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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

25th September 2015:

And AW!! YAY! I'm so happy they're both okay, and it is so amazing and sweet and squee-worthy that Scorpius talking to her was able to get her and the baby's heart rates down! ♥ I'm so happy that Scorpius finally came around, and I hope things are going to be MUCH better now! Hopefully now that Ron's given him a talking to, he won't do his whole 'broody', 'she's better off without me' thing again!

And now I'm off to the next chapter to see if Rose was really attacked!

Author's Response: Hiya!

I had Scorpius be the "cure" for Rose so that at least finally he would realize how much she needs him - on so many levels. And yes, Scorpius is in it for the long-haul now. He's got his head on straight - finally!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #2, by Tonks1247 

14th August 2015:

Back for the FINAL chapter to finally get myself caught up! I also have finally passed my 300th review on the forums somewhere in this last spell of review droppingÖ.quite the accomplishment I think! And as exciting as it all is, Iím also putting this in for BvB review fest!

So. I loved this chapter. And I know Iíve said it about other chapters, but I love this chapter in a different way than the others. This chapter was a moment in which we not only saw the strength of the love between Rose and Scorpius but Selenia just spoke out against one of her superiors and she really took charge of the situation. She was able to put her personal feelings and thoughts aside to focus on Rose as a patient. She refuted Healer Lawrenceís call about the potion, advocating for the sake of the baby, and then got Scorp to speak to her and calm her down. She then kicks everyone out of the room after Rose has woken up in order to give her time to rest. Like, dang. She really stepped up, outside of how even tempered and go with the flow that she is, and took charge of the situation. It was a good thing for her character and I really loved it.

Rose and Scorpius were really good in this chapter too. I like how Scorpius has kind of figured out that him and Rose need each other. Distancing himself did nothing but hurt the both of them, and that he really doesnít want to be without her. I mean, itís unfortunate that it took an event like this for him to realize he was looking at things all wrong, but Iím glad heís finally figured it out. And that heís by Roseís side. I was beginning to miss the two of them xD

There is one small thing with this chapter, though. This sentence:

ďBut we may have to weigh the risks versus the rewards of administering it early.Ē

I am going to suggest, instead of using rewards, to use benefits. It may be the nursing part of my brain speaking, but I think itís a better word to use as itís generally used in the healthcare field and rewards justÖI donít know. It doesnít sound quite as good in terms of using a potion.

Overall though, I really loved this chapter. It gave rise to some other character development and, of course, Scorp is going to be by Roseís side now (Hopefully). It was a really lovely chapter and Iíll leave off with a line that I quite enjoyed:

Even though sheíd been the one in mortal peril today, somehow it felt like I was the one thatíd been saved.

Canít wait for new chapters! :D

Author's Response: Hi Mikaela!

That *is* quite an accomplishment - 300 reviews! I'm sorry I've taken so long to reply to this - I'm trying to get through all my unanswered reviews today.

Selenia is amazing - and she's coming in to her own, here. I definitely wanted to highlight that she's just as amazing a healer as Rose is. I think sometimes she gets overshadowed by Rose. And although it doesn't bother Selenia one bit, I wanted to make a point of including that in the story.

I'm also so happy that Rose and Scorpius are together. Yes, I know I'm the author of this story and I get to write everything that happens to them, but for some reason, I kind of feel like the story writes itself and things happen to them without my control. I know it sounds weird - haha!

Oh - thank you for that suggestion. I'm going to fix it right away. I rather enjoy having a medical consultant for this story! :D

Yes! I enjoyed that line too! I always knew the end of this chapter would be that line.

Thank you so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by Esha 

8th July 2015:
Hi! I have been reading ScoRose fanfics for two years now and I can't believe it took me so long to find yours. Probably because I usually read completed fanfics. I have to say I LOVED your story so far. It is I think one of the best ScoRose Multi-Chapter stories that I have read (and mind you, I have read more than 150 of them) I have been hooked since I started reading the first chapter two days back. As of now, I have read all 34 chapters. I have loved every single chapter so far. Obviously there are so many questions in my mind that I think pretty much every reader is having as well.

About the recent events: I think the person behind Rose's fall could be Samara? I don't know I think she is only person with blond hair than can be in Number Twelve and do it without any problem. Am I right? Close? I am waiting eagerly for the next chapters. You are amazing. So is this story.

Author's Response: Esha!

This review was so awesome to log in and see! You've made my day! Gah - I'm so, *so* excited that you're enjoying the story so far.

And ooo - those are very good guesses - but my lips are sealed right now. I'm planning on updated with a little more frequency for the next couple of months.

Thanks again - I really appreciate that you took the time to leave me a note!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by Magarie298 

2nd July 2015:
Beth! This chapter left me hungry for so much more! But it was a really sweet chapter. I think after the last few chapters being so intense this chapter seemed like a nice breath of fresh air. However, I'm still so curious as to how Rose ended up in this situation. While I have a few theories bouncing around in my head, nothing is solid without a little confirmation ;)

Healer Lawrence made me quite upset in this chapter. I mean I know it's his job to try and heal, but was calling security really necessary?

Al really has become one of my favorite characters. He is so protective of the people he cares about. It's really sweet.

I can't help but think that the reason Rose's heartbeat began to come down as Scorpius was talking to her is because of his "special magic" that we saw in chapters past. There seems to be a connection however, just a guess here.

As usual amazing chapter. Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one!


Author's Response: Hi there Jeannette!

I'm so sorry for taking so long to respond to this. I'm terrible!

Haha - I can't give you too much confirmation right now - you'll have to keep reading.

While Healer Lawrence definitely didn't act in Rose's best interest in this chapter, he makes up for it later on - and he's always had a chip on his shoulder when the Auror's are concerned - there's just too much history.

Ah! You remembered the special power! I think in the heat of the moment, even Scorpius forgot about that.

Thanks again - I look forward to all your reviews - they are the BEST!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by CambAngst 

26th June 2015:
Hi, Beth! I read this chapter a week ago and writing this review has been on my to-do list ever since. Let's see if I can fix that this morning!

So you've now compounded the mystery of who attacked Rose with the mystery of why the healers can't keep her heart rate under control. I'm looking all over for suspects here. Based on the blond hair from the last chapter, I didn't feel like I could completely rule out Scorpius. Whether he was possessed or under the influence of some curse or whatever the reason, the details would fit. But then we see the calming effect he has on Rose in this chapter and it makes me less suspicious. Then again, sometimes when you make me less suspicious, that makes me more suspicious. You see the complex relationship I have with this story. ;)

The next common thread that runs through everything bad that's happened to Rose (the attack on her flat, the attack on the pub and the attack at Grimmauld Place) is Selenia. In her case, the question would be motivation. She's obviously had plenty of opportunities to kill Rose along the way, without any interference from anyone, so why would she resort to such brazen tactics and then help to keep Rose alive. Unless, of course, her objective isn't to kill Rose but instead to draw Rose and Scorpius together. Perhaps more people than just Hermione understand that the prophecy likely refers to Scorpius and Rose, not Stannous and Rose. Perhaps there are forces conspiring to bring about the birth of Rose and Scorpius's child, but intending to kidnap and raise the baby for their own, nefarious purposes. So perhaps cursing Rose to raise her heart rate was a plan to try to force the healers to take the baby early? Or perhaps I'm overthinking this by a mile.

The last thread is the woman at St. Mungo's who also worked at the pub. She would be an untidy solution, since she wasn't around for the attack on Rose's flat. Unless... hmmnn... I can't remember which happened first, the incident where all of the splinched victims came to St. Mungo's or the attack on the flat. I might have to go back and check.

Anyway, along with this chapter. I really liked Scorpius's private little confession to Rose in the hospital room. It's pretty much everything that I think all of your readers have been thinking for several chapters now. It also reminds me a bit of a scene that you'll see near the very end of CoB, so we have some nice synergy working here. ;)

I'm a little conflicted about the way Scorpius's presence affects Rose's condition. Don't take this the wrong way, but it felt a little too easy to me. Throughout the story, you've done such a great job of detailing the struggles that these characters face and showing how they're able to overcome them. It's not that I wish difficulty on Rose and Scorpius, but it felt a little awkward in the context of the rest of the story.

Healer Lawrence seems like a great, thunderous jerk. By the time the big confrontation is filling the room, I was rooting for Albus to curse him.

Again, we see Selenia intervening at the perfect moment to prevent something from happening to Rose that might hurt the baby and to bring Rose and Scorpius closer together. Why does this character doing such a wonderful, selfless thing make me so suspicious??? This is what you do to me, Beth!!!

I liked the contrast you were able to create between the amusing chaos going on outside of Scorpius's silencing spell and the very touching moment happening inside of it. It's as though there were two separate worlds coexisting in the same room, divided by this semi-transparent barrier.

That's mostly all I have. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but I am filled with suspicion. Whodunnit? Who? WHO?

I hope we find out soon. Can't take much more. :p

Great job!

Author's Response: Hi there Dan!

I'm still plowing through all of these - and your reviews always take me a bit longer to craft a reply. This one is no exception.

Gah! I can't reveal anything yet. But I'm smiling and giggling at your guesses. You have a wild imagination and you are very perceptive. I know, I know, that doesn't help. Well, I see you've mentioned all the *usual* suspects... In fact, you've mentioned nearly everybody (hee hee).

I'm so glad you liked Scorpius's heartening confession. I always worry that he comes off as too sappy for a "manly auror-type," and when readers (especially fantastic authors like you) give me a thumbs up, I fell like I've hit the mark. Also some of the time, I feel like I don't have complete control over my characters - and they do and say things before I realize I've typed it down on the page.

Hmmm... I'll give that section another look with Scorpius being the 'antidote' to Rose's cursed magic. I think I was bringing back the special type of healing that he could do (in certain situations) - like how he healed her scars earlier in the story.

Haha! Healer Lawrence is a git - but he's got a good reason to be wary of the Auror department. Although it's not excuse for him to let that get between him and his patient. He realizes this, and makes up for it later on.

Oh no! I don't mean to make you suspicious of everyone. I actually LOVE Selenia. She's a great friend to the group.

Haha - I hope you can take a *little* bit more. There's some definite angst coming along.

Thanks again so, so much for all of these reviews. And I need to apologize again for taking inexcusably long to reply.

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by merlins beard 

22nd June 2015:
Hey Beth!
Your updates make me super excited! This was so awesome to read! I love that Scorpiua realizes what he and Rose both need is for him to be there with her and the baby. He won't be the kind of bad influence he fears he'll be.
It's so sweet that he can calm Rose's heartbeat when the healers can't. Selenia did really well, recognizing what was going on and fighting for what she believed was right.
Albus... I love Albus for defending Selenia, but there might have been a better way to solve the problem...
That healer is terrible. I don't like him at all. Now that she's awake, Rose should request a different healer.
I can't wait for the next chapter


Author's Response: Hiya Anja!

I love getting your reviews - you convey so much emotion and it sends me over the moon to read your reactions.

Although this chapter was fairly intense in terms of the drama going on with Rose and the baby's heart rates, there was also a lot of characters coming in to play with the action - and they all had different motivations.

Scorpius is finally on the right page as far as where he should be - and the fact that he is the one that brings Rose back just solidifies that.

Healer Lawrence isn't all bad - he's just been pushed aside by the ministry and holds a grudge against the Auror department. This clouds his judgment as soon as they all arrive. But he is a brilliant Healer.

And then there's Al. He is all passion and doesn't always make the best judgement when Selenia is concerned, but I can't help myself - I love him (haha).

Thanks again - for keeping up with this story!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by k1187700 

20th June 2015:
YAY! You updated to fast! For saying how dramatic this chapter was, you made it really funny! I think it was so perfect to make it funny too because things have been to tense and depressing for the last few chapters it made me laugh even more, if that makes sense? Sometimes with comedies they try to be funny all the time and it unbelievable, and with dramas, the constant drama gets you down so yes. Really enjoyed it :)

So I've been thinking about this conundrum with her heart rate coming up after she was admitted. So something while she was in the hospital must have done this and I can't help but notice that the time they were attacked in the pub the cockney healthcare assistant was also there, and obviously she was there in the hospital when she started to decline. . . Just spit balling here. I do like a mystery.

Despite loving mysteries, I also like answers. I know you updated this one so quickly but I am greedy and would love love LOVE another chapter asap! ;P

Author's Response: Hi hi!

I feel kinda bad because I don't think I updated very fast (it was over a month :( ). But I'm so, so excited to see you back! Eep! Haha - I don't wanna say too much, but I think you're VERY observant :)

I've got about another week of sheer insanity in my real life, so after that updates should be a bit more regular!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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