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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

9th December 2015:
"Do you need tea? Do you want to hold Artemis?" DEAD. Rose has had a wonderfully healthy reaction to Mattselena, bless.

I think I've broken my ability to leave long reviews by having read and reviewed so much in the past two days. THERE ARE THINGS TO SAY BUT MY BRAIN CAN'T MAKE THE WORDS. But two things I will say - I loved the Scorpius/Thane interaction. And what with the Council now apparently targeting South Africa, you are actually taking chunks out of all the countries I've been to and love the most.

Author's Response: DO you need to hold Artemis? In an emergency, hugging a cat can help.

Rose has kind of burst back to life in leaving Matt and working with Scorpius and learning the truth, and the life really is knowing her and Matt were doomed. So she can look back on the last three years with a clear eye and realise, huh, Mattena was a thing, and she wants to help them.

If I'd known you'd gone to South Africa I would have picked your brain for research purposes, 'cos this is one of the major action sequences of the Stygian Trilogy set somewhere I DO NOT AT ALL KNOW first-hand (along with Syria and Caribbean Islands).

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Review #2, by PatronusFlight24 

27th June 2015:
New chapter, YAY. I look forward to every update. I love the Rose /Scorpius action in this one, and also the lead on the anchor. That's a really good idea. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Plenty more to unravel, especially of Rose and Scorpius' antics. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by RelentlessFire 

26th June 2015:
This is getting more and more exciting, if that's even possible…
Can't wait to read the next chapter

Author's Response: Ever onward! In story and, perhaps, dramatic peaks. Eventually I'll hit my threshold. Though a fight on a flying golem-dragon might have been it...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by whykay 

25th June 2015:
Again I ask, and I know you wouldn't give up -

1. Can't drinking from the Chalice help?

2. I also suppose that when the Chalice is destroyed, the lethe will certainly stop getting powered, but the rest of the things can remain at status quo.

3. Also, Thane is wrong - they powered Phlegethon with the Resurrection stone - that tethered the living to the dead as well, a little differently.

4. Resurrection Stone, the chalice, that fountain in France etc were used to cure lethe - these can also help right? Can they create another anchor? Can they summon something else?

5. If Scorpius' soul is tethered to the Chalice - to untether and find another anchor sounds to me quite dark - like making a horcrux.

6. Are we sure that Scorpius' soul is really tethered to the Chalice? One could argue that if the reason we are concluding that his soul belongs to the otherworld merely because he went into the otherworld, then the same logic applies to his return as well - his soul belongs here as well! Rose is right - his 'death' was a cheat because his body was intact and so was his soul.

And we come to Thane and his mysterious ways - I suppose Thane was also in a dark family and he made the choices for the dark side as he did - was he heartened when he saw Scorpius trying to be different? Did Scorpius's trials and tribulations make him want to suddenly fight the Council than lie low after the escape? I think they would well to look into Thane's past as well. I think there is something there.

Also, is it possible that Draco was also looking for Cassian Malfoy? I mean the records were right there, lying in the open for Scorpius to find - something related to a black sheep in the family is usually buried deep under and made inaccessible. Draco was also obsessed with reviving the family name, per Astoria - he may have gone on a mission to accumulate evidence against the Council and stayed low till he could and hand them over!

So many twists and turns this could take!

Eva - now I am truly confused - I thought she had a choice and she made one (to be better, for who-so-ever's sake), but why is she talking like this? They really need to talk. And go with the fine dining plan.

Rose and Selena - well - I didn't expect Rose to be so happy and glad about Matt - I am sure she has put those aside to be happy for Selena. She used Matt and Matt used Rose - it's as simple as that. I suppose Matt owes Rose an explanation as well - after he gave her the 'choice' to return to him without feeling guilty about Scorpius - God, he really needs to see and say things as they are instead of being a good guy or a damn martyr about everything. Selena- you have your work cut out girl. :)

Author's Response: Some of these I can answer now! Some will be answered very soon. Some... you will have to wait.

1: No, but that will be addressed soon.

2: They believe it will destroy Lethe. They're not sure if it will destroy the Inferi. It won't make the Council disappear.

3: The Resurrection Stone was technically a component in the creation (and eventual destruction) of Phlegethon. But once Phlegethon was made, it didn't require the Stone to keep existing. If the Stone had exploded, Phlegethon would have kept going. But Lethe is more powerful and wackier than Phlegethon.

4: To be discussed with regards to Scorpius, but in summary, they're not quite powerful enough - they don't affect the soul. The Chalice DOES - it put Matt's soul back in his body after he died, though his soul hadn't gone very far. The Resurrection Stone interacts with souls, but it brings back pale mimics or only temporary ghosts, and so can't hack it. The waters of France and other international cures are just super-good healing magics of the flesh, and don't affect the soul.

5: Depends on the nature of the tether. But a super good point.

6: Scorpius died because he fell through the Veil. Despite being wacky, it was a reasonably 'proper' death. He HAPPENED to fall through holding the Chalice. He is confirmed tethered because it was not him who was targeted by Project Osiris' magics, but the Chalice. They brought the Chalice back and Scorpius, because he'd gone through the Veil with it, was brought back with it. Yes, Project Osiris guys knew that was likely to happen, but their magics were punching a hole through realms to retrieve the Chalice with Scorpius as something of a by-product. This certainly infers a connection.

We know little of Thane's family history beyond what was discussed in Ignite. His parents and grandparents were indeed Dark; before the Council, though, Thane showed no sign of any particular ideological allegiance (and arguably never signed up for the Council's beliefs). But yes, there are some big questions to ask on WHY Thane is doing any of this at all.

Draco was definitely looking in to Cassian Malfoy; Scorpius wouldn't have started to look without Draco's original research.

Eva is still reeling. Selena made sense, but Eva isn't really sure how to put any of this into action. They really do need a romantic night, I'm sure she'd be less confused by that. ;-)

Rose taking the news about Matt/Selena so well is almost worrying, isn't it? It's good she has but BOY did she let go of Matt so quickly. On the one hand, excellent she's recovering, on the other, it proves how damn bad their relationship was. As for Matt and Rose talking, that's the kind of thing that hit the cutting room floor at this juncture, as did Selena and Matt talking about Rose. I tried to write scenes, they felt short and perfunctory, but in summary, Matt knows Selena went to tell Rose and for now they've left it at that. Poor of me to not fit it in, but I really failed to make that Interesting.

Selena still has a lot of work to do with Matt as we'll see. ;-)

Thanks for reviewing and I hope this review OR future chapters will clarify the questions! Dang, you guys are sharp-eyed, I struggle to keep track of my own lore more than you sometimes! Cheers!

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