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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

9th December 2015:
I feel like there should be lots of insightful words about Scorose, but all I can do is CACKLE and shake my head exasperatedly at the same time over Scorpius sniffing an unknown powder. DYING.

"It means that Al and Lisa might have had something once, but not only am I not Lisa Delacroix, you’re not that same Al any more either." This sentence is giving me Jen Riley flashbacks - one iteration of me loved one iteration of you, and neither of us are the same people any more. Poor Nick, he had his literary purposes.

But ... I'd have to disagree with Eva. Because, if anything, she is EXACTLY the person she was pretending to be two years ago. And I guess in a way that's the problem - Albus fell in love with someone who 'didn't exist', except she quite clearly DOES, and yet how does Eva know how much of Albus' feelings are directed towards her and how much towards the person who never existed?

Gah it's so angsty and I love them.

But not as much as I love Scorbus who absolutely need to skip away into the sunset arm in arm and have all of the homoerotic antics.


I hadn't meant to tie Al and Eva into the whole 'you don't fall out of love, you just become different people' Jen Riley Theory of Romance, but you're right, there are interesting similarities there. Poor Nick. He was, yes, a tool. ;)

And aha, you identify that now Eva is living the truth, she is the person she pretended once to be, and not even in a 'becoming the mask' way so much as she knew the best way to lie to the gang to infiltrate them was with a lie she herself could believe. Muwahaha.

Scorbus. So much UST.

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Review #2, by scorprose 

12th June 2015:
Hi.Loving the story more and more. I dint think it was even possible as we already love it so much. Kepp updating please. This time gap is like killing me.I keep checking for updates every 15 min now.
Update soon. MIssing to see scorprose

Author's Response: I update as much as I can! Generally. The queue is sometimes cruel, sometimes I'm away a little bit. Still, very glad you're enjoying and are hooked! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Whimsical Diva 

5th June 2015:
‘It means that Al and Lisa might have had something once, but not only am I not Lisa Delacroix, you’re not that same Al any more either.’

To be honest, the current Eva is exactly whom Albus thought Lisa Delacroix was - someone who'd done bad things in the past, even killed, but then saw the light and turned the corner and changed and was on the right side of the law. That is who Eva is right now. so one could argue Eva, as she is now, is the woman he fell in love with 3 years ago. As for him changing - please. Albus even at his worst is, one could argue, better than Eva at her best. He was way too good for her in Starfall, now they're probably on an even keel. That said, if she makes him go back to being his old self, than that can only be a good thing.

And HA! Yep, like I said, Al and Scorp should get hitched and be done with it and live happily ever after. Scorp's love for Al hasn't always been strictly platonic, and hell, an Al/Scorp ending would throw the perfect curveball.

Author's Response: I'd say you're pretty spot on with that assessment of Eva. I mean, of course she wasn't a good enough liar that everything Al fell for was fictional, but she's closer to the mask now than she ever was when she wore it. But the above quote's from Eva herself, and one of the things about redemption is that if you think you've done it, you probably haven't. So objectively I think she IS more Lisa than she's ever been, but she won't see that in herself. Might well take someone else to see it.

Albus HAS changed, but Eva shouldn't really get to stand on her high horse with him. Or with most people, tbh. But Eva is also speaking from a place of hurt, so while she's insightful, her perspective is also skewed. We will see more of that, and also what sort of change she can precipitate in Albus.

I swear I never set out for so many Scorbus undertones - at most the usual bromance stuff - but Albus seems more and more desperate for Scorpius' love every time I write them together. But more critically, while I think the two of them SUPPORT each other very well, they don't DRIVE each other the way Scorose do/can (sometimes, can, sometimes). But yes, if we think of emotions as a whole kaleidoscope of feeling instead of linear scales, I would have to cross my fingers before claiming their feelings have only ever been strictly platonic (especially Scorpius').

Anyhoo, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Amanaplanacanalpanama 

5th June 2015:
I've just finished reading Ignite, Starfall and upto this chapter of Oblivion over the last four days, to the exclusion of nearly everything else (which isn't hard, since I'm on semester break) and therefore, I'm really sorry that my first ever review should be written to point out a mistake. And it's really such a tiny mistake, I'm almost ashamed to point it out, but I want this story to be absolutely perfect.
In chapter 37 of Starfall, Lillian Rourke mentions Raskoph's first name as Albrecht. But throughout Oblivion, his first name is stated as Joachim. They are both the same guy, right?
Now I know that you'll be annoyed with this review, but I promise you, I'll write a better one when you finish the entire story.

Author's Response: DANG it, I thought nobody was going to notice that! :-D

That's basically me not noting down important things as I go along. I got to Oblivion and needed to refer to Raskoph by his first name, and could not for the life of me remember if I'd named him. And if I had, I couldn't remember WHAT I'd named him. I scoured. Far and wide. I ran a search for 'Raskoph' and thought I'd checked every single mention of his name and came to the conclusion, nope, I'd just never given him a first name in Starfall. And named him Joachim.

And then about a month later I spotted the reference to 'Albrecht' in Chapter 37 and facepalmed. The queue here makes me sometimes quite slow to edit old chapters (not that the queue takes months, it just makes ME slow to do it). Buuut I should probably go edit that reference to 'Albrecht.'

tldr: They're the same guy, I'm just a numpty. ;)

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Review #5, by whykay 

5th June 2015:
The best best love story - Albus and Scorpius.

I am happy Scorpius is unwinding and on the road to being the person he was!

And Al is looking into himself to find that shred of goodness - we all go through it, don't we? We speak of so many things we believe in, in school - and then life catches up - sometimes even thinking of those issues or doing even a bit more seems so burdensome.. But the essential person doesn't change, only evolves. And how they evolve depends on how they choose to view their circumstances, their reactions and their experiences. And the essential person is always a blank canvas, untainted.

Author's Response: The Stygian Trilogy kind of moved away from being a Coming of Age story, but there are elements of it there, and everyone's struggle with their identity and sense of self in Oblivion are key. Who are you when the world's done making you? How does that match up with who you used to be, or who you once thought you were going to be?

Obviously Albus never imagined he'd be in the most epic love story ever with Scorpius. I swear I never set out for it to be like this, but once it started I've just kind of rolled with it. :D

Thanks for reviewing!

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