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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

28th December 2015:

Rose will find a way right?? RIGHT?? Because Matt is smart, but Rose would move the earth and the stars to save him. I have to believe that. Matt looked like he'd set the world on fire to save Selena, but now we're talking about ROSE AND SCORPIUS. She'd do anything to save him right?? She'll figure it out right?? It's not over for my favourite Malfoy?? IT CAN'T BE.

On another note, I love Sable. He's kind of fun, isn't he?

AND THEN YOU HIT ME WITH EVA AND ALBUS. I swear you're trying to kill me. It's working.

Oh Rose and her Hemingway quotes. I guess that's what she's up to in her spare time.


Author's Response: Astonishingly, Rose WOULD move the earth and stars to save Scorpius. The more worrying issue is that, perhaps, she's more alive when she has Scorpius to fight for, than she ever was when saving Selena. Or even when Scorpius was initially back.

I'm glad you liked de Sable! For obvious reasons.

I DON'T EVEN LIKE HEMINGWAY THAT MUCH. I swear, he just creeps into my work.

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

9th December 2015:
Guh, this chapter, THIS CHAPTER. It's so weird, when Scorpius came back Albus seemed to be coping okay whereas Rose was totally recoiling, but now they know he's going to die - again - it's Rose who's the stronger of the two. Admittedly, that's partly because she has the distraction of something to work on, but it almost seems like she was the more rational of the two the whole time - for Albus, Scorpius came back so that was all that mattered, but Rose had tried to move on and make something of her life and Scorpius coming back was just threatening to upset the apple cart. I think I've been a bit critical of Rose so far in Oblivion, but in reality maybe Al is more dependant on Scorpius than she is. HMM.

And oh god Albus what did you just do. It broke my heart that Eva was willing to let herself be used, because nobody should ever think that, and it just goes to show just how much she's been screwed over in the past. But she absolutely made the right decision in calling him out on his actions in the end. Guh, I'm waving the shipping flag so badly but I don't think it's going to happen at the moment, not when they're both so broken. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME.

Author's Response: Rose is coping simply because Rose is thinking. Albus is hapless because he sees no way of possibly saving Scorpius. Rose comes at it from a different direction, and reject the no-win scenario right out of the gate. I'm not so sure Al is more dependent on Scorp, so much as Al is almost more practical in some ways, and practicality says Scorp's a goner.

Rose, however, is her mother's daughter.

In writing the Al/Eva scene, I was surprised Eva stopped him. But I can't lie, when I thought of Al calling her Lisa, I CACKLED like a mad witch, because it was so right and perfect and also ridiculously angsty. Poor Eva. She was on the verge of giving in, and not just being willing to be used, but also for the slightest shot of having Al. Even if it would have broken them both in the long-run.

Those two are my not-so-secret favourite romance of Oblivion.

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Review #3, by Tara 

25th May 2015:
Great plot twist this chapter! I love Scorpius' secret, how it came out and unfolded was perfectly devastating and THANK THE LORD Rose is back in action. I'd just voice my wariness/disagreement with how Al threw himself at Eva... it was kind of rapey. "No escape", "he was in control", not caring about consent isn't sexy or necessary as a plot device or for the scene (even though Eva did consent, Al didn't seem to care about this?). I, as a rule don't agree with perpetuating rape culture or the seemingly normal use of male dominance/violence. Maybe re-think if that part of the scene is necessary or if it just seemed 'natural' in which case, do you really want to perpetuate that as natural behaviour of men in your writing?

Other than that small thing, amazing writing as usual. Looking forward to your next chapter, can't wait to see how Matt and Rose's research goes. Here's to hoping Scorpius doesn't have to die again!!!


Author's Response: First, thanks for writing this review. I really do appreciate getting feedback like this, and I sat down and had a good think and re-read of the segment before sorting this response.

I think it's important to note that when Eva said no, Albus stopped. Yes, partly because he realised what he'd done - thought of her as Lisa, not Eva - and was horrified, but there was no pushing of the issue. She pushed him away, said no, and he stopped.

The moment Eva processed the kiss, she was completely into it. The moment Eva realised what was going through Albus' mind, she stopped him. The moment she tried to stop Albus, he stopped.

HOWEVER, Albus stopping at 'no,' doesn't mean he exactly sought a 'yes,' which is ALSO very important. It was undoubtedly a selfish act which he thought she would go along with - and had he been seeking to use Eva, Eva would have consented to being used. 'Unfortunately,' he was seeking to use Lisa. There was nothing healthy or respectful in what Albus was seeking, and it tapped into an awful lot of Eva's damage and prompted HER to act unhealthily, too, until she found her limit.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that while it was not intended to be rapey, because Eva while Albus tried to seize control, Eva LET him have control until she REVOKED it. HOWEVER this was not meant to be sweet or romantic or anything but a deeply damaged and troubling act. I am going to have the scene stand, presently, mostly because I feel Eva's surrender and then rejection is an important moment for HER. BUT you have very much prompted me to look at the chapters ahead, look at how Albus deals with/is treated after this incident, and sharpen and hone it so it is absolutely not allowed to fall by the wayside.

It's not supposed to be okay as a moment, but I will do my utmost to ensure it receives the gravitas it deserves, and thank you for reminding me of that need. Please, please drop me a PM on the forums if you want to discuss this more - I don't mean this as taking the conversation away from the public eye, just there's not much opportunity for a back-and-forth on the review format.

Otherwise, I'm glad you enjoyed the other parts of the chapter! Yes, Rose is finding her spine and her fire again, and we'll see what comes of that. Thank you very much for reviewing.

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Review #4, by RelentlessFire 

24th May 2015:
Great!!! I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Whimsical Diva 

22nd May 2015:
Honestly, Albus and Scorpius need to get married once all this mess has been sorted and be done with it. It definitely looks like Scorpius is the most important person in Albus's life and it won't be unreasonable to say his world appears to revolve around Scorpius.

That said, the women in this story run rings around the men, especially Eva and Rose. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to wish Albus is able to 'find himself' again - or in other words, go back to being his Starfall self. Or at least seek some help - he's like a ticking time bomb ready to go off. His, for the want of better word, 'relationship' with Eva is certainly very unhealthy right now - he's still not fully come to terms with who she is, and is toying around with her feelings when he isn't sure where he stands himself. Not sure that relationship can ever reach a state of normalcy.

Ha, I'd forgotten about de Sable. He's definitely another candidate who could die in place of Scorp. What with us not knowing what Draco and Astoria are up to, not knowing what exactly Nat and Thane are hiding (and Nat's dodgy Veritaserum), not knowing exactly what Cassian Malfoy was up to in his day, what he's left behind and where he's stuck, and not knowing the origins of the Chalice and how it needs to be destroyed (I hope they won't have to confront the Guardian again, they failed the character test 3 years ago, and now everyone's morally worse off than they were back then), it'll definitely be interesting to see how this all is going to end. Update soon?

Author's Response: Albus is pretty madly heavily dependent on Scorpius, this is utterly undeniable. Frankly even I was surprised by the depth of feeling that came out in writing their various reunion scenes. Al has a whole lot of growing to do, and a whole lot of evening out, not to mention sorting out in some way, shape or form his relationship with Eva. While it was making progress, else he would never have had her out of prison so they could work together, this has been a significant setback.

Their relationship WILL never be normal, I think that much is clear. But I'm glad Eva and Rose are being compelling in this story; they have snuck up far more in the importance to be much closer to Scorpius, ostensibly the protagonist.

We'll see a bit more of de Sable, but yeah, also, of course, more of the more important people like Cassian, Nat, Draco, etc. Them attempting to confront any kind of Guardian like the one on Cat Island again would be laughable, that's very true.

Updates coming soon, been away for the weekend but now I'm BACK, back, back. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by whykay 

21st May 2015:
I can't believe we were talking about whether Matt used Rose or Rose used Matt a while ago. At the beginning.

I really hope Scorpius' return was not make things alright between people, resettle them and go back. Look at Al. Look at Rose. Look at Matt. It's too cliche'd. Especially if they are going to fight. And Selena - I do hope she has gone to meet Scorpius. Poor baby.

Can Scorpius please drink from the Chalice? He was never killed, so if Matt will remain alive because he drank from it, so should Scorpius. He has his own body and blood. HE SHOULD LIVE. I don't buy that when Chalice is destroyed, so will Scorpius. Because he is still alive and there is a possibility that he could be killed too, like in the natural way - contract a disease or avada kedavra'd etc. - which means he is not tethered to the Chalice.

And I must say, nobody is thinking clearly. CLEARLY. Because this is fiction - actually, fan fiction and it should not happen - surely we can control fiction right? Arrgh. I cannot believe I am reacting this strongly. And I must say I felt this strongly in the HP books only when Sirius died, when Snape died and when there were ten Harry Potters zooming in the sky. You twist the knife in my gut with every other sentence. And I am falling for it all the time, rereading every sentence before I move to the next, searching for clues.

Author's Response: In what way 'not believe'? Because they manage to find more of an even keel this chapter?

While Scorpius' temporary return would have the capacity to give people closure, it would be a bit too tidy and easy if he came back, set them at ease, and then wandered into the night to perish once again.

The Chalice ideas/theories here are all pretty good and interesting, and will be addressed in-story. That's all I can say, else I'd be tripping over conversations the characters will have in the future!

I'm mostly not sorry that the story's having this effect. A little sorry. Mostly not. I'm just super glad you're getting into the story. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Solana14 

20th May 2015:
Wow! More and more drama and conflict and feelings and devastation and...

I'm feeling strongly that you have Rose and Matt diving in, knowing what they have to do, knowing they CAN'T GIVE UP no matter what. That's what the theme of this chapter appears to be -- don't give up no matter what.

And, I'm hoping that means that we as readers needn't give up either. That a way can be found, that it's going to take all the determination they ever had to do it but that they must find a way.

And Eva! Oh Merlin! I'm glad that in the end she didn't go through with that particular coupling, that she stopped him. He needed to be stopped right then. Not the right time or place, that was. Al has to learn to stop running, because Eva is right: All Albus has ever done when hurt was run.

And now Rose isn't running. I am indeed getting an impression of a much stronger Rose, or at least a Rose who is getting stronger by the minute. And that strength, I know, will be sorely needed and appreciated. Perhaps Albus needs that budding strength at this time...

Poor Scorpius! He'll need the most strength of all. What a sad and terrifying way to live day to day, knowing you must die to save many others -- unless a way can be found... I hope he keeps hope alive somehow, while finding Cassian.

Brilliant! Can't wait for more... !!!

Author's Response: This is absolutely a turning point in the story as chapters go, and the point is indeed, 'don't give up.' Or, at least, it is for Rose. We're seeing something less positive from Albus. One endures, the other despairs, but which sentiment will win out? And which result, regardless?

Al's a messed up little bunny, but it was good for Eva to stop him. Less good that she wanted to surrender, but hers is a long road and she's only one more step down it. We may see what happens with him and Rose soon, and those disparate paths.

Thanks for reviewing!

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