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Review #1, by Purpleysnail 

28th April 2016:
Solid Worms reference.

Author's Response: Aw man, I made a Worms reference unintentionally? I need to know what it was to add it to the list of video game references that ABOUND in this series.

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

9th December 2015:
OH MY GOD THIS CHAPTER THOUGH. The fact Eva links morality to Albus, because she never even believed it existed before he came along ... GUH. Broken-hearted. I'm growing to love this little Selena/Eva dynamic, they're an adorable little team.

ARTEMIS. Oh god, that was my favourite chapter image in Ignite. More Artemis please!

Yeah, wining and dining Eva is ABSOLUTELY the tactic to go for, nice advice there Scorpius.

Author's Response: Selena and Eva are the WORST team in the world, really. At this point, you've got the two most morally bankrupt/apathetic/unsteady characters in the entire cast teaming up into high-stress situations. Selena threw a hissyfit at Eva, but let's face it - is anyone SURE she would have stopped her?

I wrote this chapter when someone, I think Roisin, was reviewing all of Ignite and thus reminding me of little bits of more innocent days I loved, so I knew Artemis had to make a come back.

Oh, but couldn't you just see Al successfully whisking Eva off to a fancy dinner? Then again it would be another winning tactic in 'freak Eva out with normal life' and would have been hilarious for me to write, the cutest fancy date with Al's very own serial killer.

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Review #3, by Whimsical Diva 

19th June 2015:
Rock on Selena. She's the one you can rely on to tell it like it is, and she's spot on - Eva's morality being tied to Albus's is just tragic. I don't particularly like Eva, but I like the fact that she's a strong female character and it'd be really disappointing if her character development and redemption happened solely for a boy she fell for. It is also disappointing to sometimes see that her sense of self worth seems to evaporate sometimes when she's with Albus. I hope she realizes she's not really beholden to him in any way anymore.

Is it just me, or does Scorpius really need some sort of experience to instill in him the will to live? I think of all the people, he's the one who is doing the least to in keep himself alive. Or is he hiding something else?

Anyway, update soon?

Author's Response: It's like being blunt is Selena Rourke's special skill. And in this case she's very right.

Eva's been a horrific person for various complex (and not so complex reasons), and sure, Albus played a major role in pulling her out of that. But there's a serious difference between someone she cares about helping her find value in herself and so prompting her to be a better person, and her choosing to be better so someone she cares about will like her. Most importantly, the self-esteem Albus helped her find should not be reliant on Albus to CONTINUE to exist, not if it's healthy. And, well, not if I'm trying to avoid some truly tragic tropes. Like, love can save you, but if it really worked you'll stay saved.

And that is meant to be Eva's story, that Albus helped her find the good in her, not that she turned good for him. But EVA needs to see and realise that, too.

On the Scorpius front, we have all the pertinent facts he has. His reluctance to fight to stay alive stems from, as he told Rose in Malfoy Manor, fear. We'll explore that more as the story goes on, but sometimes it's just genuinely easier to Not Hope. Even if it's not like he's got anything to lose.

Update in the queue already. ;-) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by RelentlessFire 

18th June 2015:
It keeps on getting more and more interesting!!
Update soon

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you think so. :D Updates coming all the time.

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Review #5, by scorprose 

18th June 2015:
Oh.such a beautifully constructed plot that it makes me doubt at times that this isn't real. I mean it feels so true. All humans have flaws and the mirage of feelings we harbour has been brilliantly captured in this series. We have seen Scorpius grow from being the clown to now a hero who wants to sacrifice his life willingly. I mean the time he said I want to go with my head held high and not shouting and dragging. OMG I felt my heart skip a beat there. I just can't stop bragging about the realness and the beauty of ur writing.
As far as this impending conversation, I believe Selena may also want to talk about Matt with Rose.

Author's Response: So glad you've enjoyed the story! Scorpius has had such an arc, the poor boy, from zero to hero and back to, as he feels, zero again. Just a different kind of zero. Putting him in such a high-octane environment obviously makes it hard to predict how he would feel. But being faced with dying, again, and having limited time - considering there's an element of choice to his sacrifice, he doesn't WANT to be happy in his last days, because that'll make it harder. S'rough, man.

Really glad you're enjoying this, and you might be onto something with guessing what Selena wants to talk about...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by IgnitedPatronus24 

17th June 2015:
I am in love with this universe you've created. The characters and plot are absolutely brilliant. I spent around 24 hours reading this entire series in one go, it was just too good to put down. (Or shut down, this is a laptop being referred to) I'm very impressed by the way you've blended muggle and magical history, and it's nearly foolproof. I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying! I live for the characterisation more than the plot, but of course the plot matters to me. That you found the story so engrossing and satisfying is incredibly pleasing to hear.

Thanks for reviewing! More coming all the time!

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Review #7, by Solana14 

15th June 2015:
I wonder really if the talk Selena wants with Rose will be as earth-shattering as Selena seems to be insinuating it will. I mean... we saw pretty much everything that happened with Eva and Selena in their scene, so unless there's something surprising off-screen, something Selena needs to add... I'm hoping it's just Selena's worries about just how far Eva's moral compass has once again fallen.

I wonder too why Scorpius felt he had to leave so quickly after Rose read Cassian's words. What surprised him so much? What does he have to research so fast that he had to rush home alone -- even without Albus -- to get to it.

More great character development here. We're seeing how far Al has to go to get back to himself and... yes, I too find myself having to stop and think about what a "date" with Al and Eva would be like. I thought it was cute with Scorp sitting there in a somewhat "feminine" manner trying to talk Albus into wooing her. Aaaww! :-)

About how many chapters will this be altogether? Just curious. I can't wait til the next update!

Author's Response: It would be interesting if Selena wanted to bring up the Eva issue with someone - and if that person were Rose. I suppose, if she didn't want to bring it to Albus, then Rose would be the only person she COULD talk to about it.

Scorpius rushes home without Albus. Albus doesn't cope. Nah, he thinks he can be useful elsewhere right now and assumes Albus will survive unattended. Even if he's going to fuss over his friend in the most 'girly' fashion to try to give advice. And what could go wrong on a DATE with Eva and Albus? Yeah, it's a little awkward under the circumstances, but Scorpius doesn't know that.

I honestly have no idea how many chapters this story is gonna be. I am working on Chapter 38 at present, and it's approaching the end of the Middle Arc, but that might not end until the early-mid 40s. Then again, I'd have described Starfall's Middle Arc ending once they found the Chalice, so obviously the End Arc was very short.

I imagine Oblivion will be fewer than 60 chapters, but at this rate may, despite all my blathering, prove longer than Starfall. Pacing has not been great this story.

Thanks for reviewing! New chapter in the queue, worry not!

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Review #8, by whykay 

15th June 2015:
Waiting for the next chapter. We are good students here. Always up to date! :) Cassian Malfoy is sticking true to our assumptions. What kind of tests will Rose want to conduct??

I'd like to see Scorpius and Rose make the most of their time than watching each other. But I feel they need to energize themselves on some more research and chases and leads before the chemistry comes to a boil. :P :P And Rose has to take the lead on this one - Scorpius will not, so as to speak, "jeopardize her life".

Seriously. Al and Eva on a DATE? Wine and Dine. Hmm. Might work.

I don't think Selena's conversation with Rose will be as awkward as the one with MATT.. He has to sort of, you know, get off his high horse.

And Selena was good - she gave Eva a new perspective on Albus. And Ideals. And she is the last person I would imagine, to talk about ideals, because I don't think she portrays THAT as her strength - you know what I mean.

Author's Response: D'aw, you guys are all keen. We'll see more of Cassian eventually, see if your presumptions are accurate.

All Rose really needs to do is start checking up on technobabble. Life-force, the magic around that, etc etc. Nothing too exciting. Technical magic.

It would be nice if those two decided to make the most of their time. It's arguably the 'sensible' thing to do, and holding back really is the kind of thing they'd regret later, if capable of it. But while Rose would have to take the lead, Scorpius has pretty much stated that he doesn't want to get involved with her again. Not just for her own good (Rose would reject that, she knows she'd rather have the time she had left, even if she doesn't intend to fail), but for his own. However right or wrong or sensible or mad that is, Rose would have a hard time working past that.

Al and Eva on a wine and dine date is almost, ALMOST as hilarious/ridiculous as the two of them settling down in suburbia with a picket fence. So obviously I have to play around with it, because the only thing I like doing more than exploring the complexities of Eva's redemption is making her feel silly around everyday domestic/romantic things.

Rose and Matt may prove an interesting day. But yeah, Selena and Rose will PROBABLY go more smoothly. At the least those two have a better track record in their communication.

You're right that Selena isn't exactly captain of ideals. She's hardly the stalwart one, but she is the honest one and the practical one. She can at least help people through their issues and, especially, the ways in which they kid themselves. So it makes her oddly the worst person to advise on ideals, but also the best. In some ways. I know what you mean!

Thanks for reviewing!

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