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Review #1, by EnigmaticEyes16 

8th October 2015:
Yes! Oh, I love a good Drarry! I'm super excited for this story!

I am very curious as to what Pansy meant by the words "The emerald is in the eye of the snake." I'm guessing the emerald has something to do with Harry because his eyes are emerald green. And the snake is probably Draco. But that's just my guess. I still don't know what it actually means.

This is a great set up so far, I enjoyed the dream and Draco's confusion in the dream. And I love that he's terrified when he wakes up, wondering what the heck is going on in his unconscious, I'm sure, to make him dream about Potter kissing him.

I did notice two little mistakes in this chapter when he's talking about Harry. "The boy he'd loathed admired, envied." Here, there should be a comma between loathed and admired. And then here where you say "The man to whom he owed his life and to who he was so grateful," that "who" should be "whom" just like the first part of the phrase.

But other than that, this chapter was flawless and I can't wait to read on!


Author's Response: I'm glad! Drarry is one of my favourites to write as well. Oh and don't worry about the Pansy thing, you'll definitely find out!

Thanks for pointing them out. I THINK that I did correct those mistakes on another website a while ago I just haven't yet on here. Otherwise I will correct them one day (probably) :P

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Review #2, by AtrociousFangirl 

11th September 2015:
Oh yes, this is going great so far! ONWARD TO THE NEXT CHAPTER SIR BUTTERHOOF!!! HIYA! *Sir Butterhoof whinnies as we ride to chapter 1*

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so!

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Review #3, by adluvshp 

28th June 2015:
Slytherin here for House Cup 2015.

Ooh this was very, very interesting! I loved the mysterious feel to it with the fog and the still lake setting. It was all calm and serene until Pansy suddenly popped in.

Draco's shock and surprise came through nicely and then Pansy speaking in riddles was very intriguing. I wonder what she meant by emerald in the eye of the snake. This might have later significance, I'm guessing.

And then Draco got transported to the Room of Requirement. That's when I guessed it was surely a dream. Yet, Harry's arrival and their kiss was certainly abrupt (and intentionally abrupt, I'd think). It kinda made me chuckle but also curious to know the why behind the dream.

All in all, this sets an interesting premise to the story! Good descriptions and narrative!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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