rd July 2015:
Amazing !!! Cannot wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you liked it! Thank you for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #14, by Nick 

1st July 2015:
Another great chapter and more clues into this awesome murder mystery... Somebody's after the families of deatheaters, but why!?! I love it, keep up the awesome!

Author's Response: It certainly seems that way, doesn't it...? It makes me so happy that you liked the chapter! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #15, by David 

1st July 2015:
Great chapter keep up the good work

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #16, by sf 

1st July 2015:
More more more! Please keep writing! :D

Author's Response: I definitely will! Thank you for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #17, by One for the Ages 

1st July 2015:
Okay reached the end, thank you speed reading, and here's my review.


Harry and Ginny's relationship, even through the hiccups.


Some of the goings on at the Ministry around the Auror's office. There's more to the story than has been observed so far and I think its going to draw in far more people than it originally entailed.

Ron, though I wish he'd stood up to Hermione more when she started being a jackhole.

Weasley family dynamics, good people who aren't always right despite being good.


The idea that Draco could work in the Ministry. He was part of genocidal hate group that overthrew the legitimate government. Exactly what moron would allow him back in the Ministry?

Hermione's rapid transition to Death Eater apologist despite her well established character traits of being completely unforgiving. She was kinder to Draco than she was to Rita or Marietta even though his crimes were magnitudes higher. Hermione even ignored that Draco was one of the people who abused Dobby in her desire to pander to him. She became a complete sell out and try to frame it as sympathy.

Author's Response: Yes, talk about speed reading :D'

I'm very happy you like Harry and Ginny's relationship. They're one of my favourite couples so it's really lovely to hear that.

And Charlie too. I do find him very interesting. I'm glad you like him in this story.

There is definitely more to the story about the Ministry and Ron's latest assignment. We will find out in due time...

I'm very glad you like Ron too, and the Weasley family.

As for Draco getting a job, I'm not sure if you remember, but he was never convicted as a Death Eater, because of Harry talking in his favour (this is according to JKR). In this story, Hermione's boss, the head of the department that hires Draco, mentions that because he was never convicted, she can't refuse to hire him because of his background (a non-discrimination policy, I guess). I hope that clarifies why he was hired to start with.

As for Hermione, I suppose I told you my view about the whole thing in my reply to your previous review. But I think she's grown up a lot since she did that thing to Rita Skeeter, and I think she too will agree that punishing Marietta was a mistake (especially since they used Veritaserum on her, didn't they?) At this point, Hermione was 14-15, and she hadn't been in a war or seen all the things she had. I think she's learned a thing or two about forgiveness since then. I had a boy in my school who was incredibly mean and as a kid, I just disliked him, not even considering where it was all coming from. Now I understand that your family background and your parents have so much to do with who you become. I think Hermione would realize that about Draco too. I guess in his case he will never really break free from the world they raised him in. But I think people are being way too hard on him. And giving him a chance to change, in my opinion, makes Hermione a better person, not worse.

But hey, we all have different opinions, and I love that you told me yours. Thank you so much for reading the story and for taking the time to review xx

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Review #18, by AUBS 

30th June 2015:
Can't you make your chapters any faster?!?! It's so good I'm dying just waiting for the next chapter to come out!!!

Author's Response: I promise I'm trying! There's just a lot going on with work and my private life, but I promise that I work as quickly as I can on this too. Thank you for being patient, and I'm so happy you're enjoying the story xx

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Review #19, by alexaemd123 

30th June 2015:
Hii!! :)) it's been a while! I'm sorry, I've been busy with life and finishing school! Now it's summer and life is great again! First off, I loved this chapter and I liked how it flowed with happiness and then saddness and then of course adrenalin! :) I loved Ginny and Harry and how her pregnancy is going. She is beyond hilarious and I love her complaining! I couldn't stop laughing because it sounded just like her! Haha anyways, the whole reunion reminded me of j.k. Rowling 's books and the great hall! I felt at home while reading it and I loved how it was so cheerful and happy! The wall with the names of the dead always makes me want to cry and I loved how Harry watched his wife and having memories...eep the feels!! I liked how you wrote the murders of the twins! It was perfectly written and I enjoyed reading it! The story plot so far is very interesting and of course I was on the edge of my seat! We finally found out who was behind the murders!!! Exciting!! I loved everything about it! Th only complaint was that it was quite short! Maybe a little..lot...longer lol but other than that, it was great! And lastly, but never least, I simply couldn't stop reading! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!!! :)))

Author's Response: Hi again! Glad to hear you're getting some time off for the summer, that's always nice! And great to hear from you again, of course. I am so, so happy that you liked the chapter, and especially Ginny. I have fun imagining what she'd be like as heavily pregnant, so it's very nice to hear that you have fun reading it. I'm so glad that being Hogwarts gave you that sense of recognition, just as I imagine it did for the characters. That wall is always going to stir up lots of emotions too, I suppose, not just for the characters... I'm very flattered that it did with you too! Thank you for telling me that :) And I'm so glad you enjoyed reading the last bit with the twins as well. I find mystery/action a little trickier to write so I must say it's really, really lovely to hear you enjoyed that part. Thank you so much for your kind words, it truly means a lot to me, and thank you for taking the time to write all of this. You are amazing xxx

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Review #20, by Michele 

30th June 2015:
Other than a few typos (I catch them easily as I used to proof read for my job) this is a fabulous story so far. I stayed up late for two nights and read almost nonstop until I had finished with all the chapters up until now. They were well written and keep the reader (namely me) enthralled. I need more chapters! Keep them coming!

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much! Wow, it's amazing that you read it all that fast. I'm very flattered!! And I'll try my best to update as frequently as possible, I promise. Thank you so much for reading the story, for your kind words, and for taking the time to review. I really appreciate it xx

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Review #21, by joe evans 

30th June 2015:
Good chapter lovely little twist at th end
I thought the girls were going to attack Harry and Ginny
with the mention of ginnys magic being off Harry would be up against it

Author's Response: I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the chapter. Hm, yes, a duel would have been interesting, especially with Ginny being in the situation she's in...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #22, by caapotter 

30th June 2015:
Another grear chapter. Poor girls and I cant qait to find out who the hell is killing all those people. And Ron's thinking 'Ravenclaw got the best' or something, was priceless! Hahaha caa xx

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the chapter! Hm, the mystery intensifies, doesn't it? Hah, so glad you liked that comment from Ron. Thank you for another lovely review xx

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Review #23, by monithecow 

30th June 2015:
Nice chapter! You gotta love Hogwarts :') I sense James coming in the next chapter and i'm pretty excited for that. It would be nice to get a chapter a little sooner although NO PRESSURE because i know you have a life other than writing this and if it means that the story gets better if it takes you longer then i don't mind. Although. it would be nice to get an update a little sooner. But anyways, quite excited for the next episode, i'm sure many people are.
Hope you're doing well

Monique (the girl that wrote you an essay review two chapters ago)

Author's Response: Hi again! So nice to hear from you again. And I'm so happy that you liked this chapter. I try to update as soon as I can, I promise you that, and as you may have already seen, the next chapter is up now! Thank you so much for your support and kind words. Hope you're well too xx

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Review #24, by hermionewitch888 

29th June 2015:

Author's Response: I promise that I'll try to hurry xx

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Review #25, by Aurorofthelight 

29th June 2015:
This time instead a resounding whang on the brilliance meter I charmed it to go "quack quack quack" in Ginny's honor! :D Another splendid chapter from the master! And the plot thickeneth a whole lot more on the mystery! Someone is clearly out for revenge against the families of deatheaters! I have a suspicion but I'll keep to myself for now! Your chapters are more thrilling than a broomstick ride in a wind tunnel! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Haha, I'm not sure if Ginny would have laughed, or hexed you. But I'm laughing ;) I'm so glad you liked the chapter, and yes, the mystery is growing, isn't it? Hm, I'm interested in hearing your suspicion now! Ooh, thank you for that compliment and for always putting a smile on my face with your lovely reviews xx

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