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Review #1, by nott theodore 

6th March 2016:
Hi again!

Ah, I knew that Effy was probably going to end up making some bad decisions during this party, and I was right. Then again, excessive alcohol consumption doesn't always make for the best ideas anyway :P and I'm not sure that hers and James's relationship is exactly well balanced or thought-out (at least, so far) so it's hardly surprising that Effy decided that she was going to try and make James jealous by kissing other guys after she heard rumours about him doing things with other girls. I'm glad she didn't do anything else, though - it wouldn't have been for the right reasons at all.

I love Jasmine though! She only came in as a kind of minor character, it seemed, and I'm really excited that we're getting to see a lot more of her now. She's so cool and I can imagine her and Effy ending up as really good friends in this story. I hope we get to see more of her.

FINALLY! Some honesty from James! I feel like they're not going to get anywhere unless they're honest with each other so it's really a relief to see them being honest and admitting feelings!

Sian :)
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

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Review #2, by DobbyLover 

14th December 2015:
They are so bloody cute together. I can't stand it. But this complex in their relationship is driving me crazy!! I promised myself I'd shut my computer down after this chapter but I simply must read the next one right now so I'm off to do that!

Author's Response: oh my gosh, that is flattering. thank you so much! xx

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Review #3, by Sharaday 

30th June 2015:
JEffy moment at the end just killed me!! Onwards to the next one xxx

Author's Response: hey! thanks for reviewing- hope the next chapters don't disappoint! xx

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Review #4, by Dixiedox 

13th June 2015:
I for real had a dream that u updated and I got so excited I checked😂 lol its so nerdy how obsessed I am with this fic
You've done such a great job in presenting the new generation so much love for u! Keep inspired and keep writing x

Author's Response: my chapter got pushed through the queue literally a few hours after you posted this! i'm so glad you're liking fluorescent adolescent- your kind words are honestly making me blush! and i will try my hardest to keep inspired and continue on but honestly, at the end of the day the biggest motive to continue writing are reviews. so thank you! thank you infinitely!

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Review #5, by Potterfan 

12th June 2015:
Effy effy effy oh EFFY I love her!!
As a male reader I feel like it's totally wrong for me to like this fanfiction but I'm strangely attracted to EFFY and see myself as oscar😂
Such a good story line because there is a lack of one if you know what I'm saying lol
Keep it up!

Author's Response: hey! i'm so stoked you like effy! it's been a year and a half since i first started this and i'm seeing more and more of myself in effy as i write so hearing that you like her is amazing ahaha!
oscar is an incredible guy, which by default, makes you one too. thanks so much for reviewing! i'm so glad you can relate to my characters!

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Review #6, by Lily 

9th June 2015:
EFFY has so much spunk
The whole jj fletcher threat was outrageously funny!!
I also love jasmine and how she's such a good friend when she's like "we can talk about ruddy" it shows she's so on effy's team and wants to make james jealous UPDATE SOON xx

Author's Response: hey lily! groovy name. i'm so happy you found the jj fletcher thing funny, my friend laughed out loud when she read it but so far no one else's picked up on it!
jasmine is a really good friend like agreed and i think she's really good for effy, especially as an ally in james' own house. thanks so much for reviewing- the next chapter's up! xxx

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Review #7, by Legitimatelypotter 

8th June 2015:
this was beautiful I love effy so much she is my favourite oc to ever grace the.ground of fanfiction lol
Great start middle and finish overjoyed and excited to read the next chapter!!
Your characters are the best

Author's Response: hey! so i actually don't know how far she went with ruddy- it's not really been decided- i think i just decided at the time of writing that it was just a drunken kind of thing and she's a teenage girl! it's not uncommon for these things (i mean what DO you call them) to happen. i'm so so happy you like effy because it's gotten to the point where i've put so much of myself into her, like i'm actually smiling as i read your review! thank you so much for reviewing and saying such kind and lovely words! ♥

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Review #8, by Ditzydaisy 

6th June 2015:
Just wanted to pop down and let you know I love the tumblr page a lot it's so cool that u get to talk about all the the other characters haha!! So sick
Really glad your uodating regularly again now u have such a strong fan base lol
Looking forward to chap 13
Lots of hugs x

Author's Response: i'm SO happy you like my tumblr page because i love it too! i have so many ideas about the like ARMY of ocs i've created for fluorescent adolescent and they will probably never be expressed or displayed from effy's narrative so it's a really funky way of me putting them out there- i'm just so stoked you're interested enough to read it!
ch13 is up now! i really hope you like it ♥ thanks so much for reviewing and reading!

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Review #9, by LunaPotterxx 

6th June 2015:
James james James
I love him I hate him I want him in my bed
Oh god he is so not perfect that he's perfect?! Does that make sense?! I don't think so but you know
Wild horse part 2 is hands down the best chapter so far and I literally check this story every day for an update
You can make me smile so hard just by reading a section of any chapter!!
I'm so impressed keep this up!!

Author's Response: no omg i totally get you! i'm really happy you like him despite his flaws and imperfections- some readers don't like him at all but he's truly got good intentions and in addition, it's from effy's highly biased persepective!
the next chapter's up and i really hope it doesn't disappoint! thanks so much for reading and i really appreciated the review- thanks again, i'm blushing aha!

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Review #10, by Ganga 

4th June 2015:
Hi there
So I love the subtle hints about how james feels for jeffy
He talks about her in his sleep
That is beautiful
I don't think Effy realises how crazy james is about her

Author's Response: hey! thanks for reviewing, i really appreciate it!
effy really doesn't realise how crazy james is about her and the funny thing is is that james doesn't either- they're ridiculous, but they'll eventually work it all out. maybe? who knows?
thanks again for reading and reviewing! xxx

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Review #11, by Crescent Moon  

1st June 2015:
I'm loving this story so far! Effy and James are such a dysfunctional pair - you've got to love them. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm so glad you're liking effy and james- you're so right, they are dysfunctional and yeah haha i'm glad you feel despite their flaws they're still lovable!

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Review #12, by JamesSiriusPotter 

31st May 2015:
"You got anything harder"
"Do I look like a drug dealer" dunno why but it killed me
You are very funny and talented !!
If I were you I would buy myself and a tub of Ben and jerries and allow myself not to do any homework for days
You deserve that for this brilliance
Bring on chapter 13!!

Author's Response: hello JamesSiriusPotter !! cool name ;)
you're too kind. i am definitely not funny nor talented (at writing, i excel at making my tongue touch various areas of my face) and omg i WISH i could do that but my school is being extra vigilant about homework and revision for even more exams. the british schooling system? do not recommend.
thanks for such a lovely review ♥ i hope ch13 does not disappoint!

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Review #13, by DeanThomasGred 

30th May 2015:
Three cheers for JEFFY
Hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot
I love love every FA
The banner is schmazing I loved the old one too but this one is totally sick as well!!
Also I love your tumblr posts I read them over and over all the time they're really good
I love all the extra info about their lives lol
And omg that picture of james with the boe tie Jesus Christ I screen shotted that shit OMG
But yeah can't wait for a chapter 13!! Lol sorry i haven't reviewed every chapter btw I will go back and do some!!
Speak to you soon agh!! Xx

Author's Response: hey hey! i'm so glad you like this new banner! it's so pretty and whilst the old one was a beauty this one is funky right?? the talent at TDA will never fail to amaze me.
and OMG. OMG!! i am so happy you like my tumblr posts!! i get so excited when writing them because i have all this pent up knowledge and information and stuff about the characters that i'll probably never write about in the actual story bc effy's narrative is so limited to- well, effy- so yayayay! so glad you like it!
also regarding the picture of james and the bowtie- you're so right. it's so hot. but so's james, narcissistic he is.
thanks for such an incredible review! and thanks for the tumblr niceness! you rock rock rock. writing ch13 right now.

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Review #14, by Nadiaxx 

30th May 2015:
J to the e to the f to the f to the y
I love effy and james
They are da bomb/bestest!!
U have such a fun and quirky writing style!! I love how this is isn't about the oc's depressing home life or some shit like it's really different and I love it!!
Can't wait for what you will bring in the next chapters
Update soon!!!
Love Nadia xoxoxoxox

Author's Response: hi nadia! my best friend from primary school was called nadia so i ♥ you already. thank you so much for your generous comments and praise, i'm so glad you like jeffy! because they're so dysfunctional and the only thing they have in common are their flaws so it's incredible how despite all of that you're still rooting for them! nadia you rock, i hope future chapters do not disappoint, love me xoxoxoxo

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Review #15, by HarryPotterFan2929292919- 

29th May 2015:
Chapters like these is what I live for!!
Actually blown away by how fun fast paced and good this was
You did an awesome job
At Wild horses part 1 I kind of was like hmm we didn't get to much but you totally brought IT bavk with this and I like that you paced it with the part 1
James was beautiful for me in this chapter I kind of like that he hasn't conpletley changed for effy yet bc thats not how it works in real life it's fonna take some time!
But yeah loved effy in this she made me laugh james made Me swoon and jasmine was very loud!!
Update soon!!

Author's Response: i am SO SO SO HAPPY you liked this! wild horses part 1 was me not really knowing what was going on with this story and part 2 was me after watching a whole series of grey's anatomy and knowing exactly where i was headed in not only fanfiction but life in general? shoutout to netflix ♥
you're so SO right. james is his own person, and it would be ridiculous to write out this 17 year old changing for effy. he's kind of crazy about her, but 1. he doesn't quite acknowledge the extent this yet and 2. he's not the type to change for a person! and neither is effy, they're both quite stubborn in their ways like that.
and jasmine is so loud. jasmine is like everything i imagine gryffindor girls to be now, but then again, i could be wrong! let me know what you think.
thanks again for such an amazing review! i'm blushing. so so nice of you ♥

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Review #16, by WhiteFeather 

28th May 2015:
So she has to apologise even after he's acted like a complete bellend to her?! But he doesn't? Wtf is actually happening!?

Author's Response: hey! ♥
effy apologised because she genuinely did feel sorry for getting involved with ruddy walcott, not because she felt like she had to. and yeah, james was a bellend (my dad uses that word all the time so i read this review in his voice hahaha) and you know, effy and james aren't quite okay yet! it's not all resolved. hopefully ch13 will expand on this a bit more. but thanks for reviewing! xxx

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Review #17, by Grindelwald 

28th May 2015:
When will you next update:(
This was superb
Best chapter yet!!

Author's Response: thank you so so much! i've just finished the first draft of ch13, so hopefully will be in the queue by the end of the week? i hope it doesn't disappoint!
thanks again for reviewing xxx

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Review #18, by MalfoyMannor 

27th May 2015:
I legitly was like next chapter but then I remembered that this story is a WIP :(

But I love it and can't wait for the rest :)

Author's Response: i'm so happy you like this story- thanks infinitely for reading and reviewing, hopefully ch13 will be up soon! xxx

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Review #19, by Raign 

27th May 2015:
I loved that so much happened this chapter! This and some aloe Vera have been my favorite because of that!
I'm super pumped for the next chapter!! How long will it be in do you think??
Hugs and kisses
Raign xoxoxoxoxoox

Author's Response: hey raign! i'm so happy that this has been your favourite chapter because it was my favourite to write! ch13 should hopefully be in the queue by next week (ahhh) and i really truly hope it doesn't disappoint. thanks again for your lovely lovely review! i'm blushing! (but i'm caucasian af so i blush at anything)
thanks again for reviewing and reading! xxx

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Review #20, by Rashmi 

27th May 2015:

Author's Response: thank you so much for reviewing, i'm so happy you liked it! ch13 should be finished by the end of the week, so hopefully in the queue by next week, and i hope you like it too! xxx

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Review #21, by silverashes 

27th May 2015:
Ugh, God damn. This is so good. Please, please, please update soon. I need more Effy and James in my life. ASAP. They're volatile, but they're perfect. You really have created the perfect set of characters. I love them all. Aspen is hilarious. Oscar, well I could go on for days. I love Mikey and Jasmine. Basically, I love all of them. Most of all I can't wait to read further about James and Effy.

Stunningly brilliant story! Please update soon!

xx Rachel

Author's Response: hey rachel! honestly cannot get over how you've been reading from the first chapter to this one- i'm so flattered you stuck it out and reviewed, and most of all i'm gracious that you've read on despite my ATROCIOUS writing from the earlier chapters! literally what was i thinking? there's a reason bored 16 year old girls aren't published writers.
you're so so kind, and i'm just so stoked that you like effy & james and the rest of the characters. volatile is the perfect word for them! yesss ♥
can't thank you enough for reading and reviewing. hopefully upcoming chapters don't disappoint ♥

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Review #22, by RainyLucy 

27th May 2015:
I was legit swuealing throughout the whole chapter because I kept on getting excited to what was going to happen next
You know that feeling?!
It was great I loved the JEFFY moments and I also adored jasmine
I missed Oscar and Liam and mikey but ruddy and louis so made up for it!
Your writing style is so cool and good and I wish i could write like that! You would be a great author
Update soon!!

Author's Response: hey! i couldn't be happier that you liked this chapter and that you liked jasmine, ruddy and louis. oscar, liam and mikey will feature heavily in the next chapter + i really wanted to highlight how vast the hogwarts student population was so i felt compelled to add in extra characters at the expense of other characters- but yeah i'm so glad you liked the gryffindors haha!
omg no way. like being an author is the dream, you've actually made me beam in real life. thank you SO much, you're so lovely ♥
ch13 should be finished by the end of the week! thanks again for reviewing xx

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Review #23, by Dancingjellyfish 

26th May 2015:
The JEFFY scene at the end killed it for me
I kind of dig that james is still a womaniser is that wrong?? I don't know but I love james and I love effy
I can't wait till more fluff and heavy romance between them I live for that lol!
Sick chapter tho babe really loved jasmine in it she's Defo that girl that brings you out of your shell at party's haha
And omg three cheers for louis freaking weasley!!

Author's Response: hey! thanks for reviewing!
i'm SO HAPPY you like jasmine and louis. jasmine is so one of those girls that thrive at parties and scenes like that- like her and effy are going to get close very soon but yeah she's great! and louis louis louis. he's so late in this story but i felt so compelled to add him in, so i'm really happy you like him too!
thanks again for reviewing xxx

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Review #24, by lalaland 

26th May 2015:
Hey there!!
Reviewed back in like chalter 2 where I expressed my love for mermish lol but doubt you remember me!!
So I have been following FA religiously since and its managed to get better and better each chapter!!
So much love for JEFFY and you should seriously be getting a dobby for best minor characters because there all so full of funk and colour
Like I love Fred and Liam and Mike so much and they weren't even really in this chaPter!
Alfies cool so is Scorpious and albus is like that go to guy that's whole existence is just like to promote james' if you know what I mean I love it
And Romilda is so funny and I love that we got a peak of rose in the last chapter too
Aspen makes me smile because she is that beautiful all consuming girl there is in every school and she's my best friend in my life too so hey!
And of course Oscar who I missed in this chalter and jasmine was crazy!!
My favourite character tho has to be james with EFFY as a close second, he's just so cool and you got him so right!
Btw loved the louis in this chapter can't wait to hear more about lily roxanne Dom etc!
Really loved it can't wait till chapter 13

Author's Response: hey lalaland! so demi lovato of you. literally cannot listen to that song without remembering year 5 obsessions with that and camp rock and claire's accessories' fishnet gloves oh wow u probably don't care- i'll stop now- sorry ;)
i'm so so excited and ecstatic and just OVER THE MOON WITH YOU AND YOUR LOVE FOR THIS. like 1. of course i remember your review i was so happy you liked mermish and 2. no omg stop! you're making me blush! i am so undeserving of a dobby but thank you to the moon and back for your praise regarding my minor characters! i'm kind of cheating because they're all based off my friends in one way or another but yeah THANK U THANK U THANK U ♥ ♥ ♥
hey! aspen's like my best friend too! wow! we have so much in common. love it.
there will be lots of oscar in the next chapter and haha jasmine is a little fireball! i'm so stoked you like louis- hopefully ch13 doesn't disappoint ♥

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Review #25, by delenaXX 

26th May 2015:
He talks about effy in his sleep *ek*
CAn I just ask do you have the next chapters/plot planned or do you just write going with the flow
Either way don't stop what your doing
This is so cool

Author's Response: i'm so so happy you picked up on that tiny detail! effy doesn't know how crazy james is about her and obviously everything is told from her persepective and i try so hard to give little examples of life from james' persepective- such as him talking about effy in his sleep hahaha
i have a rough idea of where i want chapters to go but no definite plot planned- however i've just finished the first draft of ch13 so hopefully that'll be in the queue by the end of the week! ahhh!!
thanks again for reviewing and thanks for #jeffy!! (I LOVE THAT) no aha thanks so much for your kind words and feedback ♥♥

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