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Review #1, by nott theodore 

19th June 2016:
Hello again! (Are you sick of me yet? I'm sorry, I still have quite a few more chapters to go :P)

The idea of life beating to a rhythm is a really lovely metaphor, actually, and I liked the way that Albus noted how it could change. It can definitely become monotonous if you're living by the same rhythm constantly, without any change. I also liked Albus's reflections on age and the way that he had changed with it. I definitely think people keep growing and learning as they get older, and from the character we see in the books, it definitely fits that he would get calmer and milder with age. I think he's probably more accepting of himself and what has happened as he gets older.

Yay, it was so great to see Albus reconnecting with Aberforth! That was really lovely to see, because I knew that at some point the brothers started talking again, but it was great to see that they began to enjoy each other's company. Rifts between siblings are so horrible and painful and I love seeing siblings getting on well, so the scenes when they were learning about each other's lives in the last fifteen years were really sweet.

Aw, Aberforth is getting married and becoming a father! That's so sweet! I can't help but think that it's not going to end well, because we don't see Aberforth with a family in canon at all, but I really want it to, because it's lovely to imagine.

The idea of Gellert giving a speech to the International Confederation of Wizards was so interesting! The fact that it was called the 'Unity Address' was really amusing, and kind of ironic, to be honest, because of the only way that Gellert saw unity being achieved in reality. I think that Albus knew that, deep down. But I love the idea of Gellert coming to the forefront as someone who goes through the 'proper' political channels and entering the public consciousness as someone who promotes unity instead of hatred. It definitely marks him out as someone different to Voldemort, I think, and it's a really intriguing idea.

The ending was kind of sad; I felt sorry for Albus again, because I'm sure that he would want to make some sort of impact but he couldn't do that in his own words. I've always felt that the efforts he made to work against Voldemort were a result of the impotence he felt when Gellert was rising to power, and this ties in really well with that.

Sian :)
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